1901 in Navy

This is not a keep or return. This is a hem or don't hem. I'm keeping it and am REALLY TEMPTED to order the red as well. Has anyone seen the red in person? True red or tomato? 

Gorgeous fabric. Fits great -- very slightly on the loose side. I did not order petite and that turns out to be a good thing because the waist is in the right place for me in the regular, despite my very slight short-waistedness. 

It could use a press. It came crunched up in a plastic bag. 

Light is poor today and the humidity is intense but I did my best to try a few styling options for summer into fall. 


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EF Tilda

Today's blog may be all about lengthening the leg line in flats, but here's another way. Heels! 

I ordered the Tilda in black and it has just arrived. WOW, it is the perfect heel for me. Lovely soft suede. Perfect width in front. Perfect alignment with my rather high arch. Extremely stable heel. Criss cross straps keep it on. 

The chunky heel makes it look a bit retro to my eye. 

It is honestly so comfortable that I am tempted to order it in another colour as well! 

Not styled at all -- just tried them on with what I'm wearing today. Please ignore conspicuous tan lines on feet! :)


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First order arrived. Pics added!

So far, I think I have some keepers. 

1/2. ML dress. Gorgeous drape and swish! A nice weight jersey, easy to wear yet extremely elegant. Lined up top. Very well made for the price point. Angie said TTS but mine seems a little bit on the large side. It might depend on body type modifiers. My regular size fits, but generously. I can't wait to wear this one! Mr. Suz gave it a thumbs up. It reminds me a bit of a similar style floral Betsy Johnson dress he bought me in the 90s, so it's a bit romantic. :)

2. Carie bootie -- fit is a bit long on the foot and as usual it's loose on my right heel, but there is no such thing as footwear that does not flip flop on my heels. With socks there's no risk of blisters. Comfort is excellent for me -- very stable heel and lots of cushioning inside. The fit on my calf is no problem. I might need to add an insole for support. Gorgeous sapphire colour will work with my wardrobe and I love the snip square toe. Do you think the ankle fit looks okay? 

5/6. Kuts -- mine say DONNA. They are higher waisted than my old Dianas -- not an ultra high waist, but mid-high, reaching my navel. VERY stretchy ponte fabric, stretchier and more "legging" like than I ordinarily prefer, and yet still substantial and comfortable and a great fit in my regular size. They will replace my old Kut Mia plaid skinnies which were very low waisted. I'll wear these for work-from-home wear (I kid you not, they are as comfy as PJs!!) and tucked into my tall boots in rainy weather. I think they look better in person -- Mr. Suz was a big fan right away. 

5/6 Zella hoodie -- I sized up for a slightly more oversized, slouchy feel since I will wear primarily as loungewear. It's unbearably itchy in the heat and humidity but will be perfect in cooler temps. Lovely subtle textural knit on the front and lighter weight than my other cashmere lounge sweater. Gorgeous navy.

6/7 Treasure & Bond scarf -- lighter weight silk than last year's Hinge scarf, but still substantial. The pattern is great with my hair. Also, don't you love how the spot on my bathroom mirror makes it look like I've added nose jewellery? ;)

Camisole, bras, undies, smartwool socks-- all replacements for worn-out ones. I use the sale to refresh this capsule every year. Not shown, but all keepers. 

Thanks for looking!


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What I've ordered so far...what I'm still considering

So far, I've ordered a pile of basics (undies and bras) plus a dress, a scarf, a sweater, a pair of pants, and booties. (Finds 1-10)

I am also really interested in a few additional items and debating. (Finds 11 onwards).  I would love (as usual!) to update my jeans. I had to retire a bunch of knitwear and while I know knits are not great this year, I'm open to considering some. I'm also considering Angie's 1901 dress. I will be living in a more temperate climate for at least this coming year and it might be useful. 

I'd also love a great waterproof jacket. I do own a terrific J. Crew waxed cotton field coat (that needs re-waxing) and a water resistant trench and a waterproof bright pink jacket that is definitely showing wear and sometimes feels a bit...mmm. GEAR for everyday wear. I like this Barbour option...but also love, love, love the Ralph Lauren quilted jacket even though it is not waterproof. I would wear that baby into the ground.  

The Blondo booties are there because...waterproof Chelsea boot!!! YEAH!! (I have my wonderful pewter Elodies, which are not waterproof but are very hardy -- but I wore the soles down on those something fierce last year and need to conserve them!) The EF pump is there because....pointy/almond toe, straps but not straight across Mary Jane, covered heel and do-able height (for me) -- stable -- and I do not own a single dressier winter shoe. Only summer ones. 

Would love to hear thoughts from those who have seen these items, reviews, recommendations for those I might have missed. 


NAS considerations

I'm collecting up a storm but have not ordered yet. Basics (as always -- undies/ bras) and some loungewear items are on my list. Other serious contenders (so far)....


My reviews and report. ETA Team Wear

I came home from an overnight trip to Toronto with a cold. :( The consolation is I also came home to some boxes! :) 

The good news: Most of what I ordered works! 

The bad news: The price of it all. :)

I stocked up on bras and undies as I always do, but won't model those. :)  All worked well. Thanks to Kkards for the suggestion to try the Chantelles -- I like them. 

For the clothing, one of my goals was to increase the representation of red in my closet. I ordered the Halogen cardigan and kick flares. The cardigan is, as Angie reported, very lightweight, and on its own would not make a good winter sweater. But or spring and fall, or layered over a more substantial knit top, it will work well. The pockets don't sag as much on me as in some of the photos, though they do sag a little bit. It's not expensive and adds some punch. 

I love the kick flares. They fit more or less like leggings up top on me in this size, and do make me a bit self conscious about my thighs, but even so, I enjoy them, and almost prefer the red to the black -- somehow the red seems to go with the kick flare style and make it extra fun. I might even bring them on a trip I'm going on tomorrow where temps may be variable and a warmer pant might come in handy. 

Next up, the CoH Cara jeans and the Cece bell sleeve top. The jeans are going to be my new favourites. They are ankle length on me. They are high waisted -- they come up to my navel. I love the CoH denim -- it is cotton rich with a bit of stretch -- and this is a nice dark wash. 

The bell sleeved top is a gorgeous colour for me, which doesn't quite show in the photos due to the light. It's nothing extraordinary but it's fun and not expensive. I haven't had any sleeve detail clothing yet during this trend and this will be a nice way for me to enjoy it. The sleeves are not too long, as sometimes happens for me. 

Scarves: I'm keeping the very inexpensive BP grey and white. Love it. I am sending back the Kate Spade and the Halogen Vintage blooms. The Vintage blooms is nice quality but a bit too twee for me, and the Kate Spade is pretty but the fabrication is not worth the money, IMO. 

Next, the fun BP crushed velour tee. LOVE this! It will be so much fun to wear. And later it will make excellent loungewear. 

Boots! The Aquatalias actually work on me -- not too tall at all! Whoo hoot!! They are a lovely boot and it will be fun to tuck into them again after several years of mostly wearing booties. 

Earrings -- love these delicate everyday silver earrings. 

Hoxton jeans -- these came from Canada and are going straight back. First, they sent the wrong ones -- without hem detailing. Second, I would have liked another size up anyway. Third, I find the fabric too soft (I like a bit more structure in my denim). Fourth, they charged me $285 CAD (i.e. not the sale price!)

I apologize for the light. The light comes in from behind and I try to adjust for it, but it's not ideal, so the colour representation is not always perfect and the shots are not the best. 

ETA: It's a cool evening so I wore the new red sweater out to supper with DH and brother! Total love. 


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Burberry coat

When you get a moment, Angie, can you tell us something about this Burberry? 

I hope to replace/ upgrade my old VC mixed-media military style peacoat which has been a total workhorse for me. This is far more than I expected/ planned to spend, but I know from experience that when it comes to this type of coat, if it is the right item, I'll wear it for a decade or more. 

Visually, this ticks a lot of my boxes. I am not sure it's in the budget, but I'd like to know if it is worth considering at all. 

Thank you! 


(Almost) Last of the NAS: Chelsea 28s, Halogen kick crops, Bobeau cardigan

My parcel from the US arrived and I have to say, it has been an incredible NAS for me. Between the higher end "thoroughbreds" and probable workhorses that I got from within Canada, and the basics and store-brand stuff that I got from the US, I have pretty much covered my wardrobe needs in many categories this fall. (That will teach me...I actually thought I wasn't going to find anything when I looked at the pre-sale offerings the first day they opened for viewing!!) 

I refreshed my underwear and activewear capsules. I really like the Zella top that I think Una also has.  I got the Zella live in leggings to try for gym/ runs. The Chantelle bra fits and I cut the tags but I wasn't loving it after a day of wear. I think my next bra purchase will be in-store. In the meantime, this will do in place of my old worn ones. 

I love the Halogen sleeveless scrunch neck and wish I got a few more. I also got the DKNY watch that Angie has. (Not on sale). I love it. I need to get some links removed from the band before I can wear. 

Up for review/ consideration (although I am inclined to keep unless someone tells me I am foolish): 

Chelsea 28 denim culotte, Halogen ankle crop, Bobeau cardigan. 

The Chelsea 28s are high waisted on me (to my belly button) and longer than on the model. They are stretchy. Usually I don't care for that in a jean, but in these I quite like the slight girdling effect. I think they make me look wider than I am and probably shorter than I am, although part of that is the camera angle. (My daughter had borrowed the tripod and didn't put it back the way I had it.)

They're super comfortable. I've semi-tucked the top in a few photos to show how high they come. I'm showing them with a few potential early fall and later fall footwear options -- cage sandals, Zara sock booties, my trusty Stuart Weitzman chelsea boots (one on one foot, one on another!) and the new Aquatalias. 

If I keep these -- -- are they too long? If I chop them, I lose the fun hem detail and much of the dramatic flare, and I might lose wearability as well, although if I could use with knee high boots, perhaps not. And how does one style them? With what would I wear them? (DUH, I know, go back and read some of Angie's blog posts. I will, I promise!!) 

Halogen kicks -- Oh beautiful travelling pant, where were you all the years I was travelling once per month? Sheesh, these are a brilliant fabric for the price!! Gorgeous quality!! Perfection for my winters. 

So. In my regular size they are on the snug side. Not too tight (I hope) although I would have liked to try a size up for comparison. (Should I try? It's a big hassle.) In these photos you see the difficulties of a short pant on short-legged me. They make me look shorter. So styling them in a tonal way will be helpful. If I keep. (Tell me if I should not). Again -- should I hem? If I do, they will definitely lose wearability in my winters. At this length they will work with a higher shaft bootie because they just barely "close the gap." 

Bobeau cardigan. I know that several of you were displeased with this piece but for my purposes it is perfection. I got it as a loungewear item, in lieu of a robe. And it is seriously cozy, a ridiculously flattering but not easy to find colour, and can even be worn in multiple ways (see example). I even like the raw edge detail. I am in love and almost wish I got another colour as well!! Paired with ponte pants or a soft sweatpant, this is going to be the foundation of my at-home work capsule in winter!! 

It's crazy hot today again so I didn't really make attempts to style. Please use your imaginations if you can. 

I have one final NAS reveal (and it's a biggie!!!) but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow. :) 

Would love your thoughts if you have time. Thank you.


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Vince T-neck

The Vince t-neck in "espresso" (cough cough) arrived. This is the small. The sleeves are really long so I might need to alter. Neck and sleeves not at all tight on me. I could probably have gone with the x-small but better to be on the safe side where drape is concerned. 

It's sort of a bat-wing!! LOVE this style. Always have. I just threw it on over the tube skirt with the booties so you could see how close the "espresso" colours are. 

Keeping unless you tell me I'm an idiot. Worth every penny even at the CAD price. (Not $245 as previously quoted, more like $130 plus tax.) 


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Check in- Canada

Hi, all -- and happy long weekend to the Canadians! Not sure you have a long weekend in the US as we do here? 

I wanted to update you all on the progress of my Canada-side NAS. I also hope that a few more of you check in to report again on your own! Smittie has showed us her beautiful items but it seems my appetite for NAS FAB is insatiable. ;) 

So, here was my method to shop the sale in Canada: 

  • Read Angie's blog post on how to shop the sale and composed a tentative list of items I needed/ was hoping for. 
  • Used my Nordstrom's card to access presale on the website in the US. 
  • Filled up a shopping cart with items under consideration. 
  • Checked with the forum and with Angie to see what looked most promising and get recommendations. 
  • Chose a few higher end items that were HEWIS or on my list plus one wildcard amazing special purchase (the gilet). 
  • Phoned Ottawa store before official sale to ask if they would be carrying these items. 
  • Ordered those they would be carrying, and asked sales associate to order the others from the Vancouver or Calgary store. 
  • Sales associate did so -- but two items arrived not at sale price. 
  • Spoke with sales associate -- she did an immediate price adjustment. 
I am still waiting on one item (espresso Vince t-neck) which yes -- IS on sale and is available in Canada in my size, apparently. They cancelled the order at first but then located the item later on when the SA hunted it down. 

In some ways, I'd say shopping in Canada by phone (at least with pre-sale visibility and Angie's and forum's help) has been easier and probably cheaper than doing the whole cross border thing. The customer service has been excellent, and I've received items that were already reading out of stock in the US. 

Prices were the CAD equivalent (or a bit LESS!!) than US sale prices. Of course I had to pay HST. But I did not pay extra duties, I did not have to travel for a couple of hours and try things on in a dirty lumber supply building, and I did not have to pay for delivery or returns. It came right to my door as promised. 

However, I only ordered my higher end choices this way. I have also ordered smaller items (bras, undies, denim culottes, etc.) through the US site online because I had some US only Nordstrom Notes to use up and I also felt it might get complicated trying to order from different departments when I don't have a pre-existing relationship with any sales associates at Nordstrom's in Ottawa. These items have not arrived yet but I should get them in a week or so. 

Do any of you know if the sales associates are working on commission? Does my SA get some commission for the order? If so, it really was a breeze for her -- I knew just what I wanted, gave her the order in a minute, and wrote back to say everything was fantastic and I was keeping it all. 

I'd love to hear your reports about how things have gone and how it compares to previous sales you may have shopped.