I blame Shevia

It is her fault that I looked at these shoes from Zara. 

And while I was there, I saw the cropped sweater for a mere $9.99. 

So I figured I would re-order the Trafulac top at the sale price and send back the regular version. Why not? 

In honour of Mo's No Buy June, which I broke so spectacularly, I am modelling these first with my workout gear. I was so excited I had to tear the box open right away. Forgive the messy hair, zero makeup look. 

Mr. Suz was home today. He said: Lady YouLookFab goes golfing!! 

(But he likes the shoes). The leather is unaccountably soft for Zara. The shoes are very LONG for my on-the-short-side feet, but they feel oh so comfy in my regular 37. 

Sweater is just for fun. A bit peachy for my complexion but will work with a few items in the closet and gives me a chance to try the crop top look. It's a nice item to stash in a bag in case a topper is needed in frigid air conditioning. In homage to Ceit I show it first with the striped skirt. :) 


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Crewsing toward a bigger closet?

My J. Crew order finally came. Luckily, it arrived when Mr. Suz was out. :) With the number of packages that have been coming for me in the past week, I think he would have thrown a conniption had he seen this. Especially since it came in two boxes. 

I don't know what came over me in the last few weeks. I no sooner announced that I didn't really have any summer shopping to do this year...than I went out and ordered more than I've ordered at one time since last year's NAS!! 

Since I'm trying to maintain a moderate closet, I decided that these must be 10s for me to keep. To justify their place in the wardrobe, I have edited out: 2 tees, 3 lightweight sweaters, 5 far-past-their-prime woven tops. Since I did not own any summer weight trousers, I don't consider that I need to purge anything to make way for the linen pants.

I'm inclined to keep everything here unless you tell me otherwise.  

1-5: The linen hi-low sweater and the drawstring linen pants in navy. (I already bought the same pants in white; the navy are in addition because I liked the white ones so much.) 

Angie thought I would need this sweater in XS but this is the S and I think it fits -- thus proving my point about frame size, in Echo's thread.  :)  This pastel blue is not my best, but it's a nice change for me as a summer piece. Better in person, I think, than in the photos.  (It's a very grey day here so you see this with a flash). 

6: The Thomas Mason tux shirt in blue. Viva and Angie and I think Tanya also have this one. This is not quite as purplish in real life, but it's a slam dunk on me and I got it at sale price, so it is staying. It will replace a similar blue linen shirt from Uniglo that is past its prime. 

7/8: A silk top in the floral cove pattern. I'm a little less sure of this one. The pattern is a bit large scale for me, I think. But I like it as a change and it will be easy to wear. I was lacking in patterned tops for summer. 

9: The linen boatneck tee in cobalt. This one is a slam-dunk, too. Tags off. 

10: I got this lightweight merino mesh sleeve sweatshirt to replace my two GAP mesh sleeve sweaters, which always bagged out terribly when I wore them. It was ridiculously inexpensive on sale. 

11: This is a lightweight merino tunic. I had wanted some tunic style sweaters. It's also staying for sure. 


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Shopping my closet

Today's version features the Okalas...for the photo. I admit I'm barefoot around the house. But we do have lunch company today, so....

SE Okalas
Shorts Mexx (several years old)
Belt (from consignment)
Cotton linen button up: BR


On quality

Today I did a pile of ironing. I had silks, cottons, linens, cotton-linen blends, and a viscose top. From various makers, from Zara to Ann Taylor and J. Crew to Equipment. 

And wow. If ever there was a lesson on why I prefer wearing some of my tops to others, here it was. In all fabrications. 

The silk of the Equipment shirt has a beautiful weight and drape; the silk front Zara shirts and the light silk Banana Republic top from last year are so light that they barely hang properly. The Zara ones are saved by being mixed-media. But they will not last more than a short season or two at most. The Equipment shirt will be in my closet for years if I care for it. And I will probably cry when I have to donate it. 

(Of course, the price tags reflect this difference). 

Two cotton linen shirts offered another good example.  Same fabrication blend (65% linen, 35% cotton). But one (from Banana Republic) has a sort of rough crispness to it. Getting the wrinkles out was difficult, and even freshly ironed it feels a bit scratchy. The other (from J. Crew) was soft, easy to iron, and it drapes well. 

Nicest of all was the beautiful Thomas Mason tux shirt from J. Crew. Ironing is a breeze because the fabric is just such a lovely quality. 

Are you moved by the quality of some of your pieces? Do you reach for them more often? Are there items of clothing where higher quality matters more to you? Can you sacrifice quality more easily on others? 


Hot weather solutions: Bernias, shirtdress & BF shorts?

Well, I seem to be taking up a lot of bandwidth the past few days. Thank you all for humouring me. 

Deborah, here is instalment two of the wild online shopping spree! 

First up, the Angie suggested Bernia sandal from Sofft. I ordered these in two sizes (on sale at the Bay, Canadian friends!!). They arrived in my larger size today (smaller size coming in a separate order) -- but I think I am keeping these. The straps around the ankle are a tiny bit loose but the length is correct and so is the width. I could use a touch more lift for better arch support, but for a relatively flat sandal they are Just Comfortable Enough. (True flats and I do not get along.) 

Here also is the Lord and Taylor chambray shirtdress (also on sale at The Bay). Is it Just Flattering Enough for a sweltering day, do you think? We haven't reached those temperature highs yet -- but I know they are coming. 

Outfit two is the new Zara top (tags off -- yes, it is now $10 less on sale, but such is life...) and the GAP BF shorts inherited from my daughter. 

Thank you for your thoughts! 


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WIW: Dressy top, jeans, and brown accents

I love blue with tans, but taupe is "my" brown, so thanks to Angie (and cooperative weather) here is today's rendition of her new ensemble! Thanks, Angie! 

I could do a different version of this with the Okalas (tan ankle strap), and a cognac or leopard print belt, but then I'd switch out the taupe bag for something different. Today, I am matchy matchy. :)


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Speaking of button front shirts: The Zara order

Deborah has requested a full report on all items from my vast online shopping spree, so, herewith, instalment the first!

First, this Zara button front shirt. Tags are off! It is a blend of viscose, rayon, and cotton so is very light and breathable. I like the oversize fit and the fun cutout in back. It will work with denim and my whites. 

Next up, this Trafulac shirt. I like it from front and back. The oversized fit and pleat are good and the fabric is 100% cotton. Crisp. But...the armholes are so deep that you can see my bra, and that is not a great look. I would probably have to wear a tank underneath, which would spoil the point of wearing it. 


Last one is the silk mixed media sleeveless top like my  navy one -- in magenta. It's wrinkly from the box and looks very sheer in the flash, but it's a keeper. I probably wouldn't wear it like this with the cobalt but 1). I was lazy; and 2). I wanted to prove to Sveta that I could style two bright colours together, as she occasionally issues challenges like this to shake me out of my uniforms. :) 


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Ooops! Somebody went online shopping....

Surely I will return some of it, right? 

Is there anything I have forgotten, do you suppose? :) 


WIW: Striped & sporty duplications galore, with sneaks

Last week's outfits. Suitcase living once again. First, I was away in the city for work for four days; then four days at my mother's. Gone from Sunday until Monday. With plenty of duplication. I took photos while away but had to "re-enact" at home because the lighting was so poor. Apologies for mussed up hair and wrinkles. 

1. "Husbanding the BF." (Saturday night at home)  J. Crew linen boatneck tee in white. 

2. For travel on Sunday.  J. Crew linen tee in neon pink. (Duplication in a different colour). 

3. For meetings Monday. Sporty luxe with sneakers and a skirt. VC tube skirt in stripe. 

4-5: Dinner with colleagues. 

6. All day meetings. J. Crew linen boatneck tee in navy (another duplication). Also duplicating Rag and Bone jeans (same pair) and Tahari jacket. Plus VC sandals. 

7. Dinner with colleagues. VC navy tube skirt (duplication in a different colour). Apologies for the suitcase wrinkles in the top, which were not there IRL wearing! 

8. Sporty sporty for more meetings. Believe me when I say I was dressed up compared to some colleagues. Totally cool. This is a fitness company, after all.

9. Casual Japanese supper with colleagues.  

10-11. For walking around in the city and to attend a friend's opera. Setting was not an opera hall but a relatively casual theatre. Loved wearing these Zara sarong shorts. Here again is the J. Crew linen boatneck tee in navy. These VC sandals, by the way, are 12 hour, 8 mile shoes for me. Amazing at this height!! 

12. Hanging with my mum on Saturday. Another appearance of the J. Crew linen boatneck tee. 

13/ 14. More weekend outfits. 

15/16: To travel home. Note the new tote bag. This is the Danier Rachel tote that ABC is looking at. I realize it rather dwarfs me, but I need a tote like this for all the travelling with computer I do. 

Thanks for looking, and apologies for all these repetitions! :) This is what suitcase living will do to a girl. 


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WIW: Topper with a dress, but not for long

Out for dinner with my colleagues last week. Mostly I wore it sans topper because for once the air conditioning was not arctic...but I put it on for a few moments at the start of the evening until I got settled. 

Dress: Kamalikulture
Kimono topper: vintage Biba (consigned)
Shoes: Sam Edelman Okala
Bag: Danier


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