Winter Blues: January no-repeat challenge, week 4

This week, I added an additional wrinkle -- I decided on an all-blue week. In all honesty, a week of unrepeated blue outfits is easy for me in every season. If I were to try it in any other colour or neutral, I would fail miserably. 

Monday:  1. The Anthro sweater, J. Crew Kate straight leg (an Angie pick), Ecco boots. This one bends my own rules a bit because the only older item was outerwear, which I didn't photograph. 

Tuesday: 2. Old J. Crew merino royal blue zip sweater "hacked" and worn backwards as a cardigan. Wit and Wisdom wide legs. Worn for oral surgery. (OUCH!!!) But the dental assistant was very taken with my fashion hack. 

Wednesday: 3. To meet a client. Ancient stretch silk shirt from Ann Taylor (love this shirt so much!), Madewell vest, blue wide legs. Bonus 4 -- rainbow I saw on my walk later. 

Thursday: 5-6 --  To meet a colleague. J. Crew rollneck, BR straight ankle length pants, Eileen Fisher sock booties, old J. Crew coat and new Pom Pom London bag with a beautiful gifted strap. 

Friday: 7. At home working. Thrifted silk & cotton cardigan, Diane von Furstenbrg. Paige jeans. 

Saturday: 8. I actually wore gear most of the day. ( I didn't photograph it, but it was also mostly blue!). Later, I polished up for at-home supper with Mr. Suz. J. Crew lace shirt, Wit & Wisdom wide legs. (3 wears in a week....luckily this challenge does not forbid repeated items. 

Sunday: 10-11. Cooking supper for a friend in need. Boden striped top, Everlane jeans, Aritzia puffer for the walk. (It, and my raincoat, were my two most worn coats on this very wet, grey, week.) 

I have blue pants/ jeans in multiple cuts and lengths and had fun playing with that. Though full length wide legs obviously won out. I do not have a wide leg crop dress pant in blue and -- believe it or not -- that might be slight wardrobe hole! 

Thanks for looking! Comments welcome. January is a long month! We are not done yet! 

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  • MsMaven replied 5 months ago

    I'm impressed with the variety of looks even though you limited the colors. I have that Boden Effie sweater, but in camel/navy, and just ordered the red/white one.

    My favorite is #1. Who knew a blue top could be so cheerful? How do you like the Kate J Crew pants? I have a pair in white I don't wear much because they are--well, white. I'm thinking of getting a dark color. The white ones do fit very well. I'm also thinking about those Ecco booties with the higher heel, but my Ecco's bought last year don't fit quite right. Do you find yours to be comfortable? 

    Overall, a great week!

  • Angie replied 5 months ago

    KILLER Awesome all round, Queen Blue!

    Those navy W&W pants have become workhorses, Suz ;) 

    The addition of white accents in your outfits is very visually effective! LOVE the sweater in #1!! SOOOO stinking cute.

    YES to you rocking full length wide legs. Elegant! 

    YES, wide cropped dress pants are a wardrobe hole.

    Absolutely gorgeous cobalt lace shirt for date night at home! 

    Lilac and red are yummy in #6! That will chase away the winter blues - although for YOU, Winter Blues are where it's at! 

  • Suz replied 5 months ago

    Well, Angie, I must say, if I hadn't had a few hits of cobalt in there (and the lilac coat, and one day my red coat, and my white coat on 3 days due to the rain) I'd have been very tired of all blue. I am really looking forward to wearing my red pants tomorrow! I enjoy blue, I adore blue -- but one realization of this experiment is that I still need more colour in my closet. 

    And yes, the navy Wit & Wisdoms are definitely on repeat wear. Same with the charcoal ones. I wear both far more often than I wear jeans. 

    Ms.Maven -- thank you. I do like the Kate pants -- a lot, in fact. They are a substantial 4 season fabric (though for me, much too hot for summer wear) and easy to wear. I like having at least one pair of easy tailored straights in my closet for days when I am on my bike. (Not that I was on my bike on Monday -- far from it!) 

    I do find the Ecco booties extremely comfortable. They come with a double insole so I can add or subtract one layer depending on sock thickness. I think my foot issues are different from yours, though, perhaps. 

  • Angie replied 5 months ago

    HAH! Love the workout those new W&W pants are getting. BEST travel pants for long flights. They don't crease :) 

    Onward to adding chartreuse to your blue wardrobe, Queen Blue! 

  • Ket replied 5 months ago

    I cannot choose a favorite, Suz! You look so chic and stylish in all your outfits. I l really love your little vest in photo 3; so garçonne! And your lilac coat is just darling on you! It feels so fresh. But again -- all of your outfits are terrific!

    Blue is my toughest color to wear. I wear some navy, which I find good. I jjust found a deep blue-green yarn that I actually like. (photo attached for kicks.) I also like dark denim and a good chambray or denim shirt. And beyond that... blue makes me feel kind of eww inside for myself. But I love seeing others wear it! You wear it beautifully! 

    Bravo for an entire week of nonstop blue! I like lots of color rotation, even with favorite colors. So I can understand why you're ready for red pants. Can't wait to see what other colors you add in 2024.

  • ChristelJ replied 5 months ago

    Every day is fab! The bold blues and white and patterns are so punchy and flattering. You really have this thing down. I do have a fave, #7. It's so elegant, it just strikes me as a wow on you.

  • SarahD8 replied 5 months ago

    WOW!! You are handily carrying out three challenges at once, deep into a long month of no outfit repeats. If that's not an indication of a VERY well put together wardrobe, I don't know what is!

    These are all great looks, and signature Suz. I especially like the combo of lavender and ink blue in 5-6. In fact, I'm going to steal that idea for tomorrow! (Also love the strongly contrasting pop of red for the bag in that outfit.)

    Hope your friend gets/feels better. A home cooked meal will surely help.

  • Helena replied 5 months ago

    Fab ... The cobalt lace is knockout gorgeous!

  • Jaime replied 5 months ago

    You continue your fabulous style year - I think 2024 is already looking like your best year yet. Love the hint of beatnik in #5! Also how you mix wide legs with gamine details (like the vest). Great looks all around!

  • Dee replied 5 months ago

    Lots of great blue outfits Suz, and you know I love a fab blue look myself, your wardrobe really functions well together, but hey, what kind of winter is that in photo #4 ?  So jealous.

  • Kyle replied 5 months ago

    I’m going to come back to this, because WOW.

    But Inge posted about the fab Madewell Harlow pant, and it comes in a gorgeous blue that made me think of you! I’m going to consider it as well because I wear a lot of blues and greens myself.

  • Suz replied 5 months ago

    Oh, thanks for reminding me, Kyle! I will check it out! I also found J. Crew's Sydney pant which is in the same fabric as the Kate -- it might be an option for me. 

    Dee, so funny. It is true, our winters do not compare with the typical Canadian winter. But you know, a few days earlier that same path was like the photo, below. And a few days before that, I was skating outdoors and a few days before that it was brutally cold. 

    Jaime, you're so right that $5 is a "blue beat" look. :) 

    Helena, thanks! 

    Sarah, you will love the lavender/ blue combo. It's fab. 

    ChristelJ, that sweater was such an excellent consignment find! Tags on, never worn. 

    Ket, thank you so much! 

  • Bonnie replied 5 months ago

    These Challenges are a great way to find new outfits and work with what is already in a wardrobe. You've found some wonderful new combinations. 

  • Kyle replied 5 months ago

    1. I don’t know how anyone, anywhere could look better in this Anthro sweater. It’s just that good.
    2. Cobalt loves you. But no surprise there.
    3. Oh, how I love vests, and this one loves you right back. 

    4. Even the heavens approve of these outfits.
    5. Classic Suz. Another great look.
    6. I like the way you are branching out, color-wise. Can’t wait to see how citron works with your existing wardrobe.
    7. Pretty.
    8. Mr. Suz has never had a more enchanting and stylish dinner companion. This is a real WOW look. Gorg.
    9. Current and classic at the same time. What a terrific week!

  • Suz replied 5 months ago

    Kyle, I'm blushing. Also laughing re your comment on #4. :) 

  • rachylou replied 5 months ago

    I never realised it before - but you and Janet are Blue Twins. Blue sings on the both of you! Fabulous!

  • Bijou replied 5 months ago

    I am now so happy that I chose BLUE as my colour of the year. You look stunning in all of these, with particular love for #1, that sweater is gorgeous on you.

  • Suz replied 5 months ago

    Thanks, Bijou -- yes, it is a great sweater! 

    Rachy, I agree -- Janet and I both wear blue exceptionally well. 

  • Star replied 5 months ago

    You look fab on every day but Thursday through to Sunday are my favourites.

  • Sisi replied 5 months ago

    I like you very much in # 1, 3, 5 and 8. You look fab in that lace shirt. But all the outfits are beautiful - chic and Suz-esque! Thank you for the nice photos of the rainbow and the funny snowman. :) ( if only I could do a snowman! No snow here, I am so disappointed - please send some!)

  • Jonesy replied 5 months ago

    Well, you might be feeling slightly bored with all the blue, but you look fabulous :)! Love, love, love the patterned sweater in #1 with the white booties, and the snazzy knit vest, and the blue lace top, and the blue rollneck sweater...I could go on! 

  • Brooklyn replied 5 months ago

    Super fab. I am amazed at how much variety you achieve within a limited palette. The highlights for me are the first outfit (love that jumper), the vest outfit, no 5 (so gamine!) and the wide leg jeans outfit (no 7).

    I love the idea of wearing a vest at home to kind of dress things up a bit, while still being comfortable. I might try that this winter.

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