WIW: WritersFest Final Day

Sorry I've been MIA; it has been a very busy few days!

I hope to post a full retrospective of my outfits later this week; it turned out I made multiple changes some days, which on balance turned out to be a good decision, despite the occasional hassle it entailed. But for now, here is my final day's outfit.

Today I had to host a poetry event, and then interview two novelists about their work. One of the books was based on the Demeter/Persephone myth, so I thought a little Grecian draping might be in order. This is the debut of my teal..tunic/dress, which I have chosen to treat as a tunic by layering the portobello skirt underneath it (waving to Shannon, my skirt twin). I'm also wearing my leopard print scarf (waving to Claire, my scarf-twin.) I'm wearing my DV booties (waving to Una, my bootie twin - if you've kept them?) And I'm debuting a big red bag as well. It is not leather, it is not my dream bag, but I needed something with a big capacity and this fit the bill for now until I can find something better.

Re the tunic/dress: IRL it is nowhere near as shiny, so please disregard that as a flash effect (which it is.) Even though I don't think this kind of draped look is ideal for me, I quite enjoyed the tunic shape; in fact, with a pencil skirt beneath, I LOVED it.

This surprised me. I have tried tunics with pants and have never felt good in them; I always feel they shorten the leg line (on me).

What think you? Did the proportions work on this okay? If so, why - and if not, why not? And do you think I could wear this tunic successfully with pants?

Thanks for looking - more soon!

And thanks also for all your help with my preparation.


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W2W WritersFest: Moto version

I am all set for today's WritersFest event. This afternoon, I am hosting (i.e. introducing the moderator at a short fiction event and thanking sponsors) and immediately after that I have to go to a BBQ at my daughter's school, returning to the festival afterwards to be in the audience and socialize with friends following their events. I plan simply to wear Look #3 from this thread: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....sia-jacket

Depending on the temps I may add tights, but this is the general plan for today unless you tell me I am crazy.

Tomorrow, I will be hosting another afternoon event on self-publishing, probably going out to eat with some people, and then attending an evening talk by Naomi Wolf. So I am trying the new denim moto and Celia's top.

I thought I would wear just the blouse/ skirt to my hosting event and add the jacket later.

To me the proportions look weird from the side/back. Should I come up with something different? I could also switch the booties out for black ones. I am sort of clueless about how to wear these pieces, truth be told!

Last pic is the Zara moto for comparison!


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WIWearing: Homage to Mary K Writers Fest Event 1

My first proposed outfit met with some criticisms here (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....choose-w2w); the general feeling was that it was too drab. (Thanks to Ali and others for this comment.) Some didn't like the pattern mix/ neckline either, so I am holding my breath about today's look!

And, as luck would have it, instead of being rainy and cool as the forecast predicted, today dawned hot and sunny! So it felt like a different kind of outfit was required anyway.

I didn't have time to check this one over, so I'm crossing fingers that I have done okay.

This is my birthday homage to MaryK:

Pencil skirt! Pattern mixing: stripes, ditsy floral, abstract floral, leopard! Bright colour! Red and leopard as neutrals!! And Mary's scarf gets a starring role.

This is for the reading at the Seniors Centre, starting soon.

Sorry to post and run.

MaryK magic scarf
Brooks Brothers shirt
VC tube skirt (keeping it anyway to wear without hose; at minimum I will wear it 4 months a year, so it's okay....)
VC leopard wedges
Belt from a shop in Stratford
Cuff a gift from my brother when I was 8!

PS: I am tucking because that is what my mother would like me to do. And she is 87. ;-)


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WritersFest Day 3: Yay or Nay? ETA: book cover image added

I know I am going out of order here. For YLF purposes I don't think it matters.

Here is my proposed outfit for Saturday. On this day, I have several events, ranging from early morning until 11 pm.

At 9:30 am I am hosting Naomi Duguid, meaning I introduce her and thank our sponsors etc. at the first event of the day.

I will be on site most of the day following, and then at 5:30 to 6:30 pm I am appearing in an event. I'll be reading some of my poetry and participating in an onstage discussion.

Later that evening, I may or may not be attending a speakeasy event. If I do go to that event, I would probably bring something different to change into, if I could figure out a way to do that. It is tough to come up with one outfit that serves all these purposes. I could possibly bring the tunic top from yesterday's thread and a different pair of shoes.

My proposed daytime outfit and appearance outfit (late afternoon) is this one.

Shevia Rag&Bone shirt
M&M shrunken jacket
Doc Saras
One of two pencil skirts.

So....the blue one. I like the length. BUT IT DRIVES ME INSANE with hose even with a slip. I don't have the right slip. So it is bunching and creating all kinds of fussiness. I quickly discovered I cannot wear this IRL. Which brings up the question, should I keep that skirt after all? It really is NOT going to work well with tights.

Alternative skirt is the Halogen seamed skirt. Is it okay? It does match the trim on the top, after all. But I worried that fuchsia and black would be a little passé.

Thoughts welcome! And again, my apologies for crowding the forum this week!

ETA: copied from my reply to Jonesy below to give you a clearer sense of the event: The poetry book has 50s inspired cover art (not my book but an anthology I appear in) and the whole event is a bit retro. The book is called Desperately Seeking Susans and it's an anthology of poetry by Canadian poets all called SUSAN! So I was going for a sort of mixed 80s/ 50s vibe here quite deliberately. I should have been a bit more clear about that.


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K/R Better (or at least MORE) VC Color block coat photos

Well, I tried. Really, I did. But it is SO hard to photograph dark colours.

Not truly styled, but showing it with a skirt and with pants since I would wear with both (I hope).

It needs a good steaming. The fabrication isn't the best - a wool/poly blend that feels a bit rough to my hand, but on the other hand (ha ha), I expect it will wear quite well. It is unlined so not super warm, but I can wear a jacket underneath without any problem.

Showing with collar in various positions. It can be worn spread wide open or buttoned partway or buttoned all the way as a funnel collar.

Flap pockets on sides are false. Front slash pockets are the real ones.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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WritersFest Day 1: Help me choose W2W

Remember last year's WritersFest threads? You were all so incredibly helpful to me as I struggled with an almost bare closet. I had next to no money, next to no clothes, and a lot of public appearances. http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....-pic-heavy

and http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....-days-23-4

and http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ritersfest

This year, lucky me, I have a lot of appearances again, but thanks to YLF and my new job, I also have a few more clothes -- and many more that I like and that fit me! ;-)

Having said that, I'm still not in closet nirvana. So if I appear to stumble, sometimes it's because I'm doing the best I can with what I've got.

Keeping that in mind, please help me decide on the following outfits.

Day 1:

a). An afternoon reading and discussion of my work at the local seniors' centre. My goal is to come across as approachable and warm yet professional. The audience, of course, will be elderly.

I'm wearing my cowl neck smoke coloured jersey dress with leopard print layering tank underneath, my taupe glen plaid jackets, nude microfishnets, and dark taupe DV booties. Okay?

P.S. Forecast is light rain so I might have my black trench overtop.

2. Evening event. First, a cocktail reception at the local theatre for authors and patrons, followed by a reading and discussion by Michael Ondaatje and Teju Cole. I am meeting and mingling during the cocktail reception, and simply in the audience for the latter part of the evening.

I have two choices here. Cut out shoulder tunic top and midi in black, or lace top and the same midi, with my black crepe jacket for evening chill.

I could also wear the same thing I wore last year, but I think it might be nice to wear something different.


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Fast Fashion Fix? Alternative black moto

First of all, before I even start I need to warn you that I'm going to be prevailing on your generosity LOTS in the next few days. WritersFest is upon me and I have to figure out what to wear, plus I have a few new possible purchases for consideration. Thank you all in advance. I really appreciate your thoughts.

So...first up: I went to the mall today because I needed to get something at the drugstore, and just happened to wander into H&M . And lo and behold, what did I discover but a little waxed denim moto. Is it leather? No. But....here it is. Let me know what you think. Can this be my "starter" moto until I find the perfect one?

For reference, here's the original moto, still with tags on: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....sonal-pick

Oh - and the sleeves are the right length!


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Vince camuto color block pea coat?

2 strangers told me it is great spontaneously.


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WIW: Thrifted military jacket & leather jacket musings

I know you are probably sick of my white jeans (yeah...the ones I thought I would dye two weeks ago and haven't taken off since...). Not to mention my taupe sweater. But hey. It is a sunny day. And I threw my thrifted denim military jacket on overtop. This is such a fun jacket. I won't wear it often (because my bottoms are mainly denim) but when I do wear it, I'll enjoy it. It's so stretchy and comfy. The sleeves are fun to scrunch and push back in different ways. And it's got an asymmetrical fastening and high collar that I just love.

In other news, still no decision on the leather jacket. I am so very torn about it. I don't know if the sleeves can be altered except at the shoulder because there is a patch at the elbow (reinforcement). Looking at it carefully, it's in TOTALLY the wrong place (way below my own elbow) which shows the sleeves are not meant to be this long. So it would need to be pulled up from the top. Still haven't been to WonderWoman East to inquire as to the cost of that.


Z Jacket: Angie's personal pick!

So, the moment you've all been waiting for. Well, maybe you haven't been waiting for it, but I'VE been waiting for it!

The intrepid Merwoman plunged into the sea of suburban shoppers at the Eaton Centre and brought back the spoils! And so, herewith, for your estimable judgement, the Zara moto.

A note on style: I haven't.

I'm showing it first with a white T, just so you can see the details. Then with the taupe sweater because it was the closest mid-tone thing I had to hand, and I thought it might make sense to look at it that way, although I see it's not great because you can see my white T through it...oh well. And finally with the BF and a shirt that I was trying on for my other thread.

Which brings me to my next question: How DOES one style a moto? What do you wear under it? A shirt collar seems to fight it badly. What necklines work?

My observations: the leather is not as fine a quality as on the Danier jackets, BUT (and this is huge) it feels light enough that I could consider wearing it indoors in a not-too-hot place. It layers under my coat (sorry, no pic, but it does work).

Would love your thoughts on the fit and if it seems like me.

It is snug but comfortable. In the pics it looks tight across the back, but in fact I can move my arms very comfortably without any of that too-tight-in-the-shoulders strain one gets from ill-fitting jackets.

My main concern, for what that is worth: Sleeves too long for indoor wear. In some of the pics I am trying to scrunch the sleeves (but can't get them to stay very well). In others, I have turned them under, or turned them under and then scrunched (they stay a bit better that way, but maybe it looks weird.) I assume a sleeve alteration would be very costly. Too-long sleeves are a perennial problem of mine with non-petities shirts and jackets, although usually European sizes are better for me on this, and I don't mind the length of these for outdoor wear.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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