New Fall Proportions (my way)

Hello, lovelies! My apologies for spotty participation here over the last months. Alas, it has been a really tough season for me and my entire family. And I have to confess that I have also been in a bit of a fashion slump.

Why? Well, I've changed my routines a bit. I still mostly work from home (and travel, travel, travel) but I'm also out of the house more often (as a student and teacher, often on the same day). I need super practical casual clothes for the student days because my classes can involve crawling around on dirty floors. (Literally). Meanwhile, we've had unusual weather -- on the whole it has been beautiful, but it's been tough to figure out the appropriate layers some days. Also, I'm a few pounds up from my regular weight. A few of my trusted knits and pants need mending or even replacement. And I think I'm wanting to evolve my style a bit away from "urban prince" to something as yet unknown. Loved Viva's "glam gamine" moniker but I'm not even sure that's my direction. Hard to say. 

All in all, I haven't been feeling fashionably fab. 

Angie's words to the rescue. I could hear her so clearly in my head, warm, decisive, and practical: "Psst, Suz. Time to refresh your denim capsule!!" 

Well, okay, I knew this, and for months I had really wanted a pair of the kick crops. But. I am short, so regular length ones would have been wasted on me. Meanwhile, petite sizes are often a no-go for me due to my longer rise. 

Crackers and BR to the rescue. She mentioned the BR crop flares on somebody's post and when I found them on super sale I decided to give them a try. I went with the petite version (for the bottom length) and because I was doing so, I also went against her advice and sized UP rather than down. Reviews mentioned low stretch and snug thighs on these jeans, and with a "final sale" price I didn't want to be stuck with jeans I couldn't pull on. :(

Well, I am very glad I did size up because I couldn't have managed a smaller size on my substantial thighs. The rise here is more than long enough and they work for my 5'4" height. 

It's not the most flattering look on short-legged me, but with the heel on the boot, the "column of colour" and the longer topper, I think it is JFE? 

I report my process here in the hope it will help somebody else. I have become a very canny online shopper after years on YLF and have pretty good success on the whole. It really helps to read reviews and consider the advice of Fabbers. 

Thanks to LisaP for the Hibou boot recommendation -- very comfy and practical. 

Also new is the BR merino tee; I love merino and it's smart for my climate. Got this on sale as well and it will be a total workhorse. 

Rust doesn't love me, so I am wearing the burgundy/ navy version of Angie's fantastic outfit. 

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  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    I think it works perfectly.  Those flares are just right with the boots!  I need to try this with my purple boots but first I need a cropped pair of jeans.

  • unfrumped replied 7 years ago

    I will admit, the cropped flare thing is not my favorite trend--perhaps it is due to leg-shortening but that's not exactly what I think when I see it; I think more, what is that flare doing right there in the middle of the leg?  It just doesn't make quite as much sense to me as some other types of "new" things, if that makes sense to anyone else. But of course fashion is not intended to make sense, and it's all about change.

    However, if one is going to wear them, you have done it superbly and I think the whole outfit is fab. I don't think "legs are short" when I see it. I love the moody color palette and the boot shaft height. So I do think it gives a lovely change in silhouette.
    So, you go, girl.

  • Carole replied 7 years ago

    Love the new kicks, Suz! What a great new silhouette for you. You look cozy, chic and Fab!

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 7 years ago

    After reading your post, I was expecting some severe stumpification so was quite surprised to see what appears to be a rather leggy Suz in a nicely proportioned look.  Really well done.

  • Alassë replied 7 years ago

    A good change for you, I think. Great colours on you, too. :)

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago

    Yeah!  That's the way to get your groove on when you're in between songs.  I feel like I'm in that awkward moment when the band has finished the big, favorite dance number and is transitioning to the next song -- which every suspects will be a slow dance.  I don't know whether to leave the floor, find a new partner, fill the empty space with banter........ my whole life feels like this. 

    In transitions, it makes sense to
    1.  Do what you know, and
    2. Let others come up with the ideas for awhile.

    You're a great example of the fabness of #2 here, 'cause Angie was right!  The flare crops are fabulous on you, and will keep you from slushy hems all winter long!  Love your blue belt and the way you lengthen the line with low contrast!

  • Greyscale replied 7 years ago

    That looks great! And I agree, updating a denim capsule is so important. I went up a full jeans size this year and I still don't quite have my jeans collection back to where I want it.

    I'm impressed at your skill at finding the right size online. Like you, I can't usually wear petites despite short legs, but this reminds me to try them sometimes, especially for flares and other things where the shape of the leg matters.

  • Eliza replied 7 years ago

    Great look, Suz.  Those flared crops are a bit of effort to sort out, but I like them on you and they are a practical change for us cold weather dwellers who are tired of skinnies and straights, yet can't drag fabric across a wintery sidewalk. 

    That sweater! Love it on you and wish I had sprung for it during NAS. 

    All the best with your hectic schedule. 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 7 years ago

    Suz! You are looking dynamite! I love this new direction on you. The big difference here for me is the jeans silhouette, and it looks great. I can picture you wearing that cardigan with your previous jeans looks, and the scarf, and the boots. Although I think your typical looks would have featured a somewhat more tailored cardigan, and you favored pullovers more often in the past, and shorter ones. So I see this beautiful hooded cardigan as a way the tunic length can work nicely for you (i.e., the open cardi, to show the waist). Those boots are burgundy, aren't they? So, so gorgeous.
    You are crawling on the floor in writing classes?? That would make me want to resort to my berry-picking clothes--grungy jeans or hiking pants. I recall that when I was in grad school (in English), I dressed very casually, for me, but still felt like I stood out in what I wore. It's a hard thing to be amid a very casual environment and still try to dress in a way that feels fab. I can relate to the few extra pounds, too, throwing things way off, as one scrambles to find what feels and looks good on a slightly changed body.

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    This is fantastic Suz!  I like everything about it.  I see the cropped jeans as a new variation on rolled ones....which you do well, so no surprise you can style these with panache. 

    And good for you on your size guessing!

  • carter replied 7 years ago

    And....she's back! Looking as fabulous as ever. Looking forward to seeing where your style evolution takes you!

  • Adelfa replied 7 years ago

    You look really sophisticated!

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Awww, thank you all so much. Fabbers are the best! 

    Elizabeth, it's true that the jeans silhouette has some similarity to the rolled ones. I now have a couple of different higher shaft booties I can wear with these -- or I can wear them with tall boots tucked under. And, Unfrumped, Eliza and Beth Ann hit the nail on the head -- this look may not make "sense" to some, but it is so so SO practical for those of us in Northern climes and offers up a wealth of new fun options. The skinnies tucked into boots becomes old so fast in our long winters and we've needed something different for years! 

    Sharan, the class where I'm crawling on the floor is a drama class. We do a lot of "devising" and it can take us in directions. I'm actually a Cultural Studies PhD candidate with a "research-creation" thesis. I'm not taking any writing courses. The drama is because I'm writing libretto and the instructor has expertise there. My other courses will be more theoretical. The "thesis" will be project based (my book of poetry & libretto) but will also have a critical-theoretical component. 

    Greyscale, I find sizing up in petites can sometimes (but not always) allow for fit. Often the pants are a smidge too short for me in petite as well as too short in the rise, but obviously here that wasn't an issue. I would give it a try if you are inclined. It might work! And Una, I think these could potentially work for you. The only thing is...if they're the right length on me...will they be too long in petite on you? Hard to say because my legs really are on the short side and yours are not (proportionately). 

    Thanks Carole, Alasse, Cheryle, Adelfa, and Carter. You made my day. 

  • replied 7 years ago

    You look fabulous.  This definitely works for you.  

    I too am excited to see/hear about your style evolution.  Yay for you!!!!!

    Posts related to style evolution and how a person decides on and orchestrates their strategy are some of my favorite posts.  My other favorite posts are those that involve counting and analyzing.  If a spreadsheet is involved, all the better!

  • celia replied 7 years ago

    Yay, your version totally works. I love the colors you chose for your interpretation and the proportions are spot on, imo.

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    YAY for silhouettes besides skinnies that work in winter! I think the jeans look super, and even better that you've already got boots that'll work with them. The inky Zara boots come to mind, too. Fab outfit.

  • Inge replied 7 years ago

    You totally nailed this, Suz! And I love that hooded cardigan on you (both the style and colour).

    And thanks for letting us know about that lightweight merino wool jumper. I'm now eyeing it in pink:-)

  • texstyle replied 7 years ago

    These look perfect for you Suz - glad you found a new option in jeans. I still haven't found a pair of cropped jeans that I felt right about (I wasn't willing to spring for a pair over $100).  I do like the let out hem look on some - as just a fun change of pace. I wonder what jeans trend will come up next!

  • Sara L. replied 7 years ago

    I think you look good in the flares and I love those boots.  I enjoy seeing this look on others but I have no desire (yet) to try it.  Maybe because I don't wear jeans much in the summer so I'm not bored of my denim yet.  I'll probably be interested in this trend around the time YLF has moved on to something else.

  • MomOfThree1980 replied 7 years ago

    Love the boots and the coats.  I don't get the cropped flare look but I'm really short so capris never really work with me.  I think they go well with the boots though.

  • claire replied 7 years ago

    Suz, you look great! So glad I could help (and so glad you didn't listen about sizing!) I'm a total fan of the cropped flares, and cropped jeans in general, I love the new silhouette and feel. And we are jean and boot twins! Love this on you :)

  • Vildy replied 7 years ago

    Not only do you look great but you manage to make that cardigan - not so fab on the model pic - totally to life and looks dynamic.

  • Sal replied 7 years ago

    A really lovely look and I see lovely long legs here!!  I agree some variety for your long winter will be wonderful.  I think you will wear this look a couple of times a week and it is great you have the supporting acts to make them work.

    Sorry you have been having a rough time. 

  • Brooklyn replied 7 years ago

    Beautiful! I was doubtful about this look at first but am now totally sold on it.

  • replied 7 years ago

    I circled around to comment on that crewneck, merino wool sweater.  In my opinion it is perfect in every way:  color, fit, neckline.  I would be all over that sweater if it were not merino wool.  I can't wear it (no matter how many salesclerks have told me I could).  I'm looking for that exact sweater in a different fabrication  I realize I may have to opt for synthetics and I am willing to do that.  But Suz, great find.  I added it to my finds as a reminder to keep an eye out for that sweater in different fabrications.  

  • dakotacheryl replied 7 years ago

    Suz, my brain hurts just thinking about your PhD work!!

    You look so fresh, and warm, and wonderful in your outfit...perfect fit and style!!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Sorry it's been tough at home this year. (((HUGS))). Let us know if we can help. 

    (Glad to hear I wasn't a rude bossy thing shouting in your ear). 

    YAY! WOOHOOOO. I'm loving the new Fall proportions, Suz. Practical, hip and refreshed. Your leg line looks PLENTY long, and the outfit is Killer. Looking very Euro to my eye. How clever of you to gauge the size of those cropped flares correctly. Well done. 

    I changed my style moniker to Urban Pretty this year and am loving it. You could be Radiant Gamine

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Wow, Angie, I will take "Radiant Gamine" any day.  <smiles radiantly.>

    DC, thank you so much. Sterling, so sorry you can't wear merino, but you will find your perfect "tee." Check out the Vince modal ones. Very pricey but very very nice and plenty warm, too. 

    Brooklyn, Sally, Vildy -thank you. Vildy, this cardigan was so badly photographed by Nordics!!. I think Angie mentioned that the model didn't do it justice and I am glad I listened to her. It's really MUCH nicer than in the stock photo. 

    Crackers, thank you!!! Your input was absolutely crucial to me and so, so helpful!!! Glad to be boot and jean twins. Now, tell me a bit more about the Anthro pair in case I want a back up. :)

    Sara, MomofThree, I understand. It's hard for our eyes to adjust sometimes. 

    Tex, I think when you find "your" perfect pair this may be an excellent look for you. You are slender, with longish limbs and you lead a casual life like me. This could be a really suitable style. 

    Inge, Celia, thanks! And Aida, you GOT it. So happy to find a new winter ready silhouette. We deserve this!!

  • Missey replied 7 years ago

    Well Suz, you look divine!

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    I think it works great - actually I love the whole outfit! I was thinking about those kick flares but was afraid that they will be way too short for me in the regular length.
    I soooo hear you on the fashion slump! Not that I see any in your pictures but for what I feel. Maybe it is just a time for a change for both of us? It is really interesting that nobody can guess you are in a slump by looking at me but this is how I feel...
    Speaking about change:I passed this merino pullover in the store but seeing it on you I am regretting it. Maybe more fitting pullover is exactly what I need right now?...but pink or navy? :-)
    Oh and I think we are on the same wavelength re. "denim update": I just dropped my faded Gap jeans to make into cropped ones :-)

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    Hello, gorgeous! I love the kick flares on you, and I'm not really into the kick flare trend (yet). So sorry to hear you've been going through a rough time. 

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago

    Must hear about that libretto sometime soon!  I hear you entirely about dressing for drama classes!  Opera singers often rehearse in "rehearsal skirt" (big, long gathered skirts) and knee pads.  Such a lovely look!  (Your jeans are far fabber).

  • Jaime replied 7 years ago

    Wolf whistle! (I am taking back the whistle ;-)) I love how you assessed the perfect size for those jeans, and they do look perfect. Yes, the penny also dropped for me and I told myself to focus on jeans. (I just bought Gap black jeans, but that is another story.)
    And I love this outfit on you. Hmm radiant yes, but also Renaissance woman from all you are juggling. Sorry it has been a rough time, hope it is getting calmer. You look truly fab regardless. Warm vibes and virtual hug being sent.

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 7 years ago

    Aha! Well, that's a fascinating line of study and work. I'm impressed, and admiring your talent.

  • claire replied 7 years ago

    Suz, I'm happy to enable, I mean tell you about the Anthro jeans! I'm three pairs into the cropped trend now, they're just really working for me, and I love my Anthro ones. Darker wash, super soft and they come in petite for you. Fit wise, I took the size same as the BR ones. I say go for it.
    And you are totally Radiant Gamine!

  • replied 7 years ago

    You can add me to the looong list of admirers for this look on you Suz. Perfect proportions and oh-so-perfect colours for you. Loving that long cardi.

  • lyn67 replied 7 years ago

    Love the new proportions, not JFE but fab-and love the color scheme! Oh, and I actually wanted to ask if you have lost some weight, so just bear in mind the jeans have to be that flattering, or your scale is wrong:-).

  • dashielle (Ann) replied 7 years ago

    I know it probably doesn't feel like it from your perspective, but you really do make it all look very easy Suz. Certainly you give off the 'oh, this old thing I just threw on' vibe ;-) Love it...

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