Blushing again: in the wild

So I wanted to show you all my outfits from last weekend, when we went to Stratford, but I only managed to get two photos in the wild. 

I took everyone's advice and wore the blush jacket with navy -- in this case, my L&L Gap flares. Loved it. Thanks for the suggestions. 

I also got to wear my navy David Meister sleeved sheath. It gets so little wear but is such a great dress -- I got several compliments on it at the theatre. I don't have a full length photo from that night but here's another pic of me in it.

Last weekend, I wore it with the cranberry "hoodie" as a topper. An unusual combo but I think it worked really well. Will try to snap a photo of that at some point. 

I also wore my gold Okalas but that was their last outing of the season, alas. It is FREEZING here today.  ;(


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Garbled greys...and I'm blushing! I am breaking all the rules. 

The old Zara pullover and GAP skimmer jeans are both cool blue greys. But the only boots I wanted to wear today are warm taupe grey. Plus, with the straps and buckles, they have a lot going on for moi. Risky combination. I am hoping that adding the mixed grey scarf (cool and warmer) helps to unify it all. 
Also, this is the second outing of the gorgeous blush jacket that I now own, courtesy of Dee

The jacket is delicious. Lovely soft leather, and the fit is perfect. Believe it or not, this is my first "moto" anything. LOVE!!  (And thank you Dee for generously offering it on Style Exchange). 

Having said that, blush isn't my best colour. This one is quite a cool pink blush so it is better for me than some others. Yet it's still rather pastel for my complexion. I'm wondering if it would work better with grey hair (when that happens) or with darker hair -- what do you think?  (My hair is bleached unusually light right now due to some beach days in August.)

I also find the blush a bit difficult to style. What can I wear with blush besides black (probably too harsh a combination for me)? Burgundy or dark red, I know -- but believe it or not, I don't have any burgundy tops or bottoms!! 

Styling ideas for blush welcome. :) 

Also, can leather be dyed successfully? I absolutely love the fit and style of this jacket but wonder if it would get more wear for me in a different colour. Danier might do it for me, since this is one of their own jackets.

On the other hand, as Angie wisely says in the blog today, not everything has to be a workhorse. I guess the issue is this: now that I finally have a moto, I know a moto in a neutral like navy would be a total workhorse for me. So I am wondering if I'm wasting closet space. Mind you, the price was right, thanks to Style Exchange, so it's not like it took a huge chunk of my budget. 

And thank you!

Photo 1 is no flash; photo 2 with the flash. 


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Inspired by Angie

I fell in love with Angie's retro 70s outfit. I don't have the amazing sailor pants, or the fantastic impeccable equestrienne jacket, or the elegant jabot blouse, or the show-stopping Yorkie brooch...but I do have some pieces that recalled those to me. 

The last few weeks have been oh-so-tumultuous at my house and very stressful. So when Mr. Suz invited me out for an impromptu lunch on Friday, I jumped at the chance. Here's what I wore, inspired by Angie's outfit. 

Old Gap Long and Lean jeans -- my only flares. 
CM silk blouse
Reiss blazer
Zara blue booties
Sparkly brooch
And, because I didn't have time to change it out, my Zara knapsack, which may not have been the best bag, but what can you do. 

I felt comfortably elegant in this outfit. Thank you for the inspiration, as always, Angie. 


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