Another packing post

In the keeping it real tradition.... WIW for the last two weeks. 

I'm just back from a 10 day working retreat at a friend's oceanside cabin. Preceded by two days in Vancouver visiting friends. Activities included sitting on my bum writing or trying to write. reading, hiking in the woods, and swimming. Visits with friends included at-home suppers, watching butoh dancers on the beach, listening to the tail end of the folk fest. And more hiking and swimming. 

In other words, this was super-casual. 

No outfit pics because no mirrors. But I will say, I wore every item I brought (most more than once), I did hand laundry for undies and a stained top. It rained for a day and a half, so I did need the raincoat. I also had sun hat and sunnies, of course! 

I wish I had photos of the hummingbird on the branches of the old apple tree, the eagle snatching a fish from the waves, and the flicker who came up on the porch with me and initiated quite a conversation from less than a foot away. 

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  • Dee replied 11 months ago

    Sounds like my kind of vacation, tranquil with lovely sunsets too. Love your sunglasses, they look terrific on you, and I see you're enjoying a decidedly blue themed vacation capsule.

  • Runcarla replied 11 months ago

    Oooh!  Love your swimsuits.  How would you rate them for comfort?

  • Suz replied 11 months ago

    Thanks, Dee! And yes -- blue is the colour of my closet, for sure!!

    Carla, the suits are not bad at all for comfort. The one with the high neckline has built in side boning and underwire for support and it works. I am not what you would call a vigorous swimmer so keep that in mind. And this is ocean swimming, not laps in a pool. But in this suit, I felt "locked and loaded" as we sometimes say here. Also well protected from sun on my chest, which I like. 

    The blue suit offers less support. It has optional pads which I took out because they felt fussy. As a halter style, it worked well enough for me with my relatively small chest -- it's quite adjustable. 

  • Jaime replied 11 months ago

    What a beautiful and tranquil setting for your work Suz! Your blues fit right in. I hope the flicker had something to say :) !

  • slim cat replied 11 months ago

    Beautiful place and wonderful vacation! 

  • Sisi replied 11 months ago

    What a beutiful place! You look fab ...  and match the environment. What an effortless sophistication!  :) .  Agree with Dee about the sunglasses. I like very much your tankini (color and shape). It actually looks very comfortable too. I wish I could find a bikini made like that. It seems to have been a happy and relaxed vacation!

  • Sal replied 11 months ago

    I hope it was productive!  You look great and your scenery is wonderful.  How lovely to be away from distractions too.

    Great capsule - perfect for the occasion.

  • quietloud replied 11 months ago

    Looks like a beautiful vacation, and your wardrobe matches the scenery perfectly! :)

  • ChristelJ replied 11 months ago

    What an incredible setting. I love packing posts and admire your well-chosen capsule. It's very satisfying to be so well-prepared. You look great in those sunglasses!

  • replied 11 months ago

    That sounds like an absolutely perfect vacation (or better yet- full time life) to me!

  • Brooklyn replied 11 months ago

    Sounds (and looks) idyllic! I hope you recharged the batteries too.

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    You packed perfectly for the activities, work and weather at hand, Queen Blue! :)

    Your trip sounds productive and therapeutic!

    And don’t we just live in a beautiful part of the world! When people leave the PNW, no wonder they miss it.

  • lynn replied 11 months ago

    Suz, you look beautiful in that picture. Relaxed and happy!!

  • LJP replied 11 months ago

    Look at that view !  Sounds like a lovely get-away.  Hope you got some work done ;)  

  • Eliza replied 11 months ago

    Great to hear of how you enjoyed that beautiful setting. Looks like your wardrobe planning paid off with comfort and practicality, as well as casual style.

  • rachylou replied 11 months ago

    Smart in all senses of the word! :)

  • Mirjana replied 11 months ago

    Beautiful view and beautiful Suz.

  • RobinF replied 11 months ago

    Wow, gorgeous view! Sounds nice and relaxing.

  • Suz replied 11 months ago

    Thanks, all. 

    Yes, this place is my idea of heaven -- and it is also a work haven. Nobody bothers you at all. I could be completely unplugged there but in fact it has wireless and I needed it for work purposes. Despite having access to internet, I managed to get a lot of work done. And a lot of thinking, planning, research as well. 

  • Cardiff girl replied 11 months ago

    Sounds absolutely idyllic.excuse my ignorance but what is a flicker?

  • Olive Green replied 11 months ago

    The vacation pics from fabbers are killing it this summer! Very stream lined capsule for a blue view. 

  • Barbara Diane replied 11 months ago

    What a beautiful spot! Glad you’re packing worked so well.

  • Suz replied 11 months ago

    Cardiff Girl -- a flicker is a woodpecker variant or relative.

    I'm not sure you have them in the UK or EU...they are bold and noisy creatures but quite interesting to observe. The one I saw was a red-shafted flicker (more common in the west) and a youthful one, from his markings. 

  • Helena replied 11 months ago

    Stunning spot Suz, and you know, it would be nice to have those photos, but then if you were taking them, perhaps you wouldn't have *been* there quite as much as you were xx

    Excellent capsule, beautiful blues to harmonize with the sky and ocean!

  • Carol replied 11 months ago

    I agree with others about the swimsuits, especially the camo ones. The high collar seems very current. I have been wanting to try a shirt in that style, but got to work on my arms! What a beautiful place you got to see. 

  • Bijou replied 11 months ago

    I always enjoy seeing posts like this because having the right shoes and gear is so important when on vacation, yours ticks all the boxes in the most stylish way.

    What stunning scenery, the encounters with the local birds sound delightful!

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