Share your summer wildcards and surprising workhorses!

Midsummer approaches!  With that in mind, what surprises have you had? 

Angie always recommends a wildcard. Did you pick one? If so, what is it, and has it worked for you? 

And workhorses. Sure, you know your standards and could probably guess them in advance, but have any items surprised you by how versatile they've become or by how indispensable they seem? 

I have a couple of items to show. 

1. My wildcard was this scenic tee from Banff. V neck (not my usual or best), scenic photo print (really???), bought in a souvenir shop, made of some unknown polyester fabric -- and I pretty much rule out polyesters in summer. Uh...guess what? It is not just my summer wild card. It's a summer workhorse! Wearing at least once a week for work-at-home. And in cooler temps, under a jacket for going out. 

What did I learn? I love the diagonal lines of the print and the colours. The shirt works well with denim, white, grey, olive, and navy bottoms. Some Vs can work (if they are shallow enough or cover enough at the neckpoint.) 

Next workhorse, same photo: the GAP BF shorts I inherited from my daughter's donate pile. She is about my height but has a slightly larger frame; these fit her last year but not this year. Well, guess what? They are perfect for me. I now have two pair -- these grey ones, and an olive pair. Most worn shorts so far apart from my white bottoms. In fact, I bought the blue camo version also because I like these so much. 

2.  Surprising workhorse #2 is this BR silk top. (Waving at Tanya & Vix.) Last year, I wore this top but never loved it. I almost considered donating it this year, but decided that would be wasteful in the extreme because although purchased on sale it was not a throwaway price for me, the silk is a really nice weight and drape, and I like the colours. 

Well, duh, it turns out I just wasn't styling it to my liking last year. I tended to wear it untucked then, for reasons unknown. Had I not yet discovered the semi-tuck? Sheesh? Semi-tuck this baby and I am in heaven in it!! I am wearing at least once a week. :) For work-at-home and going out outfits. 

I'd love to hear about your surprising successes. :)

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  • Elizabeth P replied 6 years ago

    I had to laugh at your opening sentance "mid summer approaches".  Well, I hope not, because it's only been summery here for about 2 weeks.  Please let there be more than 2 weeks left!  So as I result, I honestly haven't worn some of my new summer clothes, and those I have might have been worn twice.  Well, the work ones. 

    Although I guess by now I do know a workhorse... the Athleta capri's.  They are FAB.  No pics here (at work) but here's the "find".

    Love both your outfits (of course :) ).  I looked at that BR top over and over last summer, but never tried it on.  Not sure why, it looks like something I'd really use.  Maybe I wasn't quite "there" yet, as last summer was the first time in years I wanted to move beyond tees.  And that printed tee is awesome!

  • replied 6 years ago

    Surprising workhorses:

    Blue dress from Hatley- started wearing it with flat sandals (always had worn dresses with heels before) and love it now.

    Anchor print blouse from Banana republic- always saved for dress but never wore it because it had blue in it- threw it on with jeans and shorts one weekend and now love it- washes like a dream and is very cool in the hot summer weather.

    Sliver tee from Loft- another item I saved for "dressy" outfits, but always took off because it looked too casual. Then this year I started wearing it casual (with skinny jeans) and now love it a swell- also fluid, easy to wash, cool.

    Moral of the story for me: just wear it! As a result I have a larger, more varied day-to-day wardrobe and less items that are only for "dressy" events (which ultimately mirrors my real life!) 

    And- love your tops esp the green blouse!

  • Melaine replied 6 years ago

    I love the idea of a wildcard because over the last couple years several wildcards have become workhorses for me! I would say that my camo shorts have been my wildcard turned workhorse this summer. I love them. They are a good fit and the pattern is subdued enough to appear as a neutral. Also a coral top has gotten way more wears than i expected.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 6 years ago

    I adore that scenic tee on you Suz - the colors are beautiful and it doesn't have that "look what I bought on vacation" vibe at all.

    I have a few workhorses - my EF drape front dresses, my EF black cropped pants (worn both full length and rolled) and my trusty bone/silver sandal shoes. This is the second year of the sandal shoes and I don't know what I'm going to do when they finally fall apart. The color and style are far more versatile than I had ever imagined.

    As for my wildcard, I think I would have to go with my pastel blue suit. Pastels - me? and in a full blown suit? And yet I love it. I love it worn as a full blown suit and have found the pieces to be very versatile when worn separately with other items.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Shannon, I know what you mean about those shoe/ sandals. They are killer on you and obviously beyond useful! I have admired them from the start. I also think you can add your watermelon bag to the workhorse pile! Love your other workhorses and your wild card. That blue is absolutely divine on you. 

    Melanie, what a gorgeous coral top! No wonder it's getting lots of wear. And it sounds as if we share the shorts love this summer. 

    Pam, that is such a good reminder to wear the heck out of our beautiful clothes, as Angie says. I like each one of your pieces and would happily wear all of them myself! 

    Elizabeth, I know -- I am probably pushing the "mid summer" thing for us in the north, but you know how it is. I am betting we have 8 or 9 weeks left here -- you should be about the same. I will look forward to finding out what you wear the most -- but in the meantime, those Athletas were an excellent add-in to the Janet shipment! :) 

  • Neel replied 6 years ago

    Suz the shorts are brilliant on you (and the camo shorts are fantastic too) and so is the scenic tee! I love those wildcards for you. The silk blouse is fantastically styled .. Glad you found a way to work it into your wardrobe :)

    We are in the smack dang middle of summer here ... So its a fun topic to think of! My wildcards have to be my short shorts. I can't believe why I allowed myself to live without them (body conscious and all). They are perfect for the stinking summer here. This is my first summer in shorts and I am thinking of adding a few breezy ones or even the Gap ones. Although I have to add that this is also the first summer I am spending outside in the sun, in the 8 years I have lived here :). I plan to do it more often!

  • Janet replied 6 years ago

    I love that scenic tee!

    It's still quite early for me, but I'd say that so far my surprising workhorses have been my water/camo print Gap shorts and the Athleta prima capris. Both are sufficiently casual and durable to have made the trip to Texas with me, and that's saying a lot, because I usually don't bring anything to the ranch that I would risk getting destroyed. Granted, the capris are just getting worn out to casual dinner and for the plane rides, but that's pretty useful. The shorts were part of my Fourth of July outfit, but they're rugged enough that I can wear them around the ranch.

    The Eileen Fisher silver-white tank I bought back in the spring has turned out to be a bit of a surprise too. I was on the fence about it when I got it -- it's a bit voluminous on me, but a partial tuck helps rein it in a bit. I wore it a couple of nights ago, and hubs said I looked great, so that helps reassure me that it works.

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 6 years ago

    I've been struggling to deal with the warmer weather so one of my workhorses has been a pair of denim shorts originally from old navy that I thrifted. They've got a bit of a boyfriend vibe so they're comfortable to do physical work in. They're a bit shorter than I'd wear for a day out but they're tolerable for running a quick errand or two. No pics of those I don't think.

    The other piece I've been wearing every chance the weather lets me is the blush pink top from Twice (originally Cynthia Rowley) that I posted a couple weeks ago - .There's just something about the color and the feel of it that I am really loving right now. With the needed under layer it's a bit too hot for the warmest days but is ok if I'll be in a/c.

  • viva replied 6 years ago

    This is a great exercise for me because, honestly, summer dressing doesn't excite me that much. I'm not at all thinking about buying except for fall items ... and part of me is already excited for boots and jeans and sweaters. I know that's wrong. But it is what it is. :)

    So it's fun to think about what has worked well during a season when I'm not particularly fashion-focused.

    Wildcard: Colorblock, perforated vegan leather tee, bought at private jeans party. Bit of an impulse buy, I don't usually wear v-necks and this is a low v, but something about it spoke to me. And it's really working -- every time I put it on, I feel great. It seems to modernize and uplift every outfit. Very easy to wear. And machine washable.

    Workhorse 1: Sam Edelman silver Trina sandals. I've worn these with every possible type of outfit from very casual to very dressy (for me) and they have worked. I've also walked in them all day. They're cute and comfortable and I never second-guessed the purchase. Thank you, Jackie, for showing me these great shoes!

    Workhorse 2: Cropped flared jeans. Until the real heat set it, these cropped jeans got a ton of wear. There is something just off enough about them that they are interesting and fun. I have reached for them more than any other pant in the last couple of months.

  • JAileen replied 6 years ago

    Suz - I love your Banff tee! It reminds me of my summers working in the Rockies. It was a wonderful time in my life, and a wonderful place to be.

    Secondly, I really do hope summer is half over. We're forecasted to top out at 102F/39C today and I just can't stand it.

    My workhorses this time of year are shorts and my Tilley hat, which is Canadian by the way. I've also been wearing my Birkies a lot, my navy pair and the ones I dyed silver. I especially love that I already had them.

  • Mo replied 6 years ago

    My wildcard was the jumpsuit, but I never imagined it as a daily wear item.  Surprisingly, the $8 Kmart v-neck tees are getting a good share of wear.  

  • Ornella replied 6 years ago

    Workhorse: white belt.

    Wildcard: new fluid top.

  • Thistle replied 6 years ago

    Workhorse: Summer sandals that fit my swollen feet.

    Wildcard: Two maxi and two tee shirt dresses from Liz Lange. I bought them thinking they might get worn occasionally, but they have become off-work-hours workhorses. So much so that I have worn them more than anything else this summer, including work clothes. 

  • Gracie replied 6 years ago

    We still have about 3 mos. of warm weather ahead. By then I will know what proves to be a summer workhorse item. Right now I'm trying to wear everything equally, but there are two pairs of black stacked- and high-heeled sandals that I need to restrain myself from wearing, otherwise I would wear them everyday! And I'm still purchasing some summer items...

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    I stand accused of hurrying summer along! I guess "mid-summer" was a bit of a misnomer....for some, summer has already been going on so long they can't stand it, while for others, it has barely begun! In truth, I fall into the latter camp (it's really only been "summer" weather for the past month here). But I thought I'd get a jump on things.  ;) 

    Gracie, there is nothing better than great sandals. Can you share the ones you love? Are they featured in your outfit posts or finds? 

    Thistle, which sandals? The Bernias? I have those and absolutely love. I am seriously considering duplicating them and might start a thread about that. 

    Ornella -- both purchases suit you to a tee and move your style forward. 

    Same to you, Mo. Those tees may seem like "basics" but they have the right amount of drape. Speaking of which, one thing I really love about the fluid fits is that in general they feel cooler than tight tight tight!

    Jaileen, isn't it great when we find a "new" workhorse in our closet and don't have to shop for it? Fantastic feeling. 

    Vivian, you look amazing in your workhorses and wild card! It's interesting that this V works so well (and it does). I wonder what does it in this case? As for the Trinas, they're the perfect height. Sadly, they are not comfortable for my feet for some reason or I would also own a pair. 

    Laura, that blush top is just spectacular on you! GORGEOUS -- one of the best things I've seen on you ever. I hope you'll add more pinky blush to your wardrobe!

    Janet, I am joining you in the GAP camo shorts love! And thanks for the inspiration! I love that Eileen Fisher top, too. 

    Neel, the world is going to thank you for starting to wear shorts, because you look fantastic in them! Way to beat the heat! 

  • texstyle replied 6 years ago

    Can't think of a wildcard, but a workhorse is definitely my DIY cut off denim shorts. Wearing them a couple times a week.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    And they look ah-mazing on you, texstyle.  They're the perfect fit. Wow, I love that top, too. I wish I had pounced when they had some in my size. Next year I am going to get one or two of those popovers for sure as wardrobe refreshers. 

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    I did not end up with a wild card.  Honestly, after so many years of nothing but wildcards in my wardrobe (hello cocktail dresses and summer wear!), I am still learning how to pick workhorses.  Plus with my job and forced style shift I need to stay a little more focused.

    My unexpected workhorse has been the studded flats from Allsaints.  i probably wear them three times a week, and get an elevator compliment on them every time!

  • replied 6 years ago

    Hurrying summer? In my dreams! We will be in the 90s until November here. 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Fabulous, Una. I think footwear workhorses are the best kind! 

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    I'm writing a post about this actually. xo

    Suz, it's fab when last years orphans - so to speak - become work horses. Hilarious too actually. We are soooo fickle. 

  • replied 6 years ago

    Surprising workhorses for me have been full length skinny jeans (from my F/W wardrobe) rolled at the ankle in white and medium blue. I don't wear these around the house of course, but any time I'm going to be in monster A/C they work fine. They're looser so they're not calf-sucking and I'm surprised at how much rolling them changes the vibe.
    My wild card is a short-sleeved floral sweater I got a week or two ago at Ann Taylor LOFT. I thought I was off florals, but this one changed my mind!
    Here's the sweater, they show it layered over a white button front....hmmmm!

  • Classically Casual replied 6 years ago

    Work horse for me is the Athleta capris like many of you. If I had to have a 5 item wardrobe, they'd be my #1 pick I think. They really work for my climate & lifestyle and I love the gray color.

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    Please may I be permitted to include spring and not just summer? If I can, then the workhorse/wildcard is easy - the Boston BCBG bazer! I may or may not have any recollection of saying things like, "I'll never wear this," and I may or may not have almost settled for a different white blazer; nice, but of lesser quality - ahem - but I respectfully post for submission several of the ways I have worn the blazer since April.

    I almost put it away for the summer, but I"m glad I didn't - it's perfect for indoor events when the AC is on, and perfect for our cool summer evenings :)

  • Quietgirl replied 6 years ago

    Suz, Great choices and thanks for introducing me to the wildcard term!

    I am new and taking my time. My one YLF purchase from Gap clearance is similar to this shirt and I would call it a wildcard. I bought it to try the fluid look (which never worked on me before I tried the half tuck!) I have been wearing it much more than I thought I would.

    My workhorse has been the Loft white skinny jeans. Thanks!

  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    Workhorse & wildcard in one for me :) The Via Spiga sneaker has been fantastic, works with my grey track pants & my white & grey jeans. They worked with my linen track pants in autumn too. 

  • carter replied 6 years ago

    Ugh...tablet not cooperating, so no pics.

    Wildcard is the floral blouse from Paris. Already worn it a couple times. A bit too feminine/boho for work wear, but breezy, easy and fun for casual!

    Workhorses are belts, sandals and summer sleeveless work blouses. Particularly my white flower power belt, pewter AK Sport sandals and the Pleione and DanielRainn sleeveless work blouses. I should be sick to death of all of these by now, but still loving all of them!

  • Peri replied 6 years ago

    My workhorses are being the Prima Capris from Athleta and a pair of linen pull on pants with a fold over yoga type waistband from Old Navy. These last are perfect for me in every respect except for this little thing...they are not flattering. I pretend they are JFE and go about my day, but in all honesty they are not fab. They feel fab, but they don't look it.

    I'm hoping my wildcard will be one of the VC tube skirts on their way to me. If I like one of them...or two...that will be very wild!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Peri and Classically Casual, it is amazing how valuable those Prima capris have turned out to be for so many people. I know if I lived in the US I would have ordered them myself. Glad they are working out! And Peri, I REALLY hope the VC tube skirts work for you!!  They were my surprising workhorses and wild cards last year!

    Carter, it's so great when a holiday purchase becomes a quick favourite! Seems like you and I both have happy memories of our recent trips! 

    Caro, I LOVE those sneakers. I would be wearing them all the time, too. Perfect colours -- whether you're a soft autumn OR a true summer! ;) 

    quietgirl, so glad you are enjoying the semi-tuck! It is  truly a wondrous thing. How could we never have known about it before? Wowza. And what will we do without it? 

    Karie, your jacket absolutely qualifies and I hope you will find occasions to wear it this summer after all -- it is absolutely perfect on you in ever way. Plus, I want to award you comedy and wisdom points at the same time. How can I do that? ;) 

    Claire, that is fantastic about your jeans. I do that sometimes with my old slouchy skinnies and I just love the effect. And that sweater!! WOW! Now there is a pattern I could embrace!! The colours are gorgeous and must look so beautiful on you. What a wonderful find. How come the Loft in Toronto never seems to have cool stuff like that??? 

    Angie, can't wait to read your post!! And you are right -- we are such fickle creatures!! 

  • sarah replied 6 years ago

    I love this thread! And I love both your wildcard and your workhorse (I loved that workhorse last year, too, actually, and it inspired a somewhat similar purchase on my part this year).

    My wildcard: Two by Vince washable silk camp shirt in citron w/ zebra-esque stripes - I love it over white jeans. I purchased it on a whim, even though I thought that it was risky due its oversized nature (it's regular sizing). But I wear it all the time.

    My workhorse: last year's Ecco sandals (thanks, Vix). I wear them almost daily since I failed at finding white sandals or oxfords that fit. These have had to suffice. Maybe they're dated, but I find they work really well with all my blue and white, and they're comfie.

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    Summer is just getting started here. The heat index hit 100 today, but tomorrow is predicted to be cooler. So far I think my wild card is the pair of grey EF pants that I bought for our trip to Ireland because they were I color I wanted and were light weight and wrinkle free to pack. Now they are light weight enough to be comfortable on a warm day and can be rolled.
    Workhorses have turned out to be the faded thrift store jeans that I bought for gardening and the white denim vest. I reach for these often.

  • Melinda SF replied 6 years ago

    So fun to see this thread and see your finds!

    wildcard: the maxidress you see below.  I showed in the eyeglasses thread. I never would have even tried it on without angie's tips and learning about how to dress myself. I tried it on on a whim in the outlet store a couple months ago and now I want to wear it every day with my distressed denim jacket.  What did I learn? buy more maxi skirts in bright colors to wear.  see a pin below (purple skirt) for a style I'm trying to duplicate if i can find the right skirt! 
    wildcard #3:  Boyfriend Jeans on Angie's Advice I tried on a pair of boyfriend jeans from the Gap and I am now thoroughly hooked on them.  So much so I just bought a duplicate pair, but less distressed for $20 at a recent Uniqlo sale :D

    Workhorses: It's all about shoes.  

    Cole Haan Black Patent Leather Loafers Not many of my clothes survived the massive weight loss of this year, so this is a tough category for me this year.  Pretty much only shoes have survived (don't get me started about my love for the now extinct Cole Haan Air Laurie sneaker). But the winner has to go to my patent leather loafers from Cole Haan which got new life once I learned how to wear them, thanks to angie.  I also had an old pair of cream colored Born mules (the picture below is as close as I could find online) that I didn't wear much before; but now get used at least once a week because they are comfortable and look fabulous with the boyfriend jeans, ankle pants, anything, really. :)  I basically fell in love with neutral footwear; and as a result I went out and bought (after literally two months of hunting), what I think are the perfect pair of neutral loafers --Bass Weejuns-- to wear with all my colorful and often cropped pants.  I also bought a higher neutral heel from aerosoles but I've not really tested them out yet (the fog is really socking us in these days). I couldn't really afford to spend a lot of money on shoes after replacing my entire wardrobe this year (and pants were replaced twice as I dropped from a 22 to a 12 so far) so I had to be more conservative in pricing on my shoes.  Next year though....::rubs hands together:::

    I was also surprised to see just how much I enjoy wearing White ankle jeans. I had to invest in second pair because they're pretty much my standard the way black used to be my go to.  I stocked up on a lot of pretty navy tops this summer and am really loving that combo on me.  Since San Francisco doesn't get too cold, I'm likely to wear them year round and am going to start looking for some cooler weather toppers for them.  Sweaters tend to leave little fibers on them.  

  • dashielle (Ann) replied 6 years ago

    Wildcard: would be the floral Zara jacket (dubbed so by Angie) and my black EF harems
    Workhorse: white jeans in both ankle skinny and boyfriend
    Wildcard to Workhorse: all the Summer knitwear that I never knew existed, but bought so much of in literally every color of the rainbow! High 5 to Suz and all my sweater twins!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Melinda, your wildcard was a great purchase for you. And isn't that purple inspiration pic romantic looking? I love your new loafers! Those look terrific! And welcome to the white jeans club! It took me a few wears to stop feeling self conscious in them, but once I did, I haven't looked back. 

    Joy, 100 sounds unbearable. And here I think it is summer when it is only 80! (Actually, 75...but shhhhhh)  You look terrific in all your workhorse items. Eileen Fisher is becoming not so  much a wild card as a dependable card for you -- when you find something of hers that works for you, it REALLY works. 

    Sarah, I LOVE your new top, and I love the sandals, too. I don't think they are dated in the least -- Ecco is still making them, I believe. 

  • Gigi replied 6 years ago

    As for workhorses, it would have to be my two pairs of white jeans. One is full length, from Loft, optic white, and the other is cropped with zippers, from Madewell, off-white. I knew that I wanted a pair of white jeans and that I would wear them, but I am surprised at how often I am reaching for them! 

    As for a wildcard...I'm not sure that I have one, ha. I did buy this drapey top from Anthro; it just arrived last week. I usually don't do drapey, but it has become clear to me that some of my skirts that are more fitted would look better with a drapey top. So this is my first! Haven't worn it yet, though...just washed it yesterday (had to shrink it a bit; it's rayon). Now if I can just manage to iron it...argh.

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    What a fun thread!  I love your Banff tee!  I would be thrilled to find such a fab souvenir from my mountain trip later this summer! 

    My wildcard?

    Silver White Mountain (Birkie-style) sandals from DSW.  I'm not a Birkie-girl.  I've never had a pair --- ever.  I'm not fond of super casual looks or "hippie chic."  The silver gave me a bit of shiny glam, and I found that the strong lines of the shoe suits my leg well and, well, there's extremely comfy!

    My surprise workhorse?

    My (second) chambray blazer.  I never duplicate, but I bought this one from Target last year, even though I already had a similar one from the year prior.  This one is my favorite -- without lining, and a bit longer and looser, it is more modern and cooler.  I can dress it up or down with ease, and it's helped me meet my goal of "lightening up" my color palette.  Chambray is my pastel!

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 6 years ago

    Workhorses would have to be Birkis and other flat sandals getting me though broken toe healing. Wildcard has to be Peplum tops!

  • Gaylene replied 6 years ago

    Two EF items that I bought in the spring. The sandals seem to work with almost everything in my closet and are just so comfortable to wear. The silk bomber is my go-to topper for AC environments. It was a wildcard that stretched my budget because I paid full price for it, but it is my favorite purchase this year so far.

  • Laura replied 6 years ago

    There are many pieces of my wardrobe that have become super workhorses for my summer 2014 wardrobe. Here they are in no particular order.

    1. Sundress - this long flowy sundress is easy to slip on, protects my fair skin from sunburn and is easily adaptable to many different situations
    2. Miss Sixty Skinny Jeans - every girl has got to have a pair of good jeans and these are my workhorse, go to jeans. They make me look skinny and they have elasticity so they are super comfy.
    3. Uggs Clog Boots - who says boots are only for winter? These boots are super comfortable and versatile. They look cute too. The sheepskin keeps me warm in cold air conditioned buildings and lets me breathe when it is hot outside. Sheep fleece really is am amazing product.
    4. Flowy Skirt - This blue white flowy skirt is great for parties or a casual day. It looks great with most of my tops too and is very versatile.
    5. Graphic Baseball Cap - for the days when the sun is strong and you want something to cover shield your face, it is either this or aviator sunglasses. This however tends to really stand out and I have gotten many compliments on how this cap works well with my graphic tees and jeans.

  • Joyce B replied 6 years ago

    I love your Banf top!
    My workhorses for summer are my Bernia sandals, an Olivia Moon olive stripe jacket and an off-white linen jacket. The unwilling workhorse is my trusty raincoat.

  • jackiec replied 6 years ago

    Suz - had to chime in to say how radiant you look in your casual looks! What a fun wildcard - it lights you up! Love both outfits. And I read this post yesterday, and have been ruminating on it....we are only just into summer here, and I've spent the first 11 days of it on a tropical vacation. But for early summer my workhorse was definitely my Vince cashmere sweater. Coming into more heat, I'm wearing my Gap camo BF's shorts a ton as well. Same as Viva, my SE Trinas have been amazing workhorses. I've worn them on the plane, with jeans, with dresses, almost everything. As for wildcards, I picked up a $5 black knit sheath dress at Old Navy a couple of months ago. I don't wear dresses a lot, but like to have these types for vacations. I thought I'd wear it as a beach cover up, but instead wore it 4 times (out of 10 nights) on vacation, and have worn it at home as well. So, for me, it is a wildcard as well as a workhorse :)

  • pastrygirl replied 6 years ago

    Wildcard: very yellow skirt! I just love it to bits and am SO glad I went back for it after initially leaving it behind.

    Workhorse: Mossimo tank from Target, in blue. I almost purged this because it has a hint of a racer back and "needs" a special bra... but then I decided I would just wear a black bra with it and it works fine! It's machine wash/dry so I wear it ALL THE TIME.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Pastrygirl, I love those items. No wonder they are favourites. And how great is it when you can rescue something from the purge pile and wear it to death? 

    Jackie, thank you! I am wearing those camo shorts a ton, too. And you look amazing in that ON dress. I am not surprised it's becoming a workhorse wildcard! 

    Joyce, I should have said my Bernia's, too. They are my most worn footwear and I've only had them two weeks now. 

    Laura, that is quite an assortment of items! Wow! I am amazed at your boot wearing in summer. Although I do agree that arctic air conditioning sometimes calls for it! I wear boots by necessity so much of the year that I refuse to wear them in summer, however cold it is indoors! 

    Gaylene, those are fabulous purchases, and now you have got me tempted on both! The sandals look like fun. 

    Tracey, thank goodness for the Birks trend with your poor foot! And you look great in peplums. 

    Beth Ann, your sandals are almost enough to cure me of Birk poison eye -- I LOVE them on you! Also love the jacket, but you knew that. :)

    Gigi, aren't white bottoms the best for summer? And I am sorry that a lot of the Anthro order had to go back -- but glad you kept this beautiful top. 

  • Laurinda replied 6 years ago

    Workhorse: Saucony Cohesion TR7 trainers in grey/purple. A 15-hour shoe right out of the box, great traction and a bit of 2014 style.

    Wildcard: Silver Arizona Birki-like sandals from Mudd. Comfy and fun/trendy.

  • Lisa replied 6 years ago

    My wildcard and workhorses are both items of the same category, and a category that I don't often focus on: dresses!

    The pink and blue print dresses from this post were purchased specifically for a vacation.  And I sport them at least once a week right now.  It's been so hot (95F today) that they have been super helpful to have.  I actually haven't worn my shorts SINCE my vacation and that was in early May.  I keep reaching for the dresses this season.

    And I think I know why they are working so well, when they never worked in the past.  All the sleeves are elbow length or longer.  Which means I don't have to layer something over it for the a/c at work and on weekends they feel cooler than my shorts and a t-shirt.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Lisa, I am SO EXCITED that you've become a dress-woman!! You look amazing in those. 

    And Laurinda -- fantastic shoes. It's amazing how often footwear can become workhorse as well as wild card. 

  • Adelfa replied 6 years ago

    I have SO many workhorses. All of these I wear 2-4 times a week: ON Boyfriend Skinny Khakis, ON V-neck tee, Kate Spade little bag in Ostrich Egg (I'm really digging way-off-whites), Birks (8 years old but worn with new confidence), Okalas, BR Champagne cardi.

    For my wild card I'm picking the Pleione split-neck top. I have it in black, cobalt, and chartreuse. I didn't know I needed polyester tops but they drape beautifully and hang away from the body which means flattery plus ventilation. I usually wear two out of the three every week.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Wow, Jody - that's a lot of workhorses! You have a hard working closet indeed. Good shopping. And how fantastic about the blouse! I think poly can be brilliant for anyone who works in air conditioning or does not have to fight with humidity. That colour looks amszing on you! 

  • spoff replied 6 years ago

    Suz this has been a really fun thread to read. My summer workhorse has been a white sleeveless blazer I bought in the spring. At first glance it might appear on the dressy side ( which is far from my everyday life ) but I have found it to works very well with my causal outfits. Wearing a vest in new to me (in fact I don't think I ever owned one) so I wasn't sure I would use it much.
    It turns out I do wear it , alot ! Its been quite versatile and adds that finishing touch to so many looks. I'm not really sure why I resisted ownig a vest as they seem to function pretty much like a jacket in warmer weather. And I do love me a jacket or two...... Lol

  • amiable replied 6 years ago

    This thread has kept me thinking for a couple of days now, ha!
    I realized that my biggest workhorse this summer is a pair of baggy jean shorts (knee length, with a cuff).  I'm wearing them at least a few times a week.  Funny thing is, I don't even like them - I just like the way they fit.  They have weird wiskering that I wish wasn't there. I think it's time to find a different pair of summer jean shorts! (Now for the time to go shopping....)
    And I'm not sure what I would call my wildcard - I kind of feel like my summer style isn't defined enough yet to have something that's not consistent with it, ha!

  • amiable replied 6 years ago

    And now that I've read some of the replies, I've decided that I want a summer dress to be my wildcard!  Yes, I feel a shopping trip coming on, I think.

  • gradfashionista replied 6 years ago

    For a summer of writing indoors at home, in blue and black; paired the black pants with a fitted black tank and a linen blend black blazer for an evening out yesterday.


  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    I don't know of a wildcard, unless I can count my Eileen Fisher harem pants, which have also become workhorses. They aren't a summer purchase, but I continue to wear them into summer.
    My unexpected workhorse might be the black sling-back Mary Janes (by Think!) that I've had for several years. Last year I didn't get much wear out of them, favoring my pewter sling-back Mary Janes (by Fidji) instead. This summer, I am wearing the Think! shoes quite a lot to work, because they are my best arch-supporting shoes, and I'm just getting over plantar fasciitis. (Otherwise, I've been wearing closed shoes with Superfeet inserts a lot, so the Think! sling-backs are a really good summer shoe for me.)

  • Ingunn replied 6 years ago

    I adore your tops, Suz! In fact, the photo print seems very you to me. 

    My workhorses are perhaps not very surprising: White jeans, boyfriend jeans, chino shorts. But - as a pronounced skirt and dress wearer, I find it surprising that I've only worn a dress once so far this season, and skirt s couple of times. 

    Wildcard: Birkenstock Arizonas in black, which are also workhorses. I love how they are both classic, trendy and comfy. 

  • kellygirl replied 6 years ago

    So glad you got the BR silk top to work out because it is just divine on you. I really love it paired with the white bottoms. White bottoms are one of my summer workhorses. I wore them last summer as well and I don't think I could make it without at least one pair in rotation! The Banff tee is a great top--fun landscape and looks great with shorts and sandals! 

    Workhorses: Gap jeans.  Always Skinny white denim bottoms and SBF's. I got the white AS last summer and they are getting put through the paces again this year. The SBF are older but I have multiple pairs and wear them all quite often. 

    Wildcard: Gap Neon Orange belt. I bought it on a whim and find myself wearing it all of the time. It goes with everything, surprisingly. 

    Wildcard 2: Coconuts by Matisse silver sandals. I've been wearing these everyday and neglecting my other footwear. These go with everything too. Makes me wonder why I looked so hard for black sandals. Oh well. 

  • cciele replied 6 years ago

    I'll play :) (P.S. Love seeing everyone's workhorses and wildcards -- have considered adding some of them to my wardrobe -- thanks for the ideas!)

    I finally found a light-weight t-shirt with the fluid fit I wanted -- the Vince linen tee. Drapes really nicely and the wrinkles fall out quickly.

    My Vans x ASPCA cat sneakers get comments every time I wear them! They look like a neutral pattern from far away, but then up close... cats!

    The Vans have been worn with my asymmetrical All Saints Mayra dress. I wasn't quite sure how I'd wear this dress when I first got it, but it's basically like a big t-shirt with a cool cut. And, I found out I can wear it like a tunic by flipping the hem up into my waistline. :)

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    OMG, CATHY. I want those sneakers!!! Drat!! Who said more shopping would be the result of this??? 

    Kelly, that's a great wildcard for you. I can see how the belt would work really well with your blues and neutrals. And your workhorses are a lot like mine -- white bottoms are a summer staple now. 

    Ingunn, it's so interesting how our dress vs. shorts preferences can change over time. I'm not wearing my skirts quite as often this year, either, although I do still wear them. And it is nice to see you! Glad your sandals are giving you joy. 

    Firecracker, your workhorse/ wildcards make perfect sense, and both are so "you." The harem pants must qualify as one of your best buys ever. 

    gradfashionista -- so glad you are liking those pants. I would love a pair for my own writing days!! 

    Amy, you are going the opposite way to Ingunn, wanting more dresses. 

    Spoff, I envy your vest. I have very much wanted one, too, but have not found one that works for me yet. Maybe next year. 

  • Glory replied 6 years ago

    2 items have floated to the top of the pile this summer so far. The Clark sandals which I purchased at The Bay and then left untouched for a good while. Once I busted open that box I was so pleasantly surprised by both the comfort and the casual style. I have gotten loads of wear out of them already. The other interesting thing is that they are feather light.

    The second was a grocery store purchase of ankle length white jeans from Joe Fresh which here in Canada is in one of the large grocery stores. I have worn these a ton already. I am a huge fan of white in the summer and these ones are the perfect length for me. Am fighting an urge to duplicate at the moment.

  • Diana replied 6 years ago

    Ha, my surprise workhorse this summer is turning out to be the Vera Wang dress.  I've already worn it four times since I bought it in May (to three weddings, and the Westminster ceremony).  The hat has already been worn three times too! 

    Two MORE weddings in September so they'll probably get at least one more wear soon.  (I may bust out my coral dress for one of the September ones as I think it is being neglected). 

    Other new summer workhorses (pictured):
    --rose print moto.  I like that it's like a cross between a jacket and a hoodie.
    --allsaints decadence top.
    --EF silver skirt

    Old favorites that are still workhorses include my navy sack dress, the green linen pants in #3, my various Naot sandals (one pair is shown in photos 2&3), my yellow gladiators, and my 2 pairs of slouchy clamdiggers.

    I can't really think of any wildcards.  Maybe the blush top I'm wearing with the silver skirt in #4?  It's wildcard only because of the color though.  I have bought a lot this spring/summer but it's because everything seems to be right up my alley. 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Diana, it's so great when a dressier option becomes a workhorse. So unexpected and such fun. And you look great in every one of yours (dressy or not). 

    Glory -- fab purchases! And I am really glad you're wearing the heck out of them. 

  • Astrid replied 6 years ago

    My surprising workhorse wasn't a purchase, but an old pair of long shorts I had made out of non PPL bootcuts god knows when. I was very close to purging them a few times, but they always went back into the storage box because it is a nice brand and the quality is good. I'm really glad to have them right now! They're really comfortable. :)

  • Aquamarine replied 6 years ago

    I feel like summer has just gotten started here, but so far my wildcard has got to be the Pleione split-neck blouse in the mushroom color (morel). I never thought I'd find polyester comfortable in the heat and humidity, and the color is so NOT something I'd wear since I am a true winter. However, it's turned out to be versatile with so many bottoms, as well as making me feel elegant when I usually feel like a hot mess :-)

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Wow, that blouse is really popular! Glad it works for you, Aquamarine! 

    Astrid, the back of the closet workhorse is the best! :)

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