NAS with Angie: the Process

Hi, all -- this will be my last NAS post for a few days. As soon as I'm able I will show you stylings of the things I chose and add more photos. For now, since some of you asked, a description of the in-store process. 

Anyone who's had the pleasure of meeting Angie knows she is an organized, efficient, and extremely upbeat person who does not waste a minute! She planned it all down to the last detail so that in the moment I was only conscious of having fun and getting a real jumpstart on my fall wardrobe.

In advance, she asked me for a list of things I was NOT looking for. I gave her that, along with a smaller list of items I really wanted or needed, if the sale goddesses deigned to provide. We agreed that we wouldn't look at active wear, undies, accessories (beyond bags and footwear) etc. because I felt I could spend the time with her more productively on core wardrobe items and she agreed. But some clients do ask for assistance in those areas and she does provide it. 

She didn't exactly pre-select items specifically for me...but considering that our tastes do overlap and knows that, she kindly kept some of her own purchases in the dressing room for me to look at and suggested try-ons, particularly of those items that had already sold out. That was very helpful, because at least I got a sense of fit and proportion and could guesstimate what size I might need in the item, should I want it and should it come back into stock. 

Once we'd looked at those things, she spirited me around the store, so fast I hardly dared to blink because whenever I did, I lost sight of her! The other shoppers must have got a kick out of her fluting voice calling "Suz! Suz! Over here!" every couple of minutes. ;)

Shadowing us was a lovely young woman who took things back to the dressing room almost as quickly as we could collect them. As you saw from the photos, we did many try-ons of toppers and sweaters right there on the floor. If something felt good and seemed good in the mirror, we'd take it back to the dressing room to compare it later with other items (and with proper layers beneath in the case of jackets and coats.) 

We travelled floor by floor -- the pricier items first (though several that had appealed to me were already gone in my size or in any size!); the mid-range and "cheap as chips" items next, and then coats. Finally, once we'd scoured the cordoned off sale areas for anything that could potentially work, we headed back to the dressing room for some serious analysis and consideration. 

At first I wondered how I'd ever choose, because we'd liked so much of what we saw on the floor. But in the end, it was a snap. Angie's such a pro at this and can see right away if something has potential. She's also intuitive and quickly grasps if it isn't quite where the client wants to go (even if the client isn't sure one way or another, LOL.)

It probably helps that we've known each other on the forum for years and she's seen so many photos of my outfits and has read about my lifestyle and therefore knows my needs and constraints. But I suspect she's a quick study, regardless.

There were a few items that we both liked but that I left, mainly for reasons of practicality, not being sure it would work for lifestyle/ climate etc. or just not liking it quite as much as something else. And there were a couple that she thought could work and that looked good but that didn't feel to me as if they fit right. But for the most part we agreed on everything and she never pushed me to buy more for the sake of buying more or to take an item that would be a duplicate of something I already have, or to take a pricey item if a less expensive one would fill the need, etc. I felt thoroughly spoiled and supported. 

While we pondered, we sipped on tea and water, and every now and again, Angie would check the forum or dash out for a different top for me to pair with the bottoms, or our helpful assistant would come to take away our rejects. 

Overall, I found that I was more selective during this in-person shop than I am when I shop online. Because I was able to compare right then and there, I had no problems whatever deciding between this good thing and that even better thing, and I am pretty sure I purchased less than I might have if I'd bought online. Meanwhile, I feel more confident and comfortable with what I got and won't face the minor hassle of returns. 

I will still do an order for my basics online and might order the things I couldn't find in store if they happen to restock or I might visit my Canadian store to explore the offerings -- but even if none of that works out, I feel as if I had a fabulous NAS with the items I got and also feel more set for fall than I have ever felt before! It was so fun to load up on new bottoms and some fresh red boots and plaid! :) There is a strong 80s retro feel to several of the items I bought and I'm going with it. Maybe it's a sign I need to revisit that time in my creative work, too, or take some inspiration from it in some way. Fun to ponder. 

There's something so deeply satisfying in watching a person do the work they are made for. To be a part of that process, to be immersed in it with the professional at work, is even better. 


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  • Sal replied 8 months ago

    I loved reading this summary and looking at your fantastic purchases!!  I wish I could have been there helping drink the tea!!  I think you have real winners here - lovely quality interesting pieces.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Joy replied 8 months ago

    Suz, thank you so much for explaining the process. It is my dream to someday go to Seattle and shop with Angie’s help. I really need someone to tell me if a garment fits me properly, probably so many years of wearing others hand-me-downs has left me with no sense of fit.

  • Firecracker replied 8 months ago

    I enjoyed this account of your shopping with Angie. It sounds like a fun and enlightening process. Your selections look fantastic!

  • rachylou replied 8 months ago

    See, now that’s interesting you traveled the floor together and looked at the racks.

  • Jenni NZ replied 8 months ago

    Yes I find that interesting too Rachylou. That would be one of my fears in trusting a stylist to choose for me, that the stylist might not see the sort of thing I would like. But the pre-preparation would help there.

  • shevia replied 8 months ago

    Thank you for your wonderful description Suz! You make it so easy to picture what happened. Spoiled and supported are such key words to describe Angie's magic - I feel it on the forum too. Thank you for taking the time to write all these posts. I am eating them up! Will wait patiently for the styling posts whenever they come :) !

  • Inge replied 8 months ago

    I'm nodding SO hard here!!-) Angie is A DREAM to shop with, extremely good at what she does (THE BEST!!) and making the selection and decision-making process so much easier.
    You found stunning stuff, Suz, and you two sweet ladies had tons of fun doing so, hurrah all around!

  • Style Fan replied 8 months ago

    Great write-up.  I can picture the experience and it sounds fabulous.  Angie is definitely the best.

  • Adriana replied 8 months ago

    Lovely to read. Thanks for taking the time to describe your experience.

  • torontogirl replied 8 months ago

    Sounds like you had a blast ... Looking forward to seeing the purchases on you!

  • Janet replied 8 months ago

    As someone lucky enough to have met both of you, and shopped a few times with Angie (albeit in a sizable group), it comes as no surprise to me that you had such a fun and productive experience. I really enjoyed reading about the one-on-one process though! Thank you for sharing. I’m so happy you got to have this experience, and you got some great new stuff!

  • Laura replied 8 months ago

    Fun to hear the behind-the-scenes details! And I love that your new items are inspiring you in your creative work as well. Synchronicity!

  • RobinF replied 8 months ago

    Fascinating glimpse at how it would be to shop with Angie. I can totally picture it now. Sounds like a fun and productive day.

  • smittie replied 8 months ago

    Wonderful write-up. I loved hearing about the process details. I wish had that intuitive sense that Angie does that allows her to make quick, good, decisions. I am hopelessly slow and indecisive.

    Im going to put into action some of the processes you discuss here, namely:
    - make a list of what I don’t want (so hard!)
    - make a list of what I do want (this is easier!)
    - stick to areas of the store that contain things you actually want (so hard!)
    - move fast (which i think is part of the “laser focus” Angie talks about
    - take snack breaks

  • nemosmom replied 8 months ago

    What a wonderful opportunity! You scored some great pieces! I am taking notes :)

  • Bijou replied 8 months ago

    Suz thank you so much for taking the time to write this post. Your ability to tell the story - well you are doing what you were born to do - is breathtaking. I felt as though I was there for the ride too and what a joyous ride it was. Reading about the process helps me learn better habits. 

    Like Smittie I am horribly indecisive when buying and need to make that LIST of what I do not need. I get tempted by pretty things and think maybe I'll just have a little look....

    I LOVE what you bought. These items look like Suz - yet a bit of a different Suz at the same time. Angie has helped you change things up so that this new season adds a new dimension to your style. I can see each and every purchase being complete workhorses with the joy factor through the roof. Everything you have bought is just so practical for your lifestyle, there is no fantasy shopping happening here and it is so cohesive with what you currently own. The perfect seasonal refresh. I hope you get the red coat.

    Angie is indeed a Shopping Goddess and you are the perfect client.

  • Suzanne (ambergreen) replied 8 months ago

    What they all said! Thanks so much for the scoop, it's been a great read--and like Bijou noted, almost like being there. :) Glad you all had so much fun, and now you have all these wonderful pieces to continue the experience as well as add some fab new lift to your style. Yay!

  • JAileen replied 8 months ago

    What a wonderful experience! It sounds fun, but also productive. And what you bought looks so you.

  • Angie replied 8 months ago

    Suz, you are a beautiful writer and story teller. Thanks for the awfully kind words. (Thanks to everyone else too). 

    I'm THRILLED you felt "thoroughly spoiled and supported". That is the gift you gave me. 

    It DID help that I know Suz's style  - but I know the style of all my clients because that's my job! ;)

    It is always a fine line to keep the client's style signature to them as we add the next layer of fabness to their wardrobe, but I make sure I take them out of their box too. Otherwise the seasonal refresh is not as exhilarating and satisfying. These items fit seamlessly into Suz's style, but they're also a little different to what she may have picked herself. Jeans are HUGE for Suz in her climate, and these pairs will prevent boredom, and give her the right foundation to build on. 

    Go Team '80s 

    *happy dance* 

    How FAB that the era might have deeper meanings for you at this point. I'm intrigued. 

    It was an absolute PLEASURE to work with Suz. She's delightful in every way. We laughed every minute, and had the best time! Fun, focused, productive, and with time to spare so that we could do some much needed yakking! Excellent team work. 

  • lisa p replied 8 months ago

    Well !  That sounds like the best way to shop. Period.  Fun, yet productive.   Just looking at this collection of new pieces is really inspiring for fall, even if it is a few months away still.  I'm intrigued at your interest in connecting it to your writing - this period of time - and you've given me some things to think about.  And lastly, I'll tell you, all fo this red really, really makes me wish I could wear it or felt comfortable wearing it.  It's just so new looking ! I will be investigating the EF jeans as soon as I have access.

  • anne replied 8 months ago

    Such a great write up. Thanks so much Suz!

  • taylor replied 8 months ago

    What an absolute pleasure to experience your shopping day with Angie!
    Your write up really brings us right in the dressing room with the two of you ! Such a fun experience for you both!

    Thanks Suz!

  • Sara L. replied 8 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your experience.  It sounds so fun!

  • Kathie replied 8 months ago

    Delightful and instructive to read! (And Suz, I know you’ve been super busy with life, but I always enjoy the thoughtfulness and precision of your writing.) All these pieces make me super happy for you! Definitely a successful NAS!

  • bonnie replied 8 months ago

    I'm another member who has dreamed of shopping with Angie. It sounds even better than I imagined and I have a good imagination. Thanks for describing the process so eloquently. I love everything you purchased.

  • suntiger replied 8 months ago

    Sounds like such a great day :) Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Joyce B replied 8 months ago

    Suz, thank you so much for sharing the process, you had the best NAS of all with Angie at the Flagship.
    I agree that shopping online makes one buy more, between FOMO and not actually seeing the items. Then there are the massive returns.
    This year I started at the store on the second day. The merch was fresh and brand new which I enjoyed. After that I have been shopping online and will have a lot of returns.
    It sounds like we could all use Angie’s help :) hoping for one day like yours. I enjoyed your description of the process, our dear Angie sounds like a fab dynamo.

  • kkards replied 8 months ago could write up instructions to use a toaster and I’d read to the end! Really great write up. And how cool to shop with a pro. I know that each year I’m on active on this forum I’ve got better at shopping this sale because even from a distance I feel Angie’s guidance, so I’m imagining that live and in person it’s 100 times better & you’re so much more focused and better at making decisions.

  • Cardiff girl replied 8 months ago

    What a lovely read,l almost felt like I was there.Thank you for taking the time to post this.

  • Barbara Diane replied 8 months ago

    Thanks so much for this and your previous posts. As others have said, I feel like I was there and I now know much more about the process. Sounds wonderful.

  • bj1111 replied 8 months ago

    Just wow!  I hope to be able to duplicate your experience with her.  Angie is a real treasure.

  • mtnsofthemoon replied 8 months ago

    As so many have already stated, thank you for the wonderful write up. Fun to hear about the process and see the fun you both had in the photos. My dream also to shop with Angie in person. Goal = 2020!

  • FashIntern replied 8 months ago

    Thank you for taking us through this!

    The whole store? No wonder people say she’s a whirlwind! But wonderful that you worked together from first picks to final choices.

    I can believe you too when you say that you bought fewer things with her than you might have on your own—when Inge and I were looking for red boots for me, we stuck right to my two main criteria, but when we didn’t find any, I caved and ordered some I liked the look of, but broke one of my “don’t”s. Wouldn’t have happened with her!

    You wound up with some excellent purchases, and wearing them will bring back fun memories.

  • chouette22 replied 8 months ago

    Just like everybody else, I LOVED reading all of your posts about your experience, especially of course this one. Thank you for taking us along for the ride!

  • Dana replied 8 months ago

    How wonderful! It was fun reading about the process with Angie. I loved some of your phrases, "spirited me through the store" and "cheap as chips"! I can only imagine you two had a BLAST!!!

  • Marilyn replied 8 months ago

    Fantastic read, Suz!   Thank you!  What a wonderful experience.  I think all of us Fabbers dream of shopping with Angie.

  • Thistle replied 8 months ago

    Sounds like such a spectacular process!

    I love that her voice fluted. Such a great story-teller :)

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