EF Tilda

Today's blog may be all about lengthening the leg line in flats, but here's another way. Heels! 

I ordered the Tilda in black and it has just arrived. WOW, it is the perfect heel for me. Lovely soft suede. Perfect width in front. Perfect alignment with my rather high arch. Extremely stable heel. Criss cross straps keep it on. 

The chunky heel makes it look a bit retro to my eye. 

It is honestly so comfortable that I am tempted to order it in another colour as well! 

Not styled at all -- just tried them on with what I'm wearing today. Please ignore conspicuous tan lines on feet! :)

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  • Gretchen replied 9 months ago

    SO CUTE! Can see those working in all sorts of outfits. Great job! 

  • Jenn replied 9 months ago

    They are lovely! I was tempted to order these in the rust color, but ultimately decided against it because I didn’t think the heel would be practical for me.

  • replied 9 months ago

    These are gorgeous on you Suz!
    I feel like they look pretty good in the photo but amazing on the foot!

  • Dianna replied 9 months ago

    Wow, gorgeous shoes, Suz.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Jenn, I wondered about the heel, too, but honestly, it is SO stable! It's not the kind of shoe that I will hesitate to wear if I have to walk. Also, I had absolutely no dressy winter shoes. I still have my (very worn) Okalas but those are strictly summer shoes because they are open in the back. The closed toe and heel make this shoe more wearable across seasons for me. 

    Smittie, the only drawbacks of these shoes are the cost and the fact that they don't have them in Canada. I had to go through Borderfree which added a chunk to the cost. :( 

  • Angie replied 9 months ago


    I know this is a VERY comfy shoe as long as you can manage the heel height. Even I was comfy in the shoe - minus the heel height. That's why it's a top pick ;)

    Suz, you can also wear the shoe with sheer hose. Elegant. 

  • lisa p replied 9 months ago

    Really nice on you !  I admit I didn't care for this shoe when we first saw it on YLF - it's retro look isn't one I usually go for- but these look far better on you than in the pictures!  Great score.

  • anchie replied 9 months ago

    I think they look great with your outfit. Wonderful addition. How high is the heel? I would road test them more first before ordering another color.

  • jill58 replied 9 months ago

    Wow, I love these. I overlooked them entirely but they look great!

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    They say the heel is 3 inches but it doesn't feel that high to me. It might be a bit shorter in my relatively small size. Good advice to wait on another colour, Anchie. If the style is a hit, as it seems to be from the reviews, EF may repeat it next year. 

    Thanks, Lisa. I'm okay with the retro vibe and more than okay with high walkability. :) 

    Angie, thanks! It feels like the Okalas in the front only softer! Really comfy toe area. And the heel isn't an issue for me. If it were a stiletto, I could not manage it, but in a stable heel, it's quite different. I will definitely wear with sheer hose in the fall/ winter. I picked black for versatility since I do not own another dressy winter shoe, but love the red as well. 

    Thanks, Dianna and Gretchen

  • julesegr replied 9 months ago

    This shoe looks great every time I see it on. It does seem especially stable and walkable.

    I have been stalking the sand color (OOS in my size) but may have switch to the black and not feel like it's the consolation prize. Enjoy them!

  • unfrumped replied 9 months ago

    Very pretty if you can manage heel!
    I will even consider “4- hour” shoes with some heel if toebox is adequate, heel is stable, because sometimes I just want that look for a dressy dress occasion. I AM actively designing my outfits around flats, even dressy, but there are times.... These would be too high for me, but the concept is good.

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    Suz, soooo nice that you have an Okala replacement. I think mine are pointy toe flats :)

  • Like the Season replied 9 months ago

    Beautiful, Suz!

  • kkards replied 9 months ago

    wow...this is a shoe that looks soooo much better on the foot than in the picture

  • Preppy Pear replied 9 months ago

    Gorgeous! I love how they look on you!

    FWIW, I got an EF open toed bootie, “Iris,” with a similarly shaped heel, but 2.5 inches. I can and have walked two miles in them happily - I did have to put foot petals under the balls of my feet to keep them from sliding forward, but after that they were perfect. I got them in two colors because they were so comfy.

  • Joyce B replied 9 months ago

    Those shoes look lovely on you. Now I want to try them on, too...

  • gryffin replied 9 months ago

    Suz - gosh those are sooooo elegant!  Gorgeous on!  I wish I could wear them but the heel is too high.  I'm a huge fan of EF shoes/booties - I'm wearing her Chelsea boots today.  I have the flat allots, caged sandals (my only sandals)  Well made and comfortable.  I'm so glad you can wear these, they are so fabulous on, enjoy them!!

  • Colette replied 9 months ago

    These look great on you! They are ridiculously comfortable too. So glad you were able to get them.

  • abc replied 9 months ago

    Love these on you! I'm surprised you didn't go for the taupe. What other color are you considering? Taupe or wine, I'd guess :D

  • rachylou replied 9 months ago

    Very leg flattering!

  • Muffin replied 9 months ago

    Agree with the others- they look so good on you! I just glossed over them when I saw the stock picture and never considered trying, but now....

  • karen13 replied 9 months ago

    They look super - I can't believe they are comfy. And I love what you are wearing with them - they look like they will go with so much of your wardrobe. 

  • La Pedestrienne replied 9 months ago

    Wow, they look so nice with this outfit, and I realize this isn't an intentional styling! Definitely a good fit for your closet; I'm glad they're a good fit for your feet as well. :)

  • Staysfit replied 9 months ago

    That’s a 3 inch heel?? Really?? It doesn’t look like it at all! Great looking shoe!

  • Windchime replied 9 months ago

    Wow, gorgeous shoes on you! I actually think they work really well with the outfit in your photo. It’s amazing that a heel so high can be extremely comfortable.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    I'm amazed at the fit. It has something to do with the way the heel is centred. 

  • DonnaF replied 9 months ago

    They look beautiful. I have a pair of Sole Society heels that are well balanced so IKWYM. My one foot no longer bends very much so I will have to enjoy heels on others.

  • Firecracker replied 9 months ago

    Wow, those look dynamite on you, Suz. They may "not be styled," but I like them with what you are wearing!
    For those who can't manage quite that heel, there is a similar Eileen Fisher shoe called Just that I saw in store. Very pretty, with a small heel.

  • Joy replied 9 months ago

    These look fabulous on you, Suz. You might try stalking the red ones for a sale, since you know how this shoe fits. Keep an eye on Neiman Marcus and the EF site.

  • Lynette replied 9 months ago

    Suz, I bought those in the burgundy (my favorite color) and really like that they have a contrasting brown heel. I almost bought the black but couldn’t resist my favorite color! The black look so elegant on you. It is making me wish for two pairs, too! It wouldn’t be just a duplicate in another color. They seem a little different because of the black shoes having a black heel.

  • jussie replied 9 months ago

    Ooh lovely. I really like the sound of the bergundy ones with a wooden heel too.mmmm

  • anne replied 9 months ago

    Glad you have found some comfy new heels Suz!

  • Sal replied 9 months ago

    These look terrific - nice fit and really good heel and shape.

  • minnaheadsure replied 9 months ago

    pretty heels. beautiful suz.

  • Style Fan replied 9 months ago

    Gorgeous Suz.  EF makes great footwear.

  • Elizabeth P replied 9 months ago

    Oh, I've been waiting for this!  Yup, I still really like them now that I've seen them "on".  And I love your comfort/ability to walk in them endorsement.  Perfect for you, well done!

  • Janet replied 9 months ago

    Those are very you, Suz! They look great with what you're wearing too. 

  • lyn67 replied 9 months ago

    Wow a great shoe for sure, I love the stable wedge like heel and straps, what can be better! I say take it in red, too!

  • Bijou replied 9 months ago

    Gorgeous, I think the red would be amazing on you too.

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