Fluidly tailored: #1 and #4 mashup

I saw the post before I got dressed, so here's my mashup of #1 and #4. 

The top is a portion of my mother's Land's End twinset, the one I bought her and that looked so gorgeous on her. I saved it after she died and wear it quite regularly, especially this part. But I need to juxtapose it with something less sweet -- hence the denim jacket with distressing. 

Jacket is one of my first purchases on YLF. Still going strong. Shoulder fit is neat and it is cropped but it is not at all tight. 

The skirt is from Comrags. It's hard to tell, but there are stripes of pink, purple and lighter blue/grey in the navy background. The style is interesting -- it has stitched down but asymetrical and wonky pleats. It's just slightly "off-kilter" -- a person not looking carefully might not notice. 

Anyway. A little pattern mix for the fluidly tailored set today. :) 


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