WIW: Little Women (5 silhouette Fail)

So, already on Week 2, I am reverting to FFB and not quite making 5 silhouettes. Interesting lessons here. 

1. WIW to book club. My Out of Print book cover tee -- Little Women.   (That's not what we were reading, by the way.) Worn with Bleulab reversible legging jeans and the J. Crew sweater. Still wearing my sunnies due to surgery. 

2. Toile and wide legs. On a rare sunny morning. It rained in the afternoon and I changed to my BR dress with boots and the sweatshirt, but did not get a shot of that. Theory Emery charcoal trousers from consignment and free to me (on credit). 

3. This berry J. Crew cashmere "tee" has become a total workhorse for me. I LOVE it. Would love to duplicate because I find the shape so easy to wear. Worn with BR Heritage slouchy skinnies. And Zara booties. I need a pair of grey or taupe booties with pointy toes and a higher shaft. Cannot find. 

4. Slouchy skinnies and fluid pullover day 2. (See? There is the FFB). 

5. Denim skirt. I rarely wear this Vince boatneck tee or its navy sister. I guess I am not a "tee" girl at heart. I thought it would be a workhorse, but no. OTOH, I suspect I will have it for a very long time and it will come in handy now and again. 

I am cleared to wear eye makeup again but haven't been brave enough to do so! Very excited about my new and better vision. 

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends!! May your time with your families be full of blessings. 


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5 (plus) silhouettes: Alaskagirl's Challenge

Or, what I wore to get eye surgery. Excuse the sunnies -- I needed them to help me recover. And I am happy to report that my operations were a huge success! My right eye will take a while to heal and so isn't quite "set" at this point, but already my vision is better than it has been at any time since I was eight years old. It is a miracle. 

I also decided to try out Una's 5 silhouette challenge. Guess what? It worked! At least it worked to help me feel I had enough variety. I am not sure that any of these are stellar outfits, but I felt happy wearing them all and really did enjoy switching things up every day. Thank you, Alaskagirl!! 

Day 1: Slouchy trousers & vest. Thanks to CocoLion for the gift of the plaid slouchy pants by Hinge. 

Day 2: Bootcuts and fluid sweater. Actually the bootcuts are more like flares on me. So glad I wore them while the weather was dry! 

Day 3: Skinnies, booties, turtleneck layered over shirt. This was for my first surgery. 

Day 4: Skinnies, oversized sweater layered over shirt, boots. 

Day 5: This was a loungewear day -- no going out to appointments. Track pants FTW. 

Day 6: Surgery 2. Slim BFs and cardigan over top. I had to be "easy to access" with the monitors. 

Day 7: Long cardigan with dress and boots for my check up. And tonight I changed into another dress (because dress 1 is covered in cat hair) for a celebratory at home supper with Mr. Suz). 

I have thoughts on this experiment -- mainly that I intend to keep doing it! I really, really did enjoy this alternation of shapes. I can't wait to hear from others of you who have tried this how you felt and what you wore! 


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Danier coat: At home pics

This is not really a K/R post. I love this coat. And Mr. Suz, who was all set to give me a lecture on fiscal responsibility, took one look and basically suggested that I cut the tags. 

This shows you how it looks open, closed, and with the collar in various permutations. I love it especially with the pointy toed shoes. (Shevia, you were right -- waving at my Zara bootie twin!). But I know I will need to wear it with other boots as well so show them also.

I need some black gloves, I guess. And, what kind of bag do you wear with this? 

Lingering concerns (but not serious enough to make me return, I suspect): 

1. It's grey. And my puffer is also grey. And I get so tired of grey in winter! Fortunately, it is light grey. 

2. It's really not suitable for layering over heavy stuff. I can...but it's not as sleek or comfortable then. Especially in the hip area and the shoulders. I tried the size up but it was too big. Fortunately, I can layer under my existing red coat very easily. 

I know I said it wasn't a K/R but if you think I am nuts, do let me know. 


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Lilac, Toffee & White: 4 variations

My "toffees" are more like taupe or sand...or, on the other end, cognac. 

My "lilac" is a bit deeper and closer on the scale to radiant orchid. 

My "whites" include winter white, optic white, and cream. 

But here are 4 variations of today's ensemble. 

The first is my favourite and the one I might actually wear when I go to a reading later on tonight (depending how cold it is -- I will definitely need a coat over this.) 

The third one feels the least modern, with the snug fit of everything. 

The fourth doesn't include a lot of lilac but there is violet in the scarf. 

Conclusion: I would like to add some toffee accessories. The colour is too warm for me to wear near my face, I think, but it as I learned from the Ugg slippers (that I had to return because they didn't fit) it's a fab bookend for my hair! 


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Slipper show-down

Please excuse my appearance -- these photos date from last week when I was still feeling dreadful. 

Here are the results of the great slipper show down. 

I ordered 3 pair of slippers/ house shoes to try. 

I've already decided to keep the Merrell elf shoes. They are comfortable, supportive, and while definitely not "stylish," they are whimsical and very cozy. :) 

I also ordered these Uggs that Parsley recommended. The quality is enough to cure me of my Ugg poison eye! (My poison eye is limited to the big slipper "boots" worn as outdoor boots in my climate -- with slush and salt.) 

I really love these slippers, and I particularly love the bookending quality with my hair. Nice!!

(Can anyone find me a similar coloured pair of booties? Could be a good addition to my wardrobe, no?) 

Alas, they are going back because they do not stay on my feet. This is my perennial problem with flats. Sigh....

I also ordered these smoking slippers from Ros Hommerson, which were on sale. These, too, flip off my feet, but an insole has helped to a large degree, and I think I am going to keep despite this drawback, because I really like the idea of a more festive, "fun" and "fashiony" shoe to wear indoors. 

What do you think? Does this make sense? 


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EB parka: anyone seen this IRL?

In my hunt for a light puffer, my eye has alighted on the one below? Anyone seen it? It's not available in Canada so I would have to order it to my US address. Curious. 


WIW: Shirt layered under t-neck. ETA neckline closeup

A while ago, Angie showed me a visual of a shirt layered under a turtleneck. Today, in the spirit of my continuing quest to master this layering-with-shirttails showing thing, I decided to give it a try. 

This is super comfy and could easily be a winter uniform for me. A couple of reasons: 

The top is stretch silk (from Ann Taylor a few seasons ago). Very comfortable. 

The sweater (which is charcoal, not black) is tailored but not at all tight. It is an old Lord and Taylor merino. When I bought it about 3 years ago, the fit seemed almost unfashionably boxy!  How times change!! 

The jeans are my favourite CoH Racer skinnies. 

The booties are my Stuart Weitzman chelsea boots, love of my life. :) 

Uncharacteristically, I decided to add a bit of shine in the form of my mother's old rhinestone necklace and another sparkly necklace, gift from a friend. It may be too much with the shirt collar, but I kind of like it. 

Does this work? Proportions okay? Is it JCE (just current enough)? 


ETA: the sweater is a turtleneck. I have pulled the collar out a bit over the top so the "wings" of it show. And the necklaces are layered. 


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Outfit Lab: Sweater over shirttails dilemma

First, the good news. I am feeling SO much better today. Not 100%, but a whole lot closer to my real self. Yay!! 

Now, the bad. The subtitle of this post could read: Not looking fab. 

Today I was visiting a friend's class. So I decided to go preppy! Hence, Outfit 1

Problem: I feel sloppy and chopped into bits. The "sloppy" is partly explained by the fact that I am not wearing a belt and, as a result, the pants keep wanting to fall down. I haven't picked up my Hipsi at the border yet.

The chopped into bits part has to do with proportion. The sweater and shirt are nice and boxy. And I have added a heeled bootie to improve the leg line. But I still feel awkward. The sweater is possibly supposed to end at my natural waist. On me, it comes to my high hip bone. Is this the problem? Enlighten me, oh clever ones. 

Outfit 2 is yesterday's fail. I do tend to like the "regular" sweater length with a peek of tails only a bit better than the cropped over long on me. But this sweater isn't boxy enough so it squishes the top unattractively. And maybe the shirt isn't long enough, either. I do think the lower contrast probably helps. But it doesn't really seem to be working overall and was quite uncomfortable to wear. 

Help me figure out this sweater over shirt thing, please! And this cropped over long thing. 


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WIW: In gryffin's slippers

Thanks to gryffin and Angie, I am now the owner of a pair of Merrell Encore Ice clogs, which I intend to use as slippers. I got mine in a colour called "cinnamon," which is a soft red. 

Seeing as I am still sick, I'm at home even more than usual. (Yes, I travelled on the weekend. Was it a good idea? No. Sveta told me not to, and she was right.) 

Thank goodness for warm footwear that keeps my feet well away from our freezing cold floors. 

I admit, I feel a bit like an ice elf. They are a long way away from fashionable pointy toes. But hey. They do the job. 

Thanks, gryffin and Angie! 

Note: I also ordered a few more contenders. I have decided to keep these for sure because they filled the requirement for a warm, easy-on/ easy-off and outdoor-ready option (for taking out recycling, etc.).  But I may keep at least one other pair. I'll post those separately. 


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PMWIW: Angie inspired urban equestrian

I'm still on the hunt for my tweed or plaid blazer. In the meantime, the most "equestrian" looking jacket I own is my Reiss. So I chose to wear a column of colour on the outside, with my plaid on the inside. 

Also showing Version 2, with fluid sweater over fluid shirt. 

Team Wear all the way! 

Couldn't do an outdoor shot -- my apologies. I will try to do some of those when health returns. And thanks to Denise and Diane for getting us all moving on this terrific challenge!  It has been so much fun to see more people post. I've also loved the accompanying stories. ;) 


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