WIW: to travel

I'm off! All packed and ready. I'll post a "what's in the bag" post later; pretty pleased with what I'm taking along and I think it should work for my various purposes. 

Here's my travel outfit. 

More soon! 


K/R: Zara pink moto & vest UPDATE

I seem to be a bit of a forum hog this week. But you see, while browsing the Zara site, this Zara jacket jumped out at me, and Karymk's enthusiasm was catching. 

So I ordered it. 

I would like to hear your opinions so I'm not going to say anything. 

Also up for review, a quilted vest. This is for the mountain trip. I already own a Land's End down vest (which would be a lot warmer, I suspect -- but also less fashionable -- you can see it here.

I tried this one on in the Toronto store a few months ago and kept thinking about it, so here it is. There's a hood in that collar. The blue raincoat fits overtop (giving me double hoods -- not sure that's terribly useful, but oh well.) I can layer sweaters, jackets, etc. underneath -- the fit is roomy enough. 


I got cold feet and sent the LOT back  -- including the vest. The vest I feared would not provide real warmth (and it is quite heavy due to hardware-- so not the best travelling item). And the jacket really did feel  "Peptol Bismol"  to me -- it's a shame, because IRL it is just a fraction "off" for me, and as an outer layer vs. an inner layer I just don't want to keep it. Not at that price. (The J. Crew tee is also imperfect -- in the "too strong/ too neon" direction vs. too warm/ flat ...but it's mostly worn under a topper and in summer -- when my skin will have more warmth -- so I was more willing to compromise there.)

But I LOVED the style and hope Zara will reproduce in a different colour -- sometimes they do that, with small variations. 

I also sent back the North Face raincoat from the other day. It is really good...but....not inexpensive. And I still have a waterproof rain jacket that I can use for now in the mountains. True, it's more obviously gear and it's less versatile. But it's actually more practical for hiking, even if I don't care for the colour (a hot pink that -- once again! -- isn't "my" pink, but is "passable.") 

Meanwhile, I can look for another at my destination, where gear stores are thicker than spruce needles on the ground. 

I have decided to shop for: 

  • Waterproof rain coat (if needed)
  • Swimsuit
  • Indoor running shoes
  • Backpack

AT my destination, to save myself from having to carry it all there.  :)   Prices will be the same (or less) and I don't have to make a hasty decision. 

Thanks for all your help with this -- the jacket was close, so close, but not quite right. I am learning PPP. :)


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Suits Me! A HEWI comes home from Boston

Folks, I'm going to say it. 

It looks better on me than on the model. 

Unfortunately, you might not be able to tell from these photos. The light was playing tricks on me two days in a row and I could not get the shutter speed right, which means that many of these photos are blurry. Also, the details of this jacket are extremely subtle and don't show up well at a distance. 

The colour is called "café" but is actually a subtle taupe or mushroom with a slight purplish undertone. It looks great with white, black, ink and navy, and even some greys, as well as denim, fuchsia, cranberry, pinks, teal. Basically, with everything I own. 

It can be worn with a "stand" collar (and that way you see the leather detail; or the collar can be folded down into a narrow shawl style. 

Here I am showing it, not "styled", exactly, but with a few options. The pants are not PPL -- they need hemming. They are roughly turned under and/ or pinned in these photos. I am not sure how to hem them. They are called straight leg, and do appear straight when laid flat. 

I notice that I've got my sleeves scrunched in every picture. I forgot to show the length. They might need a touch of shortening but with no buttons on the cuff that is an easy fix. 

Inspired by all the oversized looks for fall, 2014, I sized up in the pants for more fluidity. I'm not sure this is working so well on the side hip -- I might have to do a bit of alteration there. 

Sveta was the fairy godmother for this purchase. I saw the jacket but did not try it on as I was getting tired, and I hadn't noticed any pants to go with it. She found the pants and encouraged me to give it a whirl. Meanwhile, the other Boston ladies were kind enough to humour me. They waited patiently and weighed in on the pros and cons (even though by then we were all exhausted and hungry and thirsty) and were the best shopping buddies ever! 

The bonus? It was on big sale!! 

Would love thoughts, impressions, ideas for hemming. Thank you! 

Oh - the little white thing peeking out back in #4 is just my shirt hem. I was a bit rushed. And forgive the side view shots -- terrible camera angle makes me appear oddly shaped, but IRL it looks better. 


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New BF and sandals

Finally, I can post the rest of my Boston purchases! I had so much fun shopping. (Angie, I'll bet you never thought you'd hear me say that.) :) 

Isabel was kind enough to let me make a Nordstrom's order and have it sent to her place. I kept two of the items I ordered (these) and sent a couple back. 

First up, the Vince Camuto Eliana cage sandals. I ordered the washed grey; what I got was more like a light taupe, and to my surprise, they arrived with a snakeskin strap on the back! (This was not pictured on the Nordstrom's web site).  I like it! They are surprisingly comfortable for a sandal this high -- the heel is one of those that feels a lot lower than it is and the shoe is exceptionally well balanced. Read the rave reviews!  

Wearing with the Rag and Bone "Dre" slim fit boyfriends. I sized up for extra slouch. These are right out of the laundry; they slouch more after a few hours. Comfiest jeans ever! 

Showing them rolled and full length. I think the cuffs are a bit bulky rolled, but I am not sure I want to hem them because then I couldn't wear them full-length with cuff. But I'm open to persuasion here. Should I hack a few inches off of them? 


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Trendy Casual Classic & K/R raincoat

Hello, Lovelies! 

I have been a bit scarce here due to very heavy work commitments and travel in the past few weeks. But now it's catch up time! And none too soon, because I have a packing capsule coming up for my month long retreat in Banff. I leave on Thursday. WHOOT!!

First, here's my interpretation of Angie's trendy casual classic, with: 

Zara pointed toe ink blue booties
GAP Really skinny ponte pants (3 years and still going strong!)
MK belt
Land's End Mariner sweater
Lucky Brand Leather Sleeved denim jacket. 

A bit dark for spring maybe, but it's still pretty cool here. 

Next up, a K/R raincoat. I'm headed for Banff and needed a waterproof breathable coat that would work both on Calgary jaunts (and for future rainy days at home) and in the mountains. This is the North Face Grace. It is hardly a thing of high fashion and beauty, but it's not too bad. 

Pro: Fits well, comfortable, navy blue, hood inside collar, versatile, good pockets, logo is not obvious. (I can wear it over a blazer no problem, so layering is fine as well). 

Con: For some reason it's not a two -way zipper. Material feels a bit "crinkly." Belt is not the greatest.

I think on balance it's a keep, but maybe I will check reviews just in case. And if anyone has this coat, I'd love to hear your experience. 


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WIW: "Bomber" and midi pencil skirt

Well, I never managed to get on the bomber bandwagon. So I don't own one. But I do own a midi pencil skirt and a relaxed topper -- my cashmere hoodie, courtesy of the beautiful and gracious Mo!! I'll tell you, that is a gift that keeps on giving. In her hot climate, cashmere didn't get so much wear. But in mine? You be the judge. 

Navy VC midi tube skirt
J. Crew kitty print blouse (thanks, Diana!)
Zara booties
Nude hose because it's early spring here.
and cashmere "bomber"

This is post and run because I have a big meeting....


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WIW: First Boston purchase & question

You know what's crazy? Here is what's crazy. Three days before your big Boston adventure you find a whitehead on your face. So you put a dab of your daughter's acne medicine on it. 

And wake up the next morning with an oozing, crusting, flaking BURN on your skin about eight times bigger than the zit ever was. 

I'll tell you, I felt pretty darned self-conscious. However, YLF ladies being the sweet souls that they are, they all lied and told me it was not noticeable. 

That allowed me to put my energy into shopping. 

I tried on a lot. But it was late in the day when I made the first purchase. 

Most of you know that I'm a jacket girl. Who -- this winter -- has had no jackets. Well, except for my Zara jacquard and my two Danier leather jackets. 

In Reiss, I found "the" jacket. Ink blue, wool, with princess seams, built up shoulders, self-covered buttons. I wish I could show you the detail and quality of this piece. Here's the web link.

Taking a cue from my body type and style sister Viva, I've paired my new purchase with skinnies, a silky shirt, and Cons for a rainy day lunch. 

I can't tell you how amazing this jacket is. It's the most expensive item of clothing I have ever purchased. Which is slightly terrifying, until I reason that I could have four "okay" jackets or one amazing one. 

Angie and I asked the sales associate if there were trousers to go with it. He said no. 

Then I came home and looked at the website. There ARE trousers. 

So my question -- do you think it would be worth trying to get a pair to make a suit? The problem is, I would have to order sight unseen, and can't try on. And I will have to get them from the US. So...it's tricky with returns and such. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. 


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Shopping with Angie: What we learned

Ornella started a great thread yesterday focusing on what the Boston participants learned from shopping with Angie. I'd been planning a similar thread and (with Ornella's blessing) decided to start it anyway, even at the risk of repetition, because I know that a lot of forum members dream of this experience and are curious about it, and also, many who were not in Boston have also had the privilege of shopping with Angie at different times. I'm hoping they will also chime in here so we can draw on a veritable cornucopia of wisdom! 

I'm going to copy and paste some posts from that previous thread to this one and I hope others will also add their voices or any further thoughts as the days go on. Because I am sure we will all be reflecting more on our experience in the weeks ahead.

So...if you've ever shopped with Angie, what did you learn? What pearls of wisdom can you share? Why and how was the experience valuable to you? 


More scenes from Boston

I'm in Toronto waiting for my train to Kingston, still smiling about our wonderful birthday party. Here's my first round of pictures. 

1. Pil trying on a jacket at Loft. She didn't buy it...but I think maybe we ought to twist her arm. And don't her specs look fab?!! 

2. Ah, the joys of an 11:30 pm fire alarm when you are busy giving a fashion show in your room and you don't have any pants on! 

3. Waiting in the lobby for the all-clear. 

4. The lovely Karie and pastry girl, smiling as if they aren't mad about losing beauty sleep. 

5. First stop after breakfast: The Rack. Note the colour coordinated display. :)

6, 7. Getting ready to leave the Rack. 

8. Trying on a jacket in Club Monaco Didn't buy it....yet.  But wait until you see what Angie bought. A few others also got some great stuff here. 

9. At lunch with Janet. 

10. Cutest couple in the world. 

11. Angie and her new friend. 

12. At Marimekko with Jeanne and Janet. 

13. Taking a break at the Westin. 

More to follow. My comment? Everything Janet said! Thank you, Angie and Greg, for building this community. 


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