Really Going Wild: Camper Flats

In one sense, this is the most obvious purchase in the world for me. My first fashion memory is a pair of red Mary Janes! (I called them my "tapping" shoes at age 3.) I have always loved footwear, and always especially loved red footwear, and I have not owned a pair of red shoes in ages. 

In another sense, it is a wild card for me. Flats are risky for my plantar fasciitis and often tire my arches. 

My review: these Camper Mary Janes are a really fun shoe. Unlined, extremely soft leather, but with rubbery bottoms and a very slight heel also in rubbery stuff that (I hope!) will provide enough protection from hard pavement. I have worn them around the house -- they accommodate my wider forefoot and narrow heel very well and the strap keeps them in place. They are not a perfect match for my Pom Pom bag, but close enough. 

I would recommend these to anyone in the market (they come in off-white and black also). And I'm delighted to have found a new brand that may work decently for my increasingly fussy feet!  

Questions and comments welcome. 


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Wild Cards

Last week, I did the closet switchover from fall/winter to spring/ summer, and in the process edited out a number of items that had worn out or that I wasn't wearing. 

I also visited a recently bereaved friend for several days to offer comfort and support, and together we visited a well curated boutique. And -- ooops!  Somehow I managed to come home with a couple of wild cards! 

#1 A skirt from Allison Wonderland, a local (Vancouver) slow fashion sustainable company. Yes, I just bought another skirt. the "never say never" line of the ledger -- this one has a ruffle, which I almost never like or wear!

But I put it on and didn't want to take it off. Sustainably made, local company, 60% off, and so "me." It was a no-brainer.

Note, I would much more likely be wearing this with boots or booties in fall/ winter -- but I'd put those away as part of the seasonal switch out. And I think it works ok with the oxfords, too. 

#2 Rails silver top. Not on sale, alas, and pricey, but I could not resist it.

I did not splurge on the matching pants, which were also pretty special. Maybe if they go on super discount later, I'll consider that. :) For now, I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot of wear from the top, based on the length of time and amount of wear I have got from a silver foil decal tee from Zara that I have owned for a decade. 

This was definitely a case of emotional shopping. I had no intention of buying anything when we walked into the store. 

What's your last wild card purchase? Did it work out for you well? 


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Everlane Way-High Curve jean: Length question

Showing the Everlane Way-High Curve jean. By the way, these ones are labelled on the tag as "way-high curve" jeans as well as on the order form. They are definitely different from the utlility barrel pants, which I own in a different colour. (Also in Finds) 

Like the Gardener jean (which I sent back -- in Finds), these are a smidge short in the rise for me. It's possible a size up would solve the problem, so I can consider sending back and re-ordering, though I think they may be too large elsewhere if I size up. 

I like the fabric -- this is a nice, slightly lighter weight denim than the very substantial denim of the Gardener jean, and more suitable for spring/ summer/ early fall in my climate. A good thing, since that is what I was hoping for. I love the shape -- the reined in volume is totally up my style alley. :) 

On me, they are "new full length." The question is, if I keep them, should I shorten so that they are just above the ankle?  The problem with the current length is that they bump up against the tops of shoes and laces.  But maybe they looks better longer?  I was planning to wear these oxfords with them, and sneakers, and maybe a dressier flat as well. (A few options I'd thought of, in Finds). 

Not styled -- just thrown on with the sweater I was wearing. I show them first full length and then various ways of cuffing, tucking, holding up to try to approximate the look should I hem them by an inch and a half or so, so they are the length they are on the model. 


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Blue basque skirt stylings. K/R

Hi, all! I promised to style up the blue basque skirt and see how it works for me. Here are some semi-styled options. I say semi-styled because I didn't really deal with hose, accessories beyond footwear, etc. 

Dee hit the nail on the head when she said this skirt seemed a bit outside my usual style persona. That is true -- the fullness makes it come across as more feminine. But of course, even a gar├žonne wants to look like a girl sometimes. :) For dressy events, say. 

1-3 First I'm trying it with my very old J. Crew peplum jacquard top. I love this top and it forms a key element of my dressy capsule. I think this works as a two piece dress. Different footwear options available. 

4. Tried it with my oversized denim jacket. 

5. A tucked in shirt. Could do with a plain white shirt for a more classic look. 

6. With my slim cropped denim jacket. 

7-8  With oxfords and my new Everlane shirt. It feels very 20s! 

9-10 With knotted tee and denim. 

11-12  Could be an at home winter holiday look. 

13 - 16.  With my Sandwich knit military jacket.

17. With a sequin camisole under denim. 

Bonus photo bomber at the end....

I have plenty of other footwear options -- tall boots, stompy boots, sneakers, sandals of various kinds. 

You can probably see in the close ups that the fabric is rather like taffeta. It has a stiffness and heft to it. I would not wear it casually in summer at all, though I might in cooler months. 

I was inclined to send it back before trying it on these ways, but I'm inclined to keep it now. It is very comfortable. It is cross-seasonal (spring, fall, winter, with possible evening summer wear). It can be worn at various levels of dressiness. It will not wrinkle (so it could travel, though it's a bit bulky and heavy.) It works with many things in the closet. 

What think you? Keep or Return? 

NOTE: If I keep, I am going to retire two older skirts. 


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Skirt season

I've been much enamoured of Brooklyn's skirt formula for summer over the past few years, and thought a version of it would work well for me -- except, with a few exceptions, I have not been able to source the skirts that would work for me as well as she has done. :(  This year, I was especially interested in her basque style skirts (with the dropped waist). Despite being slightly short legged or at least long in the rise, it is a style I like a lot and think can work for me. 

I ordered two from Zara to test this out. 

1. Is navy with a slight built-in crinkle and sheen -- not like satin but more like a less shiny taffeta. It is some kind of polyester blend, lined in poly. It has a lot of body and heft -- it will not wrinkle more than the intentional wrinkles. 

As BrieN mentioned, Zara now gives exact garment measurements. I took my normal Zara size, based on measurements given and previous experience. I would say this is on the generous side of TTS. The waist is a bit large on me, but not to the point that the skirt would twist around (I don't think) as some skirts do, when they are on the larger side. The quality is surprisingly nice. Fabric is unusual and a bit distinctive; it has a depth to it. 

Pros: I like the fit, the length, it feels like a ballerina skirt! Swishy and glam! Could be an excellent dress up item and could be worn in early spring/ fall/ winter -- could also be dressed down with boots, denim, etc. 

Cons: It won't really work for summer for me at all except perhaps for evening wear of some kind. And is a bit too dressy for my regular daily lifestyle. 

So I am debating it.  Do you think the style has staying power? I might try to style it up a few ways before making a decision -- here, I just tossed it on with my silver Zara top to try on. Not properly styled, though I do like with the silver slingbacks. 

2. Off-white cotton. Also not really styled -- just a try on. This one is the same style, and 100% cotton and had lots of potential as casual summer wear, but I am sending it back. It's a little too see-through (even though it is lined in cotton), a little fuller than the other skirt, and also longer. I suppose I might consider dyeing it to some colour that would prevent the see-through aspect, and hemming it a bit....but I think it's not quite right, regardless. 

I hope these reviews are helpful to others who may be considering the style and of course I would appreciate your thoughts! 


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