Who, me, platinum?

As some of you may recall, last year I considered letting the grey come in. I gave it a little over two months of growth. Then my hairdresser and I jointly decided I wasn't quite "ready" -- either psychologically or physically, in the sense that the hair wasn't coming in as grey overall as she had expected. 

Since then, I've continue to colour and highlight. I get highlights every three or four months, and root colour every 6 weeks or so, sometimes leaving it a bit longer between colours. Because my natural colour and the dye colours are not far off, and because my hair is short and textured, there's not a super obvious line of demarcation until I get quite a lot of growth. (The dye is a taupey-ashy dark blonde, pretty close to my natural colour when I was younger.) 

I actually don't mind this upkeep. But at the same time, I do want a change, and I'm feeling psychologically ready to make the shift very soon. I don't plan to do it immediately, but would begin the transition next fall, after I give some presentations where I wouldn't want to be looking unkempt.. 

But in discussing this with my hairdresser yesterday, I realized that I do have some fears, and I was finally able to articulate what they are. 

Originally, my hairdresser had suggested that we simply stop the root colour and thread in some ashy highlights and possibly lowlights. This is the typical recommendation for blondes going grey and I'm sure it's the most "natural" seeming change. 

But for some reason, this really didn't appeal to me. 

I don't fear "being grey." (I actually look forward to that; based on how my brother, with similar colouring, is doing, I am pretty sure it will look good on me.) 

No. What is bugging me is the idea of the typical "soft blonde to soft grey" progression. I don't know how to describe it. I get this sense of fadedness. That is what is bothering me. 

Yesterday she made another suggestion that intrigued me -- bleaching the whole hair to a silvery platinum and then letting the natural colour grow in. I would have some obvious roots, but they would add depth to the platinum, and a bit of edge, and because I wear my hair short and textured (and it grows fast) it wouldn't be long before the platinum was gone, except in the form of highlights. 

I would love your thoughts on this idea. I find it really intriguing. Does it sound possible? 

ETA: I know there would be significant upkeep to platinum in the form of toners/ rinses/ shampoos, etc. but a lot of these are recommended for grey hair anyway so would be part of my longer term hair care budget. 

Some inspiration pics. 


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WIW in the deep freeze

Brrrrr....I am not sure how long I will manage in this. Obviously, a puffer goes on top. At -30, you don't mess around. But I was getting so tired of the ubiquitous skinnies tucked into boots, and today for a wonder it is not actively snowing. This would probably look better without the sweater, but I am sorry. I need the colour and I need the warmth. 

Off for a much needed hair cut. 


With Flare...

Angie is right...look where things are headed...

And below, technically from 1968. But looks pretty fresh to me. 

ETA: Also, when trying on my new coat I happened to be wearing my bootcut/flares. I loved the way the coat played with the shape of the pants. I like it much better with these pants than with my skinnies. Though Danier showed it with skinnies. 


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Personal style and fashion

Lately on the forum, we've been talking a bit about evolving style and our goals. I guess this is natural in the early part of the year as we re-evaluate our closets and get ready for the season ahead. 

Anyway, in these various discussions, I've noticed several people say that they are interested in personal style as opposed to fashion or personal style versus trends. 

As if these are two opposite ends of a pole of some kind. 

I want to register a quiet note of protest.  :) 

First of all, for some, an authentic personal style INCLUDES the enthusiastic adoption of, or even the SETTING of trends.

Annagybe is an obvious example on the forum but there are lots of others whose personal style absolutely requires attention to trends. 

The fact that they are trendy does not mean they have no personal style. 

Plus, unless you are the type of person who sews all your own clothes from old patterns, fashion inevitably informs personal style. And that's true even if you are a modern classic dresser who chooses to restrict yourself to a kind of uniform or signature style. Or even if you're an avant garde dresser.

I understand the desire for a signature style or even a uniform; to some extent I share it (more on that in another post, LOL). The idea is to find those silhouettes, colours, lines, patterns that most fully express your inner essence and to say no to all others. Of course, this can be interpreted more or less restrictively, but the general idea is to focus. And it makes a lot of sense. 

I just want to ensure that those who exuberantly embrace capital F FASHION as part of their own personal style don't feel dismissed by the tone of some of these conversations. And I also want to suggest that the dichotomy itself is a false one. 

Then again -- maybe I'm completely out to lunch. Mr. Suz accused me of being in a bad mood today and he might be right. 



WIW: Casual light grey & white

I wanted to wear white jeans...but it has been snowing all morning. Sun has come out now and we are bound to get slush. Meeting some colleagues for lunch downtown and doing errands. I hope it works to layer with the Equipment sweater. I wasn't sure but went with it anyway. 

ETA: the shirt is an older Brooks Brothers that Clearly Claire thrifted and then passed on to me. It has a pointed collar on the longer side...makes me think of 70s, almost! The fabric is soft brushed herringbone cotton; it is a terrific winter shirt. 


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Evolving my style, Part 2

First of all, thank you so much for your helpful comments and questions on yesterday's thread. I will definitely come back with some answers after I have thought things over a bit more. But in the meantime, Deborah's post about her "essential 8" raised for me, one of the key issues that I have been struggling with: REAL vs. ASPIRATIONAL style. 

Deb's esential 8 -- now, don't they make sense for her? And don't they, together, create some very cool and interesting looking outfits? Well, I think they do, anyway. 

As for me, my REAL "Top 10" for winter is nothing like that at all, and, quite frankly, couldn't be, given my lifestyle. 

My list: 

Puffer coat (please also include scarf, mitts, hats as part of this item since they always accompany one another and can't really be viewed as "accessories.")

Wears so far: 40

Snow boots: 30

Weather-ready moto boots: 30

Wool or cashmere turtleneck: (I actually have these in several key neutrals, so divide my wears, but overall have worn 28 times since September). 

Oversized or extra fluid pullover: Again, I have several of these. The one that gets the most wear is not available in Finds. I got it last year -- it's in the photos. I don't show it often on the forum. Hectically oversized, it got mixed reviews when I debuted it here. But I knew I would wear it a lot, and boy, was I right. I wear this the way some people wear loungewear. It has had 36 wearsso far since September. 

Overall, the oversized/ extra fluid fit pullovers have been worn 67 times. 

Skinny jean: In this category, I have a lot. But, in my defence, I wear a lot. My CoH Racers alone have seen 25 wears so far since late September. Overall, my various pairs of skinny jeans have had 90 wears since late September. This is why one or two pair are really not enough for me. 

A warm shirt: Again, I have a couple. They've been worn about 20 times together. 

A cardigan: Another "loungewear" staple for at home. I have 3 oversized ones that together have seen 55 wears. 

Upscale trackpant: Mine again are "loungewear" and very useful. I never had a pair before but I enjoy them. They rarely get worn out, although they do fit well enough to be dressed up should the day require it. They've had 21 wears since October. 

Now. Ask me which of these pieces would be in my ASPIRATIONALwardrobe. That's a whole other question. 


Evolving my style: Part 1

Warning...you might need a good cuppa for this post and the ones that will follow later this week and next. Or, you might just want to exit now before you get sucked into the saga.  ;) 

This is Part 1 in a series. (Yup, it is that bad, folks...)

Where I'm at
2014 was the year of the working wardrobe — the first time in my life that I actually owned enough clothes and the right clothes to make interesting and fun-for-me outfits on a regular basis. It was also the first year that upcoming events didn't send me into a tailspin of panic about what to wear. 

(Pause for a moment of profound thanks to Angie and YLF.) 

But — I now have a wardrobe this is a little larger and a little less focused than I think is my ideal. 

I might be wrong about the size, of course. And there’s really only one way to find out. So I've been tracking my wears since mid-September to get a clearer picture. I have 87 pieces in my late fall/ winter/early spring closet -- not counting gear, undies, coats, footwear, bags.

My calculations so far reveal that I'm wearing all but special occasion wear and one or two other pieces (a subject we'll return to later in this series, heheh). But obviously some get worn much more often than others. And that seems pertinent. 

Meanwhile, there is the issue of focus. 

In 2012 I followed Angie's advice to write down words that described the (then current) style along with my aspirational style. 

2012 current words: 

Budget conscious

2012 Aspirational words

(and sometimes) Edgy

I think the only parts of that aspirational style I achieved (eventually) were coherence and comfort, with a dash of clean (thanks to use of white, especially with blue) and effortless (thanks to fluid fits.) 

Here's an update: 

2014 Current style: 


Aspirational style: 


This shows me that I'm happy with the core of my style and don't need a complete overhaul. (Yay!) 

I'm re-posting some favourite outfits from last year, along with a few regular "everyday" outfits. 

I guess my question for this phase of the exploration is what you notice about my current style and whether those descriptive adjectives make sense? Have I missed anything important?

Thank you -- and stay tuned for Part 2.   (If you can bear it.) ;)


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