Trends already in the closet

I've been waiting for Angie's seasonal trend report. As I perused earlier reports coming out this fall, I started looking through my closet and asking myself how I might use items already in my closet to participate in some of these trends. There are also others I'm really hoping to embrace but need to make new purchases to do so -- I will save those for another post. 

Tall boots: I own 3 pair -- 2 heeled (grey suede dressy and black casual) and a black flat riding boot. I'm going to dust them off and wear them with culottes, dresses, and skirts. I wish I had navy boots or a cooler grey toned boot -- but investing in a new pair doesn't strike me as sensible when these are still in great shape and were quite the investment when purchased, and are comfortable. 

Loose jeans and pants -- I'm almost set for this trend with various shapes and levels of formality. But I have my eye on a few additions of trousers. 

Tuxedos and pant suits -- I currently have one pant suit and am looking at another. I also own a tuxedo blazer which can be combined with an unmatching navy pant to make a sort of tuxedo suit. 

Metallics -- as a laid-back luminous garçonne who has been adding metallics to the closet since my hair went silver, you'd better bet I am all over this trend. Fall/ winter worthy metallics already in my closet include footwear, bag, jeans, two piece dress. Am I done yet?  I doubt it. This goes beyond trend to signature for me. 

Peplums -- I own a few old peplum tops from J. Crew that I still enjoy wearing. They are dressier items, so don't see much action, but I might see if I can style them a new way. 

Leather clothing -- I have a great leather moto and a fab coat. I don't have pants/ skirt or other leather or faux leather items. Would not be averse to adding. 

Statement socks: I have a few of these. 

Hem length -- I'm going for the midaxi length as much as I can and have a couple of options. 

How about you? What have you already got in your closet that will allow you to play with this year's trends -- should you want to? 

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  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    I'm with you on loving all of these trends, Suz - apart from statement socks. I prefer statement hosiery, and will enjoy the sock version on you :)

    You were ahead of the curve with your silver jeans! 

    I have most of the trends covered, actually. Reds (I wear a LOT of red!), chocolate, tall boots, metallics, loose pants and jeans , midis, midaxis, pant suits, metallics, pleather clothing = PLENTY representation!!! Even a peplum! 

    My wardrobe may be at its trendiest yet - and I'm not a '90s gal! It's because of the '70s and '80s influences in the '90s that I'm loving it.

    I have BIG pants and jeans covered and then some, and across the seasons! LOVE THIS TREND!!! 

  • cat2 replied 9 months ago

    I have a peplum jacket I love and a white peplum blouse. I already have a lot of claret, burgundy and teal. I already have a few metallic garments, mostly knits I bought for Holiday, and quite a few metallic shoes and a metallic low boot. I have black and brown tall boots, and long skirts aplenty. This is going to be fun!

  • Jules replied 9 months ago

    I have chocolate brown riding boots, in need of new soles so now I have motivation to get that done; my everyday fall/winter handbag is a chocolate leather messenger style; and I have chocolate leather fleece lined converse. All of these feel classic for my style yet on trend. On the other hand, the few metallics I have are in muted/distressed finishes while the trend seems to be a super shiny mirror finish. I don’t enjoy silver as much so I’ll keep an eye open for copper, bronze and/or gold items.

  • Roberta replied 9 months ago

    You really were the crest of the metallic wave, especially with the boss silver jeans! Low heeled silver boots are my current dream.

    I am really into all the colors this season. Fall colors are always my favorite, but to see all these reds thrills me.

  • Dee replied 9 months ago

    This is the season for all your fab silver metallics to come out and play. Having fun styling them.
    As for me, I’m loving the fact that loose/relaxed fit jeans are back again and I’ve got a nice new collection to enjoy even though it took me forever to even wear the slim/skinny jeans but I’m happy to pass them along.

    Tall boots have also been waiting for action in my closet for the last few years, looking forward to wearing them again. They are a riding boot style which is pretty classic.

  • Sal replied 9 months ago

    You are well on the way Suz! I hope you can find the right red - I too would welcome some red into my winter wardrobe.

    Your silver is going to be excellent and I look forward to seeing the older peplums at play again.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Sal, I'm really interested to see what the spring/ summer trend reports for your part of the world are suggesting! And whether you will play along or to what extent. 

    Dee, you wear the wider, looser jeans so well. You are doing well for those and they work really well with classic tops (which I know we both tend to prefer). 

    Roberta, aren't those Madewell booties great? (Or at least great looking). I wouldn't mind trying them, for sure...

    Jules, tall brown boots sound perfect for you. I can see them with that Aritzia dress of yours as well as with other items in your closet. 

    cat2, sounds like you are doing very well for current trends. It will be fun to pull out old favourites and try them again in new combinations. 

    Angie, those jeans are right up my alley! Wow! Love them so much!! 

  • Sloper replied 9 months ago

    I’m a happy camper ‘cause some of the trends are perennials for me!

    Midi skirts and dresses
    Knit dresses
    Wide leg pants

    No reds or browns or tall boots though. Thinking about something metallic.

  • Brooklyn replied 9 months ago

    I am all over the metallics trend. And I do feel particularly pleased with my bronze jeans purchase last year. Interestingly, lots of people asked me where I got them this year (they didn’t last year).

    Dark romance is also a natural for me.

    Tall boots, tick. Loose jeans, tick. Red, brown and teal, tick. Teal, double tick. I am even getting more into yellow but I’m not sure if it’s the yellow that Angie describes. Midaxis and maxis, tick. Leather, tick. I also have a very old black military peplum jacket that I never stopped wearing.

    Happy. Excited to see what Spring/Summer brings here, although I already have my own DYOT plan.

  • Irina replied 9 months ago

    Midaxi skirts - thanks to this trend, I now have 2! And lots of summer, midaxi dresses! Happy dance!
    All my pants are loose fit and I don’t see it changing soon. Looking for maybe one more pair of jeans in cream but not much else. 

    I bought a cobalt sweater dress and now have 2 garments in this color! Trendy! :)

  • Jaime replied 9 months ago

    It will be easier to say which trend I can't easily pull from my closet and that is peplum. I will be keeping my eyes peeled though! I have quite a lot of metallic silver (like you I started collecting to match my hair), plenty of leather, a good amount of red and brown, knee highs, loose jeans...maybe we should do a shop your closet for the trends challenge?

  • Jenni NZ replied 9 months ago

    Our part of the world: from my Spring Fashion Quarterly magazine I get: greens, more lime or apple but there was olive in the stores recently, blues including sky blue and cobalt, pinks, florals both ditsy and wider spaced, puffs, frills and flounces. Some camo, some metallics.
    I can already do most of this but I won’t do camo. And not too frilly either.

  • Jenni NZ replied 9 months ago

    I have 2 pair silver sandals already and have bought some sparkly navy ballet flats, the only new thing for this season so far.

  • Jenni NZ replied 9 months ago

    Found another on another local website: red. Yay that I already have red tops for summer x2, and red dresses. One of my red dresses may be too big now :(

  • lyn67 replied 9 months ago

    Wow, Suz (scored 8 out of 11!!) &Brooklyn- you're both set  into  the trends right now!
    I am doing only the more domestic (for me:-)) ones from here:
    Chocolate&some teals(red is not really my color for F/W excluding one holiday sweater) loose pants/jeans (but not full length!-tey look terrible on me-so I skip- only ankle showing or 7/8),dark romance (which I always loved for colder seasons)-and I am all over midi lengths for skirts and dresses.
    I love metallics, but for the colder seasons only use them for holidays or dressy. I had both, but  was in love with pewter/for years but slowly want to switch for golds/copper now- because of my golden templed specs-but is hard to find my pieces.
    I   do have some tall boots from many years ago -mainly flat riding  ones both black and brown- but did not really used them nowadays, see if I can include these in some outfits in the curent season-but we have mild winters now and to be frank just couldn't make myself wearing them when it's so warm inside and outside. 
    As for the leather trend. I skipped that entirely as switched to light puffers and shackets along the years. I wasn't even aware of revival of it but  spotted one vegan jacket at H&M 2 weeks ago which may make it's way into my wardrobe, soon- just because it is NOT Black but is  kind of fadded charcoal  with some patina and very thin and not that stiff.
    Other enlisted treds  leave me icy cold at the moment---but I know so well to never say never loud out here!...:-)

  • Sisi replied 9 months ago

    You are a trendy woman, Suz! For Autumn I only have  a pair of silver oxfords. I'd like to find a pair of warm loose pants and a wollen  long skirt for Autumn. 

  • Janet replied 9 months ago

    Such a good analysis. I'm catching up on reading Angie's blog post from yesterday, so a little late to the party. I mostly plan on shopping my closet for the trends, since I have plenty that already fits into the categories that interest me:

    1. Red and chocolate. I have some red, not a lot, and would be open to another piece -- probably a blouse or top of some sort. I mostly enjoy burgundy and cooler shades of red, but I have four sweaters in shades of red (two patterned, one color block, and one solid), so that's enough for me. I'm enjoying the looks of chocolate brown that I'm seeing, so again, I'm open to adding a piece if I find the right one, but I just got a patterned AllSaints skirt with brown background, so if no other deep brown items strike my fancy, that itch is scratched.

    2. Magenta, orchid, teal, cobalt, butter. I'll pass on more magenta and orchid. They look nice on me, but I always end up tiring of pieces in that color family -- I almost feel like they wear me, psychologically, if that makes any sense. Teal and cobalt -- big YAY, and I have it well represented in my closet. Butter? Not my best color, but I have some items with yellow accents in prints -- I'll stick with that. 

    3. Tall boots. Mine have been neglected for the past few years, so I'm looking forward to breaking them out again. 

    4. Loose jeans and pants, especially full length. Big yay, as long as the look isn't too oversized. Already represented with my wide leg jeans and parachute pants.

    5. Dark romance. Yes, please. Moody florals, wintry textures. I think I'm well covered in that department too. 

    6. Pantsuits. I'll pass. I have a devil of a time finding pants that fit me properly, much less a matching jacket. I haven't had a suit since I was in my 20s and I expect I never will again. Of course, if the perfect one fell in my lap, I'd take it, but it's unlikely.

    7. Maxis, midaxis, midis. YAY. Big yay. I'm well stocked in this department, but mainly with summer styles. However, some of my skirts transition between seasons nicely. No more minis for me. That ship sailed long ago, and even when I was young and slim, it was never my best look. 

    8. Metallics. I've moved away from metallics in the last few years, and i'm not sure why. Maybe too ALGO with my hair color now, and my statement eyeglass frames? I like them, but don't seem to wear them as much. 

    9. Peplums. Not so much anymore. Fussy on me. 

    10. Leather. Yes, please. I have leather jackets and a skirt. That's likely enough. 

    11. Statement socks. I have fun socks (pugs! sushi! stripes!), but they're not really part of my look since I don't really show them with cropped pants and low-vamp shoes. They're more of a secret happy thing. 

  • Star replied 9 months ago

    I have 3 pairs of knee high boots, 2 black and 1 brown.   Dark brown mock-croc ankle boots.  Brown handbag.
    1 Dark brown cord blazer.  Burgundy cord straight legs.
    Silver handbag.  Rose-silver flat mules.  Red flat mules.
    Knitwear in burgundy, lavender, fuchsia, teal and cobalt.  I have a pale yellow cotton knit that I usually wear once or twice in early Spring.  Maybe I can give it a wear this Autumn...
    Only thing I may add could be true bright red, probably in knitwear and if I see a great red handbag while thrifting.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Thanks, everyone! It's interesting hearing what everyone already has and I like reading your lists because I can sense the wheels turning! :) 

    Star, a great red handbag at thrift would be my delight, too. But I'm not holding my breath for that one. It will be serendipity if it shows up. 

    Janet, you have such a deep closet, it's no wonder you are set for most of the trends. If you are not feeling metallics these days, then you absolutely ought to keep them out of your outfits, trends or no trends. It's funny how we can go in personal phases with these things. I have noticed a few shifts in my own taste lately, too. When I trade out spring/ winter clothing I often look at things and think -- now why, you former favourite, am I not interested in wearing you any more? But I'm not, so...

    Sisi, I love your silver oxfords! I hope you find your trousers. 

    Jenni, I am so curious about the different trend cycles in your part of the world. As Sal as said before, some of them will be the same as in N. American & Europe, different season or no, some of them will be delayed, (or ahead) and some are unique to your area! 

    Jaime, that's a great idea for a challenge! 

    Lyn, your tall boots would be great with some of your skirts, I'll bet. It would be fun to experiment with those. And I can understand with your hair why you would prefer golds and bronzes -- makes sense! 

    Irina, when your closet is mainly neutral those pops of colour seem to play an extra special role and you were ahead of the trend with your cobalt! 

    Brooklyn, your closet is rich and deep and I love the way you incorporate trends into you unique signature style. You do the trend but do it your way. It never feels standard issue. 

    Sloper, it sounds like you are set! Yay! 

  • Helena replied 9 months ago

    You're in excellent shape Suz! Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate these trends this season!

    In my closet I have a few items which align with the trends:

    - general 90s influence - yep. Plenty of black & beige, simple pieces and 'basics'

    - red - a striped mariniere and elevated sweatshirt in true red; several burgundy pieces also

    - loose jeans and pants - I have relaxed straights as well as flare and wider legs in the closet, as well as joggers and flare leggings which are somewhat adjacent to this trend?

    - dark romance - well maybe not super-romantic but I certainly have plenty of dark shades to play with!

    - midis - one skirt in this length. one is plenty for how much I wear skirts! It's black satin, so I suppose fits in the dark romance bucket as well.

    - metallics - not so much, BUT I am a silver jewellery girl, so I can hop on the silver trend by piling it on.

    Plenty to keep me going, it would appear!

  • rachylou replied 9 months ago

    I can pretty much do everything on the list, but I’d still like to beef up my teal and brown and maybe try some darker reds. Loose pants I’m kinda already off, but that may be mostly a weather thing. I don’t have any metallics anymore, but I’d be open to silver shoes if miraculously comfortable.

  • ChristelJ replied 9 months ago

    Suz, you look so great in your various loose jeans, and I envy your lovely silver items. It's a great idea to dig in the closet for current trends and you have a fine collection. It will be fun to see how you wear them all.

    I dug up my tall black boots and bought a print midi dress recently that looks rather 90s with them. Very excited to wear that. Bright warm red is already in my closet, as are some slightly loose jeans and some metallic bags. I would love a peplum but not sure how to wear them these days.

  • kkards replied 9 months ago

    Gosh—you’re well on your way to a fabulous on trend fall/winter!   How great that you have so much of this fall already in your closet!   

  • Indigoprint replied 9 months ago

    Surprisingly I am good to go for what I am interested in.
    I have tall boots, loose jeans, statement socks and I just received a midi leather skirt off of Poshmark. 
    Tux pants, metallics and peplum style do not suit me so I can admire them on others.
     My wish list includes a knee length grey plaid trench style coat and a pair of Ariats. 
    Hopefully I can thrift the coat and I have been a good girl this year and ask Santa for boots for Christmas. 

  • Ginger replied 9 months ago

    I don't really adopt trends as such, but I do enjoy seeing what's in, because it means those things should be available at retail! These are the ones I already have, and some Finds. (I'm not good with updating Finds regularly!)

    Red, at least some items. I usually wear it in December and for patriotic events or holidays and occasionally at other times. 

    Teal and Butter - Teal is a new-to-me color but I've gotten a few items. Teal, to me, must be very blueish. And I love light yellow so I've got several pieces already.

    Tall Boots - I never gave these up! Most are heeled but I have flat navy blue suede, and both black and brown riding boots from 20 years ago. Plus reddish brown cowboy boots.

    Loose Jeans - Eh, I have one pair that fit well, from Lands' End. They're comfortable but really do make me look rather enormous. I'll keep wearing them but don't imagine I'll buy more.

    Midis and Midaxis - Those are my signature, mostly made by me since I have very particular criteria. But I'll pick something up if I really, really like it.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Ginger, wow, your closet is well stocked and the boot collection in particular amazes me! Jealous that you have tall blue boots! A HEWI for me. 

    Indigoprint -- I'm intrigued by this grey plaid trench you are imagining. It sounds fantastic. I hope, when you find it, you show us!

    kkards, thanks!

    ChritelJ -- I hope you show us your new dress with the boots! 

    Rachy, I'll be you look great in teal and brown. 

    Helena -- sounds like you are pretty well set for the season! 

  • Minaminu replied 9 months ago

    Sue, you are all set for an amazing fall/winter! 

  • Jonesy replied 9 months ago

    Suz, you are so set, especially in the metallics department! I am looking forward to seeing some fab outfits with those silver jeans. I have lots of loose pants and jeans, plus some oversized tailored jackets, a smattering of metallics (a blazer, a bag), one pair of very old tall boots (probably won't look for another, as they are so hard to fit), a few pairs of western boots, plus more and more brown items.

  • Bijou replied 9 months ago

    Living in Australia, we are always 6 months behind trends and yet with how slowly fashion moves, at times if I get on a trend early, I can have a wardrobe that is current.

    I have all of these trends in my wardrobe! Brown is the least represented, but I do have a bit because I love brown leather boots and bags...The two categories that really are easy for me are red and dark romance. I suit the drama of dark romance and have a love of black - with black tweed, lace, velvet and leather featuring prominently in my wardrobe.

    I will show 2 items in each category!
    Red - cape and dress
    Brown - jacket and bag
    Tall boots - scarf print and suede
    Magenta, orchid, teal, cobalt and butter - knitwear - butter and orchid
    Loose jeans and pants - jeans and pants
    Tuxedo and pant suits - from my days of working in an office!
    Metallics - leather jacket and bag
    Peplums - a classic for me - denim and velvet jackets (which is teal)!
    Leather clothing - skirt and blazer
    Dark romance - floral and corset dresses and velvet floral coat (very old)
    Hem lengths - all over the place for me - shorter black asymmetrical skirt and long coat.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Bijou, you are so well supplied for the season ahead, supposing those trend are consistent in Australia when your autumn returns! But some look like they will also work for transitional seasons. I love your dark romance items in particular. 

    Jonesy, I hope I find some opportunities for wearing the silver jeans soon. 

    Thanks, Minaminu!

  • SarahD8 replied 9 months ago

    Late to this thread but what a super fun discussion! Looks like you are well set for several trends, Suz. I can't wait to see more of your metallics in action.

    In my closet are magenta, teal (though I would like more of both), tall boots, a weak team of loose jeans/pants (I have been trying, and trying, and trying to add these silhouettes to my closet), a smidge of dark romance (would like to add more), a mini and midaxi or two, and statement socks. 

    I'd like to add metallics and tuxedos my way (I would love a tuxedo-styled *cardigan,* and am open to tuxedo-stripe pants. Likely wouldn't wear them together though).

    I will skip red and chocolate, peplums, and leather clothing.

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