Eccos and Blundstones

Just putting a good word in for the Ecco and Blundstone boots Angie featured this morning. Last year I bought the Ecco Modtray Chelsea. They were terrific boots, comfortable, orthotic friendly, with surprisingly durable soles, and very waterproof -- until, all of a sudden, they weren't! (Ooops! But honestly, the downpour in which I wore them for over an hour was extreme). 

Alas, I wore them out -- the insides were broken down after the year's hard wear and they had become too loose on the top so stones were forever sneaking inside -- not comfortable! 

To get a fit, I had to use a Superfeet sole to take up some of the width in the boot. I do not have narrow feet but I like a snug fit in the midfoot and I need to be mindful of heel cushioning. 

This year, I opted for the new Blundstone lug sole. I already owned the women's heeled style. It is the best fitting Blundstone (for me) I've ever found and is super comfortable and a good "all round" bootie for urban trips where I can only take one shoe. Not dressy, but it passes when necessary and yet is also tough.

I wanted/ needed a versatile, durable boot for casual walks on the trails and sidewalk-less streets of my neighbourhood-- to replace the Ecco. The lug sole was my solution and so far, I like it a lot. I sized up for length in this boot and then had to add TWO insoles and a heel cushion to get a decent fit -- they are quite wide and roomy. But I do like the width in the toe area and this boot is working well for the purpose. I've now taken it on several serious hikes with a lot of climbing and the soles have held up! 

Anyway -- reviews for those who might find them valuable! 

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  • Angie replied 2 months ago

    Thank you, sweet Suz! Appreciate the detailed reviews so much. Super duper that the Blundstones are holding up and comfy. Perfect for your rural and woodsy trails. 

    As someone who constantly doctors footwear with insoles to make them fit - high five :) 

  • Runcarla replied 2 months ago

    At the beginning of the year I picked up a pair of Bludstones 550.  The chisel toe variations were too narrow for my wide (due to bunions) forefoot.  I wear them for long (2 hour) urban and rural treks, and also use them as my gardening boot when doing heavy ‘spade and shovel’ work.  They have gotten a bit beat up,  but I treat them with mink oil and waterproof spray, and have never experienced wet feet.  Wore them today, after our first snowfall, with the factory innersole (two sets were provided in the box) and my thickest wool socks.  

    I’ve decided the rounded toe isn’t particularly fashionable, but on a day when jeans and flannel shirt are the order of the day, the Bludstones work just fine!

    FWIW, Bludstones seem to be a mandatory part of the uniform for the young women who work at the local Starbucks, as well as my hairstylist and aesthetician!  If folks who work on their feet for 8 hrs a day like them, there must be something to it, right?

  • Suz replied 2 months ago

    Carla, Blundstones are everywhere, yes! And worn for all day, for sure. Most people who wear them swear by them. 

    I love the "dress" style or chisel toe. I started wearing that style in the 90s! (I'm a die-hard fan of these boots.) But the last pair I had gave me a bad case of plantar fasciitis so I swore off Blundstones for a few years. Then I found the heeled style, which solved the PF problem. But I still needed a more rugged boot for all the kinds of activities you describe and then some. They really do hold up. My kid wears them, too, and loves them. 

  • Helena replied 2 months ago

    Thank you Suz! These are on my list next time boots needed!

  • RobinF replied 2 months ago

    My 29 year old daughter lives in Salt Lake City and Blundstones are the  boot of choice in her crowd. She swears by them and wore them on a week long hike in Ireland. I would love some but they are a bit $$ for me (being not an active type I can't justify them as necessary) and don't seem to go on sale :(

  • JAileen replied 2 months ago

    Thanks for the review.  I’ve looked at Blundstones, but never found the right color in the right size.  I’ll keep looking.

    A couple years ago I bought Eccos in a Chelsea style and a faux Western style.  They are in charcoal, and waterproof.  I probably wouldn’t wear them in a big snowstorm, but just the other day I wore the Western pair to shovel the deck and driveway, and they were fine.  They are really comfy.

  • Vicki replied 2 months ago

    Thank you for your road tested reviews and experiences. I love all the detail and the photo links. When you mention insoles and having to double up, do you get any particular insoles or something like the Dr. Scholl’s white perforated ones that can be cut? I wish I had some beautiful woods like you to hike around in on these cooler day.

  • Joyce replied 2 months ago

    Blundstone devotee checking in. I have had a pair of the dressier chisel toe in smooth leather for close to 20 years. They look like new with yearly mink oil care, have never let me down in rain, sleet or snow and look like they could go to the end of the earth and back. They are comfortable on sidewalks and trails. 
    Yes, they are $$$ but the best investment you will ever make. They are sustainable in that they can be resoled, stitched or patched and will keep on giving. 

  • Style Fan replied 2 months ago

    Thank you, Suz, for the review.  I have been looking at Blundstones for years and wondering if they would work for my difficult feet.  A few days ago, I was in the local shoe store and noticed Blundstones have an insole with arch support.  Interesting.  The boots would work so well for many of my outfits.  I would probably not wear them for my long hikes.  I have suitable supportive footwear for that purpose.

  • LJP replied 2 months ago

    I too have been eyeing them for years but have never pulled the trigger and purchased . Everytime I try them on they either hit my shin with that extended curved shaft piece when I walk or they feel too wide and clunky . I’ve never tried on the heeled style which is maybe more suited to my style anyways . They are pretty ubiquitous here among the younger people I work with .

  • Suz replied 2 months ago

    My thoughts on insoles, etc, for what it is worth. 

    The heeled style is still casual but definitely not as trail-worthy. However, it's good on urban sidewalks and I do wear it in our suburban neighbourhood -- just not for 2 hour hikes. :) I love the snug fit in the mid-foot. It is hard to get on and off at first if your instep is high, but I do not need an additional orthotic in this style. 

    The chisel toe is great for me, and possibly the most versatile style, but a bit too narrow for some. And I definitely need some additional heel cushioning in this boot. 

    The style I got recently (the new lug sole) does have additional arch support, or so they say -- but it is way too wide for my foot without additional insoles/ supports and does not offer enough heel cushioning (despite what the ads say). Hence, my decision to add insoles. I just used the insoles provided by Blundstones in this case, plus a special plantar fasciitis heel lift. Later, I might switch out to Superfeet, depending on how things go once the boots stretch a bit. 

    The classic style and the new lug soles are wide and clunky, Lisa -- they're essentially work boots, after all. For my purposes (I wore them on a 2 hour hike today -- I'm travelling and don't have my hiking boots with me) they are perfect. Short hikes, garden, walks in my suburban locale when hiking boots just feel too...gearish. These are perfect for that.  

  • LJP replied 2 months ago

    Good point - I'm trying to make them something they aren't.  

  • CarolS replied 2 months ago

    Another fan of the Blundstone chisel toe here. Discovered them when I was forced to face the reality of just how cranky my feet had become. It took a few wears for the ankle to become comfortable, but now there's no issue. 

    I can't wear the unisex round toe, but for some reason the women's series round toe seems to fit and doesn't feel as clunky as the original. 

    I haven't seen or tried the lug soled version yet.

  • Joy replied 2 months ago

    I have found Ecco boots work pretty well on my narrow calves and have them in both brown and black.  They are a bit slippery on packed snow and ice so are being considered for new Vibram soles.  They are basically flat. The shaft is adjustable with three straps so they may also work for wider calves.

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