Wear only one grey

I have run into the competing greys issue again and again. Grey footwear -- as Una has remarked -- is especially hard. I have an almost orphaned pair of knee high grey boots, as a matter of fact. 

But Angie's first solution is a cinch. This is only a try-on. It is still too hot to wear this sweater. 

But here are my new NAS booties along with a Club Monaco sweater and the old BR cream jeans. 


Ask Angie: Should I order the blazer?

Angie, remember on the Boston meet up I tried on the Harper blazer from Club Monaco in light grey? The fit was excellent and your thumbs were way up. 

I decided to leave it in the store because Sveta and I knew I could get it for the same price in CAD (in other words, for less money). I also thought I would wait for it to go on sale. 

Well, as one of their continuing styles, I discovered that it almost never goes on sale. But it is on sale right now. 

I am tempted to order but am quarrelling with myself -- will I simply split wears with the Elie Tahari Taupe (or the Reiss blue), is it going to see enough wear? 

Jackets are crucial to my style, especially dressed down with denim. My very favourite outfits almost always seem to include great jeans and a great jacket.  Yet in the past year, I've reached more for cardigans, especially when working at home, where I seem to crave "cozy" in winter. On the other hand, I'm about to embark on a more "outside the home" life as I return to school. Several days a week I'll be in classrooms as student. I will also be teaching again this year. 

I currently own the Elie Tahari taupe (part of my suit), the Reiss navy, and the Trouve black jacket, as well as two leather jackets and two denim jackets. 

The price is very reasonable. 



My name is Suz...and I buy SHOES!

I am not much for end of season sales. It's true -- back when I was building a wardrobe, I did pick up a few good things at J. Crew's end of season sales. I suppose when you need everything, you can always find something. But once your basic needs are met, not so much. A mid-season knit refresher for our LOOOONG winters in January, a new dress or skirt in August for the last month or two of heat -- those I can manage. But that's about it. 

Except, apparently, when it comes to footwear. Because look what I brought home in the last couple of weeks! 

In my defence: 

1. Is a replacement for dressy shoes that did not stay on my feet. (One in-one-out.) 

2. Is a HEWI -- a simple, classic cognac sandal. 

3. Is also a replacement for a similar almond-toed flat that wore out. 

4. Is a low wedge Franco Sarto of infinite comfort (waving to CocoLion) in a practical, bookending, and nude-for-me taupe. A back up and next year's replacement for my Sofft gladiators, which -- true to form -- I wore into the ground after two months of heavy, heavy wear. 

Am I absolved? 


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Summer dates, mostly at home

Here's a recap of some summer "date night" outfits. Mr. Suz and I rarely go out in the evenings, except when we are travelling. But we still try to make sure we have a child-free supper once a week, and I like to get "dressed up" a bit when we do it. We also sometimes go out for lunch here in town; fewer people go out for lunch around here and we feel more private, less likely to bump into people we know. Plus, it's cheaper. ;) 

The first 7 outfits were all worn at home. The last 3 were worn out for lunch or for evening events (9). 

I realize that what counts as "dressed up" for me is still pretty casual to most.  ;) 

Most of these items are older. Only the dress in 3, the tank is 4, 5, 8 and 9, the skirt in 5 and the top in 10 are new this year. 

Getting dressed up for at home dinner is one of my favourite ways to have fun with fashion. It's also a safe way to debut a silhouette that might be new to me, an item I might not know how to style. And finally, it's a way to rescue closet orphans.

How about you? What are your favourite tricks to achieve these goals?


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August challenge: The Fails

Some of my Angie ensembles were fails. Alas. But I figure it's good to post the less successful outfits, too. So here goes. 

I absolutely loved the idea of the slogan tee with print bottoms and jacket. But the reality of the outfit wasn't so great. I would have liked it better with pants than shorts -- but apart from jeans, which felt too hot, I have no print pants right now. It was also too hot for the jacket but it didn't feel like an "outfit" without it. So I took the whole thing off before I went out, LOL. 

I did like the tee -- an Out of Print "library stamp" tee that I swiped from my DD. 

I don't know why I decided to try the olive ensembles when I have so little olive in my closet -- all I have is one pair of BF shorts. I did not enjoy them with the cobalt silk top (purchased for me at the London Ontario Costco 3 years ago by the lovely Sveta). Maybe because the cobalt is more "royal" than cobalt or maybe silk and army green just felt like too much of a juxtaposition to me. 

Then there was olive and espadrilles. Not only do I only have one item in olive, but I don't own espadrilles. So I wore a straw stretch belt as a sub. Did not like this -- way too casual/ boyish for me. 

Finally, we have denim shorts, interesting top, and a hat. This felt downright ridiculous, so again, I didn't go out in it. The hat is not exactly current but it is sentimental. It belonged to my late sister in law -- one of her baldness-covering hats. She was bald due to the chemo. 

Ironically, the version that worked better was an impromptu one in a truck stop during my trip. My brother and I both found hats.  :)  But we didn't bring them home with us. Too bad. 


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Hair thoughts?

I'm getting my hair cut next week and wonder if anybody has a fresh idea for me. I've been wearing it with this asymmetrical fringe for several years (since 2011) and I'm getting a bit tired of it. Having said that, on the positive side, it's a super easy style for me and I do like it. I have varied it a bit by changing the length and sometimes (rarely) switching the part to the other side. It has been more or less textured at various times, but it does require texturizing because my hair is super thick. 

Angie suggested a pink streak last winter but I didn't go for it. I don't think I want to do that this year, either. 

I want to keep it short. But I'm feeling bereft of ideas. So if you have an image you like, please post!