Trends I want to buy into, trends that may or may not work for me

So, in addition to the trends I can enjoy more or less for free with what I already own, there are some I really want to jump on and will have to make some purchases to fully enjoy. 

Red: I love red! In many of its shades and tones. And yes, I do have a bit of red and burgundy in the closet. But some of what I own is not quite the right tone of red for me (a bit too orange/ coral) and some is just very old. I would like to add to my reds while the option is available and refresh this capsule. 

Magenta, orchid, cobalt -- what I said about red. These are excellent colours in my closet and I already own some items in these colours, but I feel I could update/ refresh to good effect. 

Dark Romance -- this is a maybe for me. "Dark" so often means black. And dark romance can veer into goth -- which is too hard edged for my look. Having said that, I love a floral on a navy background. I love the textural elements -- velvet, sheers, shine. So I'm not against playing around with it. I can even do it from my closet in a Vivienne Westwood kind of way with tall black boots, tulle skirt, sequin cami, military style jacket. 

How about you? Which trends will you need to make purchases for if you want to participate? 

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  • Jonesy replied 9 months ago

    You are beautifully set in terms of colors and I think your tulle skirt, military jacket, and tall boots is a fabulous nod to dark romance! For myself, I would not be opposed to a new pair of tall boots or Western boots, and I would like to buy something red, though I don't wear true, bright red (I favor a muddy, dark red, like a barn red), so we shall see...

  • Karie replied 9 months ago

    I also love red, and absolutely can’t resist it in a pretty retail item. I am also on the hunt for wide leg jeans!

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    You are looking awfully spot on, on trend, Suz! Milk the reds! Dabble in Dark Romance, and dust off the tall boots! My version of Dark Romance is VERY subtle and = navy tulle and navy lace with creams - so still soft, refined and pretty but not hard edged, which like you, is not my look :)

    I just bought a gorgeous pair of thick, heavy and wide WITHOUT stretch blue wide leg houndstooth jeans from Benetton. They are AMAZING.

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    I have these dresses on order to wear with my new sublime boots!

    I don't need much else. I'm feeling pretty set and on trend MY WAY, with loads of classics thrown into the mix! Classics and trends make me equally happy :)

  • cat2 replied 9 months ago

    I found a new sweater dress at Natori, and have a long knit skirt from Peruvian Connection on order. Both will be great with my current tall boots. I won’t know if there are other wardrobe holes until I start wearing my warm things again.

  • LaPed replied 9 months ago

    These colours all make me think "regal" -- maybe a throwback to your old "Urban Prince" moniker? :) 

    For myself, I'm excited for pants with slouch, dark brown, fun sock/shoe combos, red as an accent (also sour apple green, not mentioned in Angie's report, but seems to me to be going strong), and maaaybe tall boots with skirts/dresses. 

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    La Ped, that sour apple and lime green - my colour of the year! - was a stronger Spring and Summer trend, hence you are still seeing quite a bit of it  - and I'm not complaining ;)

    I got this polo jumper last month, and ordered the skirt to match! More late Spring weights, but can wear in early Autumn too. 

  • Dee replied 9 months ago

    I love the richness of the burgundies, plums and fuchsias, they are a fab jolt of colour for fall/ winter. I also just added some teal items into my colour palette too, looking forward to putting them into action. 
    I’m with you on the Dark Romance theme, it just feels too sombre and gothic for me to carry it off in my current lifestyle.

  • LaPed replied 9 months ago

    Angie, that makes total sense as a spring colour. I’m liking it in leather as an accent to black or dark brown. Both of these are on my radar (COS bag and Maguire shoes).

    Also appealing is the idea of yellow-greens combined with red-oranges and some black (as in photo #3 — recently received this exact skirt in a trade and looking forward to having a chance to play around with it! I’ve had lime and apple green before, but never full-on chartreuse!).

  • Irina replied 9 months ago

    Tall boots have been  trending for a few years but I'm yet to find it for myself.
    Dark romance is intriguing but in my case is more dark print than romance.
    I love straight or slightly a-line long skirts, in denim or heavier cotton.
    I'm interested in mid tone grey which will be a next year trend (I hope).

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Oooh, Irina, I hope you're right about the mid-tone grey because I can stock up on that, then! I hope you find your tall boots. Tall boots are very hard to fit, especially for us shorter people. They can widen/ narrow at the wrong places for our shorter calves and some of them hit too high at the knee. I've had good luck with La Canadienne, but the prices are insane. Having said that, my boots are 10 years old and still in fantastic shape. Mind you, there were a number of years when I rarely if ever wore them (favouring booties at that time). Still, they've all seen significant wear and are doing well. 

    LaPed, I love that sour green for you! I am finding it a very (and strangely) appealing colour, too. It *shouldn't* flatter me, technically, I don't think -- but I'm finding with my silver hair, it can work really well in concert with blues. I had a summer top incorporating it this year that turned out to be a surprise hit. 

    Also, I love your word "regal" -- that's interesting and a fun thing to think about! I don't think I'm back to urban prince but those are all older items in my closet so may be reflective of that period, or then again maybe the urban prince is never too far away from my heart. It's just that I'm not as urban any more. Alas. 

    Dee, I think for the "romance" bit -- a person has to be feeling either femme, or at minimum, dressy. Which is not necessarily where I am at, right now. 

    Cat2 -- that's interesting about the dress at Natori. I love their under garments and I'll bet they do some lovely knits as well. You sound very organized for the season ahead. 

    Angie, I hope at least one of those dresses works out! Looking forward to seeing them in action if they do. 

    Karie, you will look SO amazing in wide leg jeans. They will be fun for you! 

    Jonesy, I think all the reds are out there this year so so I hope you find what you are looking for. I plan to wear them in combination, everything from bluish burgundy through to true fire engine red. 

  • Jaime replied 9 months ago

    I notice reading this thread that I have skimmed over some threads (dark romance, jewel tones). I haven't really thought about what I have and can use for these, but am sure there is something. I am stuck on peplum - hard to find and also I have to be very careful about wear the waist hits. I will be happy to see some inspo here!

  • Peri replied 9 months ago

    I love those colors too, so maybe this might turn into a shopping season for me. I haven't had one of those in years!

    I definitely want to add some Dark Romance...sounds like the edge I was looking for and never found awhile back. Funny you mention veering to goth. One of the big regrets of my life is that I was too much of a shy good girl to be goth in my teens. There wasn't the goth presence that there was in the 90s, but it had started some. I'm about as pale as they come, with dark hair...I would have been perfect for it, would have barely had to try! Now I think I'll just try for some goth-ish Dark Romance and skip the black lipstick. 

  • Runcarla replied 9 months ago

    I’m feeling more into red than I have in a while.  Don’t know if I’ll be adding anything new.  Since the weather has held, and I’m still wearing shorts and/or linens, it’s been the LONDON t-shirt, the Hawaii shirt, the pleated red skirt, and the half moon bag.  The Hawaiin shirt is getting the most wear.  I’ve been using it like a topper!

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    I love red on you, Carla! Amazed your weather has stayed so warm. We've hit autumn here for real. Temps still ok but the rains have begun and it's dark so fall clothes feel right. 

    Peri, what a great analysis of how dark romance could work for you! You'd look fantastic in a dark floral for sure. 

    Jaime, i think our eyes tend to glaze over the trends that might not appeal in the first place so maybe that is a good indicator! :)

  • Kyle replied 9 months ago

    Well, I’ve veered away from red, and my tall boots have been sitting around unworn for 3-4 years! I do love the jewel tones, especially a good teal if it’s the right tone/saturation. Magenta is too strong for me and I’m not drawn to orchid. Cobalt, yes. I have a navy Free People peplum jacket that could work for dark romance, too, so I’ll try to find ways to wear that this winter (our temps are still way too hot here). I have enough wide leg pants and am starting to crave more of a fitted jean, so I don’t think I’ll be buying more, And I have several silver metallic pieces, including sneakers, heels and a bag. So I feel like I’m covered there, too. I think if I can find the right platform bootie and teal top(s) I’ll be quite happy. 

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    Suz, one of the dresses came and is STUNNING. Gorgeous drape, heft, and quality. Keeper :) 

  • Kyle replied 9 months ago

    Oh, Suz, just ran across this and thought of you. Silver metallic sweater.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Kyle, thanks for the tip -- that sweater looks like it could be a great addition! 

    Angie, I love the dress and can't wait to see it on you! 

  • Helena replied 9 months ago

    Excellent plan Suz! I think you can get some dark romance vibes going with your navies and charcoals ... and red is stunning on you!

    I am open to adding more red or something of the trending jewel tones. And statement socks! But I'm not feeling pressed for them ... it will be serendipity!

    The other items aren't really on my radar ... either because they aren't my thing OR they aren't really lifestyle appropriate (like the fabulous pants suits that are out currently) - but never say never :)

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