NZ Fabbers: Bresley footwear?

What can you tell me about these shoes? I saw samples of the brand for the first time yesterday and am curious. I did not have time to try on. 

This shop in a small town just north of where I live had a small selection. They are shoes with personality. 

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  • Jenni NZ replied 8 months ago

    I have a feeling they’re more Australian than NZ but could be wrong. If they’re Australian I would suspect they are from the ubiquitous Munro Footwear Group which looks to me to own almost every brand! I mentioned them on Janet’s sandals thread.
    I have seen Bresley in one of my fave local shoe shops called Mischief Shoes and have tried some on but not bought. I would think they would be a good and reliable brand.

  • LJP replied 8 months ago

    Those are kind of neat - I could be talked into the Riggle sling backs .

  • Jenni NZ replied 8 months ago

    OK, looks like I am wrong, they are NZ not Aussie, although one of the pairs in your link looks remarkably like a Django and Juliette pair which is Aussie. I found a site that said Bresley were “designed right here in NZ”. They will be made in China like so many :( I am sad about the demise of our shoe manufacturers.

  • Angie replied 8 months ago

    New to me brand, and those look lovely, Suz

  • Sal replied 8 months ago

    I haven't got any of their footwear but have seen it - there are one or two local places that have stocked it. I think it is a good quality product. I like their designs too.

  • Suz replied 8 months ago

    Thanks, Sal and Jenni. I might go back and try them on. They felt quite high quality and the price was surprisingly reasonable in CAD> 

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