January Challenge Week 3: Shoutout to Ms. Mary

My challenge is following on SarahDB's "no repeat outfits." In my case, the added twists are: try to wear something old with something new each outfit, and incorporate as many of Angie's outfit formulas as I can. 

1. Monday's outfit is "playful plaid.":    (1-3) This is my version of "Electric windowpane."In my version, grey subs in for earth tones in the cropped windowpane wide legs, and pattern plays a more dominant role than texture -- although textures are also mixed. I'm wearing double plaid (with red plaid boots) and soft stripes (cashmere sweater) with a slightly shiny puffer in blue (which does not otherwise appear in the outfit) and a very shiny bag. Later, I added more texture with the cabled toque, and more plaid with the fringed wool scarf. I loved this outfit and very "me" in it. 

2. Tuesday (4) was an at-home day with cranberry cashmere hoodie, plaid flannel shirt, cranberry cargos and -- at home -- clogs. Not especially flattering in the photo, but warm and comfy. 

3. Wednesday, (5-6) the weather was cold and snowy. I felt I needed to wear sliim pants to avoid the snow piles on my long walk. These are my last skinnies -- I don't feel current in them but they are exceptionally useful in some weather and/or activity situations (e.g. on bike). These are old Kit&Ace and the quality is so fab -- a wool stretch blend. 

4. Thursday. (7-8) Birthday Blues. We had more snow and cold and had to cancel a trip to the mainland and  a special birthday celebration. So we stayed at home and tried to stay warm. BF jeans don't drag in the snow. Shoutout to Ms. Mary for the fab blue infinity scarf. This was a "secret Santa" gift from her, many moons ago and I still adore it for its interesting textures! Thanks, Mary! 

5. Friday: (9-10) Snow, sleet & rain. I can't say how glad I am for waterproof footwear. I was in an evening class that night -- the start of a weekend course. 

6. Saturday. Long blues. (11) Love this very old J. Crew sweater in cobalt. It has a zipper detail down the back. In class all day. I really enjoyed this outfit. 

7. Sunday: Class followed by birthday dinner, belated. (12-14) Easy velvet pants, my way.  The first outfit looks very similar to one a few weeks back, but the underlayer top and the footwear differ. that was for class. Then I switched it up for my dinner out to a silver foil sweater. Loved this outfit, too. 
I successfully blended older and new in every outfit, easily avoided a repeat outfit (though of course I have repeated multiple items) and incorporated several of Angie's formulas. 

Thanks for looking and for any observations you might have!

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  • Sal replied 5 months ago

    Looking great Suz! You look super in the hats and puffers. But all round the outfits are sharp, colourful and modern.

  • Olive Green replied 5 months ago

    Wow. Numbers 1, 7, and 14 are my favourites. Bright pattern or plaid really pops for you. It’s the white…
    and the red is so cheery. 

  • Janet replied 5 months ago

    Wow, all are so great! I’m loving that sweater in 7. Anthro? The pattern is so pretty!

    You are clearly in a great place with your style. Rock on!

  • Helena replied 5 months ago

    So fun Suz ... That strong blue is so striking on you! Of course you rock red and patterns like a pro. FWIW your skinnies look very "modern classic" to me ... They read more slim than skinny if that makes sense. YLF!

  • Star replied 5 months ago

    Looking good Suz!  7 through to 11 are my favourites.

  • Zaeobi replied 5 months ago

    Such rich colours & textures - I believe your smile in the last photo says it all!

    Sorry about the cancelled birthday - had the same thing happen to me this year (was ill) but hopefully we can celebrate later!

  • Kyle replied 5 months ago

    Oh my goodness. Cobalt blue is definitely your friend. That sweater in #7 is beautiful. I also like the subtle pattern mixing in #1. Creative, interesting and flattering. It’s been fun to see the way your style has evolved, Suz, yet remained practical and authentic.

  • Roberta replied 5 months ago

    LOVE the pattern mixing in photo number one! I'm also a little nuts for those cargo pants. Someday I will make it to Aritzia and try that style on. They look so fresh to my eyes. Despite being exactly what I wore 45 years ago.

  • rachylou replied 5 months ago

    7 is my favorite—the blue top is awesome!

  • Suz replied 5 months ago

    Thanks, all. Lots of love for that Anthro sweater! I think Sharan and Janet each have a different version of this piece. I find it's really great to have at least one patterned sweater in the closet if your winters are long. And if it has a higher neckline, so much the better because you can maybe get away without a scarf. 

    A note on fit, though -- I had to size down in this. I tried on a size that was one size up (or might have fit, in another brand or cut). It was way too large. They could not find the size smaller on the floor so they brought me 2 sizes down from the one I had tried -- and for me, that was the ticket. It is supposed to be oversized and in this size it is neatly oversized, not overwhelming. Sometimes with oversized stuff, you have to take that approach, at least if you are smaller framed and smaller in the bust. 

  • Angie replied 5 months ago

    WOW! What a treat! And how FUN to see you adapt outfit formula ideas to your daily dressing routine. Wooooohoooo! 

    It's VERY satisfying to remix new items with old items! Such seamless and excellent additions those new purchases were. Well done!

    *happy dance*

    KILLER all round, Suz! You look absolutely smashing in everything! Glad you had skinnies for the weather, and go Team Weatherproof Footwear. Living in the PNW of the US, it's an essential, and well worth the money.

    LOVE the pattern mixing and texture mixing! Great skills! On that note, wave to Brooklyn :) 

    Some standouts:

    • Love how your style has become more playful and maximal! Suits you. You show ease, confidence, radiance, and verve.
    • Plaids and stripes in #1 are delicious!
    • White and cream footwear has become an essential for you. Welcome to my style world!
    • #10 attractive, sporty and colourful layers!
    • #11 elegant in full length wide legs!
    • #14 - KILLER GORGEOUS in reds! 

    Please carry on :)

  • MsMary replied 5 months ago

    Ha! So fun!! I remember what fun we used to have with Secret Santa gifts!!

    Shouting out right back at you because we are Rails plaid shirt twins! I have that shirt in two colors including that one. It's a winter staple for me and I wear it all the time! Strangely, I haven't tried it with my new red pants so I will have to give it a go!

    Also, you look FAB in all these outfits! :)

  • Runcarla replied 5 months ago

    You are killing it, Suz!  

  • Jaime replied 5 months ago

    Your style is on fire lately. All of these outfits are so you! And that is the goal right? Specifically - well what Angie said! Add me to the fans of #7. That pattern is your pattern Suz. 
    I did find it interesting how well you go from more gamine to long and lean and back again. Kind of background Kibbe musing. Types are a jumping off point, not the end of the story, as you so beautifully illustrate.

  • Suz replied 5 months ago

    The pattern in the Anthro sweater is indeed perfect. I saw it on the rack and knew instantly it would work. It is the combination of blues and white, of course, but also, it has a mix of geometric lines with more organic shapes, and it is graphic. That is the kind of pattern that always works best on me. Not too soft (like a watercolour floral -- which I love, but not really on myself); not too busy (like many extremely small prints); not too bold (very large black and white prints, say). Sorry if all that analysis is overkill here. I just think it is valuable to spell out what was actually la very intuitive process, but one that has become second nature only after a decade of trial and error. 

    Jaime -- interesting point about the long and lean / gamine stuff. I was going to make a post about that maybe after this month is over. The long & lean looks that feel most "me" have a gamine element or energy, to me. Like #11 has vivid colour, a bit of.pattern in the scarf, and the sweater is a kind of gamine style -- it makes a horizontal line. 

    Ms. Mary -- now I can't wait to see you in the Rails shirt! 

    Angie, thanks for all inspiration and comments! I love the full length wide legs. Easy to wear. The best! And yes, cream and white footwear is now a wardrobe essential for me. If I could find more grey, that would be an essential, too, but this is working well! 

    Roberta, I laughed about the cargo pants. SO TRUE!! 

  • Dee replied 5 months ago

    Photo # 3 is quintessential Suz with all the patterned mixing etc.. and I love your blue sweater outfit in 7. Yep, skinnies and BF jeans are still pretty practical to wear in our Canadian winters.

  • replied 5 months ago

    Love 7, 9 and 11 especially! I held on to a couple pairs of skinny pants too, for the sole purpose of tucking into winter boots- but wore wide legs in snow instead a couple days. Wet hems are no fun.

  • RobinF replied 5 months ago

    These are great, I love your sweater collection. That striped sweater is my favorite and love the white boots.

  • SarahD8 replied 5 months ago

    Late to this (it's been a busy week at work) but wanted to add to the appreciation. I love LOVE that sweater in #7! And the double stripes in #5 are sooo stinking cute.

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