Getting Knotty: More Banff closet play

So, here is another possible Banff look - going western and trying the knotted top - bought, by the way, from the boys' wear section.

Here with my Reports and the straight leg jeans I am bringing.

Also, with the down vest in case it gets cold.

And with my brand new rain slicker if it gets rainy. It is not quite red, not quite pink IRL. The colour is called red but it is more like a bright berry. This replaces an old EB rain jacket that was much too large for me. I got it on a super sale.

Also, showing the plaid shirt untucked so you can see why I am not a fan of cropped jackets with long tops on me. The proportions have to be JUST right...and they are usually wrong. I CAN do it with a top that ends right at the crotch, but any lower and I think it looks off.

This is my last post before I go. Hope to get pictures when I am away. In the meantime, thank you SO much for your encouragement and support! You really helped me out in a big way with inspiration and wise counsel.

Sorry to post and run but will check back this afternoon for replies.


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Banff capsule: Playing with the LBD

I am bringing my jersey LBD with me to Banff and yesterday played around with some options for it. I doubt I would wear these at the resort, to be honest...but there will be a few outings into Calgary and I'll be having dinner with a friend there when I arrive and so on.

Of course I can also dress the dress up more significantly - these were attempts to make it a bit more casual.

1. Worn with fuchsia top and Mary K's wonder scarf.

2. Worn with white denim.

3. Angie's black dress with earthy accessories formula.

Proportions okay? Everything else all right? Thank you for looking!


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WIMW: Niagara Portion of Trip - New White Denim Jacket

My apologies in advance for taking up the board this evening. Here are a few WIMW for the NIagara leg of my journey. To recap, I will be attending workshops about a new organizational structure my company is adopting. The company is a fitness company; we ordinarily work from home so dress will be casual but not sloppy. The weather is supposed to be nice (23 centigrade) the first few days, becoming very hot for the last two days. Meals will mostly be supplied but on our last evening we are going out to a winery for dinner.

First up, my potential winery outfit. Cleo dress, new Calvin Klein sandals, and denim jacket or sweater in case of air conditioning. Which do you like better? And is this a good outfit for the occasion?

As for the white denim jacket, this belongs to the "Leave no retail stone unturned" YLF school of shopping. I had looked in vain for one of these. The other day I noticed they were back on the Old Navy website. So I went and tried them on...but the fit was off on me. Too long and not big enough in the shoulders. I was sad.

Then I mosied over to the kids' section. And lo and behold, what did I find? This one is the right length and has a bit of stretch so it is SUPER comfy and the sleeves stay scrunched. The price was also a lot better. What think you?

Next, a couple of daytime outfits. These are basically what I have been wearing at home for the last few weeks. I have variations of same (with denim shorts, different shirts, etc.) I think this is dressy enough for the occasion, but if you tell me I am crazy I will reconsider.

Finally, my newly altered skirt with the sandals. Does that work for another daytime outfit? And can I wear it with the white denim jacket? What about with the Report booties?

FInally (and thank you for your patience) I am planning to take these outfits to Banff as well. It may not be warm enough to wear them, so I may leave the blue dress, in particular, behind. But would welcome your thoughts on this.

Thank you for looking and for any ideas or thoughts you may have.

ETA - added photo of dress with sweater

ETA 2: The white top is an Angie pick BR twist front top.


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What I Might Wear: With Thanks to CocoLion

This is the first of my possible trip outfits. I got the schedule today for Banff, and I'm going to have to go to some artsy receptions and I'll also have to give a public reading later in the program.

Here is what I might wear to the opening meet and greet (evening). Unless you think I am mad. Remember, the setting is a mountain resort. But it's not "log cabin." The room we'll be meeting in is a bit glitzy. With a panoramic view of the rugged mountains at sunset.

My inspiration is entirely CocoLion. Here is how:

1. She suggested that I consider bringing a black jacket, and added that lightweight wool would not be too hot in all probability. I had earlier ruled out my one and only black jacket as potentially too hot...but I tried it on and decided...hey...this might actually work.

2. Her "ripped" jeans post got me thinking: I have a pair of slouchy skinny boyfriend jeans.

3. She styled hers with the Reports. I had feared rolling my cuffs due to shortening the leg line, but hey - if she can do it....

Worn with a sequin tank from the Gap.

If this meets your approval, then I must thank CocoLion PROFUSELY. Because these jeans (which I wasn't even going to take with me) and the black jacket will become the foundations of quite a few more outfits.

PS I am also bringing along a pair of straight legs with no distressing and a darker wash.


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WIW: Skirting the Issue

I've been admiring Claire's beautiful full skirt outfits and was hoping to find something similar myself.

On Friday I visited the consignment store where I have a credit and look what I discovered. It's cotton and cotton-lined. And cost me nothing.

Unfortunately, it's too large for me on the waist. I'm going to check into getting it altered, but for now the elastic belt is doing the trick. At least I hope it is.

What do you think? Worth altering and keeping?


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Topped Up? Some K/R - pic heavy

Thanks to a tip from Dianthus, I've made a bit of progress (I hope) in my ongoing and seemingly never-ending search for woven summer tops. All purchased at sale prices. Some I know I'm keeping, and some are K/R.

I also have some shorts/clams up for review.

My apologies in advance for the iffy quality of the pics. Not to mention the end of day exhaustion apparent on my sad visage. I have had a long few days of it at work and more to come.

#1 an ink blue top from Mexx. (They called it black, but it is not.) It may be a bit short to wear with pants (though they call it a tunic -- whatever....) but I am keeping it anyway. I hope that's not crazy of me. I rather like the shape of it and that narrow V neckline. I can always tuck it if you think that would work better. Let me know. I have no aversion to the tuck.

#2 also keeping. The collar does not always stand that way; I was rushing. It can be worn unbelted as well, or tucked.

#3 White twist front top from BR. Keeping. (It may not be brilliant but it fills a need).

#4 Short sleeve cobalt top. I am of two minds about this. The sleeves are weird. IRL the gathered waist actually looks quite flattering, and hubs commented that he loved it. Here I look very washed out, but I think that is a function of the light, not a reflection of reality.

Also, the shorts. I am not sure. You can be brutal.

#5 Side view

#6 Back view of shorts. I think I see some VPL but it might be shadow. In any case, if it's there, I can remedy it; I was wearing a very old and not very good pair of undies. Top is lifted up to expose bum region. It's actually longer in back, as you can tell from the side view.

#7/8 Another top - one of those ones with a wide band at the bottom and sort of bloused waist. The trouble with these is that you need to be wearing something with a flat front. Hubs and daughter were unsure about the colours on me, which confused me a bit since normally I look good in these colours! So maybe it is really the pattern they are reacting to? The top actually feels quite nice.

#9 Turquoise version of the "tunic" in #1. I am of two minds. It looked really good in the store. It doesn't seem so great to me here.

#10 BR denim shirt. Fits loose but is meant to, I believe. Wearing with cropped pants that I could chop to clams. Except now that I have them at home I realize I have very few tops to wear with them and in addition, the feel funny when they are rolled (i.e. they stick to my calves, don't drape properly) and I don't think cutting them off will necessarily work.

#11 Bonus Max.

Frank opinions desired, please.

And thanks to Dianthus for the tip!! Even if I only keep a couple of these, I am WAY ahead of where I was a few weeks ago in the top department!!

By the way, if you have made it to the end of this endless post, do I need different footwear with some of these tops? I wasn't really "styling" here and just happened to have these on, but I am curious to what degree they work or don't work. It's relevant to packing later this month.


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WIW: Garden Party...trying to channel Angie

Garden party event today. This is an annual event, and the dress code calls for white.

Usually I try to wear something floaty or at least on the feminine side. This year I expected to wear my new blue and white Cleo dress.

But the weather didn't cooperate. It is Seattle grey and cold. Time to layer up!

So I went with Angie's blog formula: white jeans, boyish shirt tucked in and belted, and a bright jacket.

My shirt is looser and less crisp (it's linen); I needed a camisole underneath both to bookend the white and because I was chilly, and I ended up with wedge sandals rather than pumps because I was going to be standing in the wet grass.

I'm not too thrilled with the combo of the sandals and the jacket, but what can you do? Live and learn, I guess! At least I was warm. Thank goodness for white jeans! If I lived in Seattle or London I would own six pairs!


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