2018 Style Goals (Also in blog)

I know Angie wanted comments in the blog but it's also good tp place these here for easier reference and review. Just keeping myself accountable. 

My computer's broken right now so I can't post photos. I'm going to come back to this when I get my machine back and add a few photos of favourite outfits. I'm sad that my photo-taking capacities have been so limited of late and that does affect my perception of past outfits (i.e. makes it harder to judge) but I hope I can remember well enough how I felt in them to do an evaluation. 

Meanwhile...2018 Goals

1. To do a thorough closet review and edit, capsule by capsule. What’s working, what’s not? Why not? (I already do this season by season, but I think I need a slightly more stringent version this year, letting go of some items that I like but just don’t reach for any more and asking myself tough questions about why.) Review essentials and ensure all are in good repair and all bases are covered. Navy/ ink, white (in summer), grey.

2. To wear outfits that are:


Angie  observed that "retro" is a new descriptor for me. I'm still not sure it's right, even though I do enjoy (have always enjoyed) a retro element in my style. I'm not yet sure it is the best word for what I am after here. I like to hearken to 60s mod and some 70s influences and also the occasional vintage inspired piece. But maybe more to inject a bit of "playfulness" which is the word that I had in this place last year. So...still debating. 

3. To look for statement or luxury items (e.g. jewellery or bags or jackets) from local designers, special vintage shops, etc. I know my taste and needs really well now; if I see an amazing vintage or newly designed jacket or dress, I can be pretty darned sure it will work for me long term and have longevity. Most of my clothes come from the big chain stores. I feel I can inject more individuality into my style without going all “docent lady” by following this path.

4. Continue to increase representation of red in the closet!

5. Continue my search for key HEWIs — a white sandal, for example. A bright sandal. 


GREAT customer service at Sandwich

A good news report! Remember my little Sandwich military knit jacket that lost its buttons?

I wrote to them and they sent -- all the way from the Netherlands!! --
a full package of replacement buttons, a sweet card, and as a bonus, a fab nylon shopping bag in fire engine red! How great is that?

All of this arrived yesterday. It ties right in with Angie's tip #8! 


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Hectic pattern, calm colour (and sweater as a 3rd piece)

Apologies as usual for the photo quality. Argh, winter light! 

Casual at-home day for me. I usually wear this sweater on its own or under a jacket because unlike many sweaters, all by itself it makes a statement. But today I threw on a favourite shirt and thought  -- why not wear them together? After all, what's wrong with checks, snake print, and florals combined? :)  


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