Coat column

I wasn't sure whether to link this post to this header, to today's sale items, or to the coat column blog post. This item ticks all the boxes. 

Here's my birthday gift to myself (or part of it -- more to come): A fabulous unplanned wardrobe purchase of the Hobbs Saskia trench in royal blue, bought on sale, worn as a "coat column" of blue. 

The trench is a sort of HEWI -- for years I have wanted a light or bright trench to supplement my two black trenches, acquired a decade ago and still going strong -- but not my favourite coats because they are black. This trench won't replace either of those -- it is a different creature. Heavier weight than either of my others and extremely well made, it's a six-month (or more) coat a year in this climate and will probably last me forever since it's such a classic style. 

It's a perfect tailored fit. I can layer a heavier sweater under it but it's less comfortable that way through the shoulders. I think it would work with a blouse and spring jacket, though (vs. a mid weight knit, which I am wearing here). 

As usual, our weather is grey, so it is hard to get accurate representations of the colour. (Why do you think I need a bright coat, LOL?)  But this gives the idea -- it's somewhere between royal and cobalt. 


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Happy New Year! A Study in Silver and Blue

I was inspired by yesterday's weather -- a rare clear, bright, snowy day on the west coast! And today, I have an outing. Very tiny (6). In a friend's home. All are triple vaxxed except me (I'm still waiting for my 3rd shot). 

Wearing old Club Monaco silvery sweater with a blue top underneath, blue BR slim wide legs, silver Blondo booties, silver earrings and jewellery. It's still a struggle to get enough light here for photos. 

I'll wear my blue puffer and my pewter bag when I leave the house! 

Happy New Year to all, and may it be a better year than 2021. 


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