K/R: Two More Summer Frocks

Up for contention are two more summer frocks. Both from Mexx.

# 1-3 A sagey-olive bias-cut sundress. Worn first with my poor orphaned Fluevog Bellevues - most expensive - and virtually unworn - shoe purchase EVER. Thought they'd go with everything. They don't.

#4 Casualized with denim and wedges.

#5-11 Black and grey, made from some kind of polyester. Styled a variety of ways. I think this one could also work in early fall with my black crepe jacket, Doc Marcies or Doc Saras, or my black booties or tall boots. The fabric is too light for true winter wear here. And the armholes are probably too snug to layer underneath, although to be honest, I didn't try that.

I got these dresses at 40% and 50% off, respectively, so the prices were extremely reasonable. I can keep both, so it is not an either/or situation.

In favour of the green, the fabric and cut lend themselves more easily to my MOTG days, but it can also go out in the evening if necessary.

In favour of the black and grey, I think it will move into autumn more gracefully.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!


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Veteran's Day! Style Musings and YLF Love: Long

Last night after I posted my WIW I noticed that my status had changed to the fabled Veteran!

And what a year it has been. I have learned so much this year, and while I still have quite a ways to go before I have my dream wardrobe (i.e. one filled with clothing that works really well for me most the time and makes me feel consistently great) this feels like the right time to express my tremendous gratitude to Angie and Greg and all of you on the forum for making this such a warm, friendly, and fun place to explore fashion.

So I'm posting my first WIW to compare with my most recent, as a jumping off point for discussion.

In looking at these two outfits, I'm surprised to see consistencies that say this is "me." Slim bottoms, top, topper — it's a formula I repeat again and again, and I'm always most comfortable in such outfits. The bottom can be a skirt (or a dress), the shoes can be boots or sandals, the top can be a layering T or tank or (more likely) a woven shirt of some kind...but those are the elements. With few accessories.

At the same time, I'm amazed at the changes. The confidence and the playfulness are entirely new and I owe them entirely to YLF. To YOU, in other words - so thank you.

And thank you Angie, especially, for suggesting that I chop off my hair. The minute I did so I felt so much more like "me" again. It was a great decision.

Some changes in the way I manage my closet and think about my style:

1. I have a bit more money to spend on clothing now and it shows. I have been able to purchase a few nice things in the past year; my pre YLF wardrobe was almost entirely thrifted or bought on discount, sort of willy-nilly.

I have come to the conclusion that for me, this results in a wardrobe of unwearable items that don't work well together. I have learned that thrift and consignment and discount shopping are great for me - for the "extras" - the fun things I might not risk buying if they cost more - the shoes in a wild colour or the fuchsia silk suit!

I've also been fortunate enough to purchase a few wardrobe workhorses at thrift, vintage and consignment stores - my cognac boots, several wool jackets that saw a great deal of wear last year, and so on. But I now know I cannot EXPECT to find my core pieces there. If I do, so much the better, but it doesn't always work that way. I will plan next autumn's shopping accordingly.

2. My purchases have become far more intentional. I plan (or try to plan) and look at my capsules, and aim to fill holes, and if something doesn't work I am far less likely to repeat it. I don't just buy because something fits or is on sale.

3. I think very consciously in terms of seasons now, and have finally realized that I live in a four season climate and need clothes for each season. Many will overlap, of course. It's rare to find a true 4 season item for my climate. But often an item can be used in two to three seasons. A few will be strictly used in the season they are intended for - and that is okay!

I used to feel tremendous guilt about this - as if I "should" be able to wear the item both in spring and summer. Now I understand that if I am mindful of cost per wear, owning a few items that work especially well for spring and fall will give me much greater mileage from all my other clothes.

To keep my closet looking tidy and organized, I will switch things in and out as the weather changes. (I am lucky enough to have a separate storage closet for out of season items.)

4. I am MUCH more likely to buy for the life I actually lead now than I was when I joined YLF. I still make the occasional mistake here, but it's becoming quite rare.

5. I am finally starting to understand the value of the right shoe to pull together an outfit. Ditto bags.

Those are the shopping changes. In terms of my own style directions, I think they may be shifting slightly as well.

When I joined YLF, I told Steph I wanted to look like an "artistic professional" - whatever that means. And I tried to buy pieces that read as "artsy" - whether that meant some embellishment or textures or a strange cut or what have you.

Also, I have always been very attracted to flowy looks a la Eileen Fisher, and tried to buy a few pieces that had that sort of vibe to them.

Well...what I discovered over this past year was that I didn't really enjoy WEARING the embellished pieces or the ones that were very flowy. Somehow for me the "fuss factor" was always high with them, they felt costume-like (at times) or they just didn't seem like "me."

I do have one or two softer pieces that still work for me, (e.g. a loose fitting jersey dress with a cowl neck, the odd cardigan) but by and large I seem to be yearning towards greater crispness and structure in my looks, and less embellishment. More simplicity.

Does this mean that my style is becoming modern classic? I don't really know. I think I'll ALWAYS enjoy injecting a retro element or two. And I'm still attracted to asymmetrical cuts and lines. But I seek structure in every outfit and a certain crispness.

The trick is finding ways to incorporate those elements into very comfortable "at home" looks (since that is where I spend almost all my time). That is what I'll be focusing on in the year ahead.

Thank you, once again, for all the help you have offered here on this forum, and thanks for reading!


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WIW to the Book Launch

This afternoon it was shorts and sleeveless top hot. Super sticky and humid. But by the time I had to leave for the book launch I was attending this evening, the weather had changed dramatically - and I had to make a very quick outfit switch before I headed out the door. I literally grabbed stuff willy-nilly and threw it on, and crossed my fingers. I don't know what I think of the result, but it was pretty funny that the book was colour coordinated!

The launch was for friend Steven Heighton's latest collection of stories.

Jacket: BR from last year (waving to Jonesy, my jacket twin)
Blouse: Don't know the name but it is new, a very fitted black button down with slightly puffy sleeves, almost an Edwardian lady type of shirt.
Doc Saras.


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K/R: New Sundress

I loved the dress in Transcona Shannon's link so much the other day (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....thanks-jem) that I went out to Cleo Petites and brought one home. What say you? Should it stay?

Alsofor review are a pair of new Josef Siebel ankle strap wedges. I know the ankle strap risks the dreaded stump. But what can I say? I am a sucker for this type of sandal.

Please let me know what you think: Yay or Nay


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Twins for a Day: Me and MaryK

MaryK has already posted our pics, but I wanted to save these to my blog and link to hers. So apologies for the double post.

Here is the link to MaryK's thread: http://funwithfashion.lookfab......-for-a-day

This was so much fun to do!


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WIW: Pattern Mixing Inspired by ClearlyClaire

Today it's been very warm and humid here, yet there's a breeze off the lake that at some moments feels rather cool. For a shopping expedition and then supper at home with hubs, I decided to wear the new Vans shorts and thrifted H&M top and my new LE boxy pullover.

I'm also wearing a new pair of wedge sandals by Reiker. I have never worn their shoes before but these are very comfy and I think they will be versatile with my casual summer looks. I plan to wear them with denim and my grey cargo skirt, for sure.

Your thoughts and suggestions welcome, as always!

ETA: I do not THINK my knees look quite that banged up IRL, but looking at them here I am about to reach for the artificial tanning lotion! Oh, the joys of skin exposure!


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