Simple, plain, minimal, with GAP gauze shirt

Definitely nothing fancy! But since I wore this yesterday and Janet has just reviewed the GAP gauze dress, let me review the shirts. 

I got 2, a pink and a white. I thought they'd be good to keep the sun off in the garden when weeding. 

  • The gauze is multi-layered so quite thick and not see-through. You can wear without a cami. 
  • Soft. Can probably go without ironing if you are not a super-polished dresser and could certainly be packed and used for a beach cover up.
  • Fit is typical GAP -- on the large side, but I took my usual size. 
  • Cut is neat at shoulder and loose all the way down.  
  • Cotton, so it is cool -- but because of the layers, perhaps not cool enough for the hottest, stickiest days. 
  • Hem is hi-lo, a bit shorter in front. 
  • Popover style with gathers at the yoke, but it buttons all the way down..
  • Feels a bit "romantic." 

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Pixie-lated again

Fab friends! I finally got my hair cut after SIX months!!!! 

Yes, I waited that long. But the good news is I now have a new hairdresser in Victoria; I think he did a pretty good job and feel happy with it. Of course, I'd feel happy with anything at this point! My hair was such a mess. But I got a compliment on the cut from a stranger in the first half hour -- usually a good sign. :) 

Nothing fancy on the clothes front, and nothing new except my (duplicate) white sneakers. 


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Casual striped top

Not original, but this is right up my alley and I happened to match the blog post. 

Full length mirror in darkness so photos a mishmash of what I could grab. Haven't worn a jacket to work from home in ages but this one is comfy and I haven't worn it much in recent years. 

Will have to change later to garden! It's going to be a warm one here. 


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WIMW: Balloon jeans and linen

I ordered these M&S balloon jeans weeks ago and they finally arrived, along with a linen shirt. 

Tried them on quickly to see if they will work. 

The verdict: yes! I like the fabrication -- and the olive is a nice change for me from blue. The length is perfect. The waist is a bit snug but I think it will give and I am also up a few pounds on account of being laid up with an injury all winter. 

The linen shirt is wrinkled from the bag, but it's quite lovely. The background is ink, not black. The fit is nice and neat without being too close. 

I'm actually tempted to order these in the grey if they still have them in my size. I got the "short" and they work in my usual UK size (ordering in Canada). 

My apologies for the awful backlit photos -- now that I have a mirror, I see it is in precisely the wrong place for taking decent pics! All the light comes from the windows behind. I'll have to come up with another option...


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