Seasonal workhorses (and their opposite)

We're coming to the end of summer n the northern hemisphere and I'm guessing winter is on its way out for those of you on the opposite side. 

Time to evaluate how things went. 

My workhorses included the following: 

1. Cole Haan knit Original Grand oxford. New. Wow, what a comfortable shoe! And washable! It was an MVP all summer long. This was a new brand to me. I worried about the purchase at first because even on sale they were pricey, but they more than paid for themselves and made up for the lack of a white sneaker (see below).I promptly ordered more styles from this company when they went on sale to have them to use in the fall and on reserve for next summer. I bought a platform version, a similar shoe in grey, and a loafer for strictly indoor wear. 

2. Zara asymmetric skirt. New. Wore it several times a week except in the hottest days of summer. Loved it! 

3. Dries van Noten cotten linen plaid pant. New to me (but from the 2013 season! thanks to Jaime  and LJP and others for finding their provenance -- bought on consignment). Best summer travel pant ever. Dresses up and down, looks fun and interesting. Got compliments on them in San Francisco and elsewhere. 

4. Gap crop wide leg. New. Easy summer jean in fun silhouette and wash. 

5. J. Crew two piece dress. Old. Always in frequent use but this summer saw even more wear because I let the skirt down by as much as I could and I prefer it at the longer midi length. 

My duds were: 

1. The white EOS sneakers which promised so much -- KILLED my feet no matter what I did to mitigate. I have to get rid of them. 

2. Sandwich knit top -- not truly a dud, but a workhorse that worked so hard it fell apart! After our San Francisco trip I found it had multiple holes, presumably from the delicate wash! I am not sure it is reparable, though I will try, because I wore it multiple times a week all summer and adored it. 

Lessons:  try new brands, shoes can feel great in the store and awful in the wild, keep being trendy on the bottom, and expect a bit of wear and tear. 

How about you? 

What were your seasonal workhorses? Were they new items or older? Any surprises? Any lessons to be derived from your successes (or failures)?

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  • Helena replied 10 months ago

    Great assessment Suz ... those oxfords are really cute and look super-comfy. I can see how they could easily step in (ha!) for sneakers. It's a shame that your top fell apart but at least it got lots of wear while it lasted!

    My "basics" have been working hard all summer ... black and white tanks, straight jeans, white cargos pants, linen button ups. Although some pieces got less wear (lifestyle driven really), such as my satin skirt and shirt dress, I don't think they were really duds ... just not workhorse items. I think I had a dud-free summer?!

  • replied 10 months ago

    So with you on the shoes! You never really know with them til you wear them for the day :/ Love your 2 piece dress especially!

    Here's some of my summer workhorses- mostly newer items. One not shown- my rx sunnies that I wear All The Time! I really haven't had many wardrobe "benchwarmers" aside from a couple dressier things, so I guess I've been better about buying for my real life.

  • Runcarla replied 10 months ago

    I’ll be crunching numbers tomorrow (last day of August) but at a glance, with one exception, the items I wore the most were all new this year - 3 pairs of shorts, and 3 linen camp shirts.  The most worn item, a yellow floral French terry hoodie, is quite old (from 2020) and worn 22 times this year so far - 67 times total!  It’s got some blue that matches the blue shorts, and olive/tan that matches the tan shorts - so is a no brainer.  

    There’s not a day I don’t wear one of the Tilley hats, and the soft bag from Uniqlo is my go-to for any walks.

    My duds for the season were a pair of Rachel Zoe linen blend trousers that responded to body heat by loosing their shape in a bizarre and unattractive fashion, and the exuberant yellow bo-ho top from Joe Fresh.  I wore the top about 6 times before catching a sleeve ruffle on a hook style door handle.  It resulted in a seam giving way in an irreparable fashion.  I haven’t given up on black linen pants, however and just thrifted a pair for $10!

    Nothing frustrates me more than something that doesn’t last the first year :-(

  • Dee replied 10 months ago

    Some workhorses for me were two pairs of sandals that I wore with bare feet GASP!! 
    Skechers- grey sandals, very comfortable with nice cushioning, they worked well with almost anything I paired them with.
    Rockport -black slide sandals, another comfortable pair, and I just like its profile of my foot. I found they worked great with so much of my summer wardrobe.
    Also loved my 3 new tees from Simons.
    The big dud was the beige shorts from Karen Scott- too wide, kinda short and I don’t care for the gathered waist.

  • Irina replied 10 months ago

    Glad you love your knitted oxfords. I have Mary Janes in the same knit and they are truly irreplaceable in my wardrobe. I also have the same oxfords in black and enjoy wearing them. 

    My workhorses/duds are pants. I got a pair of cream viscose/linen pants from BR cropped and wore them a lot. They seem to work almost with everything. But my cream 100 % linen pair of wide, full length pants from Massimo Dutti gathered dust. Shows that I still struggle to adjust to full length pants. Most of my tops look better with cropped pants/jeans. 

  • Sal replied 10 months ago

    Your workhorses are all practical but have something a bit special about them Suz.  None are true "essentials" - they are more interesting?

    Love those shoes - and pleased they have been so successful.  And pass on the uncomfortable white sneakers - they will suit someone else's foot I am sure.

    I have been pretty basic this winter - having lost interest in scarves suddenly I found it a bit harder to make jeans and a sweater feel good.

    - wool coat - it has been worn a lot over two winters - but it still is $20 a wear - showing that I paid a LOT for it!!  37 wears over one and a half winters.
    - lilac merino - new this year in April and it already has 30 wears.  
    - my black sweater dress with the knee high boots has been a regular outfit that feels cosy and warm and stylish.  That combo has been worn six times this winter.
    - my lace up boots have also been great - I find them so comfortable and reassuring if it's raining or I will be walking across grass etc..

    - black and white joggers have been sold as they were too short
    - my black coatigan was a success last year but has not been worn this year.  It feels too overwhelming.  I have stored it away and will re-evaluate next year - a long black knit coat feels like something that will be useful and is worth keeping?

  • Carol replied 10 months ago

    I like how all your items are not exactly eclectic, but also not matchy-matchy. Somewhere in between. I see your style has a focus without being too severe.   

    My surprise summer workhorse was a thick black canvas material-type swing skirt, knee-length. Has a silver buckle detail that is nice to enhance with silver earrings, bracelet.  You would not think the thick material would lend itself to staying cool, but I was always the coolest (temperature-wise) person at work. And this skirt can be worn into fall and winter.  

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Nice, Suz! Welcome to Team Cole Haan :)

    Fab that the Dries van Noten pants are working out so beautifully, and that the Zara skirt is unexpectedly seeing a lot of wear!

    I can't pick high Summer wardrobe faves or workhorses because they ALL are - (except for shoes)! Old and new! And very evenly worn. I love my wardrobe so, so, so much! :) 

    I CAN tell you what surprised me the most:

    • My high Summer Zara stash was superb. Natural fibres. More sustainably produced. And laundered really well. 
    • VERY happy to be buying from J.Crew again. The items, fits, and quality have greatly improved post Jenna Lyon, IMO. 

    Delayed Disasters as unfrumped astutely called them are once again shoes: 

    • The pumps were fine with knee-highs working with a client in her home - and I even drove in them! They kill my feet barefoot when I'm walking out and about though. I wore them out to dinner once - about a 25 minute walk from our loft. We had to Uber back because my feet were finished.
    • The pool slides have footbeds like Birkies, and feel like rocks under my feet after five minutes. Especially on the foot with the metatarsalgia. I must stay way from these types of footbeds!

    Don't think I didn't carefully wear these shoes at home for days before deciding to keep them. I DID! They were fine. I never really know whether shoes will work for me until the actual road testing outside. Like you! 

    Oh well! What can you do???? We can only try our best. And we did. Onward :) 

  • Style Fan replied 10 months ago

    Interesting to see what everyone's workhorses are.  Suz, your Dries pants worked out so well.  

    My Summer Workhorses Are:

    1/  Lululemon Hiking Shorts
    I bought two pairs of these when I was in Florida this winter.  They have turned out to be the best dog-walking shorts.  They have lots of pockets for dog things and are easy to wear.  I usually wear them with a sweatshirt, tank top, and jean jacket.

    2/  POMP Linen Shirts
    I have three of these - one long-sleeved and two short-sleeved.  I wear them with my C of H jeans.  Great for warm weather.

    3/  C of H jeans
    The Aninna jeans have wide legs and are comfy for warm weather.  Also, I run cold.  I wear these when we go to dinner or a concert.

    4/  Finn Comfort Sneakers
    These get worn daily for dog walking and other activities.

    5/  Birks
    I probably wear a pair of Birks when not wearing my Finn Comfort Sneakers.

    Need Replacing

    1/  Sanctuary Cargo Pants
    I have worn these so much that they are done.  :(  I will be looking for something next year.

    2/  Denim Shirt
    I have three denim shirts, and all three are falling apart.  That is how much I wear them.  I plan on buying one this fall.

  • LJP replied 10 months ago

    I"ve been considering those Cole Haans for a few years now but have never pulled the trigger. Where are you ordering yours from - the Bay?  I'm thinking they'd be great for me for work - a step up from sneakers on days when I want to be a little dressier.  Too bad about the Sandwich top - but odd though.

    On my side, I didn't buy very much this summer - sidebar: I am worried that my fashion days may be over?  I had a few purchases I regretted and I did post about that a few weeks ago - the white Sorel sandals and Mango 2-pce set in particular .  Funny how I can't think of any workhorses -  I wear everything fairly equally and most of my purchases were work things in black , black and more black .  I wore my linen pieces FAR less this summer than last, and I don't know why.

    StyleFan - I wish POMP would go back to making a few more items like dresses and different tops that aren't button ups!  I love the 2 t style tops  and the long dress  I have , and would have ordered something else if they had it!  I love your cargo shorts from Lulu and hope they have them next year - I definitely can justify a pair or two of those :)

  • cat2 replied 10 months ago

    My workhorses were shoe and bag complements: tan pointed toe flats with a Coach black and tan bag, and two old pairs of blue ballet flats and a low blue wedge with a navy Brahmin tote. I had to deaccession one pair of blue flats and the tote, but still have the rest in the mix for Fall, which has summer-time temps until October.

  • Nadya replied 10 months ago

    Fun! We’re starting to cool down here and I may need to wear a long sleeved shirt Thursday so a great time to look back. 

    • these black linen pants were my go to for business trips. Comfy enough to wear on a plane and easy to dress up or down. 
    • Ditto these flowered black pants 
    • My white Ecco’s were an MVP last summer and this one
    • Joined late this summer by these lug soled black sandals which were great right from day 1. 
    • Various linen shirts, mostly from seasons past. The black one replaces and Old Navy cotton shirt I wore out.
    • Fave wild card is this crazy maxi skirt

    • The same style of pants as the black linen ones in bronze bag out HORRIBLY. I wear them around the house and that’s it. 
    • I wanted a pair of good hiking sandals and the Tevas were a bust. They got replaced by Ecco’s which are working out so far. I hear you all on you never really know a shoe until you’ve worn it in the wild!

  • Jaime replied 10 months ago

    Brava Suz! Well done. Good shoes are hard to find, and I agree completely with you and Angie that there is no real way to know without giving them a hard workout. (Thank you for the shout out with the Dries pants although I do not remember at all :) - that is where my memory is lately.)
    As for me, it is still 30+C/90+F around here and summer weather is unlikely to go away anytime soon. My workhorses have not really changed - the soles are wearing down on my Dr. Marten sandals and I had to replace my summer Birks. I did thrift a couple of new long shorts - one by Thom Kron (new to me German menwear brand) and one apparently Chinese men exercise short (??). My other (re)discovery has been Zara shoes that I find second hand (NWT). I will post about that eventually.
    Looking forward to seeing your Fall shoedrobe in action!

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    It's really interesting to hear about your successes and failures. Thanks for chiming in. Jaime, when I get a good ft with a Zara shoe, it's remarkably good for me! Can't wait to see what has worked for you (and where you have sourced it.) 

    Nadya, I remember your post about that maxi skirt. It's so pretty. And I love both pants, too, and can see how and why they would become instant favourites. The Munro sandals also look great. 

    cat2, that's really interesting -- that what worked well was footwear/ bag complements. I can see that since in summer they really are often our outfit completers, especially for work outfits. You just feel more together when you have a pair that marry well, whether they match or just coordinate really well. 

    Lisa, my first Cole Haans came from the Bay on sale. The others came from the Cole Haan Canada site and I also got them on sale. The platform version of the knit oxford is really good -- not as instantly comfy as the regular version, but easy to wear (wore it today for a long walk -- no issues, except it got wet, since it was pouring rain, ha!).

    The grey Zero grands are great except I don't care for the insole as much as in the Original Grands -- which is okay, since it's removable/ replaceable. These are basically sneaker subs for me -- not for running, obviously -- but I wore them for very long city and trail walks in San Francisco and got nary a blister, which for me is nothing short of a miracle. Plus, they are washable. TBH, the loafers do not match the oxfords in quality/ fit but I bought them strictly as comfy house shoes -- I don't do so well with slippers -- it wasn't worth it to send them back and they will get wear at home. 

    Style Fan, you are a queen of Birks! You have a lot of pairs. I hope you can find a replacement for the Sanctuary pants -- i can easily imagine how well they would work in your wardrobe. 

    Angie, what a shame about the pumps -- oy! That is very frustrating indeed. It really isn't easy to know with footwear, is it? We try and try, but ... I also struggle wth molded footbeds like Birks or similar...I do have a pair of Ecco flip flops from last summer that create that difficulty for me. I wear them, but they are strictly house slippers. I would not purchase again. 

    Carol, that's a great skirt. It looks like a cotton/ linen blend or something. And gored skirts like that feel really breezy and easy to dress up or down. Not surprised it has worked well for you. 

    Sal, I love your lilac merino and your wool coat. Gorgeous pieces! The coat will be in your closet for years and will earn its wear. As for the merino, I think you and Angie and I might be the Queen, the Princess, and the Duchess of Merino on the forum -- we live in the perfect climate for it! 

    Hard to say about the coatigan. Sometimes items like that slide back into favour. I'd hang on for a while for sure. 

    Irina, that's soooo interesting about the full length pants. I prefer full lengths in the cooler temps and mostly wore crops all summer but will return to full lengths in fall. If the MD pants don't feel great next year, maybe you could have them cropped in order to get more wear from them? 

    Dee, you did so well with those Simons tees. I especially love the blue, black white one with the geometric pattern. Striking and unusual! I hear you on the shorts -- I once had a pair in that style. I was in my early 20s and slim. My neighbour caught sight of me in the elevator and asked if I were pregnant. It was the waist gathers...

    Carla, I love that hoodie and love how it comes out in summer and works with just about everything. I can also see why the shorts and camp shirts would quickly become favourites. Love the little nylon bag, too. I keep wanting something like that, and then realize I also need a place for my water bottle, which is why I keep on carrying knapsacks....

    Suntiger, that's a great reminder about sunnies. Ii wear mine constantly, too. Sal has a whole mini wardrobe of sunglasses and I think I could also do with a few pairs. High five on the ripskirt!  I didn't wear mine much this year but I haven't given up on it, either. 

    Helena, a dud free summer is brilliant! Brava for that! You have been planning and shopping well! 

  • Bijou replied 10 months ago

    This winter I have only worn sneakers when exercising, my boots really came into their own. My new denim dress and jeans were fun additions that I have enjoyed and worn often. My dud is the grey boots - I bought them to replace some worn out dressy off-white boots, but these are less refined than those and so I rarely wear them. Often when I try to replace a worn-out workhorse, the replacement is not as good. They are wearable - but still - I should have learnt my lesson that close enough is not good enough...

  • Brooklyn replied 10 months ago

    I’m glad the Zara skirt worked out. I would have tried that myself if they made it in a Brooklyn colour.

    My workhorses were jeans. My Collusion extreme baggy jeans, which I loved. And my wide leg Zara jeans, which worked really well too. I had to retire my so called boyfriend jeans. (So called because they fit me like skinnies.) I just can’t deal with fitted jeans now. (They were very well worn.)

    My bronze jeans were also a surprise success. I wore them about once a week. Love them!

    Other workhorses were my Marc’s felted wool jackets. I wear them as an alternative to a fleece jacket when walking. My long Cue jacket, which I also love. It’s cotton not wool, so it suits our mild conditions. And my old Zara black military jacket, which is a nice medium weight wool/viscose blend.

    My duds:
    * A Zara wool coat I bought at the beginning of winter and did not wear at all. We had a very mild winter and it just wasn’t cold enough. I’m not too worried. I do like it and I needed a new wool coat. The style is classic. Next year!
    *A pair of chunky lace up knee high boots. I think they are funky and cool but every time I put them on I feel like big foot! I had doubts about them when I bought them but I thought I would be able to push through that. But I didn’t! It is tricky when pushing your style boundaries. Sometimes it pays off (eg the bronze jeans) and sometimes it doesn’t. So I’m not sure what I’ve really learned from it to be honest. Maybe just not to invest a lot of money in a style gamble. Luckily the boots were discounted, but it’s still a disappointment. I’m keeping them for now to try again next year.

  • Star replied 10 months ago

    For high summer I wore my new to me pieces a lot.  These include the fucshia cotton sleeveless button through midi dress, my black/white gingham skirt, brown linen utility pants and navy half leg joggers.  A black skirt and a white skirt did not get much wear as I bought them a bit tight and I did not lose the tummy fluff as planned, but there is always next summer.  My usual summer workhorses were once again worn on repeat.  These include my camo cotton skirt and my cotton spaghetti strap tops.  Also my black/white geo-floral sundress and my black/red floral sundress, denim bermuda shorts and white cotton shorts - these are all ancient. My Ts worn a lot were mostly black and white and only occasionally colourful.  I really am more into black/white/navy/olive green lately.   My high summer clothes have to be linen or cotton.  Shoes are also hit and miss for me - one very comfortable new yellow pair of sandals and one not that comfortable new gold pair.

  • Joy replied 10 months ago

     My summer work horses were older EF pieces that are worn year round.  Most were black and made light weight columns to be easy to work with. Soon I will be moving from summer black to fall colors. I may continue with some black mixed with fall colors.  I expect them to take me up to December and do not know yet if I have enough to do it.  It does vary in weight from hot weather light weights to heavier cold weather items. Adding a bit of black will help stretch the items I have.I continue to wear frocks at least two days a week and casual slacks the rest of the time.  My espedrilles are summer workhorses to replacing sandals.  As it gets cooler, I switch to loafers for more warmth.  Two of my doctors are quitting in September.  That has caused a flurry of office visits and labs. 

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Joy, first of all, I wish you well wth the change of doctors. It can be a lot of stress to deal with that kind of change and you want a wardrobe that works for you! 

    Star, I love the sounds of your fuchsia dress and the gingham skirt. I can see both working beautifully with silver/ white hair! 

    Brooklyn, that is so interesting about the challenge of moving our style forward, and so true. You just can't tell, or not always -- we'll get a twinge and wonder and then -- it works out -- or it doesn't! But I'm really glad the wider pant silhouette is feeling good to you. You wear it so well! The bronze jeans are amazing! I think your attitude toward the coat is sensible. When wearing it depends on climate and the weather doesn't cooperate, there's not much you can do!

    Bijou, so glad those denim pieces earned their place! They are super fab. I love how you made the dress work for winter and it can also work for spring,  would imagine, in your climate. I agree 100% about replacements for workhorses. They often fail to work out as well as the original! Maybe it is because our style has moved along in other ways. And sometimes it is about some detail of the new piece not being quite right. 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 10 months ago

    What a great post, Suz. I love those plaid pants you found.

    I  can think of a few new things that became instant workhorses for me this summer: 
    - two pairs of wide-leg jean shorts by Madewell that are my go-to everyday shorts now
    - Cole Haan sneakers, which I want to wear everywhere
    - Tissot watch with white strap (once I found out how to work it--haha!)
    - AllSaints crossbody bag in stone-white

    Older workhorses, bought last year or the year before:
    - Talbots bermuda shorts in navy and white
    - Ecco sandals in stone
    - Madewell crossbody bag in sage green; I like the two straps it came with, and even bought another one this year on sale
    - cream loafers

    A recent purchase that didn't work:
    - Puff Crossbody bag by Madewell that was too small. I bought it on clearance, so couldn't return, but I took the chance.

    Some summer items that I feel might be ready to go, as I didn't use them this year:
    - black sleeveless knit dress by Zella. (I still hesitate over this one, though.)
    - Nic & Zoe striped sweater that may have gotten one too many pulls in the open-weave knit (no Find for this one)
    - Jag bermuda shorts in white and blush. I also have black ones that I may let go of, since I have another pair of black bermudas by Vince that I have been wearing.

  • Minaminu replied 10 months ago

    Great assessment and fab to read all the reviews! 

    My Spring / Summer winners are: 

    • Metallic trainers and sandals: I love how they add some spice to the outfit and are still comfortable! Both are replacements made this year.
    • Beige chino, great for some light gardening, weekend shopping and other casual wear!
    • Turquoise knit dress has been a joy to wear when WFH. Other dresses were just too light.
    • Good old navy jumpsuit, bought it in 2019 and it still is a great office piece which can transition to nights' out with the right accessories.
    • Stripy blouse also from 2019 and still one of my favourites due to the pattern and broderie on the arms!
    So far, the Zara combo (blouse and skirt) has not worked this summer, partly because of the weather but there is something that does not feel right in the material. Maybe it will work for the autumn. we'll see.

  • Roberta replied 10 months ago

    The big winners (again) were my Eddie Bauer Rainier shorts, which I wore almost every day. 

    Also, I took two long sleeved dresses to the tailor to make them short sleeved. Voila - summer dresses! This made me feel thrifty and clever. ;-)

    The surprise winner were my new Camuto white sandals! Who knew I needed a pair of white sandals and would wear them every other day? They're not for hiking, true, but they made everything I tried them with feel fresh and fun.

    The disappointments were linen shirts. I bought three, and I wore them, but they always felt scratchy within a few hours. I'll keep washing and ironing them each time in hopes of softening them up. Not pictured; Quince white SS and Banana Republic green LS shirts. 

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Suz, I know, right? Those moulded footbeds are a disaster for my feet. Lesson learned - again :( 

    On a happier note, these new flat, hard, stable soled ankle strap sandals made of soft leather are WINNERS! I can walk for miles in the city in them in 38C heat! They are coming with me to Greece. 

  • Style Fan replied 10 months ago

    Lisa, I have looked at the POMP tees and thought about getting one on sale.  
    Suz, the Sanctuary pants were well-worn.  I plan to look early in the season next year.  They seem to sell out quickly.

  • Barbara Diane replied 10 months ago

    Our summer weather has been all over the place. In the hottest weather my lightweight black skirt and black and white tank have been getting a lot of wear, along with a black and white long sleeveless rayon dress. And my newer wide legged black and white print pants. Surprisingly as I like color. On nicer days I’ve worn above the ankle crops or longer pants with colorful lightweight casual button ups that are either 3/4 or long sleeves. The black and white tops and button ups are new this year, the dress is so old I have no memory of buying it.

  • Sisi replied 10 months ago

    No wonder about your workhorses, Suz  - they are beautiful pieces and look appropriate for the season and for your activities. I love your plaid pants and your floral "dress". 

    My Summer workhorses up to date have been:
    - all my sandals. I have 3 pairs, of which 2 are brand new (golden thongs and silver shiny ones). They are super comfortable and light. 
     - black long skirt (2022) - long, fluid, airy, with a long side slit that provides ventilation :) 
    - white cropped pants (2020) - fluid and fresh.
    - white/lilac tee (2023) - fluid shape, breezy.
    - black bow tee (mid 2000s) - I have never been able to get rid of this old t-shirt. It is very fresh, has a nice shape and has the magic power of making me look slimmer :) . So once in a while it comes out to play again.

    The "duds" (funny word!) have been:
    my other Summer pants (2020-2022) - less light than the white ones.
    - breton tee (Spring 2023). This was a surprise! I have been wanting sooo bad a breton tee! Finally I found one that I liked. Well, after a few wears I realized that I do not reach for it. I do not know what's wrong, it makes me feel unfab.

    Lessons learnt
    - don't buy pants for Summer (or at least just a couple) and try to build a capsule of breezy dresses and skirts.
    - no matter how you try, a mistake is always possible!

  • Janet replied 10 months ago

    Suz, your workhorses are so good! I also find Cole Haan to be a good fit for my feet (we continue to have similar shoe fit requirements!).

    I so wish I had seen that Zara skirt before it sold out! It would have been right up my alley. Fab choice.

    My workhorses this summer are a little hard to pinpoint because we were traveling for a solid month. I am getting more realistic about how this may be our new normal with Jamie retiring next year. We are hoping to get more use out of our camper and work on our travel bucket list in coming years. More time traveling = fewer items of clothing that get worn more and need to be more versatile.

    But I’d say that my summer winners this year include some old favorites — nothing terribly groundbreaking, with the exception of the Maria Cornejo pants, which I love on all but the very hottest of days. My fisherman sandals from last year continued to heavy lifting, along with my new Sorel Kinetic sandals (just realized I don’t have a find for them yet), and my old Sorel platform lace-ups. Lots of patterned breezy skirts with solid black tees, or patterned breezy sleeveless tops with solid black cargos, the Cornejo pants, or shorts. A dress here or there, but I’m learning that dresses are not as easy for me as it seems they should be.

    A lot of learning this summer! LOL

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