The Vince dress

Should I try it, or will the neckline be too loosey-goosey for my small frame/ small bust? 

Also, ask me seriously do I need a dressy winter dress, since I wore my other (slightly more conservative) David Meister dressy sleeved dress precisely once last year...(shown in photo).  

OTOH, the Meister dress is 3 seasons old now and was bought on substantial sale (so CPW is acceptable to me, despite infrequent wear). And I do have an October theatre trip planned, plus I will probably be doing a bit more city travelling in the next year, which means dinners out and other dressier outings. And that cranberry red is one of my best colours. 

I guess the question is, does the Vince dress have some longevity? 


China travel capsule

I'm just about ready to go. Tomorrow we head to Toronto for an evening visit with friends, a Sunday reunion of our adoption group, a Sunday evening supper with my mother -- and I fly to Beijing on Monday. 

Here is the weather report: 

July is both the hottest and wettest month in this city, with temperatures reaching up to 40C (104 F) during the day accompanied with a moderate rainfall of 185 mm (7 inches). Thunderstorms are frequent along with sudden torrential rain. Due to the high temperatures and humidity, this city has ‘sauna' days towards the end of July (when it is so hot, excessive perspiration leads to soaking wet clothes).

The setting is academic and very casual. I will be sleeping in an air conditioned place. (Assuming the AC works.) My days will be spent in a non-air conditioned classroom, or out on the non-air conditioned streets. We are touring the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, some hutongs, and the 798 Art District. I have been to all these places before so I have a fair idea of what I am in for. ;) 

There will likely be one or two "special" dinners and possibly a presentation to give towards the end. Apart from the outings, we will be in school all day and evening; it's a highly intensive program. 

I am bringing a small suitcase -- what used to be carry on size until they changed regulations. I will be gone for 2.5 weeks. I will not have laundry facilities except for hand washing in the sink and dry in the bathroom. I won't have privacy in my room (sharing, from what I understand). So I might feel awkward about hanging my things about. 

Here is what I've got so far (mostly in Finds; I'll post a list below for those who like words) -- let me know if you see obvious holes. 

Note: I also have a cropped denim jacket, 2 scarves, undies, several tank tops, PJs, a sun hat, and a rain jacket in bright pink. Plus some costume jewellery. 

Do I need more shoes? I only have two pair now. Should I bring a dressier (wedge) sandal, or my other low sandals for variety in case my feet start complaining? Or a more closed sneaker? 

A few possible outfit combos below. 


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WIW: For Canada Day...more blue than red

So, I had to give a reading in the park on Canada Day. And I didn't have anything really red to wear! Pathetic or what? Clearly I need to rectify that situation. In the meantime, here is what I wore, and let's say it's in honour of American Independence since it fits into today's ensemble theme. ;)