Everlane items up for review

I put in an order to Everlane and some of the items arrived. I'm showing two sale shirts and the Gardener jean.

The Gardener jean is a repeat from last year. I had my eye on it then but did not order. It's a wide leg crop with utility stitching, in a heavy non stretch denim. I ordered my usual size and it is TTS.

Pros -- lovely thick denim, interesting detailing, good cropped length.
Cons -- none, really -- except for me, the back rise is not quite high enough so I am getting that wedgie feeling. This happens sometimes with high rise jeans and me. A size up might have solved it, but then it would have been large in the waist. I am sitting in them for half an hour to see if it relaxes enough (this often fixes the issue) but at the moment, I'm inclined to return and see if I can get a pair of the Anthro Colettes instead, since I know those are very comfy for me. It's just hard to know if I can source them since they closed the Vancouver store and I don't think they deliver to Canada. 

I also tried two shirts on sale. One is the Box shirt (in slate) and the other is the Way Short shirt (which is not way short on me, only shortish, LOL) in a grey stripe. 

I really like both shirts. They could use a pressing, as you can see, but both are lovely fabric. The Box shirt is a crisp poplin that stands away from the body and will be great for summer. Except for the top button, the buttons are hidden under a placket, which gives it a dressier feel.

The Way Short shirt is in a very soft lightweight cotton that will also be fantastic in summer heat and offers sun coverage and won't show the wrinkles much. 

I am inclined to keep both shirts. Summer tops are always an issue for me and I never seem to have enough, so I'm sure they will get good use. 

I also bought the well-reviewed transit backpack, but I think I am returning it as well. I have another pack from Bellroy that is not as large but does serve a similar function and is less large. I thought I might like this better than a tote bag for upcoming travel, but I'm not convinced. Maybe I need to put my stuff in it to see. If anyone has one of these and can speak to it, I'm all ears. 

Please excuse the spotty mirrors and bad lighting! Clearly I need to get to work! As always, I would welcome your thoughts. These purchases break my long no-buy spell from November and it is fun to be planning for spring! 

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  • Olive Green replied 4 months ago

    The box shirt and the gardener jeans look better on you than the model. That is a good sign!

  • Dee replied 4 months ago

    Those  2 tops are so darling on you, definite keepers for all the reasons you explained. Gardener jeans look so good too, but such a shame that the wedgie aspect could become  the deal breaker for them. I guess only time will tell.

  • Angie replied 4 months ago

    KILLER shirts! As good worn out and semi-tucked. LOVE them on you, Suz. Easy, on trend, and chic :) 

    What a pity about the gardener jeans. Soooo stinking cute on you :( That said, if you were shopping with me, FWIW, we would be trying a size up. JUST to be sure. These jeans look good roomy. My Way-High Jeans are roomy too. 

  • Irina replied 4 months ago

    Oh, too bad about jeans. Love them on you. 

    Both shirts look fantastic on you. 

  • Brooklyn replied 4 months ago

    The shirts look great, especially with the collar popped. I like the jeans too. It’s a shame that they are not the one.

  • Suz replied 4 months ago

    Thanks for the comments -- very helpful!

    So the sitting definitely helped. They are actually the same cut and size as my Mariner jeans. So I'm debating.

    My other option would be to order the Gap Stride Right Ankle jean. I *love* the ones I got last year in the acid wash. But they are petite -- and the current ones don't come in short or petite on the Canadian site. So I might have to shorten.

    I tried to collect the Gap jeans but it wouldn't work on the US or Canadian site. :(. Will do a custom find later for them, but anyway, they come in darker washes and also in white. 

  • Janet replied 4 months ago

    Love the shirts and would be tempted by them myself as I have steered a bit away from tees in the summer.

    The jeans are cute but I love the Anthro ones on you, so yeah, I can see how this is not an easy answer, with the wedgie issue.

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 4 months ago

    The two shirts are winners, and the jeans look super fab, too, but only you can tell about those. 
    I have the Transit backpack and really liked it for my trip to Spain last month. I carried it on the plane and train. For sightseeing I used a matching Transit fanny pack, worn across the chest. I understand your point about the backpack being fairly large. If you don't load it up too much, it is lightweight, though, and I liked that I could stash my long lightweight raincoat in it, along with food, water bottle, book, etc. for the flights. It sounds like you have another one already that you like, though!

  • Suz replied 4 months ago

    Sharan, thank you so much for that intel. That is exactly how I imagined using it -- as a hold-all for my stuff when out and about on the trip, and also, to be honest, Mr. Suz's stuff, too -- I always get saddled by it (literally!) when we are travelling because he won't carry a bag and I thought, well, if I have to do this, a lightweight and light coloured bag might be just the ticket. Hmmm. I think I will load it up and deliberate on it. 

    I haven't made the decision about the jeans. Still thinking. Will put them on again tomorrow. I certainly love my Everlane Mariner jeans and they are the same basic cut except full length (on me). 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 4 months ago

    You're welcome. A couple of things I like about the backpack, besides the urban style of it: spot for a waterbottle on the outside, but also the inside. (Either could work for an umbrella, too.) And you can stash stuff inside, under the flap, where it's more difficult for someone to pickpocket. But I deliberated long and hard over it because of the size, and searched online, looking at lots of other options (most were a lot more expensive; I think I got mine on Black Friday sale).

    It occurs to me that the backpack is one Mr. Suz could carry, too--you could take turns! :)

  • Suz replied 4 months ago

    Haha, Sharan, I thought of that, too!! I can show him the photo of a guy carrying it! 

    Actually, he has a man-bag that he does sometimes use, but it is heavy leather and doesn't hold a lot. And despite my ongoing efforts he has not agreed to try any other (more practical) style. Sigh....

    I ordered the GAP jeans to try. If they work as well, I may just send the Everlane's back. But I will keep the shirts, at minimum. 

  • Vicki replied 4 months ago

    I like the way you think these through and the jeans and two tops look amazing on you.  The striped shirt is really interesting and both seem like keepers since once is LS and one SS.

    Re:  the jeans, are the Anthro Collettes softer and more comfortable due to material fabrication or the back rise you mentioned?  (I'll look at your previous posts to see if I see them.)

    I like a soft feel to my denim and not too thick, which may have something to do with living in California.  Still love the softness of my AG denim, but they are skinnies so an update is due.  Although I bought these online, I find an in-person tactile connection is essential as even with one brand, like AG, one style can be rougher and thicker and less soft and smooth.

    Hope your transit backpack vs. tote is an easy decision once you fill it and try it out.  Like Sharan, I've been using a waist belt/fanny pack, worn at my waist, and love the convenience when shopping and walking, getting my steps in and a place for iPhone storage, along with a mini-journal and pen.

  • Runcarla replied 4 months ago

    Both shirts are great, but the striped one is great-er :-)

  • Angie replied 4 months ago

    Suz, remind me, are you going to try the Way High Curve Jeans too?

    Glad the Gardener Jeans are stretching to the right fit. 

    Is this the right link for the Gap Stride Right Ankle Jean? It looks wonderful too! They come in petite :)  (The collector is broken, I'm afraid).  


  • Jaime replied 3 months ago

    Just going by the look of things, I say keep it all! I hope the jeans stretch a bit. The shirts are made for you! Bag sounds useful. Basically very good back to shopping picks!

  • Suz replied 3 months ago

    Angie, it's the link to the US site, yes -- but no petite in Canada this year in the darker wash. I have a light wash version from last year. I ordered them in white and in blue -- petite in white, regular in blue, since no petite available here at the moment. We'll see how they turn out. I love the light wash version from last year and wore them constantly. 

    And yes, I've ordered the Way HIgh Curve jean but it won't arrive until early April because they were waiting for restocking. So I might go for the less expensive GAP wide legs and return the Everlane Gardener jean, while hoping that the Curve also works. 

    Jaime, Vicki, Carla -- thank you! Vicki -- I don't own Colettes in denim but I have a pair in red velvet that I adore!  Several other forum members have the denim Colette, though. I think it comes in a number of different washes and fabrications. It makes sense you'd prefer a lighter weight denim, being in California! I prefer that for the summer months also. But I also like a good sturdy denim. 

  • Bonnie replied 3 months ago

    Shirts and jeans all look great on you. I'm really drawn to the striped one and the Way Short style will be perfect for me, too.

  • Angie replied 3 months ago

    My mistake, Suz! You mentioned the lack of petites on the CA Gap site, and that the Way-High Curve jeans were on back order. 

    *slaps forehead*

    And since I'm replacing jeans that are on their last legs - I've ordered the Gap jeans too. On sale for $47! Can't hurt to try on your good recommendation ;) 

  • Helena replied 3 months ago

    These look great Suz ... I am so impressed with my Everlane tees so great to hear reviews of other pieces, as it does feel like a bit of a commitment to purchase from them given *waves hands at the idea of being Canadian* :D

    I imagine these shirts will be summer workhorses - I especially love the light blue because it just feels SO fresh for spring! (but both are fab!)

  • lyn67 replied 3 months ago

    Love the shirts, clueless about the jeans.

  • unfrumped replied 3 months ago

    Shirts are great on you!

    I wish I could find my perfect no- iron shirt. I wear button- front shirts a lot, but for travel I can’t make peace with the wrinkles, especially if have to wash & dry again. I have one Talbot’s Perfect Shirt ( haha) and it comes out beautifully, but the style isn’t as relaxed as I want for a super versatile button- front, and it doesn’t work size up due to front darts. There are several other brands with no- iron shirts, but it’s laborious to prefer, try, return.

    You can really rock the wide- leg jeans. I have trouble getting waist- hip fit in denim when it needs to be roomy. Either wedgie/ crotch issues or baggy rear & waist. Works better with drapier fabrics.

    Looking forward to Gap options— still have a Gap here!

  • jasmine replied 3 months ago

    Was just about to type the exact same thing that Olive Green wrote!

  • Kyle replied 3 months ago

    Gosh, Suz, you have never looked better and should be an Everlane model. No one wears a button up as well as you! Will be interested to see what you decide about the jeans! 

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