WIW: Anniversary lunch

Mr. Suz and I are in Montreal this weekend celebrating a special anniversary. We are staying in his son's apartment in Mile End. (Son is away.) 

Yesterday we had a lovely lunch and I wore the new Aritzia top. I decided to keep it even though the keyhole back is a little low and occasionally reveals my bra band. I think I will just buy a pretty blue bra. Or maybe fashion tape will do the trick. 

I don't know if it is visible but I am also wearing the necklace he got for me in Israel. It is a choker of silver strands with a gold nugget in the centre. I can switch out for other beads if I find some that fit. 

Today it is 30 degrees and very humid -- in May! We are so hot and tired that we're cooking fish for ourselves rather than going out. 

I would have liked to do some shopping but it's just too hot! Went for ice cream instead. :)

I would rather be wearing white sandal booties. I hope I find those Franco Sartos to try. But hopefully the black ones work with the ink blue in the top. The top also works with navy or white bottoms but I thought it was fun with the cobalt blue. 


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Online shopping frustrations

Hi, all -- my apologies for not alerting you to my recent absence. I'll post about that in off-topic!

In the meantime, I'm feeling a tad frustrated by my recent online and LOCAL orders. Here is what has happened so far. 

The good and reasonably good

1. Packages from The Bay arrived amazingly promptly! In two separate shipments, but they arrived. However, I am not sure I wish to keep the items. (TopShop Finds 1 and 2) 

2. Package from the Gap with the Resolution slim straights arrived and I have worn them. Also got some tank top/ camisoles in this order for wearing under things. (Find 3) 

3. Package of tees from J. Crew arrived and all are winners. Have worn them all except the sleeveless already. (Finds 5-8)  No wonder I keep ordering from J. Crew -- fewer duds. 

4. Package from the darling Karie arrived with my Sofft Breeze sandals. The fit is perfect. However, I do not like them as much as the Bernias on my foot at all. I may end up keeping, however, due to comfort and other issues. (Find 9)

The not so good

1. I have heard a big fat nothing about the Ecco sandals I ordered from local seller. Very frustrating. How can they expect us to shop local if I could have had these faster ordering online? (Find 10)

2. Zara order supposedly was delivered on Thursday but I never got it. They are looking into it but this will take five days and in the meantime, I wanted the items for my anniversary trip with Mr. Suz (this coming weekend). (Finds 11-13)

3. I have not yet received the Club Monaco order placed two weeks ago. Spoke to them today and they expect delivery tomorrow. 

4. Got the Aritzia order and I really like the items but am unsure about the beautiful blouse because my bra band (not strap)  shows in the back keyhole. I do not want to go around showing my bra band. ARGH.

5. Package from BR arrived with the sleeveless linen tee -- and I love it -- but I think it is too wide/ armholes too generous, so it might have to go back!  (Find 4) 

Just grumbling a little bit here. I would dearly love to do more in-person shopping, but it is very difficult (for reasons you can see immediately, above.) 

And I am looking forward to catching up with you all!   :) 


Oops! Guess who went on her annual spring fling?

It's that time of year again, partners in crime (I mean style). Oops!

Let it be duly noted for the court, I am a proponent of the Big Seasonal Shop.

In my defence, Your Honour, I did not shop at all (apart from long underwear) between mid-November and mid-March. 

I took advice from many of you. I've ordered up a veritable storm, and I don't think I'm completely done yet, either!

(The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help me, fashion goddesses.)

I have my eye on a few Inge-picked items at Loft and Ann Taylor (where I have a gift card) but I need to be able to go there in person to use it due to regulations. (GRRRR, Oh BorderFree, why do I detest thee?) 

Here are a few lovelies that are on their way for me to try. I am still on the hunt for the right vest (one that works for my climate and casual but crisp style), as well as for colourful shoes or sandals that are a bit more practical than the Emmas (or for white sandals). Suggestions gladly taken! (But I may get the Emmas, regardless.)

Wish me luck. And repeat after me. I will not keep all of this. I will not keep all of this. I will not keep all of this.

BTW, just so you know...I have edited the spring closet so on the one-in-one-out principle I have room for at least 6 new items. I can justify a few more if they are likely-to-last a few years statements, and am justifying the tee purchases as replacements and needed for summer travel. 


Help me choose a few summer statements/ wild cards/ refreshers

Hello, partners in style! Thanks for all your help with the casual sandals last week. I don’t know which pair I will keep but I think I have two good options on their way to me. Yay!

(This has become a long missive, so if you want to cut to the chase, my request is at the bottom. Thanks!) 

Did I mention that apart from some long underwear and a pair of grey skimmer jeans on super sale -- and my ill fated butt-vest -- I did not shop at all between November and mid-March? Well, it's the truth. 

When I finally broke my shopping fast it was to purchase footwear for Israel, and then a pair of booties in Israel as my souvenir of the trip. (Thank you, Shevia!)

Now it’s time to consider the summer closet more seriously. I finally did the great closet switch out on the weekend, so I have a better idea of what I’m working with. And not.

On the positive side: I did so much shopping last year that my essentials are in pretty great shape. I mostly just need some updates and refreshers.  You can see most of last year's (extensive) summer purchases in this collection.  And this one.  Of course I have a few more items in my closet including bags, denim jackets, etc.  

On the negative side, my budget this year is more limited. And I am looking to add that “oomph” factor — a bit of originality. I don’t want to say “edge” since I think “edge” is probably the wrong word for what I aspire to. At any rate, I don’t want hard edge.

Texstyle commented the other day that Angie's graphic tee post was a lightbulb post for her, giving her permission to dress for her real life. 

It was a lightbulb post for me, also -- partly for that reason, but also for another. For me, it highlighted the concept of juxtaposition in a useful way. I suspect that this is what I am really trying to create in more of my outfits. 

In my fantasy life, I'd like to dress a bit dressier overall. But the reality of my lifestyle is largely casual. The easiest way to finesse this and to add a bit of "cool" factor is to juxtapose. Combinations that work super well for me:

  • Jeans with a silky shirt and jacket and sharp footwear.
  • Casual skirt or dress with a denim jacket and great footwear.

These are my FFB favourites. But they're not that practical for high summer in my climate. 

How can I inject more of that into high summer looks? Maybe with a bit of jewellery? I am a bit more open to this now that I am wearing specs less often. In fact, Mr. Suz just bought me a gorgeous necklace for our 25th anniversary. (I'll try to snap some pics soon). 

In terms of summer shopping so far, I've ordered some tee shirts. These are replacements/ upgrades. 

I am not much of a tee shirt woman as a rule. Generally I like a top with a bit more structure. But I have truly enjoyed the linen versions from J. Crew in the past few years. I am still lamenting my destroyed Hummingbird tee” — in fact, I’m still wearing it even though it has been dyed lilac, but I don’t like it as well. (Should I order it from Ebay where I found it? About the same price as I paid originally for it. But a size up.)

There is a good chance I will be spending two weeks this summer in an exceptionally hot climate in a very casual environment. This is why I think a few new tees will not go amiss. I also like a boat, envelope, crew,  jewel or high vee neckline and enjoy the opportunity to wear it in the warmer months. (In winter I am covered by turtlenecks and scarves all the time for practicality and flattery). The more open neckline changes proportions a bit and that is fun for me. 

I also added a Zara backpack. I gave my black one to my stepdaughter at Christmas. Then, after hunting for months for a similar leather one, I came up empty handed -- and realized how much I missed the one I'd had. So I ordered the navy. I actually like its texture much better than the black, so it's win/win. 

Phew! This got very long. My apologies. 

My request: 

Show me some great "statement" type items or "so 2015 items" that won't break the bank and could work with my style, climate, and wardrobe to refresh and upgrade my summer style. 

Some ideas: 

Casual skirt or dress


Interesting lightweight topper (because toppers don't get much wear in high summer here)

Footwear (I am almost set but could add one pair) 

Thank you so much in advance for your ideas! 


Help me pick some casual sandals

Hi, all -- I have been scarce here for a variety of reasons, but popping in as I have been able. I hope to follow up with Angie's fantasy/ reality challenge next week if I can, now that I am home; that looked like fun and a good learning opportunity. 

But for now, I'd love your thoughts on some sandals. 

I need to replace my Sofft Bernias. (Find 1) I loved them literally to death last year. 

So far, I haven't found much in the stores near me that fits the bill. I need comfortable, walkable, flattering, not frumpy, and not completely flat. I really loved the Bernia anthracite last year and would be happy with a metallic for this purpose.

(My other sandals are: comfy but higher heeled taupe cage sandals, similar to Find 2; black high vamp open toed sandals -- comfort is only medium because the peep toe bothers me a bit, unlike on the caged sandals Find 3; a less comfy wedge with silver and nude that are not all-day shoes, same shoe but different colourway to Find 4).

Options I'm considering as "Bernia replacements" are Finds 5,6,7.

In addition to a Bernia replacement, I have also been searching hi and low for white sandals -- as in, I've been looking for 3 years and not finding. 

And/or I wouldn't mind adding a brightly coloured sandal or shoe -- but I might wait for mid-season sales to do that. 

Complicating all this is that I can't find any of the ones I'm considering in Canada for under $240. UGH

Would love your thoughts on these and any other options you might have noticed. Especially if I can source in Canada. 

I can always order to my US address and pick up at the border, but the next month is crazy busy for me and I am not sure I'll have time to do it -- always a problem. 

Thanks in advance!!