WIMW: Balloon jeans and linen

I ordered these M&S balloon jeans weeks ago and they finally arrived, along with a linen shirt. 

Tried them on quickly to see if they will work. 

The verdict: yes! I like the fabrication -- and the olive is a nice change for me from blue. The length is perfect. The waist is a bit snug but I think it will give and I am also up a few pounds on account of being laid up with an injury all winter. 

The linen shirt is wrinkled from the bag, but it's quite lovely. The background is ink, not black. The fit is nice and neat without being too close. 

I'm actually tempted to order these in the grey if they still have them in my size. I got the "short" and they work in my usual UK size (ordering in Canada). 

My apologies for the awful backlit photos -- now that I have a mirror, I see it is in precisely the wrong place for taking decent pics! All the light comes from the windows behind. I'll have to come up with another option...

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  • pil replied 9 months ago

    Oh, I like those! They are something I would pass just seeing them on the model, but on you they look great!

  • Jenni NZ replied 9 months ago

    Those look great Suz! And very pretty top. Your hair looks a different colour- is it just the light? It looks more blonde and less silver.

  • Scarlet replied 9 months ago

    Agree with pil, I would pass based on the model, but this looks super cute on you. Love the shirt too.

    ETA: Sorry to hear you have been layed up :(

  • Ledonna N. replied 9 months ago

    Pil I agree with you they look unflattering on the model

    I love them on you Suz and the olive is great Side note  you are breathtakingly beautiful

  • lisa p replied 9 months ago

    Nice pants - really like the shape - and pretty blouse ! How was ordering / shipping etc from M&S?

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    KILLER x2.

    I'm loving the look, Suz! Wave to Debbie who has the same top pick balloon pants. Must try to get the grey!

    SOOO fun and pretty.  Equal parts trendy and classic :) - REFRESHED. 

    I wear my own jeans a little loser - is that maybe a fit you would entertain too? Would you go up a size, or would that feel too baggy? 

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Hi, all --

    Angie, I might go up a size but I feel they'd be too loose. These are called "slim balloon" jeans, so maybe it is just that they are a little less exaggerated in shape? Not sure. The waist is a big snug but nowhere else is snug. Since there is no in person try on and I'm bound to drop a few pounds, I hesitate to go lower for now. 

    Lisa, ordering from M&S was a cinch, but it took forever to come. I placed the order weeks ago and they were asking me to review it and I hadn't received it. But things do take longer to get to the Island. 

    Aww, Ledonna, you are way too kind. 

    Thanks, Scarlet, Pil, and Jenni. Hair is just the same, Jenni -- still all silver. But the light from the window and a slight yellow cast on the wall and green outside may have made it look a bit blonde. Like I said, my light this morning for pics was awful! 

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    Makes sense, and these might stretch a little too. My own balloon jeans are more exaggerated and baggier - you are right! 

  • Murph11 replied 9 months ago

    Double win on your M&S order! Love the print of the blouse, and I'm sure both will work well with your wardrobe.

  • Aquamarine replied 9 months ago

    These look great on you! I haven’t really liked the balloon jeans trend but I could change my mind after seeing these.

    Very pretty blouse, too.

  • LaPed replied 9 months ago

    OMG, I love both pieces! Dark floral and olive? Yes, please. I'm quite tempted to order the grey myself. 

    I think balloon jeans are a similar fit for you and me. Larger thighs relative to waist and hips means the balloon-i-ness of them is less dramatic, and they'll never look quite as roomy on the upper leg as they do on the models. My experience with this style, being all-cotton, is that they relax a lot with wear too, so you probably don't want to size up. 

  • slim cat replied 9 months ago

    Great finds! Love the blouse- so pretty on you! I like the fit of jeans in that size - more figure flattering with a bit of curves showing ;) .

  • smittie replied 9 months ago

    Love this style of pant on you, Suz.
    Great shirt too.

  • rachylou replied 9 months ago

    Just fantastic, Suz!

  • unfrumped replied 9 months ago

    Those are so cute!
    I do think I kind the less exaggerated version- it seems easier to work into wardrobe though may not get as much trend- rave.
    It’s just a little like BF jeans, in a way- though they’re wide, the balloon style ankle reins them in , and creates some associations with one’s ankles and feet.

  • replied 9 months ago

    The pants look great on you, and that top print is gorgeous!

  • Roxanna replied 9 months ago

    Gosh, you rock those jeans!! And the color seems dead right for you. That beautiful top remind me of your J crew Cotton 2 piece...

  • Jaime replied 9 months ago

    Love these and am tempted by the grey too! Combination of olive green and bright florals is right up my alley!

  • Brooklyn replied 9 months ago

    These are great. The balloon effect is quite subtle. I’m tempted!

    The top looks fantastic too.

    I hope your knee is improving. Mine is about 90% back to normal but the last 10% is proving very stubborn.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Brooklyn, I am SO with you on the knee. I had to do some weeding this afternoon and oh boy, my knee is NOT happy about it. I can walk (a lot). I can jump. I can hopscotch and hike. What I can't do, apparently, is spend any time kneeling. Lesson learned. 

    I hope you continue to improve. I guess healing just takes longer at this age. My age being greater than yours, maybe you'll be a bit luckier! 

    Yes, the balloon effect is quite moderate on these. Note I ordered the short or petite. They are a teeny bit short in the rise but I have a long rise, and I'm pretty sure they will relax. I'm going to wear them tomorrow and see. If I like them enough, I'll order the grey pair. The price is right. 

    I would say they fit pretty TTS. 

    unfrumped, I agree, they are a bit like a BF style in a way -- the nipped in ankle gives them structure. A narrow ankle is always good on me. And LaPed, you're so right -- with my bum and thighs they would never be loose in those areas! Well, actually, these are loose in the thigh but they are snug on bum and hip and waist, then loose all the way down to ankle. But they are a comfy style for me because not thigh sucking. 

  • Debbie replied 9 months ago

    Waving to my jean twin. I have the blue jeans and I am thinking about ordering the olive. They look great on you! They are very comfortable.

  • Joy replied 9 months ago

    What a cheerful lovely outfit. You will enjoy wearing this linen pairing on your warmer days.

  • Mirjana replied 9 months ago

    Beautiful outfit Suz. I like olive jeans, very elegant and fit you perfect. Enjoy!

  • Sally replied 9 months ago

    I'd never heard of balloon pants but they are a nice style.  The olive looks great with the floral print.  

  • Jessikams replied 9 months ago

    I love the balloon cut! Pants that taper at ankle work great for my thick legs and I believe you feel your legs to be “athletic” too. Joggers often don’t give enough space for my calves, but balloon pants seem to be cut just slightly bigger.

  • RobinF replied 9 months ago

    Both pieces look great to me. Love the balloon shape and the colors of the shirt. 

  • Style Fan replied 9 months ago

    These look great on you, Suz.  I am tempted to order them for myself.  I was worried about the process of ordering from M & S, but it sounds like it was fine.

  • Helena replied 9 months ago

    Love this Suz! A sort of subtle version of the silhouette that works beautifully with your modern classic style.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    For Canadians - Ordering from M&S Canada is a breeze. NO problem at all. The only problem for me was slow delivery. But they did warn deliveries might be slower than average, and it always takes longer for items to arrive on the Island, for obvious reasons. I think if you live in a larger metropolitan centre, delivery would be quicker. 

    I agree -- this is a subtle version of the silhouette, which probably works better on my short frame. I'll keep you posted on how they work out! 

  • Irina replied 9 months ago

    Thank you, Suz for the info on M&S.
    You look great, btw, love these jeans on you and the shirt is just perfect. 

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    No problem ordering from M&S from the US either. VERY good service with DHL. 

  • Minaminu replied 9 months ago

    Great find and super hairstyle! Both blouse and trousers fits you beautifully and it seems that M&S is on a great strike, I noticed that the quality of garnements and sryle seems to have improved this year, they even purchased Jaeger (well known english heritage brand that went in liquidation a while ago)

  • Xtabay replied 9 months ago

    I love, love, love these!  Gorgeous look for you, Suz.

  • MsMary replied 9 months ago

    I ordered those jeans in blue denim and they were perfect in every way except the waist. I had a serious talk with myself and realized they were just tight enough that I would never be comfortable in them, so back they went. *sigh*

    So I can enjoy them vicariously on you!!

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Ms.Mary, let's hope I don't regret my decision to keep. They are indeed snug in the tum. I haven't worn them for a full day yet though. Will keep you posted. I have a feeling that wearing them they may stretch some. 

    Minaminu, that's really interesting about the Jaeger purchase! Wow. I hope they maintain that high quality. 

  • Runcarla replied 9 months ago

    As a M&S fan, I appreciate the info about ordering from them.  Will def put them on my list for browsing/shopping.  I think the trousers will be fine, and the button down is a 10 from the get go.  Nice updates, Suz!

  • suntiger replied 9 months ago

    They both look like winners to me! I like the blouse especially!

  • Sal replied 9 months ago

    These look fab on you Suz - modern and flattering and fun!!

  • Jonesy replied 9 months ago

    Love the olive green and the silhouette! That shirt is delightful as well!

  • donnat replied 9 months ago

    Suz, those jeans look killer on you ! The top is nice too. You are looking great I like your hair.

  • bridgie replied 9 months ago

    I like the jeans and linen floral blouse.  Your hair is very pretty.

  • Bijou replied 9 months ago

    Suz, you simply have the best style, what fabulous additions to your wardrobe. I do like your longer hair too.

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