Reflections on your 2014 style

Well, on the evidence of her favourite outfits, I'd say Angie fulfilled all her 2014 style goals—and then some! :)

How about you? Can you remember your goals? You might find a recap here, or here

I have to confess that I jumped ahead of myself with mine. I thought I was ready to refine or distill my style. But I think I really needed to continue building my wardrobe. Luckily, I did just that. 

Here's what I said, and how it worked (or didn't): 

1. Examine what my top happiness quotient outfits have in common. 

Did this, although I have yet to distill the meaning from this. 

2. Continue to purchase more streamlined high quality items where cut or or very simple built in details (e.g. colour blocking or leather trim) do the work that accessories might do for someone else. I think of these as essentials that also make a quiet statement.

Check. My purchases mostly reflect this goal. 

3. Consider simplifying my colour palette a bit more — although I’m not fixated on that, because colour does give me a psychological lift.

Am still in the consideration palette is already pretty simple. 

4. Aim for more of a “uniform” for my at-home wear. Simplify — perhaps even duplicate — rather than multiply. 

Did something like the opposite! 

5. Upgrade knitwear, workout gear capsule, PJs. 


6. Inject an avant garde element into my mostly modern classic style.

So far, a bit of a fail. I am not sure avant garde is what I really mean anyway. I think I just like asymmetry, LOL! 

So. Over to you. Did you reach your 2014 goals? Or did you change them? What did you learn? 

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  • Thistle replied 6 years ago

    I didn't set goals as we were going through some tough times emotionally.

    However, I did learn something this year. I can live on a much smaller wardrobe. My maternity wardrobe was smaller than I would have liked, but not by a lot.

    So what this tells me is I actually CAN be comfortable with less, freeing up my budget to spend more on each piece. Before I do this, I have a lot more body changes ahead, but it does make me realize I don't need much for a long while.

  • Janet replied 6 years ago

    Suz, it sounds like you did very well, although I would say you were already in a pretty good style place at the beginning of 2014. You've added some really wonderful pieces this year that seem to hold up to your style and your standards really well. I'm glad I got to witness some of that in person! :-)

    Well, I looked back at those threads, and it doesn't appear that I wrote up any goals for the year, so I can't really express my 2014 progress in those terms. However, this was a year in which I feel I've settled into "my" style more comfortably. Pardon me in advance, this is probably going to be rambling, but I'm really just sort of thinking out loud here, pondering what I've changed or learned this year.

    For the first 3+ years I participated on YLF, I was in a bit of a frenzy of experimenting, copying, purchasing, and editing. All of that was during a phase of personal change as well (for instance, discovering a commitment to regular vigorous exercise via running, then swimming and cycling). I remember someone here using the phrase "closet churn" and it fits. I'm tired of that, but more importantly, I'm not feeling like it's necessary or something I want to participate in anymore.

    So this has been a year of refinement and getting comfortable. I've figured out many things that I *don't* need to experiment with further, and I am more comfortable with limiting my silhouettes and colors. For instance, I don't like leggings on me, as much as I like them on others, and I look awful in colors that are really popular around here like citron. I don't particularly enjoy wearing white bottoms, and I prefer wearing outfits that incorporate one non-neutral color with a base of neutrals (not head-to-toe color). I don't get enough wear out of skirts and dresses to justify more of them, even when I try to "dress them down." I don't want to wear shoes that are not comfortable enough to walk 3 miles in them. I don't want to wear fussy outfits that feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable, or to wear something just because it's a popular trend, or even because it's in my closet because I purchased it a few years ago and feel bad that I spent money on it.

    I *do* want to keep editing my closet to keep it from being overwhelming, and to keep it feeling true to me, while keeping some items I still love even if I suspect it might take me another year to embrace them again. I want to keep my fits and styles current and continue to have fun and experiment, within the parameters that work for my life, my body, and my preferences. I am now gravitating towards items and looks that are a little simpler but still with some distinctiveness that makes them *me*. This year has seen me move towards fewer embellishments and details, more streamlined looks, more fluid fits, and fewer (and more carefully chosen) prints. I've overhauled my handbag collection and am very happy with it, and I've edited my footwear as well (and there is more on the way out), making room for some carefully chosen replacements.

    I have now gone the entire months of November and December without shopping, with one exception (a replacement for my old, stained white silk blouse). I'm not feeling the shopping bug so much these days, and I'm finding plenty to wear in my closet, even though holiday eating and recent stress have put a few extra pounds on my body.

    I am attempting to still post some WIWs here and participate in the forum a bit, but I'm feeling a bit less involved in style lately and I'm focusing more energy elsewhere. And this is a good thing. I'm less likely to ask for other's opinions and more inclined right now to follow my own instincts. In short, this has been a year for me to find more contentment. I'm looking forward to continuing and furthering that in 2015 as I near my big 5-0!

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    Suz, this was my reply to you on the blog post this morning:

    "Suz, thanks for the kind words, and high five for having a similar style. We love grounding our trendy pieces with modern classics, don’t we. I almost put the flag dress in actually, but wanted to keep the list to 9 outfits. You have never looked better, so good thing that style goals are flexible, and that your intuition took over." xo

    I love that your intuition stepped in. Brilliant. Our goals are merely a starting point, and are very flexible. WELL DONE. Rock on. xo

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 6 years ago

    I didn't realize I had posted anything - but I found this.   Let me see...

    1.  To be impeccably groomed - hair cut and color, nails, mascara and lip gloss - even on the days that I work from home and don't go anywhere.

    I was pretty good about this, with one HUGE exception:   I got two haircuts last year.   I let 7 months lapse between cuts, so when I went a few weeks ago, my stylist wound up cutting off two inches of dead ends.  

    I am putting reminders on my calendar to schedule regular appointments in 2015.   LOL.

    2.  To keep my wardrobe in good condition (cleaning and storing leather and fur properly, polishing shoes, mending small tears and replacing buttons, etc.) I'm mostly good about this, until I get somewhere and realize the taps are worn down on a pair of heels, or the shoes could use a little polish.

    I was very good about this - and a big part of it was because I worked on downsizing my wardrobe to a point where I can efficiently manage what I have.

    3.  To get the pieces I need altered over to the seamstress, already 

    I was pretty good about doing this - except that I have since realized that much of what I had altered, I still rarely wear.   I think because it is mostly special-occasion (fancy party, wedding, cruise-type stuff).   

    As I've culled my closet, shopped less, and shifted my focus and energy to dance, I've lost a good bit of weight and a lot of my clothes are starting to be noticeably too big now.   I see that trend continuing over the next year, so I am going to be very particular on what I take the time and cash to have altered.   

    I am re-assessing what makes it to the tailor, what I can do myself, and what I should just let go.   In general:   hemming pants and cuffs:   tailor.   Sewing buttons, repairing tears, and darning holes:  me.   Any major alterations such as taking up or taking in:   I am going to see if I already have something I love in my closet that performs a similar function, and THEN decide.   

    4.  To stay true to my personal style, as outlined on my Pinterest boards.

    I feel like I mostly did this - but I struggled a bit at the height of summer, because I had a hard time finding shorts I liked, as well as a replacement for a favorite pair of Nine West Ventana sandals.   I had some idea that I needed a different style of sandal - but when I looked back on how happy I was in summer of 2012, I decided to replace my battered old pair with a duplicate pair this coming summer.   Once I realized that I could just do a direct replacement, I was able to sort a few things out mentally, and now I am pretty happy with my current cold-weather wardrobe, and what I will do when it gets warmer.   In 2014, I streamlined a lot of things in my life, which spilled over into my wardrobe.   I got very specific in my choices - which made me very happy, especially in the second half of 2014.

    5.  And to try and remember to do more WIW's. I tend to postpone taking pics, because my hair looks all crazy, or put on more makeup, then I get busy and forget. 

    Yeeeeeaahhhhhh... this didn't happen.   LOL.   I am shooting for 'document outfits' on my Excel spreadsheet, and if the camera makes it out, all the better.

    ETA:   So. Over to you. Did you reach your 2014 goals? Or did you change them? What did you learn?

    I feel like I mostly did reach my goals - at least 85%.   And surprisingly, my goals shifted focus as I worked to get specific, and streamline/simplify my life as much as I could, from July forward. 

    So if I had one thing I came away with in 2014, it's that when I committed to spending my time on theatrical and writing projects, and improving my skillsets as a performer - and stopped browsing style blogs and shopping/browsing as much - things really fell into place with my wardrobe, and my life in general.   

  • replied 6 years ago

    Joining the forum in June  or July , I obviously had not set any style goals for 2014.  Long range planning has never been attached to my wardrobe, or how I dress - it's just not something I have ever given a whole lot of thought too.  I've been one for letting things develop or unfold organically as my style preferences aren't always set  until I see them, if you know what I mean.  Discovery and surprise is what makes shopping fun for me.

    Now, that said, I did find 2014 the year where the largest change occurred in my wardrobe, and in what I was comfortable wearing.  I suspect a large part of it is due to the aging process, body changes and attitude shifts.  Every single skirt I owned - and I am not exaggerating - was now too short.  Pants were too fitted, and I felt many  of my day-to-day pieces  (these short skirts were the best example) were no longer appropriate for a 53 year old.  In retrospect, I had stopped wearing most of them over the course of 2-3 years, but had let them sit in my closet thinking it was because I wasn't in good enough shape to wear them .  I think I'm over that notion now -and my recent closet purge is evidence of that.  They just weren't what I wanted to wear anymore, period.  

    How I want to dress and how I want to present myself has changed, and also crystallized for me - moreso than ever before. I thank YLF for that.  If I have one goal for 2015 - it is to add more femininity to my look.  I haven't fleshed that out much further yet - but I do know it will be through colour and fabric, and likely less through silhouette or detail  (you'll never see a ruffle nor a flounce on me) .  

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Angie, thank you! 

    And you are so right about intuition. It never really steers me wrong. I do like to set more analytic goals and to reflect -- but in the end I'll always follow my heart!

    Janet, it sounds as if you are doing just that, and has it ever paid off. Speaking of people never looking better! Your wardrobe has always been enviable, but now it is enviable not just because it is large or because it is full of amazing pieces. It's enviable because it works so well on you and for you. Your outfits are always flattering and unique, and more importantly, you seem comfortable and happy in them. That is a fabulous sign! I hope I get to see more of your style in person in the year ahead. 

    Thistle, that is a really important realization. The moment we allow ourselves to  buy a slightly more expensive piece is often the moment when we begin to develop real personal style. I think you have already shown that with some of your footwear purchases. You have searched out and found STYLISH comfortable shoes. (I know you haven't been able to wear most of them lately, but they are there waiting for you, I hope!) This isn't always easy to do, but your choices have reflected awareness of your actual life and needs, along with really great taste! 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    LisaP -- I so, so, so hear you on the length of skirts. Not to mention, fits. And I am delighted to hear that you are not blaming yourself or your body, but recognizing that this is a need on a different level. Partly age-related, I agree, and it is also probably related to overall shifts in style from more fitted looks to more fluid. 

    It sounds as if you would like more of what Angie refers to as "soft edge" in your style. High five on that! 

    LBD, that is a very comprehensive and thoughtful analysis, and it sounds as if you have made incredible progress on your goals and also as if you are in a happier place in your life overall. It is amazing how things fall into place in many areas when we focus our attention on what matters most to us. 

  • replied 6 years ago

    I spent 2014 replacing footwear to appease my fussy feet and purchase a few other wardrobe basics, so I didn't have any written style goals or direction. In December I started thinking more about my personal style and how best to procure what I need. The first thing I discovered, with the help of Psychedelicate, Sheila and Suz, was my basic style type, Kibbe Soft Natural. I did some online browsing based on outfits I am drawn to and know I can successfully wear, and came to the conclusion that my style has a vintage twist to it; the Retro descriptor, as Angie calls it. Imogen posted an article about non-dull basics that resonates with me,


    and I've accumulated a few statement pieces that I believe can be mixed with what I already own to spice up my wardrobe and better express my personality.

    Hopefully 2015 will mark the beginning of my style transformation. The trick is going to be successfully wearing retro pieces without looking weird. I am going to have to do it the right way--the way that's right for me--to look good. One thing I do know is that I've always been the type of person who likes to wear things that are different than what everybody else wears, but without looking dated.

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 6 years ago

    Here's what I wrote on Mo's thread:

    1. Stick to a one in, one out protocol.

    This I did by developing my list of wardrobe goal numbers and checking my actual closet against it occasionally. Everything got a little swirled when we moved mid-year, since I used that as an opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff, and then spent the fall regretting some of those items I gave away. We've got more space in the new house so this isn't as much of an urgent thing for me in 2015.

    2. Track my spending and adhere to a monthly budget.

    Yes, this I did. It was a big adjustment. Looking back at my 2014 budget notes file, I mega-overspent in January, cut back in February in response, and then didn't write everything down in March and April. But by May I was tracking again and made my budget. In August/September I decided to switch to seasons, and half-seasons/cross-quarters, which I stuck with for the rest of the year. I also started writing down items in, not just cost of items, which has been really interesting to look at - when I buy and for what seasons. 

    3. Further develop my specialty capsules.

    I didn't really do this at all. Well, that's not true. I bought a couple pairs of higher-end heels that go with my dressy and important work events capsules. But otherwise I completely forgot about this, which I guess proves that these capsules aren't that super-essential for me, or what I had already was OK.

    For 2015, I've separated a budget for workout wear from everything else, because that capsule does definitely need to be refreshed, and otherwise I just never prioritize it.

    4. Focus my acquisitions on the high wear items.

    I think I achieved this, although I don't have metrics to prove it. Looking back at what I bought in 2014, most of the items either have gotten worn a lot, were pretty quickly proved a wrong choice and gotten rid of, or were bought out of season so haven't been worn yet. There aren't too many 'oh, I just haven't worn that much, I wonder why' items.

    In my goals for 2015, I said I wanted to track wears, because I wanted to see how this was going in a more specific manner. But all the ways I've tried in the last couple weeks have been really time-consuming on a daily basis, and I'm afraid I wouldn't stick with it. Haven't decided what I'm going to do for 2015.

    5. Shift toward a more rock and roll, Americana vibe and away from modern classic.

    Others who've seen my WIWs might be able to reflect on this better than I can, but I'm not sure I achieved this very well. Maybe in my most casual outfits I managed it, but not in the usual weekday outfits. I think I was aiming for some sort of edge, some unexpected bit, but when that goes too far I always end up feeling artificial and like I'm forcing it. I definitely stretched my comfort zone in 2014 with some looks, and I feel that my style right now is pretty congruent with how I see myself, so that's all I wanted really.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Laura, it sounds as if you made some really important strides. I think understanding ourselves and our needs is the crux of it, and however we achieve that -- whether through counting, budgeting, reviewing, or whatever -- it's all good. I am totally with you on the workout wear capsule. It's actually a huge part of my working wardrobe and I need to remember to prioritize it. 

    bettycrocker, I can't wait to see where 2015 takes you! I have a real soft spot in my heart for retro looks. :) Off to read your link at Imogen's! 

  • shiny replied 6 years ago

    I don't recall now what my 2014 goals were, except I remember saying I wanted to learn to pack in a carry on! And that I definitely accomplished. There are compromises as my wardrobe quickly filled with lots of neutrals and formulaic outfits - black shoes, black ponte knit pants, colorful patterned blouse, neutral clutch. But I'm okay with these trade-offs because it's rather freeing to know I can pack a bag pretty fast and be off on a plane to almost anywhere at drop of a hat. 

    I suspect 2015 will have more of the same theme, but within the boundaries of my perfected formula, I'll challenge myself to have more fun. For example, blouses/tops with patterns (you know I love patterns) and pretty colors. And scarves. I could stand to add a few more scarves. And black comfortable shoes that have some detail of interest/personality. And a new clutch is in my future - I'm thinking a classic red but maybe a pretty blue instead. 

  • texstyle replied 6 years ago

    I didn't really formally set style goals for 2014 (at least I don't remember if I did).  What I feel like I did achieve is a better grasp on my own individual wardrobe needs vs. wants and I've gained a better idea of things that I think I want versus things I actually do want.

    Much of what Janet said above rings true for me. I did a lot of shopping in 2013 and early in 2014 and much of it ended up being returned, a few things didn't get returned that I wish had been. I was "churning" too.

    I've accepted that my love of jeans, simple v-neck tees, and button downs is fine. Adding a nice belt, the most stylish shoes I can find that are still comfortable, a good handbag, and jewelry is enough to complete my look for most days. And that's fine by me.  I will continue the search for interesting tee's and comfortable knits.  I will sometimes add a jacket if the weather permits, but for the most part I've realized that jackets aren't practical for my climate most of the year.

    I think for me, 2014 has been all about shoes. The search continues, but it's something that I will spend a lot more time on moving forward as opposed to shopping casually for the next "pretty" top that's in a color I like.

  • shedev replied 6 years ago

     My goals were

    1. Only buy what I love. I did pretty well on this one. I splurged quite a bit and bought some pretty nice pieces.

    2. limit purchases to 2 a month. Didn't even come close. I did buy only half of what I bought in 2013. I was really still rebuilding and I had a bit of a style shift.

    3. better track wears. This one I did well.

    4. reduce size of closet to 240. Got close to 200.

  • Runcarla replied 6 years ago

    Goals were: add a few strategic items...found: white jeans (a HEWI), baby flared jeans with a long enough inseam, a navy leather clutch, a plaid flannel button down, 4 old/worn out mariner T's replaced with 2 better quality ones, and silver pointy toe flats.

    ...and, figure out hair and face. It took all year, and a lot of waivering back and forth, but early December I committed to growing out dyed/coloured hair and went quite short (nearly pixie!). I haven't made progress on makeup beyond a slick of lipstick or balm, though I do dye my lashes, and (have someone) groom my brows! This is on my list to carry forward into 2015.

  • Sharon replied 6 years ago

    I had forgotten that I had written anything, so I was surprised and happy to find that I had!

    -Buy mostly neutrals, being very judicious with colour Yes. I have bought almost all neutrals this season. One blush pink item and one orange item.

    -Only buy an item if it is perfect, not because there is one detail that really appeals to me I think I am getting better at this. I have still made a few mistakes.

    -Repeat outfits I love Yes. Taking outfit photos has been helpful in reminding me of which outfits I really loved.

    -Buy good quality Yes. I have bought zero "fast fashion" this season and have started to buy a few designer pieces. 

    My goal was a small but perfectly formed wardrobe. I feel like this season is the closest I have ever come to that. I am hoping I can apply these principles to my winter wardrobe, where I don't feel nearly as happy.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Sharon, I completely agree that you have created a small but perfectly formed wardrobe. It works beautifully on you and for you and is sophisticated, clean, modern, and feminine. 

    Carla, I feel as if you made huge strides in your style this year. Some of it may not be apparent to you yet, but it's evident to others. And I am rooting for you to find that mustard coat in 2015!!! 

    Shedev, I saw a definite if subtle style shift toward a softer edge. And good for you for reducing the size of your wardrobe to manageable levels. 

    TS, so much of style is really coming to terms with the place we live and the lifestyle we have. You've proved this again and again in your WIWs. My fave outfits of yours involve BF shorts or jeans with a button down and some interesting belt or bracelet. And I agree absolutely that finding the right footwear is key. 

    Jennifer, your style was brilliant this year. I feel as if, in this case, necessity proved the mother of invention -- it may have been more formulaic than you'd have preferred and not always as dressy as you would have liked, yet you looked amazing on every one of those trips! And developed a few new FB outfits in the process. 

  • Dimity replied 6 years ago

    I only joined here a short time ago, so didn't have any specific goals for 2014. If pressed, I'd have to say that my goal was to be able to get dressed in a reasonably satisfying outfit without spending any money. I feel that I achieved this, within the means available to me. 

    For 2015, I'd like to get a bit more ambitious and say something like: I want to reflect who I am through clothes. This might be more neutrals, fewer colours, more edge (but not in a punk way). I also want to bring a higher level of quality to my wardrobe.

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting this along with the two links to find my earlier responses... 
    My responses were simple...
    First up I said to slow down thrifting and only buy items I really love now that I had replaced all the basics..I also said I 'd get better at purging...

    I have to report that I indeed slowed down my thrifting and added a lot more Pieces that explored the Sporty Luxe style this year.  I have not done so well with the purging part, but have hope that is on the horizon as soon as my children head back to college...

    On the second link My response was to refine my jewelry and handbags...
    I would say I have definitely done a lot with the handbags, and not so much with the jewelry, but I am not complaining about that part of my style at all. I did add a few pieces that helped and think I am fine.  

    One of my more silent wishes was to get a few more pointed toe flats..I 've not succeeded in that, so think that will be something good for 2015...

  • Helena (Torontogirl) replied 6 years ago

    Suz, looks like you did a great job on your goals, and where you veered from them, it was towards something even better! Looking forward to hearing more about your "happiness quotient" analysis :)

    Everyone, there are some great ideas and inspiration in this thread!

    I didn't have any defined style goals; however, if I had to describe the year from a style perspective, the word "spiral" comes to mind - I mostly felt I was running in circles; however, I think perhaps I am going to move into 2015 with a better sense of my style - what's important and whats not. Hopefully, 2015 will be a little more linear, although a few spirals never hurts!

  • Dee replied 6 years ago

    Looking back, my goals were:
    1) "Make my closet more cohesive in terms of color and style-descriptors. This will probably involve purging more of the orphans I'm not reaching for any more and a little bit of buying to fill specific wardrobe holes."

    I think I managed this one! My color palette is (mostly) limited to neutrals (black, white, grey, navy) with purple, cobalt, teal accents. I purged a lot, probably a quarter of my wardrobe or more. And most of my purchases and favorites are modern, minimal, and edgy - at least, they are to me!

    2) "Stick to a budget. Last year I'd bought a lot to fill in after some weight loss and didn't necessarily overspend, but spent proportionally more of my income than was probably necessary."

    Definitely didn't manage this one. I probably spent about as much as the previous year. But I did buy better quality items, so overall I bought fewer pieces.

    I learned I do want a more streamlined closet, both in terms of number and style. I am much happier with my clothes and my outfits now than I was at the beginning of 2014. I plan to spend less in 2015 since I feel I have a better idea of what I need/want.

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    I love your reflections Suz and enjoy reading everyone's thoughts coming into the new year. I am going through a phase of re-calibration lately. A couple of months ago I was offered a part-time job at one of the thrift stores I frequent. Yes the fox is in charge of the henhouse (or the cat is guarding the cream for you Hebrew/Yiddish/German speakers). Anyhow I have been planning to figure out what this means for me and my style and illustrate it meaningfully but apparently I am still processing. It is certainly giving me some perspective on quality vs. quantity. 
    Anyway, Suz I have to say your evolution has been amazing to watch. Looking forward to where and wear you go next!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Ooh, Jaime, this is so exciting. I can't wait to hear more. I am sure you will be picking and choosing with the best and for the best! (I am licking the cream off my paws at the very thought...)

    Dee, your style quotient has skyrocketed this year. Just from the few outfits you've posted, I have seen remarkable change. Congratulations!

    TG, you are tough on yourself. I think you have a very well defined style. You're a modern classic dresser, casual, but polished. And that has never wavered. And, best of all - it really suits you! 

    Tracey, I agree you have done sporty luxe with the best this year! And if you have slowed down on the thrifting and spent some time enjoying the clothes you've already collected, that is probably a good thing. You have a terrific and varied wardrobe with lots of room for fun. Wishing you luck in the search for those elusive flats. 

  • replied 6 years ago

    Suz, I loved reading your thoughts on your style goals for 2014 and whether or not you achieved them all. I think it proves that we need to be flexible and roll with the punches. I've skimmed a lot of the replies, so before I go back for a peruse, here's my contribution.

    So... I clicked on your link to Angie's blog post and found my style goals :

    To always be comfortable in the literal sense

    I have got a bit better at this throughout the year and only really have one purchase (black ankle pants) which are so uncomfortable that they are about to be purged.

     To be mindful of the UK climate when buying new pieces. I did well with my footwear over the last few months.

    Yes.. I have a few more sweaters of varying weights that suit our climate and I intend to add more. I did not buy any more sandals either and my booties got a lot of wear.

     To carry on building up coats and jackets wardrobe.

    I added a leather jacket, a peacoat and a red winter coat, so I think I did quite well. Oh, and Santa sent me a fab cream puffer :)

     To carry on being mindful of trends via YLF and to add more on-trend items to outfits even if it is just the latest colour.

    Again, I think I did pretty well on this front too... hello BF's!

     To not slip back to wearing my old meh stuff, which I’ve being doing a bit lately.

    Ah, unfortunately I did have a relapse here, but with the help of the forum and a personal project to get better at my WAH wear I bounced back from the brink. I'm happier about this now.

     To keep on striving to be better at casual wear.

    I do think I've gotten better at this, though I still love any excuse to dress up, but that's just the way I am and I'm not going to fight it too much.

    Phew! After reading this and seeing that I did pretty well, I'm really pleased! I still want to add a few more sweaters and unusual tops, but  I think the size of my wardrobe is feeling about right for me and my needs. Thank you YLF!

  • lyn67 replied 6 years ago

    Yeay, Suz- it seems you have mostly  scored them. My brain is too foggy for such a complicated analysis right now, but will try to do it later, thus I never wrote down my explicit goals for the year. Maybe it's time to formulate them for the next year.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Lyn, I was thinking the same -- time to come up with the 2015 goals. I am sure Angie will do a blog post soon on that. 

    Diane, I think you were incredibly successful in meeting your goals and exceeding them! Your work from home outfits were an inspiration to me. Challenging yourself to dress turned out brilliantly. And I loved that you added some at home footwear to your life. This helped me out in a huge way! So thank you. 

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    Well Suz, I have as I usually do- mulled over this 2014 reflection post for the last 24 hours.
    I did not reach my goal of spending or buying less, but what I bought was more thought-out. Only 2 items I purchased have been unsuccessful as opposed to 30% of items bought last year!
    This is helping me to plan more realistic goals for 2015 :)

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Lyn, that is pretty remarkable if you ask me. Only two items didn't work as compared with 30%?? WOW. Congratulations. You deserve recognition for that. 

    It reminds me of my own situation -- I aimed for one thing, but maybe what I got was even more important? 

  • Elly replied 6 years ago

    I think my 2014 fashion goals were a bit more of a checklist than goals. I posted 3 different versions in 3 different threads.
    Here they are: 

    I want to purge my closet as part of my ongoing (2 years now) purging goal. I did complete cleaning my closet and filled a couple of donation bags. This really helped me see what I needed and freed up closet space. I recently went through the clothes that missed my initial sort, and plan to donate most of the items this spring when there is a thrift/consignment market for dresses (particularly the type young ladies wear to formals). 

    I want to purchase a handful of winter pieces in January to round out what I bought in November to wear to work and wear them heavily for the next 4 months, and ease up on the fleece. I was not able to accomplish this-- I couldn't find pieces that I was happy with and put most of my financial energy into replacing savings I had spent on school. Last winter was the absolute dirtiest season at work, so I only moderately regret not accomplishing this . . . most things probably would have taken a beating.

    I want to ease up on gear purchases– I have very few in mind after updating heavily last year, and hoping that they can be found on deep discount or as a gift from the SO. I purchased 1 lone piece of gear in 2014, and received one as a gift. ACCOMPLISHED

    I want to start wearing makeup beyond cover up again– at least on occasion. I bought some makeup in early 2014 and wear some to work on most days in addition to my coverup. I'm happy with a couple of the products and unhappy with others.

    I want to update spring/summer with a handful of basics and some new tops because all of my summer stuff with the exception of a few tops is still from living in southern NM (5 years now). I did update some of my spring/summer wardrobe. I had mixed luck with the pieces I purchased, but am very happy with the jackets, shoes, and shorts I purchased (which is were most of my budget went for s/s). 

    I want to shop NAS and early for Fall/winter 2014. I did shop NAS in 2014 and returned everything except for a l/s layering tee (which is NOT a favorite). It was fun to be able to shop it though. I shopped early for F/W but was am still shopping for winter odds and ends. Part of the difficulty lies in that I have NO access to B&M shopping unless I am traveling and usually use paypal or a debit card to shop online, which means returns process more slowly. Only being able to order 10 or so pieces at a time works, but not very well when you are trying to replace many items. 

    I want to start taking outfit photos and K/R photos. I set up my tripod and remote shutter release and rearranged a room in my house to do this. I did take plenty of k/r photos throughout the fall, and a few WIWs. I still feel like laundry bottlenecks and lack of variety in toppers, etc. keeps me from feeling "finished" enough to make this worthwhile. 

    I want to analyze my purchases and style direction along the way. I don't know how successful I was with this. I certainly spent a lot of time attempting to analyze pieces, but until each one is added to the wardrobe, planning is fairly moot. 

    I want to update a few loungewear pieces. I purchased a few pieces of loungewear, but because of an issue with a retailer, I still don't have a full "set" of new loungewear. If the retailer doesn't come through, I will return the tops I ordered. I was hoping to receive some items for the holidays, but did not. 

    I want to buy several pieces that make me feel attractive or sexy and not forget this in my need for workwear. I purchased a drape-front blouse that makes an excellent addition to my gallery-wear capsule. It is also something I would feel comfortable with wearing to a casual cocktail shindig. 

    I want to purchase a couple warm underlayers (merino baselayer type) and new
    toppers so I don't have to wear fleece to work all winter to stay warm
    in our frigid building (I have 4 more months of really cold temps) -- I finally accomplished this in October of this year. I went with heattgear because I enjoyed how well they fit under clothes and the v-necks. However, I don't know about the longevity or quality of the pieces. I got most of the tops for 8 dollars though, so if I need to I could replace them next year. 

     Ditto with a pair of fashion boots --- I received one pair for Christmas, which may not last past spring 2015, I also purchased 3 more expensive pair of boots this f/w.

     I want to investigate accessories -- I experimented with accessories a bit in 2014, mostly in the fall. I have always loved jewelry and continue to wear items from my collection to special events like gallery openings, I also wear earrings. Necklaces and bracelets and rings are still out because of work. I do miss wearing a watch, and still have one on my wish list. I miss wearing jewelry, and considered starting to wear dainty necklaces for that reason (most are work ok). I experimented with scarves, but didn't find one that I liked-- this was mostly a size/color/pattern/fabrication issue. I also experimented with belts and fashion handbags for the first time and love my purchases there. I added a gear ball cap and a slouchy beanie, but my other hat plans went bust. 

    I hope that in 2015 I will be in a better place to approach less from desperation and the ability to "check things off" and more from a "love what you wear" perspective. 

  • Windchime replied 6 years ago

    I like these year-end reflection posts.

    Here were my 2014 goals:
    1. To post WIW's at least monthly.
    How I Did: pretty well. My main challenge is technology. I'm hoping to
    get a phone with a good enough camera to help me in this
    endeavor. Right now, DH takes my WIW's. It's a challenge to
    get a good outfit and DH's and my schedules to coordinate.
    2. To get good haircuts.
    How I Did: Passed with flying colors! My niece was hired into a very nice
    salon, and I started going to her for haircuts. She does a
    great job, and she and I are happy to see each other
    3. To spend 2/3 of my wardrobe budget on planned, not impulse,
    How I did: This single goal did the most good for my wardrobe.
    Although I didn't realize it at the time, I ended up buying
    mostly wardrobe essentials in 2014. Now I look at my
    closet and wonder how I ever managed in the past. (Not
    very well.) I love my on-trend footwear, my wool turtle-
    necks, my long-enough jeans, my on-trend trousers for
    work, and the list goes on. I plan to continue buying
    my "second line" of essentials in 2015. Some of the
    first ones will be navy wool trousers, white jeans, and
    tall boots.

  • Debbie replied 6 years ago

    Suz: first I want yo say that I think you have hit a style high this year. Your outfits all look effortless. I think you had a great year. Thank-you for starting this thread.

    1. This is my biggest goal this year. Update my make-up and skin routine.
    I have done this but still not totally happy with the make-up.

    2. Organize the closet so it is more functional and I can see easily what I have. Find a way to organize handbags.
    The closet is better. Handbags still not where I want them to be.

    3. Shop for spring and summer as it is my dominate season.
    I think I accomplished this.
    4. Update my glasses.
    I did this but I am going to take another crack at it in 2015. I just don't like
    Them as well as I think I should.

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    Thank you Suz for this thread, it will get me thinking about next year's goals post which I'm looking forward to seeing on Angie's blog.

    This is what I wrote:

    I really enjoyed reading everyone’s style goals! I love the way Shevia summarized her goal, which I couldn’t agree with more: “To hold out for the thing I really want and get rid of everything I already have and wouldn’t buy again.”

    I feel I am doing much better here.  But sometimes I do hold out for what I really want, and that item is a disappointment to me.  The Helmut Lang Schist Envelope ankle booties are an example.  I actually ordered these in early August, and paid full price for them.  And I hate to pay full price.  I have several expensive, much lusted after pieces I ordered this year that were then returned.  Lesson:  what you really want, may not really be what you want. 

    My other goals: 1) shop for Spring early and 2) come up with a better Summer work outfit plan.

    Check and check.

    I am also interested in better defining my style persona. I have never felt this was important as my style has been more driven by “new-I like-I buy-now I make it work (or not) for me.” Now I want some direction such as Angie’s “Simple, Modern, Bold, Clean and Dressy” descriptives.

    I decided to rest with Angie's Urban Pacific and Farm Fashionista, those two leave lots of room for fashion fun!

    Suz, I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank you for your contribution to this forum.  I feel so privileged to read your insights about your personal style.  And you often get me thinking by starting threads like these.

  • texstyle replied 6 years ago

    Suz, I agree with Denise- you add tremendous value and insight here on YLF and it is so appreciated. Your style journey has taught me so much and continues to do so. Your outfit posts and other posts this year have been beyond inspirational! Thank you!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Wow -  texstyle, Denise, Debbie -- thank you so much! It is a funny thing that when we share about ourselves we sometimes help others more than we know. Anyway, the feeling is mutual, since you are all incredibly stylish (and inspirational) women. 

    Debbie, I was going to say -- post some possible new frames for us! I know how difficult specs shopping can be. Also, I hear you on handbag organization. Mine is definitely less than stellar. I have them on hooks on the back of doors in various places but they don't all fit. 

    Denise, I think your focus on your workwear (and insights gained thereby) was probably key to an important style evolution. That's just a hunch. But I'll be watching. 

    Texstyle, your patient focus on dressing for the actual life you lead is a real inspiration for me. Thank you. 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Elly, that was a big ambitious list of goals. That you partially met any of them is remarkable. I know how hard it can be to build a wardrobe basically from scratch. It takes much patience as well as more money than most of us have at any one time. You have blossomed in your new things! 

    Windchime, isn’t it shocking how planning our purchases can actually help us create a working wardrobe? Who would guess?   :)   I really identify with what you said after point #3. I didn’t realize how serious a lack of essentials could be and how long it might take to reach a reasonable number of those. 

  • trekkiegirl replied 6 years ago

    Since I am new to this forum, I didn't have any set in stone goals for 2014... but I love seeing this, and am going to implement it for this next year!

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