WIW: Because great minds...and all that


My jeans may not be boyfriends, but I am wearing them rolled, BF style -- and they are Kut from the Kloth. (Angie is spot on about the quality of the denim.) Plus, they are white.

My shirt may not be plaid, but it is checked. 

My booties may not be stunningly gorgeous Prada chelsea boots (be still, my beating heart!!!) but they are super comfy plush and the dark red of the season. 

This is my early fall uniform, too. And it is what I wore yesterday! 

And beside it, today's variation. 


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  • O replied 5 years ago

    Great minds, great outfits. I especially love #1. Autumn (Fall) always makes me fall in love with the button ups all over again.

  • Beth Ann replied 5 years ago

    Beautifully done, Suz!  I've not worn my booties yet.  I find them very warm, which is great come true winter, but it feels odd to have hot feet in September!

    Love the light colored outfit with deeper accents.

  • Neel replied 5 years ago

    And nailed it! :). 1 is my absolute favorite! I am loving the red accents with the black and white. White jeans makes everything look so perfect!

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Beth Ann, my feet are usually the first parts of me that get chilly. It is cool enough in the mornings for these here. Later this afternoon it might be too hot if I am outdoors. 

    I love the J. Crew tux shirts so much I ordered this one at the super special sale price -- I just could not resist. I suspect I will wear it more than the white one. I already wear the blue one more than I wear the white. 

  • kellygirl replied 5 years ago

    Perfection! Love your outfit. Just as polished as Angie! So nice :)

  • Elizabeth P replied 5 years ago

    Oh, wonderful!  I had not seen Angie's post (so behind....) but I think I will do something similar very soon.  Not quite ready for booties :)

    I htink my favourite of these is the second, I love how you bookended the booties with your sweater.  But both are fab.

  • celia replied 5 years ago

    Great minds indeed :)
    You look perfect in both outfits.

  • jackiec replied 5 years ago

    Ah Suz, great minds indeed! You look just as great! I love the cranberry boots paired with this. All this plaid & check talk is inspiring me to leap into the plaid waters. So sharp paired with white - well done :)

  • viva replied 5 years ago

    Oh, I have been eyeing that checked Thomas Mason tux shirt for months. I love it on you, Suz -- and what a brilliant way to "do" this season's plaid. (Ah, the penny drops!)

    I'm on the lookout for new booties in Seattle, and I would be so happy to find dark red ones. I love the fun drama they add to your casual outfits.

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    Yay for a great uniform! This looks comfortable and polished. I'm inspired to try something similar. I'm wanting to wear button down shirts again that have been ignored for knits.

  • dianne replied 5 years ago

    Love your outfits Suz!!  How does the J Crew shirt fit? I am looking at it onlline right now.

  • Alassë replied 5 years ago

    How fun that you're almost twins with Angie. :)

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    Wow! I just love that tux shirt in gingham. Great minds think alike indeed - this is a fabulous take on Angie's uniform. The sparkly belt is a great touch and parallels Angie's studded one. And they might not be Angie's Pradas but your red booties are smashing here Suz!

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Fabulous bookending Suz, and an ideal work from home outfit formula. On trend, pulled together, versatile, easy and comfy. I've noticed you quite like scarves these days. Good for you. Perhaps you need a burgundy belt? 

    I have been eyeing that gingham tux shirt for years. It will be mine one of these days too. You wear it to perfection. xo

  • Quietgirl replied 5 years ago

    Love this, Suz! Sent you a PM

  • catgirl replied 5 years ago

    You look fantastic.  No white jeans for me in fall, as it has been raining for days straight. 

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Thanks, all!

    Dianne, the J. Crew shirt has a boxy but comfortable fit. I take my regular J. Crew size. 

    Angie, I am not so crazy about scarves. BUT....if I am wearing a shirt without a collar, I need them for the warmth. It is as simple as that. 

    And yes, I DO need a burgundy belt!!! 

  • Mona replied 5 years ago

    Are these two shirts part of your new JCrew haul? AH-mazing!

  • replied 5 years ago

    You look super cute in both!  Love that J Crew shirt - a lot.  You look gorgeous in white - no doubt about it.  And I think I might even like the cranberry boots here more than I do cognac.  What boots are these?

  • Eliza replied 5 years ago

    Great looks and a wonderful solution to cold neck syndrome.  Love what you do to make fresh and crisp casual, Suz.

    Angie-  love that burgundy belt suggestion.  It is a hole in my accessory list as well. 

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Mona, that's correct....my latest J. Crew haul...

    and Eliza, I am with you on the burgundy belt hunt!!

  • replied 5 years ago

    Both looks are heavenly on you Suz. I adore the burgundy bootie. I must wear mine! I never thought of trying them with white jeans.. duh!

  • Caro in Oz replied 5 years ago

    Great minds & great outfits - YLF Suz :) :)

  • K. Period. replied 5 years ago

    Suz, both these look great! I actually like #2 better than #1, and I'm a super fan of gingham, so you know both are fab in my eyes! 

  • UmmLila replied 5 years ago

    J Crew burgundy belt. Just in case you needed to shop there more. I have. I like. I would like even better if it was a little wider.

    You look great, btw. I love the red booties.

  • pil replied 5 years ago

    Crisp and fabulous!

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Ha! Thank, Ummlila. I think.... (looks guiltily at charge card...)

  • Firecracker replied 5 years ago

    I like both versions, Suz. Do your glasses match you booties?!? So pretty! I love the silver belt in 1, too.

  • Vicki replied 5 years ago

    Love the way your mind works, along with your writing, and your Suz-style version of Angie's signature autumn uniform.  I'm admiring your silver metallic belt, which I now want to add when I wear my Gap checked shirt.  Your booties (are they burgundy?) look similar in shape to your Report ones, with that cute little dip in the front.

  • Karie replied 5 years ago

    Gorgeous outfits! You and J.Crew - perfect together! I am going to have to try those button-down tux shirts - I do love a nice button-down.

  • SarahTheWhite replied 5 years ago

    Wow. Just... Wow. Love both of these!

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