More boots: Alternative to Sorels?

Okay, okay. I know I have already bought 3 pair of boots this year. Two of those are even waterproof...and one has some insulation. But it's still primarily a fashion boot. 

I also own a 5 year old pair  of Clarks riding style boots, with thinsulate (or similar) lining. They are "warm enough" commuting type boots. But they are no longer waterproof and can't be made waterproof, it seems. (Believe me....I have tried treating them to no avail; water seeps in anyway -- though they are fine in dry snow.) 

In addition, I own a pair of gear hiking snow boots -- short -- good in extreme temperatures, but too clunky and obviously gear-ish to wear in town, plus snow tends to fall into the tops -- which isn't an issue when the rest of your outfit is gear, but is when it is regular clothing. 

Usually the Clark's would do fine for the kind of snow that tends to linger here in town. But with the slush, the ice, the freezing rain, and the continuing snow, this winter is killing me, and I feel I need something really weatherproof and warmer. 

I just went and tried on the Sorels. No go. The Joan of Arctic style is just terrible (way too wide) on my foot. The Tofino is better but still far too wide at the heel. 

Anyone have a good suggestion of alternatives to try where the fit is "neater." Style is less important in the sense that I am open to a variety of looks for this purpose. But they should be waterproof, WARM, and not the kind of boot I have to be super careful of. 

I looked at some Uggs but didn't like the styles they had at this store. Glory has recommended Pajar to me in the past. I could check Ecco, too, since they give me a good fit. But other ideas welcome. 

Thank you! 


WIW: Plaid skinnies and Amy's scarf

Just wanted to show off the fab scarf from my super Secret Santa, Amy! 

In the first pic I'm wearing the Kut Mia skinnies with my Stuart Weitzman's -- just because I can. (Got them back...yay!)  But when I venture out I will definitely be tucking them into my La Canadienne Phillip boots. It is a disaster out there! 

These skinnies are admittedly the calf-sucking variety that I no longer absolutely adore. Yet they may become my favourite winter skinnies ever for tucking into boots. The fabric feels truly luxurious -- a sort of sateen -- and it is warm. 


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Lost luggage! Update: safe return :)

So....remember those fab online finds I mentioned a couple of days ago? 

Stay tuned. As of now, most of them are lost! 

I went for a very short over the border family jaunt. (Daughter's Christmas gift involved a short visit to the US). 

So....on the way back, my suitcase was not put onto the plane and it is missing. 

We managed to get home in dreadful freezing rain so I am not complaining. But currently in the "lost pile" are my new Citizens of Humanity jeans, my new Vince tops, my new Theory jacket (which I hadn't even had the chance to decide to keep yet!) 

Meanwhile I do have the Kut plaid skinnies because I happened to be wearing them, plus the boots and the Okalas. 

I am not panicking but keeping calm and carrying on. But with the weather the way it is, I think it is safe to assume that I may not get this suitcase before Christmas. And oh--- Mr. Suz's Christmas present and some of my daughter's stocking stuffers are also in the bag.  :(

Not to mention a whole lot of my older clothes, including some favourites like the Stuart Weitzman booties. 

Cross fingers for me. 

UPDATE: Got it back! I can't believe that they sent it, actually. The driving is horrendous. It took the poor delivery man about two hours to come from the border (normally a 40 minute drive). He said it was actually much, much worse between Watertown and the border because it wasn't plowed there; at least the 401 was salted and plowed. He wouldn't even take a cup of tea or coffee. Luckily, his vehicle was a Volvo. 

Everything is safe and sound. Our power was out much of the night and all this morning. Hoping everyone in Toronto is okay. I think it may be worse there. 


Online order success!

I'm going to be a bit more scarce than usual for the next few days due to family obligations, but I just wanted to let you know: 

1. The wedding was lovely and I'll report about it soon - thank you for your good wishes and for all your help with my WTW questions. 

2. I just picked up an online order across the border and have met with almost perfect success! And all of it is due to Angie's recommendations and YLF insider tips. 

Things I got and plant to keep, thanks to your wisdom: 

1. Gee Wa Wa cool tan/ taupe flat boots with pointy toes --- this was thanks to a tip from Parsley that they would work for narrower, shorter calves. They are an almost perfect bookend to my hair. I am not 100% sure how I will wear them yet, but at the ridiculously low price from Shoebacca, they are worth the experiment. I know for sure they will work with the new cream jeans. Parsley, if you read this, I will be hitting you up for suggestions as to how to deal with those back laces. I want to find a way to tuck them in. 

2. Sam Edelman Okalas -- this was magic -- they had sold out in my size but I just happened to check again and one pair had been returned. They are perfection! Thank you, Angie, and all the other Fabbers who have raved about them. I kept thinking they are not for my climate, but then decided....I can wear them from about June through early October. So they're worth it. LOVE them. 

3. Citizens of Humanity "Racer" skinnies. I have never had a pair of jeans from this company but they were on substantial discount at Nordstrom's so I decided to give them a try. They're a perfect, comfortable fit, not calf-sucking, cut really nicely, super soft and comfortable, substantial weight, not too stretchy. On my 5'4" self they are just the right length -- not a ton of scrunch but definitely full length. 

4. Kut from the Kloth "Mia" skinnies in plaid. These were an Angie recommendation. They went on super sale but didn't have my size. Angie said not to order up because they're stretchy so they wouldn't work well as slouchy jeans. Then I saw them a size down from my normal and remembered how my Diana skinnies are a bit big on me, and thought I'd give these a try. They're a perfect skinny for tucking into boots -- soft, stretchy, yet substantial. They're a bit darker in person, alas, but still very nice. 

5. Two Vince boatneck tees. These were a splurge, also on sale, however. I love the way this top looks on Vicki and Jeneva and I was thinking how useful something like this would be for me. 

The one item I'm not sure about is the Theory Gabe 2 B jacket. Mr. Suz thinks it does not fit correctly across the back. Since I can't see it, it's tough for me to know. It looks good in front to my eye, but I will want your opinions. One point to is a size down from the Lanai and seems to fit perhaps I should still try the Lanai in a size down. Hmmm. 

Just wanted to share! Will hope to be checking on more threads later! 


White and cream all across the Wall

It's a YLF epidemic! White and cream and winter white all over the Wall! Not just the BR cream jeans and Mo's white jeans but also Anna's sweater, Diana's sweater, Joy's light neutrals, Lyn's light polka dot dress, and on and on. 

It looks as if I got my wish for winter to "lighten up." 

Thank you, Angie, and YLF!!! 


BR Cream Jeans in action!

I placed my order a mere two days before these arrived. Canada Post may be giving up on home delivery, but the parcel service is alive and kicking, at least before Christmas. 

The only question is do I size up? They feel super soft and comfortable but have some of that thigh wrinkling at the back. Sorry - I tried to get a pic but it didn't really show the issue. 

Mr. Suz (who is generally a fan of looser fitting jeans, FWIW) says they look good like this and would probably look wrong in a size up because they are meant to fit a bit sleek. 

I have been sitting in them for about half an hour and find they have already eased a bit. But I don't want to be wearing them too tight. My BR "slouchy skinnies" from several seasons ago are a size up from this (and much, much slouchier) -- this is my regular size. 

ETA: apologies for the tired expression...not enough sleep with our house filled. 


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Ask Angie (and others) :Wedding update, what to wear?

 I saw the barefoot bride's dress!!! 

It is really, really cool. 

It is basically a long tuxedo shirt!! She had it made by the tailor who is across the street from her workplace in Montreal. Knee length, a little longer in the back. A shift. Cotton, white on white with sateen-stripes, French cuffs, and pearl links. C'est tout!

It's nicer than the pictured one (I think). Not as exaggerated a hem, the buttons are all pearl, the collar is a wing tip. But you get the idea. 

Picture her -- very tall (about 5'11), very, very slender. Rectangular body type with maybe teeny apple tendencies. She has dark brown eyes and wiry, curly dark brown hair which she typically wears pulled back. Pretty features. 

Truly - I think she is going to freeze in this garment (today it was -14C here) but I have to admit it is really, really cool and will suit her down to the ground.  

Very Urban Prince, in fact! 

So. I am rethinking my what-to-wear based on this. My daughter is going to wear her "suit." And I am wondering if I could do the same: slouchy black trousers, tuxedo shirt, and blue Zara jacquard jacket. With some kind of sparkle in the form of earrings or whatnot. Maybe a cocktail type ring. 

Here's my previous thread.



WIW: with a cue from Beth Ann

At my house we observe both Hanukkah and Christmas. And I am glad of it -- because without a happy focus I must confess that I find these dark days difficult. That's why I  really love Beth Ann's idea of "subtle" seasonal dressing -- giving a nod to the season without going overboard on the holiday theme. Creating a small and do-able fashion challenge sounds like a brilliant idea to me. 

Next year I plan to embrace this with greater gusto (and, er, organization). But for now, I'll just do it as I can. 

This week's entry was my Sunday shopping outfit. Grey sweater, denim pencil, berry belt, plaid tights, cranberry booties, and cranberry coat. I got some compliments on the tights. Too bad they already have some pulls in them. I can probably make them last another couple of wears and then they will be toast. 


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WI Bought: Sparkly tunic sweater

Concerned that I might not have the right ingredients for a very casual step mother of the groom wedding outfit, I went out shopping and tried footwear and various other things but no luck in that department. I did find this sparkly tunic sweater and in a soft champagne / taupe and bought it. It fills a need to experiment with more tunics so even if I don't wear it for this event it should be useful. And the price was right. 

I see I have cut my feet off in these photos -- grr! But I am wearing the Pliner booties in most -- waving to Sveta. 

Please ignore the light switch growing out of my boobs in #2. Sheesh! 

This isn't really a K/R because I'm going to keep it. i just wanted to show a few options for wearing it. I think it will be useful for more casual holiday get-togethers including perhaps Christmas day. 


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Stepmother of the Groom: What to Wear?

The good news: My stepson is getting married!

More good news:  We love his bride. We are happy for them. :) 

Good news again: We’re hosting! The ceremony and reception will be at our house next Saturday evening, post-Shabbat. And we are cooking for it. (The event is small — only close family — so 15 people). 

The bad news: We asked the bride and groom what they would like people to wear. And the bride said, “Nice…casual.” To give you an idea what that might mean, she plans to go barefoot for the ceremony. 

So much for my hopes of amping up the holiday sparkle for this special occasion! GAH. 

My closet may not be the best in the world, but thanks to YLF, it isn’t often these days when I feel completely at a loss for what to wear. But this time, I am stumped.  And I think it might be best to have a few options available depending on what I learn when they arrive chez nous on Thursday. 

I think the bride is going to be wearing a dress along with her bare feet, but I can’t be entirely sure.

The mother of the groom and mother of the bride will probably wear dresses…but what kind of dresses? I can’t ask the bride’s mother because she is in Germany until the wedding, and I have never met her. I can ask the MOTG but I expect she is going to be just as confused as I am about the whole thing. Her typical style is a bit boho. Sister of the Groom will also wear something a bit boho. Little sister of the groom (our daughter) is doing her usual androgynous tomboy thing and wearing a “suit.” 

Here are a few options I put together for consideration. Comfort is an issue, since I will be cooking, serving, and taking photos as well as looking pretty (er, I hope). I do have an apron I can throw on over top of any of these. 

Option 1: My initial plan was simply to wear the David Meister dress. (Pic 1) As is or with a statement necklace for sparkle (which I would have to buy). The earrings do have a bit of sparkle, by the way. Pros -- comfortable, easy to pop on, feels good. Problems -- does it read too "dressy"?  Also, these shoes do not want to stay on my feet with hose and I am not going bare-legged. Ugh. 

Option 2: (pic 2) Tux shirt, asymmetrical pleat skirt. Pros: Comfortable (except the shoes). Easy. Cons: The darn shoes. Also, Mr. Suz is not a big fan of the skirt, but I love it. 

Option 3: (pic 3) Pencil skirt, tux shirt, jacquard jacket. Pros: comfy. Shoes stay on feet and are super comfortable. Cons: Maybe a bit too much like what you might wear to a business party? 

Option 4: (pics 4-6)  Vintage brocade top with pencil skirt, with or without jacquard jacket. Pros: Too sparkly for something that is supposed to be "casual"? 

Option 5: (pic 7) same top with a flared skirt. 

Option 6: Some version of fuchsia silk jacket with slouchy pants and some or other top. It doesn't really look good with the vintage top. 

Bonus pic: DD all set for her semi-formal in her "suit." (GAP Perfect Trousers, mum's vintage Hobbs blazer passed along to her, white shirt, dad's tie. 

I have a bit of time to shop this afternoon. I could look for a sparkly turtleneck sweater like Angie's to wear with a pencil skirt and pants, or some other items (e.g. statement necklace, lace pencil skirt, etc.) I am open to suggestions and would spend a little money but don't want to go crazy for this, as I rather thought I was set for the event. Grrrr. 


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