Coat off! (ETA: Decision made and a few more pics).

Last of my NAS posts (for now, anyway!). 

Presenting the Open Edit oversized pea coat in navy! 

EDITED: Keeping the XS -- a few clearer pictures added. Sleeve turned up (maybe too much but it is hard to be accurate with that.) I will take it to Nordstrom's in Vancouver for alterations. 

First, let me say, this is a lovely quality for the price, which even in CAD is more than reasonable for coat of this kind. The fabric is soft and lightweight but does not seem prone to pills. In my opinion, it would not work for Ontario/ Quebec/ Prairie winters unless layered over sweaters and jackets -- or, at least it would not work for someone spending much time outdoors. As a car coat, it could do well, and it would also work well in the late fall (November), early winter/ very early spring temperatures there. 

For my climate (PNW) it could work throughout much of the cold season, layered in the colder temps.

As I mentioned before, I have never met a pea coat I did not like and I've worn different iterations of them for decades, from strictly tailored to vastly oversized. 

This one is in between -- a somewhat oversized cut. I got it in two sizes to try and I'm undecided. Alas, it's going to be really hard for you to see the differences in these photos (I did my best to lighten them) so I'll also try to describe the pluses and minuses as I see them. I'm wearing it with my light Zella sweater here, but both jackets would go over heavier sweaters if I wanted to wear them that way.  

ETA: The jackets are exactly the same measured length. The Xs is wider in the body and longer in the sleeve only. BOTH also layer over a blazerl. 

PICS 1-3.  In the XXS, it fits less oversized. I could almost get away without shortening the sleeves, I think (though I would probably shorten). My concern -- it just fits on the hip. At the moment, the vent is sewn shut which makes it snugger than it would be when properly opened, but I also worry it might not have quite enough room on the bum area (a common issue for me). Also, it may not be achieving its full architectural effect in this size. The flap pockets seem more noticeable (because it is snugger in that area). So, I don't know. 

PICS 4-7. In the XS it is much larger and I would definitely need to alter the sleeves. It is a lot looser in the front body (to the point where a lot of air might get in) and it's looser also in the hip area, but even there, you can see in the side view that with the vent sewn shut there is a wee bump out. I do think that would settle if I snipped the thread. In person, it definitely reads as oversized, but maybe even verges on "too big." 

PICS 8-9.  My existing navy pea coat -- a consignment find by Canadian firm Judith and Charles. This is a super high quality boiled wool coat that is going into its fifth year in my closet; who knows how long it lived in its previous owner's!  It's a more classic cut than the Open Edit, with a different style of collar. It's also size up from my usual coat size and you can see, a little, that the shoulder line is a bit extended on me as a result; in practice that hasn't bothered me because it is very forgiving for layering and also, because of the fabric, it tends to relax down when it is off the hanger and on the warm body. :) I love wearing this coat because the wool is so lightweight and warm and it repels light rain. NOTE: it looks black in my photo but it also an ink navy, almost identical to the Open Edit in colour. 

At the moment, I am torn! I really like the Open Edit but wonder if it is sufficiently different from the other coat and/or if it is fitting well enough in either size to justify the purchase when I already have a somewhat similar coat in the closet. The price of the Open Edit is very reasonable but I would likely have to add the cost of altering the sleeves, although perhaps I could take it to Nordstrom's in Vancouver to have that job done. 

Would love thoughts and opinions and ideas. Thank you! 


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Bra report

I typically use the sale to stock up on bras and undies because I'm a not-easily-available size in Canada and can get good prices during the sale. 

This year I wanted to branch out from my standard Natori Feathers. The Feathers is a great bra for someone like me with small-to-medium slightly wide spaced breasts, but it does fit small and you do have to size up in the cups, or at least I always have. Lately, though, I've been getting annoying spillage even with the larger cup. I'm trying a cup size up from that to see if that solves the problem but those have not arrived and in the meantime I wanted to test a few other styles.

I also ordered a few others. The Cherry Blossom was a no-go; it fit even smaller than the Feathers on me.  I'm also returning the bralette; it just felt too puffy overall and I didn't like the pink. 

The Bliss Perfection fits in my normal Natori size  (i.e. one cup size up from what I might order from a different brand) -- the cup size is adequate, but I do worry that back elastic might stretch out quicker than typical since it is very soft -- that's also what makes it very comfortable, of course. I also tried the sister size (a band size up and a cup size down). It is far too loose in the band, and the back rides up, so it is going back. Note: some reviewers complain the bra is "noisy." This has not been my experience. I think they used plastic hardware one year and that caused problems. The hardware on this version is metal. 

I'm also trying the Rose Dream. This one does fit in the sister size (a much easier size to find...). The elastic is more substantial on the back panel so I think it will hold up for a while, at least. But it gets some very mixed reviews. People say the cups "curl" after washing. It's very comfortable out of the bag, and I'm tempted to order another, but I think I will wait to see if it holds up before doing so. 


A keeper and a maybe

I have now received most of my NAS items, apart from a few bras and undies still in delivery. 

I'll do a separate post about those and about the Open Edit jacket I also ordered. For now, here is a keeper and a maybe! 

Trust Angie! She tipped me off about this Zella top that I would never otherwise  have considered, especially after reading the reviews which described it as unbearably itchy and like grandma's bathrobe or bedspread. I do not find the first to be true (it's not itchy at all on me), but I definitely see the justice of the second remark; it's made of an odd poly jacquard fabric that is a bit like your grandma's bathrobe or bedspread. But you know what? I kind of love it for that reason! I remember my mother used to nod approvingly at how "lightweight" that material felt, and guess what? Mum was right. Also, it's a  really fun, architectural cut. I love a batwing. I can see myself throwing this on all the time both at home for semi-lounge and out in the world as part of regular outfits.  Shown here quickly with my stovepipe jeans, bonus stovepipe coming out of the top of my head, ha! 

You've seen the earrings -- they were already keepers, but I wanted to try them with a high necked top to see if they work, and they do -- no interference. 

The Franco Sarto loafers in navy are the maybe. I kind of love them. Like the earrings they feel both refined and chunky, somehow. Navy footwear is a wardrobe essential and also a bit of a HEWI for me, and at the moment, I own precisely NO transitional footwear that is not a sneaker. (Boots or sandals only apart from one indoor flat). So a shoe like this could fill a genuine need. 

The problem is that I have a lot of trouble fitting loafers or really any flat that does not have a strap or laces. These fit me better than most. They have some nice padding inside. They are not too heavy. Without socks they do not flip off my feet (though they would eventually give me blisters, no question). With socks or stockings, they will, alas, be harder to keep on. Please don't tell me to use those heel grips -- I have never had luck with them. They also rub a bit on my left ankle bone but I imagine that would soften up in time; it's already better after a few minutes of indoor wear. 

I'm mulling on this one. They give me a lot of pleasure to look at, and the price is right on sale, but shoes that aren't comfortable or practical are never a bargain. 


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First order arrived: Jenny Bird earring

My first orders have arrived -- a few bras that I need to send back due to sizing, and the Jenny Bird earrings, which I'm keeping. They are a nice, chunky but not overpowering drop earring for me and will be an "everyday" earring. I tend to wear one or two pairs (usually a chunky stud) to the exclusion of almost anything else for my regular days, especially in winter. (In summer I switch up the earrings more often.) These ones are not too long to wear if I am also wearing a scarf, so they are useful. 


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Sale in Canada

I can't shop yet, but could look through the preview today. As usual, compared to the offerings in the US, the sale up here is dismal. A lot of black without the other colour options and a lot of items flat out not available. In women's clothing there are 711 items vs. 2164 items in the US sale. It's understandable -- economies of scale -- but also disappointing. Unfortunately, when they opened in Canada they made it so you can no longer shop with your US card at the US stores so I don't have one any more and can't order from there. 

I should be able to get some underwear (a definite NEED this year) but I won't expect anything else, except maybe a pair of La Canadienne boots, since the price is excellent and I know I will get good use from those.  I'll use the US sale to get an idea of what is trending or what I might like to try out later in the season if versions become available from other retailers up here. 


K/R Gunmetal bag

One of the few items (besides gear and undies and a few footwear options) available at the Canadian sale was the Kurt Geiger gunmetal bag. I ordered it to see if it might work for me. 

The verdict? Undecided. And that is odd for me. I usually know right away. 

What I like: 

  • The colour works in my closet. 
  • The structure -- I tend to prefer structured bags visually. 
  • The size. It is a small bag, but proportionate to my own size. It is small enough to fit in my bike pannier if I am going downtown. Whip it out and I have a nice looking bag instead of a schlumpy backpack. :)
  • It is crossbody. -- practical. 
  • It is well made and looks durable. I love my Minkoff backpacks but the finish on my gunmetal one is already worn on the base and my blue one is coming apart at the seams. I use these bags hard. The leather ones are much more durable but also very pricey. I might spring for another if I find one on sale, but not at full price. 

What has me on the fence: 

  • The price. Although on sale, it is still a pricey bag for me, considering, especially, that I have barely used a bag in the last year at all, and the Delta variant has me worried that we'll be locked down again pretty soon and going almost nowhere. 
  • The size/ shape. Yes, I prefer structured bags visually, but the way the zipper is positioned on this one makes me feel like I can barely get my hand into the bag to pull out what i might need. It fits my things (barely) but might be a pain to use. 

So...I don't know! It's really good for my style, but I guess I'm just unsure I will use it enough to justify the price. Only I can decide that, I realize. But all thoughts on the subject welcome! 

PS none of my other items (bras and socks) have arrived. This was the only "fun" item in my order. 


NAS Canada

....appears, at least so far, to be a disappointment. Almost nothing on my wish list available at all, and if it is available, it's only available in black (not the range of colours) or it's not in my size (bras). Except for jeans -- a few of which show up. 

Looks like I'll be saving my pennies for later, because I won't be going down to the US and haven't figured out ordering from there to the Island.  But I will enjoy it all vicariously! 


My order (after all)

After Marilyn found me my bra before it sold out (thanks again!) I decided to stock up on gear and added the Ecco sneaker bootie (good colour, style, and brand for me) plus I'm trying a Rails shirt. 

There were other items I'd have liked (undies!) and things on the US site that appealed, but they weren't available in Canada or not in my size and I figure a good alternative will pop up if I really need it. 

I do like the Zella workout gear as well as the more pricey Lulu stuff and more than the MPG stuff I tried a year and a half ago. So hopefully these will suit my purposes. 


No NAS for me: ETA got a bra- thanks, Marilyn!

Last year I had the BEST NAS. This year, no NAS. Oh well. 

The online options in Canada opened up today and they are (essentially) nil. The website seems disorganized (showing sale stuff with regular stuff even when you apply filters). It is frustrating to use and even when you work it out, you find, for instance, that there are NO sale handbags online in Canada.

Most items they supposedly offer online are already sold out. And this is the first day of the online sale here.  I'm not able to shop in person where I live. 

It's okay. I don't need anything, really, but I was hoping at least to stock up on my basics (Natori Feathers bra, etc.) I do that every year. 

I do understand. These are terrible times for retail and it wasn't the best year to launch a new feature/ site for Canadians. It's too bad, though. 

ETA: They now have an announcement on the site that they are having technical difficulties and most items are not yet showing as available. (DUH!!! -- there were only 76 items total offered in the online sale when I looked 10 minutes ago!)

And thanks to Marilyn, I got a bra!! Yay!


Last of my NAS

I got my final package today from the NAS. I have a couple of keeps, a comparison (will keep one item and return the other), and one item I'm not sure about. 

The Keeps: undies (yay!), a pair of BP joggers for sleep/lounge in winter, and the Blondo Elvina snake print bootie. Love them! 

The Comparison item: The Pendleton rain jacket in navy. I bought the green in Seattle, which is what they had on the floor. It's a changeup colour for me, quite flattering, but I suspect I may tire of it or find it harder to wear with my other things. So I ordered the navy to compare. I am currently in Kingston so I will have to take this one back to Vancouver (where the green coat is) and put them on side by side. Definitely keeping one; I just don't know which. Sorry you can't see the green to compare. It is not as teal as in the Find. More of an 80s forest green. 

The Maybe: VB trousers. They are a lovely, lovely pant. I think this is the right size but at the moment, they are on the snug side of tailored for me. Waist is good as are the hips and the rise feels fine, but the pockets don't lie completely flat. I'm not sure what I think of that. It's more noticeable on one side than the other and of course they poof a bit when you sit, as well. Sitting is comfortable, though. I would have to get them shortened, too, I think, unless they are ok as an ankle pant. Would love your thoughts. I've shortened one side in the pics to see them more as crops. 

Whatever I decide on these items, I've had a GREAT NAS. Thanks, Angie, for making it so fun and thanks the rest of you for joining in and offering your cheers and thoughts! 


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