Consignment Light Blue: Bonus Photobomb by Max

Well, look what happened on the way home from breakfast with a friend. I stopped into the consignment store, where I happened upon this PAUL SMITH summer jacket in...light blue check! 

It is half linen, half summer weight wool. Unlined (apart from the sleeves and top area) but beautifully finished seams (of course!) It has bracelet sleeves with many working buttons and a slight flare to them. And it can be worn traditionally, or buttoned up higher for a sort of Nehru effect. It is hard to show in a selfie but it actually works. 

Not styled or anything really -- just thrown on to show.

Best of all, got it for a pittance. 

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  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    What a fabulous find! You will be so happy to have this in the spring or any time you need a fresh color. Your sandals are perfect with it as is. This could be an indoor topper in colder months with a light sweater under it.

  • Joyce B replied 1 year ago

    Beautiful find! Lovely kitty, too :)

  • lisa p replied 1 year ago

    Woah . Gorgeous jacket !

  • Sal replied 1 year ago

    Great find - perfect mid weight jacket!!  I love these finds - this is a total winner.  I actually like the styling with the jeans here but I think it would work with skirts (esp pencil) and straight or relaxed skinny jeans - or even over a dress?

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    KILLER jacket and outfit. Gorgeous detailing. LOVE it with the new jeans and sandals. It was waiting for you, and hi Max! 

    It's back to milking Signature Style this year, Suz (so very 2019): Interesting blazers, trendy jeans, fun footwear, and BLUE, BLUE, BLUE :)

  • Vildy replied 1 year ago

    Nice, Suz! 

  • Roxanna replied 1 year ago

    How perfect! You can tell it's beautiful fabric and I love the detail of the collar - makes it subtly distinctive. Score!

  • bj1111 replied 1 year ago

    Just wow

  • Janet replied 1 year ago

    That’s perfect on you! Love!

  • Karie replied 1 year ago

    What a great find! I love it when things like that happen. Gorgeous jacket!

  • Jane replied 1 year ago

    That is a great find! Such great detailing. Max looks very handsome!

  • Suz replied 1 year ago

    Thank you all and Max says thanks, too. Funnily enough I wasn't really planning to shop, but I had just been thinking how much I'd like a dressier summer weight jacket. I have a pretty tweed but it's surprisingly warm (with a bit of heft despite the bracelet sleeves) and so really works best for spring weather. In summer I end up relying almost exclusively on my denim jackets. Which is fine in Ontario, where you rarely need a topper in summer (unless you work in an office with AC, that is, which I don't.) But here in BC, the weather is so up and down in summer -- today I was wearing a sweater! This jacket will get a LOT of wear. 

    You will detect a distinct light blue theme going on....

  • suntiger replied 1 year ago

    Looks great! How fun that you can change the shape of it. I like your stripy sandals the most though, and your cute photobomber :)

  • Bijou replied 1 year ago

    It looks perfectly styled. What a great cut the jacket has, being able to wear it as a traditional blazer and also with the collar turned up. Love it!

  • Kathie replied 1 year ago

    Beautiful find!

  • Preppy Pear replied 1 year ago

    That is an incredible find! You’re making Team Blue proud!

  • Aquamarine replied 1 year ago

    Very nice! Looks great on you...enjoy!

  • shevia replied 1 year ago

    Now this is how I like to start off my morning - vicarious second hand shopping score for the win! Looks wonderful on you!

  • notsaf replied 1 year ago

    A linen-blend blazer is one of my favorite things about summer. This one is perfect for you.

    Roxanna, I'm stealing "subtly distinctive" for a new style persona. ;)

  • Alicewonderland replied 1 year ago

    Perfect on you! What a great find!

  • Jenni NZ replied 1 year ago

    Wow Suz that is gorgeous and especially with those sandals! Current outfit has the perfect colours for them!
    ( You knew a Sassy Shoemaker’s Elf would have to notice the shoes first, right?)

  • Suz replied 1 year ago

    You bet, Jenni -- my eye always goes to the footwear, too, so I completely understand. These sandals are my $39 wonder for the year. :)

  • Cardiff girl replied 1 year ago

    Ooo,l LIKE!Bargain finds like this are the best aren’t they.

  • Mainelady replied 1 year ago

    Everything about your new jacket is perfect. It was meant to be yours. Hello Max!

  • rachylou replied 1 year ago

    Nice find!

  • Kyle replied 1 year ago

    That silvery blue is divine with your coloring. What a great find, Suz.

  • Sara L. replied 1 year ago

    Wow, what a lucky find!  I'm looking forward to seeing more outfits with it.

  • Runcarla replied 1 year ago

    What a score, Suz. The colour is just yummy! I have a question about the shoulder fit. Is there a big shoulder pad? Looks perfect straight on, but a bit 'high' in photo #2 and #4 when your arm is raised. I've had some success with an improved fit after snipping out shoulder pads, or replacing big ones with slimmer ones - and its not irreversible, or expensive.

  • Roxanna replied 1 year ago

    Suz - have you ever thought about a chambray bomber, as mentioned by the style blogger in today's post? Hers is from Anthro, but I got a similar one from Joe. It's the perfect light layer...

  • Marilyn replied 1 year ago

    Wow!  Amazing find, Suz!  Fantastic outfit.

  • Elizabeth P replied 1 year ago


  • bonnie replied 1 year ago

    Lucky find and it looks great with your sandals!

  • Suz replied 1 year ago

    Carla, good observation. 

    The shoulder fit is actually spot on. But there are pads. And there is a slight issue with the arm fit (of all places). I debated leaving the jacket in the store because of this. It's not bothersome or noticeable with my arms down. But if I drove every day and had to have my arms out in driving position a lot of the day, I wouldn't have purchased this jacket. It could be that the arm scye (is that what it is called?) is not cut quite right for my body.

    I rarely ever have this issue with jackets (though I know many do) so I might fiddle with the pad to see if it helps. But honestly, the problem is wildly exaggerated by my pose in the sideways photo -- I was twisting like crazy in a way I'd never have to do in regular life, IFKWIM. It's actually perfectly comfortable for my normal activities. But I do have to wear this with a sleeveless top, unlike most jackets. 

  • lisa p replied 1 year ago

    Yes it’s the right word , but it’s all one word ;)

  • Gigi replied 1 year ago

    Wow, that looks amazing! So happy for you! Maybe take it to a tailor to see if there is an easy fix for the armholes?

    I really love the sandals in this outfit. They bring together all the different shades of blue.

  • cheryl replied 1 year ago

    Looks great on you! Max is adorable.

  • Windchime replied 1 year ago

    Fab find! It looks smashing on you and wonderful with your sandals. Great to see handsome Max, too.

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