Then and Now

Carla started a trend! :)  Thanks for the brilliant idea, Carla. 

A few from my archives. 

1. Very first WIW photo.  June 2011. So...all items except the cardigan and shoes, thrifted. Wearing my worst colour (orange) as an experiment. The outfit was not a success. Even so...some constants: 

  • Cropped pants (I was wearing them even before Angie would tolerate them, LOL!)
  • 3 pieces. 
  • Daytime sparkle! (The top has sparkly threads). 
  • Ecco shoes. (Those slides were soooooo dated at the time. Did I know? Nope. ;) 

2. The updated version: May, 2019. New hair, cooler colours, more flattering neckline, longer cardigan. The top, though, like the first one, was a dud. Wore it only a handful of times -- it kept stretching out and just didn't make me happy. 

3. March, 2012. Mustard bag with blues and cool tones!

4. October, 2012: Fuchsia jacket. This was the "gateway drug" -- cheap as chips from H&M (literally -- $10) as an experiment. I learned that I adored wearing a bright jacket. 

5. October, 2019: Fuchsia jacket and mustard bag! 

6. April, 2012: Stripes, red, and denim jacket. The denim jacket is still in my closet all these years later. It was one of my first YLF purchases and has stood the test of time. 

7. Here it is in July 2019.

8. July 2013: the power of a black jacket, something sparkly, denim, and statement boots. 

9 and 10. Dec. 2019. Ditto!  

11. Jean jacket again, this time with Zara shorts  -- 2014...

12. ...and 2016...

13....and 2019....

I could go on and on and on..I didn't even get to the "big collar coat" photos or the "military detailing coat" photos -- there are a series of those, too.

The constants are clear to me, though. Blue (duh!). White. Brights as accents (mostly red and fuchsia.) Love of a 3rd piece (mostly jackets but cardigans in a pinch). Stripes and some florals. 

Jenni has broken down the number of items still in her wardrobe from pre-YLF days and early YLF days. I don't have any from pre-YLF days since I changed size significantly. But I do have a handful from early YLF days (denim jacket included) and, as you see, many items last for 5 years or more in the closet and get worn either in new ways or the same way....

Thanks all of you for patiently helping me to refine my style and special thanks to Angie for starting me off with a haircut and supporting all my experiments! 

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  • Bijou replied 10 months ago

    Suz - it is so fun to see your style evolve. My goodness, you were a fast learner, the transformation from June 2011 to March 2012, is quite dramatic. Not that you looked bad at all in June 2011, you still had your gorgeous face, hair, figure and killer smile. 

  • Joy replied 10 months ago

    Suz, I love your pixie hair cut and your recent looks especially black with denim and other blue. So gorgeous on you.

  • Mirjana replied 10 months ago

    It's very nice to see your style evolve Suz. I like every one of your outfits, but #5, with pink blazer is to die for, love, love so much.

  • rachylou replied 10 months ago

    To me, Suz, your timeline shows how much ground a style moniker can cover.

    Your very first outfit is super interesting. You say it didn’t work. If I may be so blunt... It’s really a Very Nice Outfit, but the others have Style...

  • Jenni NZ replied 10 months ago

    Cool! It’s late here now, bedtime, so I might have to come back tomorrow or later. I can see the evolution- but you know, I do think you look really pretty in the very first outfit xx

  • The Cat replied 10 months ago

    Obviously, much has happened. Nevertheless, you have always looked great! :-)

  • torontogirl replied 10 months ago

    Beautiful then, beautiful now - your growing confidence and boldness is apparent though, and it looks great on you!

  • RobinF replied 10 months ago

    So fun to see the transition! I actually think my favorite is #3 from way back in 2012! Love the jacket and mustard bag! I don't think the first is bad but your hair is so cute as a pixie that it's hard to see past the longer hair. And how great is that jean jacket!

  • Kathie replied 10 months ago

    These looks back in time have been so much fun. Your styling is impeccable. It’s not only the third pieces, but the scarves, brighter bags, and the metallic shoes that bookend your hair. YLF, then and now!

  • nemosmom replied 10 months ago

    My goodness, what an evolution! It's so fun to see how you've updated your signature denim jacket. You consistently look fab, but your pixie and radiant smile are the best!

  • Vildy replied 10 months ago

    I'm laughing because I was taken by surprise at that first outfit you so strongly disavowed.  More sophisticated style now, yes, but like others here, I see you were just so pretty in the "wrong" outfit, color, hairstyle, anyway.

  • Liesbeth replied 10 months ago

    What a delight to see! I think over the last few years the evolution has been more gradual, but I do think you've grown bolder (and I love it!)

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Never grow your hair again :)

    That said - you are radiant and beautiful no matter what, sweet Suz! You were simply born to have short SILVER hair! Milk it. 

    I'm with Bijou. You are a fast learner, and your KILLER style came through chop-chop. Signatures stayed put but evolved along with everything else. You are fabulous and HAVE NEVER LOOKED BETTER! 

  • suntiger replied 10 months ago

    Love this! You always looked great, but especially now :)
    *carries off rejected orange top*

  • JAileen replied 10 months ago

    I love the picture with you and Angie.  Even the first one looks great.  All of them do!

  • bonnie replied 10 months ago

    You have an enviable style and I've always enjoyed your posts. I admire the way you stick to your palette and are able to create different outfits with the same items. 

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Or, Bonnie, in some cases the same outfits with the same pieces -- see 11, 12, and 13!  :) 

    Thanks for your kind words. It is always hard to post those first photos but everybody here was so welcoming and kind. 

    Suntiger, you would look smashing in that orange top! 

    Angie, I promise never to grow the hair again! I can't even imagine. Mr. Suz would never forgive me, either. :) 

    Liesbeth, that's right -- in the last few years it has been gradual evolution, not major change. It took a few years on YLF to build a core wardrobe of essentials and then I started adding statements bit by bit....those make a difference. But my style is more confident and secure now -- I'm not experimenting as much. Of course these photos don't really show the experiments; they were chosen, like Runcarla's, to show the continuity. 

    Vildy, thanks. You were one of the people who was so kind and helpful at the beginning. Nice to see you around more again. 

    Nemosmom -- pixie cut is the signature for sure. Angie is rarely wrong. 

    Bijou, I guess it's true, isn't it? I didn't feel confident in my style yet in 2012 and was still wearing whatever I could throw together from thrift stores and deep discount (no money) -- but the haircut made a huge improvement. I had worn it short most of my life so it wasn't *new* to me but it definitely helped me feel more myself again. 

    Joy, TG , Kathie, Janet, Jenni-- thank you! 

    Mirjana, I could see you in a version of that outfit for sure. You do brights with the very best. 

    Rachy, you can certainly be bold! In your Oppo Suit, no less! :) 

  • catherine replied 10 months ago

    You look so pretty in all of the photos. Please post more!

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    *high fiving Mr. Suz*

  • kkards replied 10 months ago

    it's always so interesting to see the constants, what i've come to think of as the "style personality" part vs the clothing.  i remember when i joined 7 years ago seeing your WIW's and being so inspired, you seemed to have your style and styling nailed. love seeing the transformation and evolution. 

  • Runcarla replied 10 months ago

    @Suz - I can’t take credit for originating ‘Then and Now’.  I remembered how a forum friend from the past (her name started with O, she lived in Germany, and loved black, red and cobalt blue) used to do retrospectives from time to time.

    I think cutting your hair, and later going silver were catalysts, as was (I suspect) the weight change you experienced prior to starting your YLF adventures.  ‘Yes’ to blue, white, berry colours and gamine style.  Urban prince metamorphosing to snow queen!  

    It might feel like the musician who is always asked to play their hit from the early days at their most recent concert, but you should always have a fuchsia jacket in your closet! :-)

    FWIW, I’m liking the lowlights, or whatever the addition of black under layers to your hair is called, and wonder if adding some shocks of the new Pantone blue might be fun?  Keep the silver around the front, but mess around with the back...

  • Cardiff girl replied 10 months ago

    Cutting your hair short was definitely the right move and you were and remain a lovely looking woman.

  • Joyce B replied 10 months ago

    Beautiful outfits, then and now.

  • Firecracker replied 10 months ago

    Nice, Suz! Those are fun comparisons to look at. You were stylish all along, even in your first YLF post.
    And Carla, you are describing Ornella, I think! I hadn't thought of her for a while.

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Ornella for sure!! I miss her!! She sometimes pops in around this time of year....

  • Jenn replied 10 months ago

    This is so interesting, Suz! You always claim to have been a slow fashion learner, but I think you were really quick! You've just been constantly evolving. 

    With your photos, more than others, I notice how, despite the recurrent themes, you can really date each specific look. I think that speaks to the trendy aspect of your style. It's a vital part of how you always look fresh and up to date.

  • shevia replied 10 months ago

    I remember when Angie convinced you to cut your hair and that was just the perfect catalyst to a stunning style transformation. Then going silver was the icing on the cake ;) .  You are brilliant at translating inchoate tendencies ;) into concrete personal style. 
    Sorry for the weird jokes - donut hangover. :) 

  • chouette22 replied 10 months ago

    Such a fun retrospective and I remember many of the pictures. What a pretty woman you are and have always been, with amazing style!

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