Flares for the short: Can these pass?

Already on Angie's blog post today -- and in the forum -- there's been some discussion about getting the proportions of flares correct if you are on the shorter side -- and whether they can work for a variety of body types. Or how. 

I wore flares along with everybody else back in the 70s. That's what we did. And I like the look. Like Angie, I would need to style it in a non-boho way to feel good in it, but as someone who wears denim almost every day, I am certainly in favour of different silhouettes, and unafraid to experiment with these. I particularly like the faded versions. 

The two barriers for me are: 

1. Climate. I fear I won't get a lot of wear from a jean that can't go out in inclement weather -- rain or snow, and that I won't wear in my hot summers. 

2. Proportion. As several others have mentioned, it can be difficult to get proportions right on a shorter woman. At 5'4", I am not truly petite (and can't wear petite pants -- they are too short) -- but I'm obviously not as tall and willowy as a model. And as someone whose thighs are my curviest feature, I tend to feel a bit like Leoparddluxe; I worry that it makes me look bigger than I am. 

Here are my old GAP Long and Leans. These are technically boot cuts. I had them hemmed by several inches because they were way too long at purchase. They work with a 2.75 inch heel for me. (I've actually got on a very slightly shorter heel in the pics.) 

My questions: Do these pass as "flares" on someone with my proportions? The thighs fit snug on me (because I have curvy thighs, I suspect). They start to flare out at the knee. The hems are now 18" wide. 

I would love your thoughts. 


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Should I duplicate?

So, I'm wondering if I should duplicate a pair of jeans. The reason I'm hesitating is that they are skinnies. And...you know. Skinnies. I'm getting sick of skinnies after a winter of nothing but skinnies. 

The reason I'm tempted is that they are my "perfect" skinny jean. Perfect!!

  • Low rise (much lower than I thought I could wear, but surprisingly comfy). They do create long torso effect, but I don't mind that as long as I wear my booties with low heels. 
  • Not calf-sucking.
  • Decidedly slim fitting... yet have a smidgen of ease. (I sized up and am glad of it.)
  • Perfect length for me; ankle length on model, don't need hemming on me. 
  • SUPER comfortable fabrication. 98% cotton, 2% elastane. Not too heavy, not too stretchy and thin. 
  • Cool whiskered wash that works with a lot. 
  • Don't bag out. 

Here are the jeans. 

Here are the jeans on me.

By the way, I already duplicated the style in taupe -- got those on ebay at a good price. And they are also great, although I won't wear as often as the blue. 

Reasons against: 

  • I need other denim -- really want a faded denim. (These pants come in another wash that's lighter but I think I'd rather have faded BF jeans vs. skinnies.) 
  • They are...skinnies. 
  • They are pricey (though could perhaps find on ebay as well). 

I almost never duplicate. I want my wardrobe to be fairly lean and efficient. But in a case like this, I wonder. Would you? 


Which aspect of 2014 fashion is trickiest for you?

Recently, Angie outlined five elements that she sees as key to the look of 2014. 

On that list: High-low style, mixing classics with trends, just enough structure, "hip to be square" (quasi-frumpy looks -- norm core?), and my personal challenge, irregular outfit juxtaposition. 

Angie also mentioned that to look stylish you do not have to embrace all or any of these trends -- it's perfectly okay to wear well fitting tailored seasonal conventionally flattering clothes that "go" together. 

However, I feel a personal yen to do more irregular outfit juxtaposition. And it's the one I have the toughest time with. 

Oh, certainly -- I'll combine a classic jacket with denim bottoms. That's easy/ peasy and part of my style signature. (Or would be, if I could find a classic jacket that fit me.) 

I'll also happily wear a denim jacket with a dress. Another slam dunk. 

But these are so common that they hardly count as "irregular" any more. 

Others I've tried and felt okay in: Cons with a tube skirt. A dressy top with jeans (or a dressy skirt with a button up shirt). 

But I have to confess, most other irregular outfit juxtapositions that I try just feel....wrong on me. With my pet peeve for seasonal confusion (not to mention my extreme seasons), I really can't take that route with a whole lot of comfort. And some of the other options just feel...costume-y. On me, I mean. Or perhaps they are too maximal? 

I would love suggestions for other irregular outfit juxtapositions I might be able to work into my style. 

And I'd also love to hear from you! Which aspect of "2014" style feels most challenging to you, and why? 


Combining refined and casual

In Ingunn's recent "Should I go nude?" post she raised a dilemma that I also share. Living in a small northern city and traversing largely on foot, I sometimes find that more refined footwear -- especially footwear with narrow heels -- just doesn't get worn very often. 

I like how it looks. It can "make" an outfit. But it feels quite impractical for my life. 

Janet then responded: "Oh, and I don't think that a "refined" style and a "casual" lifestyle need be mutually exclusive. My life is very casual but I'm usually looking for a hint of the refined somewhere in my outfits -- a nod to modern classic, perhaps."

Now, I agree absolutely with Janet. And many of Angie's ensembles give us clues about how to do this -- it doesn't always have to be with footwear. And yet....footwear can update a look like nothing else!! 

I think my own struggles would be less acute if I could wear low vamp pointy toed FLATS, which would look refined but be excellent for walking. Unfortunately, those will never stay on my feet. 

So what kind of footwear would be refined, yet stay on my feet -- and be practical?

And, more generally, if you are trying to combine a casual lifestyle with refinement, how do you do it? 


WIW: Pilly over boxy (and skirt, in solidarity with Sveta)

So, today it snowed (again). But for once, I was going out by car rather than on foot on our treacherous icy sidewalks. (Big trip to the dentist for an extraction...ouch!!) 

That meant I could wear a skirt in solidarity with Sveta. What fun! 

Except for my sweater, that is. I love the fun taupe and pink, but I hate the incessant pills. Do my sweater sisters also get pills on this one? I am ready to toss it after one season.