WIW: Ahead of the curve

Here's a late summer outfit from last year, right in line with today's post! :)

Doesn't get simpler. The belt is snakeskin but I wore the same combo sometimes with a leopard belt. 


WIW: Road runner

Feeling like death today (from a gastro bug caught on the weekend picking our daughter up at camp). But well enough to travel. We're off to Nova Scotia with my mother for her brother's anniversary party. 

I am not sure why the photo is blurry but I don't have the energy now to fix it. Wish me luck !


NAS Round 5: A maybe and a (probable) miss

Last two NAS purchases (for now...) and I'm not completely sure about either one. 

First, the Lysee leggings with leather insert. (Waving to Viva). 

The thing you need to know is that I have never worn leggings. Legging jeans, yes. But actual leggings, no. So I don't know how to wear the things. 

I got these in blue. They do not provide the promised girdling but that's because they're not very snug on me, I suspect. Regardless, they feel great and are a nice quality. My question is, how the heck do I wear them? 

Pics 1, 2, and 3 offer some options with my tall boots. J. Crew tunic (1); J. Crew Collection cashmere oversized pullover (2); random sparkly asymmetrical tunic top (3). Are the proportions okay with those? 

I don't know what other footwear a person might successfully pair with them. You can see booties and the Sweeties in some of the other pics. I don't feel as if those work. 

Also, does the J. Crew Collection framed pullover in pale blue work with leggings or is it too short? It feels a bit short in front to me. 

I'm inclined to keep them anyway as really useful items for my work at home casual life. 

Second, the Pure Amici oversized cardigan. This is a pricey item even on sale. And ... basically ... I don't know what the heck to do with it. I don't mind oversized in the least, but it seems to me the proportions are bizarre on me. Or maybe I just don't have a clue how to style the thing? (True, that.) 

How is one supposed to wear something like this? Do I need to find a slightly shorter version? Seems to me it works a bit better with the slight heel of my tall boots. But I'll be wearing it mostly indoors, in my slippers!  :) 

I am honestly inclined to return this one unless you all tell me I am nuts. 


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NAS Round 4: Sweet...or silly?

I felt pretty confident about most of my NAS purchases. But there are a few that I'm not so sure about and I could use your help! 

First, the Angie Pick Aquatalia Sweetie boot. This is actually my SECOND try with these beauties. I bought last year's version, the "Ora" (which appears virtually identical to me) -- and brought them all the way back to Canada -- only to return them as an unnecessary extravagance. I had managed to locate two pairs of knee high boots that fit, one dressy and one more casual  -- an amazing achievement considering my short and slightly narrow calves -- and I thought those would fill the boot hole all on their own. 

It must have been some time in January when I realized how much I could use a more casual, weatherproof, easy-on/ easy-off boot. I mean, I don't just want one. I NEED one. Sometimes, fussing with zippers when you come in the door just isn't fun. And sometimes you want your pants to be the star of the show, not your boots. Knee highs call attention to themselves. :) 

Yes, I have my snow boots. But ...yeah. Those are snow boots! (In other words, they're gear). And when it isn't downright snowy, I'd like a non-gear boot that is still casual enough for every day and lets me get in and out quickly. 

So, here they are again. 

I got these boots in the larger of my two sizes, as I often do with casual boots -- so that I can fit an insole or a thicker sock. They're comfortable, so that's not an issue. The workmanship and quality is great. 

The problem is...I think they look a bit odd on me. It's probably because my calves are so short. I feel as if they cut me off at an unflattering place. It's a proportion thing. So I wonder whether I might do better to hunt for a waterproof casual bootie instead of a mid-calf boot? Then again, a sweet in the hand is worth two in the bush. Who knows if I will find such a bootie? 

The other issue: They are black. With my light hair, do I really want another pair of black boots? I already have black knee high boots. These are by far my most worn knee high boots -- but that is less on account of their colour and more due to their level of formality -- they're neither super dressy nor super casual. I also have black booties and ink booties. 

Here they are with skinnies (pic 1), boyfriends (pic 2), from the side with skinnies (pic 3) and last year's version (Oro) and this year's (Sweetie) going toe to toe in a close up. :) 

If you made it all this way, I'd love your thoughts. 


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WIW: All the neutrals - summer version

We're on our way to the city today and will be taking my mother out for supper before heading up north to get my daughter from camp tomorrow. That will be a very different outfit. ;) 

It's unexpectedly cool again and it seemed like a perfect time to try a summer version of Angie's formula. I started with the Okalas, which include brown, black, and off-white, and went from there. 

Pony hair Okalas.
GAP linen trousers in grey. 
J. Crew NAVY tee (it may look black but it is not)
Cognac belt from consignment.
Danier black and bone bag. 

Toppers: My options here are quite limited -- it's too warm for a blazer and in truth I wouldn't want a topper at all except for air conditioning. But here are some options. Which works best? 

Lands End Mariner sweater (stripe is ink). 
Blue denim. (The Bay -- ancient) 
White denim. (Old Navy kids' department)

I think proportions are off with denim jackets but it looks more strange in photos than IRL where you could see that the jacket did not end exactly at my belt line and tops are semi tucked to drape a bit. I must be standing weird here. 


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WIW: Inspired by Bridget

After a brief heatwave earlier in the week, we woke today to what I think of as "Seattle" summer -- cooler and breezier than usual for here. Inspired by Bridget's fab style, I threw this together: 

Gap Real straight jeans sized up for a BF look, cut off and rolled for long shorts. 

J. Crew hi-low sweater. 

Bernia metallic sandals. 

Fossil belt. 

And when it warms up, I'll take off the sweater to show my wild card scenic tee, to honour Bridget's love of pattern. :) 

Thanks, Bridget, and thank you, Angie! :)


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NAS Round 3: Top Hit

Believe it or not, the NAS presale had been running for a full week before I had anything more than bras and knickers in my shopping cart!

(I know. Especially after my huge June shopping spree, this stretches credulity. But I swear on my mother's wedding gown, it is true! Sveta will vouch for me.)

Ah, yes, it's a far cry from the $6,000 I ordered in boots last year. (Only to return everything except the Munro Robyns and Donald Pliner pointy toes.) 

I blame it all on Angie.  "If you could suggest just ONE thing I should try..." I whispered....

Obligingly, she came up with two: The Smythe Houndstooth jacket (henceforth to be referred to as The One That Got Away), and the Equipment Sloane sweater that Lisa has already modelled for us. 

Well, the Smythe was sold out in my size. And I'm just as glad. It's a pricey jacket and I already bought two pricey jackets this spring. For fall, I have other priorities to meet. I'll look for some fast fashion toppers to add variety, and I will aim to buy "my" Smythe another year. After all, I live in Canada, just down the road from them. It should not be too hard to track one down.  :) 

Meanwhile, the Equipment sweater was in stock. It crossed the border with me  yesterday. 

I must say, when I saw this pullover online I was not impressed. In fact, it didn't interest me in the least. 

"Too busy!!" "Too silly!!!" "Too fussy!!" "I don't need another pullover!!" 

But Angie speaks, and I listen. If there is one thing I have learned in my time on YLF it is: THAT WOMAN KNOWS HER STUFF!!! 

The tags are off! Here are a few potential stylings. 

1.  Simple, with faded denim BFs. I'll wear with booties rather than sandals in the fall. This will probably be the way I wear the sweater most. 

Ideally not the Pettys - I like them but would like a different style for my taupe. 

I do still have my Reports and still love the comfort (but not the round toe so much). Also, I don't like wearing them except with cuffed pants, which limits versatility. 

2.  Matchy-matchy. With SE Pettys, and the BR cream jeans from the winter. 

3.  Wildcard pairing with my Halogen seamed pencil skirt from last year's NAS and my La Canadienne boots. The undertone of the sleeves has a very slight pinkish cast to it which I thought the skirt might bring forward. I think it worked! 

Of course it will work with black trousers and skirts (I have both). And my charcoal wide legs. And if I had any ink, it would work with that. 

Colours are a bit dull -- I tried to brighten. It was raining this morning and grey. 

Was Angie right? :)


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NAS Round 2: Bra Reviews

Joy, this one is for you! 

For others -- Joy had mentioned that her standby favourite bras were not on sale this year and could I say something about the ones I chose. So here's the scoop (ah...so to speak...)

First, for reference, I am a really small size. 30D or 30C, depending. Which means my choices are automatically quite limited. My girls are self-supporting but not terribly full on top and although technically I could probably get away with a bralette, I feel better with an underwire bra. Also, I am widely spaced, which limits my choices still more. Oh! And I like my bras to be a little bit pretty.  (Sorry if that is TMI). 

I made my choices after carefully reading reviews and taking a close look at the design details of the various options in my size. And lo and behold, I got lucky! 

I ordered and kept the following: 

Simone Perele "Caressence 3D" in the larger of my sizes. This was not part of the NAS but my size happened to be available on sale in a fun colour  (fuchsia!!) and I know it fits because I already own one. This is a lovely bra, extremely well made and comfortable. I am just on the edge of being big enough for it. (It does not come in a smaller size). When  new, it fits perfectly.

(I'm actually thinking about making a strap alteration to my older one to deal with the stretch...the rest of the bra is still in fabulous shape. The straps look good but there is more give in them, if you know what I mean...has anybody done this?) 

Wacoal "La Femme". This one is snug in the band, which is perfect for me. (I'm probably actually a 29, but that's not easy to find, to say the least.) I ordered the larger of my sizes and it's perfect. Not padded, just molded. 

Natori Feathers: Again in my larger size. This one is very comfortable now but I am wondering how supportive it will be over time. It gets rave reviews, though, so I decided to give it a go. 

Betsy Johnson Stocking Stripe: Ordered the smaller of my two sizes in pink. After I had already made the order, Elle mentioned that the pink was too pink. She's right -- it's kind of bubblegum. But weirdly enough, I like it. :)  If I'm going to be a tomboy on top, I can still be a girly-girl underneath, right?  This one is just on the verge of being too small for me but the cup design means that there is no unseemly spillage and it is super comfortable and lightweight. 

I also ordered but returned the Calvin Klein "Seductive Comfort." The larger of my two sizes was actually too small in this. There was padding in it, which I didn't care for. The band wouldn't stay flush with my chest and I was getting cup spillage (a novelty for me, let me tell you!!) 

I also bought some undies. Natori to go with the bra, and some DKNY "Fusion" briefs in colours to go with some of the other things. Plus a few Shimera tank tops. 

I feel very well supported!  :) And how good it felt to toss the old worn out bras!! 


NAS Round 1

Well, it's not as fun as shopping with Sveta. THAT was an experience not to be missed. This was a little different. Trying on bras in the bathroom of the lumber supply is not the same as trying on boots in Nordstrom's Customer Service area!   :) 

I will spare you the bathroom shots. You don't what to know what the bathroom of the Wellesley Island Building supply looks like.  :P

The good news: I seem to have become a savvy online shopper. Everything fit. Even the undies and bras! I sent one back because it wasn't quite as nice on me as the others...but honestly, if I hadn't been comparing styles, it would have seemed fine! 

The bad news: Everything fit and most of it is a clear "yes." Which means my credit card is smoking hot right now! Oh...and I'm not done yet. There are more items to come in orders that have not arrived yet. (Mona and I have a trip planned together to pick up these.) 

Ah well. In my defence, I found an uncashed cheque yesterday! Yes! Found money. 

First up, a no brainer, the Angie pick Hinge cotton double face shirt. Great palette for me, nice weight -- this will be a year round shirt. And look how it coordinates with my taupe suit! 

Next, the Kenneth Cole cotton blend zippered cardigan. Note: I do not currently own ANY cardigans. This is because I am a jacket girl. In my life outside the home, I far prefer a bit of structure, and if I'm out and about, I will pick a jacket as my topper 9.5 times out of 10. 

But the reality is...I work at home. And when I work at home, I like cozy and comfortable. That's why I wore a constant uniform last year of denim with a fluid or oversized pullover. Skinnies and pullover. BFs and pullover. Skinnies and pullover. Yawn....

You see, I loved most of my clothes, but I got a bit tired of wearing what was essentially the same silhouette day in/ day out throughout our long winter. Not to mention the fact that some of my beloved shirts were going unworn. So this year I vowed to get a couple of cardigans. This is the first. It's a keep, I think. 

I was a bit worried about the drape on it. But I think I can take it, no? It's a great cotton blend and will be a terrific fall, spring, and cool summer night sweater for me. I could also wear it in deep winter with a warmer layer underneath, e.g. a turtleneck. 

Next up, two more keeps -- Pleione mixed media tunics. I've been admiring these on other fabbers for at least three seasons. I actually bought a substitute Vince Camuto one last year, but the quality and fit wasn't the same. I wore it a ton, however and knew I would wear these. I hope I fill them out enough? I was wondering if I should put a little stitch in the V. It looks okay in the pictures but when I look down at myself it seems a bit too open. The colour on the purple one is not quite as dark IRL. 

That's it for Round One. Stay tuned for Round Two! 

Feel free to tell me I am crazy to keep any of these. And thanks! 


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Gananoque Mini-Meet

Inspired by our Seattle sisters, Mona, Karie, and I decided to have our own mini-meet up. Intrepid Karie braved the border guards and bridge (without benefit of phone or GPS, no less) and made it all the way from Sacket's Harbor NY to Gananoque, Ontario. 

Luckily, the weather cooperated. It was a sunny if slightly cool summer night. Mona and I waited in the garden of this quirky café about a block from the water. Notice the interesting decor. Not many restaurants boast a puppet theatre and a built in sandbox. This little guy was having a blast while his family ate!

And you've got to love that pizza oven, even if it did take an hour for us to get our food. (Apparently my original pizza was sacrificed to the gods of the wood fire! ... hmmm...do you detect a theme in my recent posts? Someone doesn't want me to eat supper!!)  

Notice our amazing YLF clothing. I am sure you can recognize many items in these pics, from Mona's Zara jacket, Karie's NAS jacket from last year (what is this with jackets in Ontario summer?? Unheard of!!) and my Zara sweater and J. Crew top. 


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