WIW: Trying to pretend it's spring, and Israel shopping reveal

Hi, all -- I am safely home and trying to adjust to Canadian temperatures again. (Brrrr!!!) It wasn't as warm as we'd expected in Israel but it was certainly warmer than it is here, and bonus -- no snow! Alas, here the stuff continues to fall. But Saturday dawned fresh and sunny and I was commuting on my errands by car, not foot -- so I risked an outfit starring my Tel Aviv purchase, a new pair of bone coloured booties! 

These are beauties, leather and leather lined, handmade in Israel and very comfortable. Better yet, they were on sale because in Isreal, of course, these count as "winter" boots. (HA!!!!!) And for Israelis, it is "end of season." 

Whereas, as I explained to the lovely, thoughtful, warm, and just plain FUN Shevia (meet this woman if you get a chance; she's brilliant), here in Canada, I should have two more good months of wear from these babies before I need to retire them until autumn. I am so grateful to Shevia for taking me shopping and showing me the sights! I had wanted a pair of light coloured booties for a long time, and these are the perfect pair. 

So. I have put the puffer coat away, and I'm starting to wash and put away the cashmere. But this sweater remained in the "wear" pile because of its fresh spring colour. I can trick myself into thinking it is spring even if it is not, no? Ditto for the creamy flannel shirt, the jeans, and now, the booties. 


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More Picasso, some in the wild

Today was easy: The Acrobat. Simple. 

I've worn this lilac sweater almost every single day of the trip so far. It's chillier than expected and I need it for layering. 

And here is Woman on the beach reading a book: Double denim, with -- you guessed it, the ubiquitous sweater. The scarf has grey tones. So did my underlayer -- a grey top with white stripes -- but you can't see it. :(

A photo in the wild -- hiking yesterday in the mountains. 

I have another version of this outfit planned. 


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Picasso Challenge 2: Woman with a book

Today's offering! 

Nothing fancy, but once again Ms. Mary's magic scarf comes to my rescue! The shoes are necessary; we are going walking later on. Not fashionable, but red!  Full disclosure, I will probably change into jeans before our walk since we'll be visiting some dusty places. :)

In answer to a few questions on my last thread. 

1. No, my hair is not lighter. It just looks lighter because there is more light here than there is at home! Big window, white wall. More actual and more reflected light. 

2. No, that is not a Picasso beside me on the wall. But it's a fun, colourful print that certainly works with today's challenge! 

3. There is hope that I will have my passport in time to travel. If all goes well I will be on the plane to go home as planned. It was an expensive loss but, as one of DH's relatives used to say, "If you can fix it with money, it's not all bad." 


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Picasso Challenge: The Charnel House

I can't let a great challenge go by. Especially not when I saw that Joy was managing out of her suitcase! 

Here's my offering. Full disclosure, I won't be wearing the shoes for the day; I'll change into my white Cons for walking. These are pretty good for comfort, but not great on slippery stone. 

Thanks, Angie, for the amazing challenge, and thanks to the rest of you for your inspiring interpretations. I may not comment on all threads but I am going to try to peek at them! So far, I am in awe of your creativity and thoughtfulness. 


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WIW in Jerusalem

The good news: I am using the leather jacket! It's been beautifully sunny, but there's a chilly wind. I am very glad to have this with me. 

The bad news: I might be staying longer than originally planned. Somewhere between getting on the plane in Toronto and getting off in Tel Aviv, my passport disappeared. They let me into the country, but I can't get out without travel documents. 

That is what I get for flying on a Friday 13th, I guess!


Packing Post plus Angie Ensembles

What. A. Day. 

First off, our internet was down until the late afternoon. Then, DH lost some money -- I mean he physically lost cash from his pocket!! Fortunately, not too much, but you can imagine how he was feeling. We had the phone/ internet guys in the house. The plumber (for another problem). The car was supposed to go in to get fixed but something went wrong with the part so DH went all the way out there for nothing.

Oh...and all this time, we were packing for a trip.  A BIG trip. I leave tomorrow morning! 

I am on my way to Israel for 12 days. En route, I am staying a day with my mother. So all in all, I will be gone for two weeks. In weather conditions that may vary from 6C to 32C. Yikes! 

I do have laundry options but won't want to do more than once. 

For the most part, it should be spring-like weather in Israel. My main concern here is that the leather jacket is going to be too warm. I wonder if I should be bringing my white denim jacket or a light blazer instead. Thoughts? 

ETA: I did throw a light denim jacket (blue) into the mix. But might need more than one topper. 

My colour scheme is ink/navy; white; light grey/ with hits of light blue, blush, and orchid.  

1-3 Travel outfit (train for 4 hours tomorrow). R&B Dre Jeans, Cashmere-cotton sweater, booties, leather jacket, scarf, trench. (We still have several feet of snow here, although it is melting). 

4-5  Air travel outfit -- crepe track pants, silk/cotton sweater, trench, tote. 

6   One version of light grey and white. Apart from the fact that these "sized up" jeans are now my size after my 3 months without enough exercise, I like it. Oh well. Time to get moving again. 

I actually have a few options for this grey-white ensemble but didn't get pictures of them all. I am bringing my grey linen pants for warmer temps. 

7-8  Two versions of ink-out. See the fun shoes in 7? They are golf shoes by Biion. Plastic...for rain. I'm not actually bringing them on the trip. I got them for $20 to try out -- super fun! 

9-13 Some other possible combos for the trip. 

14 -- We'll be hiking at least one day. How I managed to fit into my regular size shorts I don't know, but I got them done up. Phew!! 

Another question: I have a lot of knitwear (relatively) -- I am wondering if I need more shirts and fewer knits. 


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