Topshop dress

Super warm and sunny in Vancouver and so I get to wear bare legs and a dress! Imagine that. Love this Topshop Angie pick. 

Bonus pics from May 3 and 6 in Toronto for the conference I was co-facilitating. A bunch of us gave a reading in a bookstore to kick things off. It was crazy warm that first night, too, but also raining so I had a raincoat. Wore my red jacket 5 times on the trip -- now it is too warm for it here. 


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Red jacket

On my way and challenged myself to bring and wear the red jacket. Desperate to replace these sandals that I pulled from donate pile due to forecast for high temps later today. Not sure about photo quality.


Need a wardrobe reset!

I would love some assistance and thoughts and I'm going to pack two problems into one post. 

First, I've just done my spring closet edit. I'd actually have liked to have removed more than I did, but I began to worry that I was getting rid of things I might need. This isn't my entire spring wardrobe -- I have a few items that should be in custom finds but are not. I have a faded denim jacket, a navy tube skirt, a casual navy sleeveless knit shift dress, a Kamalikulture jersey sheath, a few more tops, and a bag or two. But this is pretty much it. 

Some of these items are spring only (so I will use for the next month or so) and some are summer only. Right now, I'm feeling as if I have a hodge-podge of stuff that makes very few interesting outfits.

I do have some crossover items which are in the main wardrobe as well:

I need a wardrobe refresh/ reset, but I am not sure where to begin! (Apart from footwear, which is a definite need -- I had to let go of 5 pairs of worn out summer shoes, so need to replace at least a few of these.) I feel as if I need a conceptual direction or something to guide my shopping and thinking. 

Meanwhile, this weekend I have to co-facilitate a conference in the city. I am moderating a panel and need to look professional. My fallback is always my navy blazer so I will wear that, no doubt. But I can't wear it for the whole weekend. :)  And I need to partner it with something. 

And, just to complicate matters, I go directly from this conference to Vancouver for several weeks. So I will need to pack, and I don't know what I should bring! I will be mostly casual on that part of the trip but I will have a few "date night" events -- nice restaurants, probably. 

The good news is that I will have lots of time for big-city shopping while I am there. I intend to bring my larger suitcase and shop. :) 


Black and light blue

I liked this so much I had to try it. The light is awful and the outfit would look better with scrunched sleeves and these photos illustrate exactly why cropped flares are a NFE look on me (at least these ones) but oh well. I do love the colour combo! 

Don't have the Find for the scarf but it is the same pattern as the blouse. 


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WIW: Red!

Today's outfit, just by coincidence. :) 


Another coincidence

I just happened to be wearing my own version of this today. Travel day, so lighting and locations not the best -- sorry! 

First the daytime outfit. My jacket is ink blue and I wore neutral booties and red scarf (Sandwich, no Find) -- but otherwise, I fit the formula exactly -- entirely by coincidence -- and what a great FFB outfit!! Honestly, before leaving this morning I was in one of those desperate -- what do I wear???? moods, trying on this, trying on that, pushing it all into the corner and feeling rushed and horrible. I put the jacket on and bingo! Instantly, I felt like a million bucks. Thank you, Reiss, and thank you, Angie and Vivian, and Greenjeans and Janet and Diana and Sveta, and Karie and Jjsloane and Isabel all the rest of you who urged me to spend more on this item of clothing than I'd ever spent on an item of clothing in my life -- it was totally, totally worth it. 

So, what did I do? Packed 2 more jackets for 3 days away, ha! :) 

Evening (another bathroom pic) in new blue jacquard J. Crew top. And Trouvé tux jacket and jeans again with different booties for a casual supper. Fun Sicilian restaurant -- Sicily pics in the background. 

Mr. Suz loves this J. Crew top on me. It's hard to see the pattern in the pic but it's a great "under a jacket" dressy top and will work nicely with the right skirt also. It's quite cut away in the shoulders so I will need one of those bra pinchers or a racer back bra to keep my straps better behaved in summer. 


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WSIW: Please help me pick!

Well, I'm not giving you much time. A half an hour. Yikes. It's been that kind of day. 

A bunch of options for my Bus. Casual event tonight. 

The good news: It is unseasonably warm. And the ground is (presently) dry. 

The bad news: It is supposed to rain later. 

1. Red pants, booties, gilet, blue top, red earrings. 
2. Same with one scarf. 
3. Same with another. 
4. Slim blue pants instead. 
5. Showing the coat problem -- gilet longer than trench. 
6. With blazer instead (obviating the coat problem.)
7. Red jacket and slim pants/ column of colour. 
8. Red jacket and culottes. 
9. Culottes, gilet, red earrings, red boots, blue top .

Which should I wear? 

Thank you!


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Business Casual - WSIW?

That's "What Should I Wear?" 

The Occasion: A reception celebrating exceptional graduate students and post-docs. (That's me, apparently.) 

Time: Cocktail hour (nibbles and drinks served)

Dress Code: Business casual

Situation: I will likely be walking (so what else is new?) and coming directly from my tutoring meeting about a mile away from the location. 

Weather: About 7 C, unseasonably warm, sun with possibility of showers. (Does this mean BOOTIES vs. BOOTS?? )   Whoooooooot!! :) :) :) 

Other notes: I am obviously one of the older grad students being honoured in this way and am likely to be confused with a professor (which is fine with me, since I'm that, too, but I don't want to discomfit any other grad students). I'm also one of the only (maybe the only) student honoured this way for a highly interdisciplinary arts-based project, so I feel the need to wave the flag for arts-based research in some visible way. In fact, this is the only reason I am going -- I want people to understand that artistic practice can be based in important research, and more, can itself represent significant research. 

So my question....what should I wear? I know, not denim. But what would be a good looking, not too stuffy, a bit creative appreciated! 

And yes, I'll do some playing and experimenting with ensembles. :) 


More boots! Elodie Summit Review ETA Verdict at End.

As I continue to add to my BOOTS vs. booties capsule (duh, I think I finally understand the difference!) I was pleased to receive today for review the Elodie Summit in pewter. 

Apologies for the abysmal light and photos -- such is winter. 

However, I can tell you verbally that they are a delightful boot! 

Not styled -- I put on my burgundy Dres because they are cropped, allowing you to see a bit more. 

They are a roomy 37 -- I have plenty of space for my plantar fasciitis insert in these. There is some space around my ankle (it is easy to get on and off, contra some reviews); yet despite this, it looks quite streamlined on the foot and ankle, for a boot. 

(My feet and ankles, by the way, are what I would call "medium" volume. I have a high arch and instep but my foot is not at all broad or fleshy; my heels are very narrow and my forefoot is a regular B width.)  

They are extremely lightweight (important to someone who walks a lot) and "cushy" because of the platform. It raises me up off the ground (and the snow) quite nicely. There are treads (not lugs) so it is not great for true snow or ice, but should handle other disgusting weather very well. The addition of my PF insert increases the cushioning effect. There is also a lightly padded footbed -- not a lot of padding but more than a Blundstone. 

They have a chisel toe, so they are more refined in person that I imagined from the stock photo. 

The pewter is darker in person than in the stock photo, more a metallic charcoal tone. But still noticeably metallic. 

They are comfortable, albeit a bit on the loose side for me. I might need a thicker sock. 

They are not waterproof (although the sole is). I sprayed them. They'll be fine in light rain and in low puddles but not in a true downpour or deep water. 

They cost me an arm and a leg so I hope I enjoy them. I got them on a great sale...but the duty/ taxes amounted to $61!!! Sheesh!!! 

Still, if they work as I suspect they will work, they are going to be worth it. A fantastic Blundstone substitute/ upgrade for me. Not good for true snow, obviously -- but excellent in other kinds of yucky conditions, good to walk in, yet interesting enough to feel like part of an outfit rather than pure gear. 

Yay Angie for her metallic boot purchase that put me on the hunt!

PS my magpie gene is not completely satisfied and I still have space for more silver footwear. :) 


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Edit/ review/ refresh

I've identified a wardrobe hole. 

I need a couple of sleeveless tops, maybe lace, maybe patterned, something that is okay on its own but is also going to look great layered under a blazer or other jacket in transitional weather. Similar to what Viva wore in her recent presentation, but that's just one example of a style that might work. 

Three times in the past few weeks I reached in vain for such a thing. Why have I never noticed how much I needed it? Probably because we have so little transitional weather and maybe because I wasn't wearing my blazers quite as often for a few years?  Also, I had to retire a cream silk shell that used to serve this purpose due to staining. 

I have a couple of Everlane silk summer shells that theoretically could serve this purpose but the colours aren't quite right, I guess. 

I have this structured peplum knit from J. Crew and it is useful at times but the peplum falls in the wrong way for some jackets, plus the cream is not my best colour. 

Anyone have any suggestions? Best if I can order online in Canada since I'm unlikely to be able to shop in store any time soon. Unfortunately, that rules out WHBM because I don't think they deliver here. Otherwise the top below might work -- not that I know how this brand fits....