Top Five...and a few reflections

I've enjoyed all the summaries popping up about favourite purchases. I bought so much this year that it's hard to restrain myself to five top picks, but here's my attempt along with some reflections. 

1. The Cole Haan knit oxford. These immediately took the place of the white sneakers that decidedly did not work out. (sigh) And a more comfortable flat I have never owned. Lucky for me, they wash up beautifully in the washing machine (!) and are still in great shape after a summer's worth of heavy wear. They look great with almost everything. They are lightweight for travel, they work on my bike. They don't have the flatform/ platform I actually wanted so I could wear my full length wide legs with them, but that's ok; I have other footwear for that purpose. I love them so much that I duplicated at a sale price so I have a pair in reserve. 

2. The Zara asymmetrical knit skirt. Easy to wear, adds a bit of interest to what is, for me, an essential. 

3. Dries van Noten plaid trousers. Bought on consignment. They may come from a collection that's a decade old, but for me, they are new and fun! They were an instant summer workhorse, could be dressed up or down, did not show wrinkles. I always get compliments when I wear them. 

4. Bernardo coat. A HEWI for me, and I got it at a steal price. 

5. Paige wide leg A line jeans. Full length on me and I love the drama.

Adding another item -- the Furla satchel -- an extremely generous gift.  :)  I gave up on my quest to find bags with silver hardware. It just became impossible. But beginning with this beauty, I seem to be adapting to the gold hardware as long as it is restrained. 

Of course, all of these except the shoes are blue! And the picks are "bottoms" dominant. That makes sense in light of Angie's pronouncement about my style being "trendy on the bottom." I was way overdue for a significant reset in this area and it has paid off in wardrobe satisfaction, big time. More on that in another post. 

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  • Runcarla replied 6 months ago

    These are beautiful items and I can see why they are in your ‘top 5’. 

  • Jaime replied 6 months ago

    Love all of these, but must pay special attention to the DvN bottoms. The fact that they are old make them better! More high quality - they have survived this long. More trend proof - as you say you get compliments all the time on these. More sustainable - they are second hand. More unique - unlikely anyone else in your world has them. I could go on (but don't worry won't :) ) .

  • Roberta replied 6 months ago

    Is blue your superpower? And here I was thinking it was silver. These are all winners, and the plaid pants with the coat and the bag is a delightful combination,

  • Bijou replied 6 months ago

    Lovely to see your top 6 and it makes sense that blue is the dominant colour.

  • Olive Green replied 6 months ago

    That coat and that bag and the wide dark jeans are a perfect travel outfit already. Consistent palette for the win!

  • Dee replied 6 months ago

    Love those little subtle quirks in your wardrobe with the asymmetrical skirt, cute knit oxfords and the Dries van Noten plaid pants, You have a great handle on your own style, and its always fun to see your outfit creations.

  • kkards replied 6 months ago

    Well done! Especially for finding shoes that work so well! Yay for that.

    And lol -after reading your call out re the amount of blue in your top 5, I looked back at mine —5 out of 7 dark blue/navy.

  • Helena replied 6 months ago

    All signature Suz vibes with 2023 energy ... That's how it's done! *Applause*

  • Cardiff girl replied 6 months ago

    You have beautiful pieces l particularly like the jeans being a denim girl myself but they are all lovely

  • Irina replied 6 months ago

    So agree with you on Cole Haan oxfords. Mine are black and also a workhorse. 

    Congratulations on a bag. Clothes come and go but bags stay with us longer when they are chosen with care. 

  • Sal replied 6 months ago

    Thanks for sharing Suz! Great pieces that I can see why they work so well for you.

    I think style refresh years do feel like a lot of shopping- but are needed to evolve our style. And you do your shopping thoughtfully and carefully - well done!

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    WOOOHOOO, Queen Blue :) 

    Wearing trendy bottoms can change the landscape of your wardrobe and effectively refresh your style. HIGH FIVE, Suz!

    Waving at my coat twin, and new Furla bag buddy!

  • AJ replied 6 months ago

    6 great pieces! I especially like the asymmetrical skirt.

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