Zara Tops: K/R

I know, I know. You must be thinking, will this woman's madness never end? The thing is, when you're placing an order anyway, you might as well throw in a few extras just in case, right? No harm in trying....

So. Two tops up for review. 

First, yet another Japanese inspired print. I tried it because it was high necked, short sleeved, and high-low -- something I'd been looking for. 

1-2 Just showing top
3-6 -- some possible stylings, as per Angie's blog post this week -- try it with what's in the closet: kimono and wedges; tucked into TR Camerons, worn with Leith pants, a little pattern mixing attempt with some shorts. 

7-8  Another top I ordered in my search for the event top should I wear my pantsuit. This one seemed pretty flimsy and not great when I took it out of the box and I almost wasn't going to show it. But then I wondered, when I looked at the photo. I don't own anything remotely like it, and it might serve really well on our hottest days. I thought it was too sheer to wear without a cami, but it doesn't seem like it from the photo. If I'm wrong and it is too sheer, it's going back immediately -- not point in it. 

ETA: I notice that the little hanger loop is sticking out -- sorry about that! Was trying on in a rush. 

Sorry, I can't show it with the full suit because the pants are being altered. 

I think I want to keep my purchase of Asian print items to two, with the possible exception of the blue kimono which if I keep could be an extra, since I think it's really a different type of piece -- more an investment in occasion wear, if that makes any sense -- whereas the other things are for wearing now and wearing often in my everyday life. I'm not saying that I'd never wear the blue kimono every day, but if I'm honest, it is harder to style and I just wouldn't reach for it as much, whereas the others are easy. 

Thanks for your thoughts and insights! 


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K/R: More kimono & jacket stylings

Here I go again, prevailing on patience! There's more after this, too -- a few tops also snuck into that Zara shopping cart. 

I have decided to wear (or at least bring) my vintage black kimono to the gala if I wear the sheath. So there is no need to buy any of these items. 

However, I think there is room in the budget for one or two of them, should they seem like good additions to the wardrobe. 

1-4: Blue Chinoiserie jacket. With my True Religions (and that ridiculously expensive Club Monaco shell that I clearly had a need for and am keeping) plus some leopard; with a tube skirt and top (blues might not be good here -- just experimenting); with my slouchy skinnies; and with my J. Crew linen shirt for some pattern mixing. I have about a million options for this one; works with pretty much everything in the closet. 

5-9: Blue silk kimono. With tube skirt and white shell; with a column of white; with a few denim options. My concern with this one is whether it overwhelms. The sleeves feel a bit on the long side. It only comes in one size. 

11-15: Cream poly kimono. This one is obviously less expensive than the silk. Showing with a few obvious options; I think it could work with quite a bit more due to the colour mix. This one does not feel oversized because it comes in my size -- so the bottoms of the lapel area (not sure what to call it) seems to fall right at my hip, etc. In other words, when I am wearing it, I don't feel like I'm wearing a bathrobe. Which I do to a tiny but not deal-breaking extent with the silk. 

Again, I do not have to keep a single one of these. And I don't want to keep any if they are not genuinely useful additions to my wardrobe.  Would love your thoughts! And thank you!! 


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Which Topper for the Sheath: Decision made (at bottom)

Maybe I should be posting a proper K/R with some other stylings first but I thought perhaps we could rule something in or out right off the bat here by showing with the sheath dress. 

If I were to wear the dress to the gala, which topper? 

1-3 Zara blue kimono. It is made of silk (with a polyester lining...oy) and has a gather at the back. 

4-5 Zara cream kimono. It is made of polyester (not lined) and has a sort of diigital looking print. 

6-7  Zara blue Chinoiserie jacket. A silky polyester, lined. 

8-9  My vintage Biba kimono -- polyester. 

I have more stylings for the Zara items in another post but it might have to wait until tomorrow. 

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and opinions! 


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Side by side: 2 jackets

I have gone a little crazy with my Zara order. Forgive me, this is the first of a number of posts, and for this I must post and run...have to feed my step-daughter's kitties for her and then meet a friend before deluging you with kimono and other photos. 

But here are two Zara jackets -- the one I tried first and the one I tried second. Same cut, same outfit -- different colour and pattern. Which one do you like best? 

Yay for blue. 
Nay for cream. 

Thank you! 


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WIMW: White denim & pattern mix

Is this a weird combination? Or is it okay? 

I have yet to cut the tags on this jacket. It's more yellow in tone than I usually go, yet somehow I don't think it looks awful. Am I deluding myself? I would really prefer to have one of Ceit's kimonos -- but those are sold out again. And I have so much blue in my wardrobe that it seemed it might make sense to try something a little different. 

Angie, thank you for encouraging me to keep the top. (The BR textured MadMen shell from the store.) It's easy to wear and I am enjoying it. 100% cotton, too. 


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Top Shopping

Once again, apologies for hogging the forum. This is the last one for today, I promise! 

And it may be moot, because given the love for my new sheath dress, maybe I should wear that and be done with it! It would certainly be the easier option, even if new footwear is required. 

Anyway. Thanks for all your expert help with the fuchsia suit and the footwear for my occasion. 

Alas, the battle is not yet over, for I still need a top to wear with said suit -- unless I am to go topless. 

 Several of you have already offered suggestions, for which I thank you. I have followed up on some. Others were unworkable because the item wasn't available in my size, wasn't available in Canada (or couldn't be obtained quickly enough) or wasn't the right style for me. I don't wear scoops or wide or deep Vs or deep cowls; I know some of you asked me to show a little skin, but honestly, Angie will back me up on this. It's not really a question of modesty (though I am relatively modest). 

It's more out of figure flattery concerns. The neckline that would look elegant and pretty on someone more generously endowed or with a shorter neck and/ or longer hair looks distinctly unappealing on me -- particularly as I age.  I don't want to make people think about cadavers instead of caviar as we sip the champagne, if you get my drift. 

Let me share with you what I've done, discovered, and attempted thus far. Please note, pants are not yet altered in these photos (or IRL, either!) But I am hiking them up a bit in some pics. 

Brick and mortar: Exhausted all options in home city including consignment.  Found nothing. 

Spent 1.5 hours power shopping at Yorkdale and hit all the usual suspects. Tried on numerous shells of various kinds -- none fit properly. 


The Bay, RW&Co, AllSaints, Le Chateau: Strike out.  

Inge suggested that one and I'd already ordered it beforehand. But alas…it is terribly itchy, shows my bra straps, and hangs too low with its high low hem in the back. I couldn't even bear to wear it long enough to take a photo!! Back it goes. 

Pic #1 says it all. 

There is another Zara top I liked but which is not yet available. 

Ditto for J. Crew, where this looked promising but won't ship until too late:

Club Monaco: 

Pic #2, 3, 4.

 Hubby liked this one, but he has not seen the rather astronomical price tag for what is essentially a T shirt. Having said that, it's a very comfy T shirt and I quite enjoyed wearing it for my various try-ons with shorts, etc. 

Pics #5- 10  

This one is a sort of camo print with sequins. Absolutely gorgeous diaphonous thing. But -- needs a cami. If worn without a jacket, the cami shows from the side, which seems sort of tacky. Also, it is very expensive. 

I've also ordered this AT silk shell. 

A kind YLF friend offered to get it for me and forward so I don't have the astronomical shipping fee. My hesitation with this generally well-reviewed top is that a few people say it runs big. In which case it may not fit. In fact, not a single AT shell fit me properly the other day and I tried on many in smaller sizes than the one that is on my way. So I really have my doubts.  Others say it is very sheer; also not fab. It's possible that if it arrives in time I could have it altered. 

Banana Republic: What I may order. http://bananarepublic.gapcanad.....=558278003  (Maybe too sweet?) 

 I also found a couple of potential options online at Mango. What is their quality like? Anybody know? 

On the other hand, I could stop searching for now, and simply go with the dress. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome, and again, thanks for reading this far!


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K/R & Review: Club Monaco Grace shorts

Here are the Club Monaco Grace shorts up for review! 

In my regular size, there is about 3/4 inch of slouch at the crotch; I have a long rise, so there would be more slouch on someone with a short rise. There is plenty of fabric all around the thigh area, and the fabric itself is absolutely divine -- an Italian tropical weight wool that feels just beautiful and drapes nicely. The fit feels looser than it looks in the pics, but I would call it a roomy tailored fit vs. oversize. There are slant pockets on the side, but they do not obtrude or stick out over my hips. (For reference, my shape is midway between slim hourglass and rectangle and my curves are on the bottom.) 

They are much longer on me than on the model (no surprise) so I have inexpertly pinned them. I don't know if this is the right length. 

Styled a couple of potential ways. Zara print jacket is also a K/R from my other thread. 

Thanks for your views, and hope this helps anyone considering them. They are currently on sale and at the sale price I would call them a super bargain for Club Monaco. 


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Nicole Miller sheath and K/R Zara jacket

I fear I'm about to become a major forum hog today; I have a bunch of stuff to show, some related to my upcoming formal occasion. Thanks  in advance for your patience! 

As you know, I've now pretty much decided that I would like to wear the fuchsia silk suit to my event in two weeks. But that is assuming the pants can be properly altered, and I can find a top that works. That might sound relatively easy, but believe me,  it's a story for another post. 

In the meantime, the day I got the invitation to the event, I found this Nicole Miller sheath dress at Nordstrom's. I asked Angie what she thought, and it turns out it's the very same dress that she owns in a different colour!   I took that as a big thumbs up! 

By some miracle, they had it only in my size, and it was on massive sale. A kind YLF friend offered to have it sent to her and then forward it to me. It has arrived, and it is a beauty! There is no K/R on this because even if I do not wear it to the gala, I have wanted a LND for a long time. And I'm sure that this is my dressy one. (I also have my casual Ralph Lauren navy knit sheath). The tags are OFF! 

The dress is made of stretch linen. It is body con (obviously!) but extremely comfortable and I feel easy, relaxed, and supremely comfortable in it. It fits and feels about 500 times better than any of the dresses I tried on in Calgary. 

I hope it meets your approval. 

I am showing it with a Zara jacket that I had also ordered to try as a potential topper, as well as several other potential toppers. Please let me know if you think any of these work, and if so, which would be best for the occasion. (Cocktails and dinner/ award ceremony in a beautiful Art Deco room.) 

Thank you! 

1-5: The dress! 

6-9 with Zara cropped printed jacket. Made of some silky polyester fabric.

10-11 with silk jacket

12: with BR peplum jacket

13 with black kimono


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Oh, 'dem golden slippers

A few days ago, en route to my mother's, I got a couple of hours to power shop at Yorkdale for my upcoming gala. The goal? To find a pair of gold shoes that would not be as "cheap looking" (Mr. Suz's provisional verdict about my RW&Co. specials) and a top to wear under the fuchsia suit. 

More tip top tales to follow, tomorrow. 

In the meantime, let me report on the footwear. 

I sought them here, I sought them there. 
My friends, I sought them everywhere. 
Were they in Davids or were they in Holts? 
Those peerless slippers made of gold. 

Guess what? 

I saw the Jimmy Choos. I saw the Kate Spades. I even saw the Manolo Blahniks. 

Along with a few other, less expensive varieties. 

And here was the thing. There were a number of sandals, none of which I much liked the look of. There were a number of glittery pumps, but most had peeptoes or high platforms or seemed clunky in some way; a couple had 5 inch heels, which is just going too high for me. I saw no pointy toed gold pumps at all on the sales floors. (They did exist in a few other colours, mostly nude, which could potentially have worked, but felt less festive.) 

The verdict? I'm keeping the ones I have. 

If you ask me, this falls under Angie's blog post today. And reminds me, once again, to leave no retail stone unturned. 

Oh, and Mr. Suz? Well, it turns out that he thought the pricey ones looked cheaper than the less expensive ones I got. And I had to agree with him! 


WIW: Kimono goes to the theatre

Why did I never see what a great summer topper this could be? Perfect against the air conditioning. Thanks, Angie! Since your post I have ready worn it twice.

Wearing with the Vince Camuto tube skirt and Loft peplum top. Angie recommended VC pumps and new RL bag.


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