Fall 2020: Rescue and Release (Long)

Fall has arrived on Vancouver Island, right on schedule. As Angie already said, I'm so very grateful for the rain. 

This weekend I did my closet switchover, and not a moment too soon! Now that I live in a more temperate region, I actually keep more of my things in one closet across all seasons, but I do move them around, and wool and cashmere sweaters and coats go away in summer, while lightweight cotton and linen sleeveless items go away for fall/ winter. 

Last fall/ winter I put a number of items into my "to donate" pile -- but I wasn't able to take them until spring -- and then COVID hit and everything closed up, including, in our region, donation boxes/ thrifts. 

It seems I've lost some girth in the last four months, so several of the jeans I bought last autumn in the NAS no longer fit and will go to consignment/ donation now. Thank you and goodbye, Eileen Fisher BFs and Madewell wide legs. (Finds and Pics 1 and 2) You served me well and gave me and Angie some joy! :) 

Typically I'm a person who is glad to edit and quickly say goodbye to items that no longer work, but in view of my sustainability goals, I'm really glad I could dip back into the donate bin -- because despite having to pass a few things on, I've also managed to to rescue several beloved items as well as several still-good "maybes" to try them again. 

My rescues


  1. 2016 Rag and Bone Dres in burgundy. (Pic 3) Favourite fall jeans ever. Yes, they are a bit low waisted for my current preferences. But oh -- they are so comfortable, the colour makes and outfit, and they flatter me so well (now that they fit again).
  2. 2018 CoH Olivia jeans x 2 — in black (Pic 4) and mid -blue wash. These are now slightly loose (vs. slightly to very snug) and make a comfortable high-waisted slim straight (not calf-hugging skinny) option.

Also KEPT, despite size change: 

2019 BR wide legs, Paige boot cuts (so stretchy it wouldn’t matter). I think the BR jeans still work because they were slightly snug in the rise before — with a bit of girth lost they sit a bit differently and though they are definitely looser they don’t bag in the bum.


  1. 2019 BR wide legs — had become snug and felt too short but now that they fit more loosely, they are cropped to a length that works for me — no need to purchase new trousers.
  2. Suit trousers — one pair Elie Tahari straights (2014) in taupe (was snug but now fits and can be called into use as part of my "relaxed suiting" capsule) and one pair Kit and Ace. (2016) This latter pair is still on the “skinny” side for current preferences but the fabric has stretch and they will be comfy WFH pants.


  1. J. Crew Collection (2018) — not sure how long this will last — I love the colours but I’m not crazy about silk twill — I perspire in it.
  2. LL Bean Flannel (2013?) — it’s just soooo soft. Have tried to get rid of it multiple times but cant seem to say goodbye. Kind of like PJs for daytime. :) 

In general, I feel my closet is in a good place for fall so I won't need to make many purchases -- and those I do make will primarily be practical footwear and outerwear. Stay tuned for another post on that! Might need your thoughts and advice. 


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Hello, all -- I'm scarce here these days due to the apocalypse and some  family stresses, plus, it's hard to post photos with no full length mirror (still!!!) --- but I did want to show off a few newer items and give reviews as well as a WIW in the wild. 

First, meet my new indoor shoes. As I've told you all ad nauseum, low vamp flats (or even higher vamp flats without a strap) almost never work on me, so I had low hopes for these Ecco Anine ballet flats in Sangria. But lo -- I think they are going to work! I wanted a simple but pretty shoe that would offer me sufficient support and be easy on and off since in my new home I'm always coming in and out from the garden and deck and want to preserve our wood floors. This won't be my only option, but I quite like it. 

True to size (for me) and enough support for indoor wear -- some cushioning in the footbed and a tiny 1/2 inch heel. Nice suede and really pretty colour options. 

You can see how my instep is almost too high for the shoe here and one reason why I always flip out of these...the other being my relatively narrow heel. But these do stay on pretty well with bare feet, at least, and should work ok with a no-show footie as well. 

Bonus shots of my new matching Rails shirt! It's soft and lovely. Oh, and bonus shot of my bathroom as well. 

Then, a few shots featuring one of Runcarla's fab masks!! First outing of my beloved thrifted Paul Smith blazer this year for a dental appointment in the big smoky city. 

Bonus (is it a bonus??)  shot of the sun on Saturday through the smoke at our place....


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WIW - thanks to Sterling

There's a bit of a story here. I mentioned earlier this summer that I needed a casual bag, one that was lightweight and easy to toss on, and I considered a bunch of backpacks. 

Sterling recommended that I simply go with a nylon version of the Rebecca Minkoff Julian (which I have in leather and love but which is a bit heavy for my treks around the trails.) 

I ordered one on sale and it took almost 2 months to arrive! Delivery snafu. Eventually, I got it, though, and it was an excellent choice -- thank you, Sterling! 

The pluses -- seemingly infinitely expandable but looks ok when not too full also. Side pockets and small back pocket. Lightweight. Colour makes me smile and goes with my stuff. 

The minuses -- it's not as well organized/ compartmentalized/ structured as i might wish. I long for a key holder, for a few more separate pockets inside. 

You can't see it really all that well in these pics but they give you a sense of what situations I'm wearing it in. 

Thank you, Sterling! 

I'm with my husband's grandson in the last two. They came for a visit and it was so lovely to see family. We can travel between provinces here (in most cases) without self-isolation (assuming no illness, obviously) and so they did that and stayed with us for a couple of weeks. Step-daughter-in-law in background of first pic. 


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My order (after all)

After Marilyn found me my bra before it sold out (thanks again!) I decided to stock up on gear and added the Ecco sneaker bootie (good colour, style, and brand for me) plus I'm trying a Rails shirt. 

There were other items I'd have liked (undies!) and things on the US site that appealed, but they weren't available in Canada or not in my size and I figure a good alternative will pop up if I really need it. 

I do like the Zella workout gear as well as the more pricey Lulu stuff and more than the MPG stuff I tried a year and a half ago. So hopefully these will suit my purposes. 


No NAS for me: ETA got a bra- thanks, Marilyn!

Last year I had the BEST NAS. This year, no NAS. Oh well. 

The online options in Canada opened up today and they are (essentially) nil. The website seems disorganized (showing sale stuff with regular stuff even when you apply filters). It is frustrating to use and even when you work it out, you find, for instance, that there are NO sale handbags online in Canada.

Most items they supposedly offer online are already sold out. And this is the first day of the online sale here.  I'm not able to shop in person where I live. 

It's okay. I don't need anything, really, but I was hoping at least to stock up on my basics (Natori Feathers bra, etc.) I do that every year. 

I do understand. These are terrible times for retail and it wasn't the best year to launch a new feature/ site for Canadians. It's too bad, though. 

ETA: They now have an announcement on the site that they are having technical difficulties and most items are not yet showing as available. (DUH!!! -- there were only 76 items total offered in the online sale when I looked 10 minutes ago!)

And thanks to Marilyn, I got a bra!! Yay!


Which of your recent purchases reflects a newer trend?

By "recent" I guess I mean within the past two years. And by "trend" I mean...well, something that maybe makes this list of Angie's. Or others you might know about (and I don't!)

I'm a modern classic dresser who does indeed love to add a bit of "trend" every season. But looking back over my purchases, I can see clear patterns in what portions of my wardrobe lean to "trend" and which lean to more classic items. Of course, this will shift, depending on what the trends are and how much I warm to them. But here, for example, are some of my most "trendy" purchases of late. 

Ripskirt is a wrap skirt. (On Angie's list). 
Fair Isle sweater (winter before last). 
Cropped wide legs (I've been wearing for a few years). 
Belt -- western trend. 
Booties -- ditto. 
Sneakers -- platform sneaker trend. 

I actually have far more footwear and accessories that fit the description "trendy" than I do of clothing. Anything that is clothing, I will wear for years, trendy or no, whereas a shoe I might (and often do) wear out in a season, and a belt or jewellery I will save for another year if I tire of it and it's still in good shape, or I will happily pass along. 

I definitely prefer trendy denim, within certain parameters. I won't wear trends I don't like on myself, unless it's impossible to find anything else. 

How about you? Are there categories of trendier items that tend to find their way into your closet or is it a fairly equal distribution of different categories? 


Second-hand tech...or maybe not? ETA Fabric composition and neckline notes

This Comrags dress is a hand-me-down from a friend. I have no idea how old it is -- probably a decade or so. The style (with the wide V neckline) is not one I ordinarily wear. But the charcoal colour is good for me, it is super-lightweight, it's a modest below-the-knee length, and it does not wrinkle. The fabric is not stretchy at all but it is water repelling and wicking, so some sort of woven "tech." I find it surprisingly useful as a casual summer dress. And it definitely testifies to the longevity of tech and its non-fading properties. This is a true charcoal and does not fade. 

Apologies for photo quality -- still don't have a proper mirror set up for selfies! 

ETA: I just checked the fabric composition at Lyn's request -- it is a huge surprise to me, and may rule it out of the "tech" department, although it sure feels and acts like a fast-drying tech fabric. Anyway -- it is 64% linen, 18% viscose, and 18% polyester. What make you all of that? 

On the neckline -- thank you all for your kind thoughts. I should clarify -- I adore V necks but usually aim for a narrower and shallower V for figure flattery reasons. I can't "fill out" most wide Vs. And even if I (almost) do (as here) I need to address proportional issues, i.e. show equal skin elsewhere or it looks disproportional on me.

Brooklyn gets it. I do sometimes wear a necklace with this to fill it in a bit, or a scarf. 


Happy Birthday, Angie!

I have two outfits with high happiness. Neither is news to anyone here, but both show evidence of Angie's influence on my wardrobe. 

Outfit 1: The first photo of Angie I saw featured her fab pixie and a denim jacket worn with a fancy skirt or dress. I had worn my own hair short for most of my life, but I'd never owned a denim jacket. Instantly, I could see its possibilities, and this was one of my first purchases when I joined YLF. I've been wearing this exact jacket ever since. :)

I biked to my friend's place in white sneakers. Culottes. And the blooms on my top make me very happy. 

Outfit 2: You've all seen before. Dress was an Angie recommendation. Red is my colour of the year. MOVE was my word of the year. This dress encapsulates both. 

Thank you, Angie, for general inspiration, specific recommendations, and most of all for your joyful, practical, positive, inclusive attitude towards personal style and community-building. You are one in a million. Here's hoping the next 50 years are as golden as those fields in your photo! 

And I've ordered some sun up for this afternoon. Here's hoping! :) 


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Last time I got a haircut was Feb. 23. That's a loooooong break for someone with short hair! 

It was so lovely to see my stylist. I like her SO much. Everything is spic and span in the shop. There were only 2 stylists working. Lots of airflow, lots of space. They have made a decision to cut hair dry and not to blow dry -- it allows them to keep their prices the same (the extra time is currently for disinfecting procedures). Masks worn by everyone the entire time. I felt very comfortable. 

I let Johanna do what she felt like -- no instructions. She enjoys that and I trust her. She chose to bring it very close again in the back, quite short and textured on the top, but with a longer asymmetrical fringe. It appears a bit "choppy" in a few places in the photos but Mr. Suz says it looks fantastic in the back/ sides IRL, so blame the lousy selfies for that!

In honour of my new haircut, we are going out for LUNCH!! WOW, what a concept. 

Got two compliments already on my dress. Such a fun summer dress -- Suntiger, look -- sleeves!! (But it's the Pacific Northwest -- this would not work in Ontario at all!) 

ETA, the colour from last fall is pretty much gone now and I like it better au naturel. 


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Ripskirt goes to a Restaurant

My very first in-restaurant meal since the pandemic began! 

Well, actually, it was outside, on the patio. And it was lovely. It helps that the day here is glorious. I am in Vancouver for our last few days in the rental...

What a great skirt this is. Janet, thank you SO much for helping me to get it. I really love it! And yes, it was pricey at almost $100 CAD (with delivery included in that price) but it's already down to $20 per wear, so it's safe to assume it will earn its place in my closet. Sometimes you look at something and just know it will be a workhorse. 

Hair is wet in these pics. Haircut TOMORROW!!!!! 


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