Another mini-capsule.

I'm off on a sad errand, to see my aunt before I leave for the west. She's just been diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer and is in palliative care. 

My travel capsule my white Wittner sandals. 


1901 in Navy

This is not a keep or return. This is a hem or don't hem. I'm keeping it and am REALLY TEMPTED to order the red as well. Has anyone seen the red in person? True red or tomato? 

Gorgeous fabric. Fits great -- very slightly on the loose side. I did not order petite and that turns out to be a good thing because the waist is in the right place for me in the regular, despite my very slight short-waistedness. 

It could use a press. It came crunched up in a plastic bag. 

Light is poor today and the humidity is intense but I did my best to try a few styling options for summer into fall. 


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Coincidental coordination

I just happen to be wearing a version of today's blog post outfit for my work from home day!

My top is not exactly "cropped" but it is on the shorter side, especially in the front, and swingy. (Very hot and humid here today so I need something cool!) Top on its 3rd season. For those who count, at least 30 wears. ;)  The contrast level is mixed because of the pattern. The dark blue relates to the skirt and the white and light blue offer more contrast. 

My skirt is a below the knee tube skirt, ancient. Well over 100 wears at this point. I am a bit bored of these tube skirts but can't get rid of them because they are such closet essentials for me -- nothing entirely takes their place. (Find is charcoal but my skirt is navy.) 

Flatform Fitflops in a low contrast silver. Because, heat, and I'm home doing chores. 

I wouldn't say the proportions are leg lengthening at all but I think it is JFE, even with my relatively shorter legs and shorter than average calves. I'll probably switch out to my EF sandals when I go out for lunch. A different flatform.